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Thread: "Morning Sweat" with Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "Morning Sweat" with Olivia Holt

    with Olivia Holt
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, mutual mast, shower, rimming, blowjob
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Was in the mood (again), decided to write up an old idea in full, original idea being here

    Since signing up to my new gym a few months ago, more often than not I'd have the entire place to myself given the early hour I visited. I'd always preferred it like that, all the equipment was free and there were no distractions – at least until a few weeks ago when a stunning, young blonde started turning up most mornings.

    Olivia Holt was of course a very welcome distraction and I soon came to enjoy the company, not that we ever spoke much. The majority of the time she was accompanied by her personal trainer and from overhearing their conversations I soon learnt she was a one-time Disney girl and was now in training for an upcoming superhero show.

    The few times her personal trainer wasn't with her, Olivia worked out alone and I couldn't help but constantly steal glances at her as she followed her rigorous workout routine and built up a good sweat each and every morning.

    There was no doubt in my mind she knew I was looking and I often caught her smiling whenever I was forced to quickly look away. Before long I became bolder with my stares, confident she wouldn't be offended and was regularly rewarded with a cute, coy smile from across the room whenever our eyes met.

    Of course she did her fair share of leering at me. With Olivia acting as extra motivation for me to get my ass into the gym, I'd never been in better shape and it was clear she was more than a little impressed by my physique.

    It was after a particularly exhausting workout one morning that I ended up standing under the locker room showers for some time, simply letting the cool water wash over me when I heard a voice calling out. At first I thought I'd imagined it but I soon heard it again.

    "Hello? Are you in here?"

    I immediately recognized Olivia's voice and stepped out of the shower completely naked only to be startled to see her standing right in the middle of the men's changing rooms wrapped in a towel.

    "Whoa, err—can I help you? What are you doing in here?" I stammered, attempting to cover up from her wide, inquisitive eyes.

    It took Olivia a moment to find her voice again. The flustered teen clearly hadn't expected me to be entirely naked and she was struggling to tear her eyes away from my junk.

    "Umm—sorry yeah," she muttered. "The showers are broken in the ladies, I was just going to sneak in here but I can wait until you're done."

    Thinking quickly and noticing the opportunity that lay before me I immediately spoke up before she turned to give me some privacy.

    "Oh no, you carry on, go ahead," I insisted, nodding towards the large shower room.

    Olivia was understandably unsure but in an effort to put her at ease I casually exposed myself and head back into the showers myself, praying she'd follow suit. It took a moment but I waited patiently under the cool spray and grinned when she poked her head around the corner.

    " funny business, yeah?" she warned me.

    I simply held my hands up in mock surrender, making her smile while her eyes automatically dropped to my swinging cock again as she slipped the towel off. Naturally my eyes were soon glued to her fit, toned body as she stepped into the wet room in nothing but her underwear and turned on the shower on the opposite wall to mine.

    It was really quite a sight as Olivia turned away from me, showing her cute, teen ass as she untied her hair and shook it out under the water, letting out a content sigh as the water soothed her aching muscles. While she'd tried to keep decent, her underwear immediately became sheer and when she turned around again I was treated to the sight of her cute nipples and some mouth-watering cameltoe.

    It was more than enough to make my cock stiffen but before I could turn and hide my obvious arousal, Olivia's eyes snap open and spots me watching her.

    "Enjoying the show?" she teases from across the room.

    "Are you?" I quip back as her eyes appear just as glued on my growing erection.

    "It's not bad," she shrugs playfully. "I've seen bigger."

    "Sure you have princess," I reply with a chuckle, taking my eight-inch sword in hand.

    While she does her best to act indifferent, the dark hunger in her pretty eyes tell a different story and I couldn't resist giving my cock a few experimental strokes for her benefit. When Olivia not only doesn't appear offended but actually gives a slight nod of her head and encourages the action, I'm soon openly beating off in front of her.

    "I bet this isn't the first time you've jacked off because of me," she grins knowingly. "I've seen the way you watch me every morning. I like it."

    Of course she wasn't wrong but I threw the accusation right back at her.

    "What about you then? I catch you looking at me just as often. What goes through your mind when you play with that pretty little pussy?"

    "I have a boyfriend," she decided to inform me.

    "So?" I shrugged. "You saying I haven't once crossed your mind while you're alone?"

    "Maybe once...or twice," she smirked bashfully.

    The thought alone that I'd been the subject of her fantasies made my cock swell and throb in my hand. Noting the reaction it had on me, she quickly tried to backtrack.

    "You better not tell anyone about this!"

    "Oh no, this'll stay between us," I assured her, causing her to relax again.

    We stood silently for a moment, still under our respective showers seemingly waiting for the other to make the next move. I desperately wanted more from her but didn't dare push her too far too quickly.

    "Feels weird beating off with you just standing there, what's stopping you having some fun yourself?" I finally asked.

    "I dunno..." she murmured, her voice barely audible over the shower.

    "At least lose the underwear, it's not like they're covering anything," I pointed out.

    "Oh, you could have said!" she gasped, apparently completely unaware and causing me to laugh at her plight which, thankfully, set her off giggling too with a roll of her eyes. "Fine, you're just lucky you caught me in a good mood."

    Although she'd been stood there practically naked for some time, watching Olivia unhook her bra and then slowly peel her sodden panties down her smooth, sun-kissed legs was absolutely captivating.

    It came as no surprise that Olivia Holt possessed what may have been the sweetest little shaved cookie I'd ever, or ever would, lay eyes on and it took everything in my power not to march straight over there and steal a taste.

    As it were, Olivia seemed as distracted with her sex as I was, running a hand down her wet body to gently trace her lips, offering me a brief glimpse at her inner pink. The temptation to have her only grew stronger when she brought those same fingers to her lips to taste herself, gathering up some spit before going back down to gently rub around her clit.

    I was rooted to the spot, barely daring to breathe let alone move as Olivia let herself act completely out of character and proceeded to pleasure herself in front of a near stranger. Her eyes closed and she let a long sigh escape as she leaned her shoulders against the shower wall and slipped a finger into her tight pussy.

    "God you look so fucking sexy like that," I uttered finally, making her smile.

    "Mm...I can't believe I'm doing this," she smirked, looking at me through half-closed eyes.

    "What are you thinking about?"

    "You," she replied without a moment's hesitation. "...and that thing you're packing."

    "It's all yours, if you want it," I reminded her.

    "Ugh. Don't tempt me," she whined. "If I was single though...fuck."

    "I'll call the dude up and break things off right now if you want?" I told her only half-jokingly.

    "Haha, yeah I bet you would," she teased. "But for now...just tell me what you'd do to me."

    "Oh you don't wanna know, Liv," I warned her.

    "Try me, I'm not as sweet and innocent as I look."

    "You a dirty girl, Liv?"

    "I can be...for the right guy."

    "Good, because right now all I can think about is coming over there, spinning you around and burying my tongue so far up your ass you scream!"

    "Nggh—oh god," she grunted, her legs visibly trembling as I spoke. " know no one's ever done that to me."

    "Jesus. With a girl like you, that's practically a crime against nature!"

    "Yeah? So what are you gonna do about it?"

    I wasn't sure if I'd heard her right but at that point, I was so riled up which, when combined with the seductive tone in her voice, was enough to make me take matters into my own hands and finally march over there, almost slipping on the wet floor in my haste.

    Olivia didn't flinch as I approached her petite, 5' 2" frame. It looked like she expected me to kiss her but as tempting as that was, I decided to keep to my word and spun her around, making her gasp.

    I almost gasped myself just feeling her ultra-soft skin as my fingers briefly caressed her hips and I admired her teen ass again before dropping to my knees to worship her derrière.

    Above me, Olivia braced herself against the wall with both hands while glancing down at me, a mixture of nervousness and excitement on her face, no doubt trying to decide if this counted as cheating on her absent boyfriend or not.

    I decided not to give her the time to work it out.

    With her butt in my hands I kissed it, making her break out in giggles above me. I continued for some time, simply kissing, licking and biting her cheeks while massaging her soft flesh with both hands until her giggles made way for soft moans and cute, needy whimpers.

    "Mmm—okay stop teasing me," she whined while spreading her legs a little wider.

    "Tell me what you want," I told her.

    "Hey you're the one who wanted to do this!" she countered but she wasn't fooling anyone, both of us knowing full well she was into this just as much as I was.

    "Tell me," I repeated.

    "Ugh. Lick me, I want your tongue..." she blushed.



    "Where? Where do you want it Olivia?"

    At this point she was so eager she was pushing back against me, arching her back and attempting to grind her butt into my face.

    "My ass!" she finally exclaimed. "Just stick your tongue in my fucking ass!"

    With that she suddenly reached back, running her hand through my wet hair and literally shoved me into her. The grip on my head quickly disappeared however when she was forced to brace herself against the shower wall again the moment I plunged my tongue deep into her virgin hole.

    "Holy shit!" she gasped loudly.

    I wanted to ask her if she liked it but I couldn't bring myself to pull back even for a second. There was nothing on earth to describe the sensation let alone taste of pushing into Olivia Holt's nineteen year old ass. I was on cloud nine and from the noises the stunning teen was making, she was too.

    "Ohmigod—ohmigod," she rambled. "I love that...that feels so fucking good."

    While I focussed on giving her butt a good tonguing, I was vaguely aware of the fact she'd brought one hand down to rub at her clit again and was now racing to her sought after climax.

    "Fuck! I—oh god—I'm coming!" she cried out erotically as her legs almost gave way before screaming out and creaming over her fingers.

    I didn't let up for a second and continued rimming the trembling teenager. Her legs were so weak she could barely stand and it felt like most of her weight was now on my face but I couldn't have imagined a better place to be and before long I was rewarded when she squealed and came yet again.

    "Oh god—oh fuck—wow—" she mumbled incoherently as I finally let up only to see her turn to face me, pull me to my feet and shove her tongue down my throat.

    I don't know whether it crossed her mind she was now tasting her own ass off my tongue or if she even cared but soon it was my turn to moan into her mouth when her hands grabbed my pulsating cock, giving it a firm squeeze before she began kissing her way down my body, apparently eager to 'thank' me for her first, mind-blowing rimjob.

    I felt ready to pop already given the series of events leading up to this moment and looking down to see Olivia on her knees, preparing to take my hard cock between her sweet lips almost did it for me but thankfully I held off long enough to feel the wet warmth of her hot mouth.

    "Mmmphhff—" she groaned erotically as she swallowed my sword and doused me in spit. "—just so you know, you're doing that every morning from now on."

    "Ngh—with pleasure," I sighed as she keenly blew me, impressing me with her talents.

    "Maybe one day—mmpphff—maybe we could try something else in my ass? Something much bigger?" she teased between sucks. "I think you've earned the privilege."

    I had no idea if I was lucky enough for her to be serious but the thought alone was enough to make me let out a primal grunt and spurt my creamy load into the back of her throat, gagging her and making her pull back only to get her pretty face covered in ropes of sticky cum.

    I couldn't remember ever shooting so much and Olivia was both shocked and impressed by my copious load as I now struggled to stand up straight.

    "Whoa, you came so much!" she gasped, swallowing what she could. "But I hope you have that much for me again tomorrow..."

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    Seriously. HOLY FUCK. That was incredible. Is there anything that could be more glorious than rimming that tight 19 year old ass. God Bless America

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    Already read this like 5 times today, and I simply can't get the scene out of my head.
    You've got her voice and personality down pat, it's so sexy when she's bad.
    Just unreal. Another amazing Holt story Lemontalk.

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    Amazing, would there be a part 2?

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