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Thread: "Eat it, Lick it, Snort it, Fuck it!" with Britney Spears

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    fanfiction "Eat it, Lick it, Snort it, Fuck it!" with Britney Spears

    Eat it, Lick it, Snort it, Fuck it!
    With Britney Spears
    A TPG Short
    CODES: MF, rel
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I lay quietly in the dark when I suddenly felt someone crawl up onto the bed beside me.

    The movement was enough to startle me out of my reverie as my first assumption was that it was my girlfriend Allie, who had finally grown weary of the nightclub downstairs, and had returned to our suite to join me in bed.

    I was glad to see her have a change of heart. In the darkness she deftly moved under the sheets and gently grasped my cock with her hand and stroked me fondly.

    I was delighted to see that she was in a very playful mood. I stirred slightly as she then lowered her face until her lips barely grazed the underside of my cock flesh, which caused me to briefly jump to the sudden contact and smirk smugly to myself.

    Still using just the very tip of her tongue, she then proceeded to generously lather my prick with saliva from one end to the other, as I let out a series of soft appreciative groans.

    She now had my full and undivided attention as my hand instinctively reached out to caress her body, and I was surprised by her lack of dress.

    "Did Allie change into a short dress when I wasn't looking?" I pondered. "Maybe I had been passed out for longer than I assumed?"

    With my eyes still closed, my hand encountered her smooth calf muscles and thighs, and slowly skimmed up the length of her legs to finally squeeze her luscious round ass.

    Noting her physique, it was only now that something suddenly clicked. Something was amiss.

    "Hmm, not yet." she cooed softly before treating my cock to another generous tongue bath.

    Meanwhile I suddenly froze dead in my tracks and my blood turned cold as the strange voice suddenly registered in my head. This was not Allie at all, but her cousin Britney!

    While I gasped with surprise and attempted to object, the songstress swiftly parted her lips and took me deep into her mouth, engulfing me fully.

    My senses were awash with pleasure. How did this happen? Where was Kevin? And more importantly, where was Allie? Did Britney know who she was blowing, or was it a simple case of mistaken identity?

    While I lay there contemplating this, the happily married pop-princess continued to suck my cock intently, now bobbing her head up and down while she massaged my balls with her hands.

    The entire ordeal was so surreal that for a moment I suspected that I was imaging the entire thing. I imagined that the pills I had taken had most probably sent me on some kind of a strange, erotic trip?

    Even so, I wasn't about to put an end to this mind blowing fantasy.

    I had been dating Allie Sims for all of two months, and with nothing really planned for our anniversary, we had agreed to tag along with Britney and Kevin to Las Vegas for the weekend to celebrate his new rap album.

    That day we had flown into town on her personal jet and had been drinking all afternoon before we checked into our suite, and hit the hotel nightclub downstairs.

    Unfortunately for me, the drinking had given me a headache so I waited for the right time to slip upstairs and take an aspirin and catch a quick cat nap before I planned to join the others back downstairs.

    As it so happened it seemed that the others had apparently separated in the club, and to my amazement, Britney had wandered back into our suite completely drunk and under the impression that I was now Kevin?

    Caught up in the moment, and now lying there with my cock in her mouth, I wasn't about to argue.

    "Ugh. I'm so horny right now." she whimpered as she licked my growing member again.

    "Britney." I barely muttered. "Britney, stop."

    Part of me wanted to murder the other more sensible side of my brain for trying to stop what was happening.

    Meanwhile as I lay conflicted, Britney returned to painting long broad strokes with her tongue. At this point I was now fully erect, begging for more attention from that incredible mouth of hers.

    She then took my breath away as she began to swiftly swirl the tip of her wet tongue around the sensitive head of my organ, the gently pressure from her mouth activating every nerve in my dick, my entire body for that matter.

    My breathing had deepened, and every so often a soft moan escaped my lips.

    Britney slipped me back into her hot talented mouth and now proceeded to turn and pivot her face to the side, so that my bulbous bell-end would press against the side of her cheek.

    This action apparently excited her as much as it did me as she groaned lustfully during this lustful act.

    It was only now that I noticed that whenever my hands reached out for her body that she would pull away, admonishing me that she could not suck my dick while I was touching her, and I obediently obeyed, up until the temptation became too great and I insisted on feeling her again.

    Eventually the assault from my hands had become incessant, and she ultimately began to concede some ground, allowing my hands to caress her bare butt, feeling the round, full curvature of her backside, and run them over her remarkable legs, those strong athletic thighs.

    But she steadfastly refused me any access to her actual sex. Instead, she kept my attention by ever-so-slowly taking me right into the back of her mouth, and proceeded to deep-throat me.

    I tried to raise my hips slightly, to ease myself further inside and encourage her to gag and choke on it, but every time I did she recoiled and started the entire tortuous process again.

    Unfortunately for me, all this overwhelming stimulation had me squirming and thrashing about wildly on the bed, and five minutes had rolled by and I thought I was going to explode with frustration.

    Britney would have to be careful now, and so she slowly began to move her mouth along the length of my shaft, feeling it twitch every so often as the excitement became too much for me to bear.

    was moaning continuously now, and grinning like a lunatic as my girlfriend's famous cousin unwittingly blew me. I continued, occasionally, to try to hump gently upwards, but Britney continued to pull away each time.

    Slowly, she began to build up the pace, feeling me respond beneath and inside her talented mouth.

    The blonde harlot began working my cock more fervently now, in long wet suctions, stuffed most of me into her mouth and easing it out, down to the very tip, before plunging her head on it again.

    I was so aroused at this point I could barely contain myself and was unable to stop from literally humping her face. At this point I was so riled up I couldn't care less if she knew who I really was, I just needed to cum.

    Britney began adding just a little scrape of her teeth to the underside of my prick on every up-stroke, a touch which drove me absolutely insane.

    With that the pace increased to a fever pitch as I proceeded to almost fuck her slobbering mouth. The pop star could only now grunt and groan as she frantically gobbled all she could like a hungry little slut.

    She knew I (Kevin) was nearing the point of no return, and kept easing off, keeping me close but right on edge.

    "UGH! You fucking tease!" I thought to myself, as I snatched the back of her head and literally fucked her mouth!

    Britney started counting down in her head, sucking me with one stroke every few seconds, enough time to keep me on the edge but not to allow me to finish.

    Twenty seconds later and I was moaning loudly as my body began to take over. I was so close it was painful.

    "Nnnghh! Fuck!" I growled. "I'm going to cum!"

    Suddenly to my chagrin, Britney stopped what she was doing and without warning abruptly moved to straddle me on the bed.

    I could have screamed in frustration as she climbed on top of me, and in a moment of madness I actually contemplated stopping her, as this little tryst was "about to get real!"

    "Wait!" she said breathlessly as she gripped my throbbing member with her hand and directed it between her legs.

    I groaned out loud as I felt her rub the end of my sensitive head between her slick cunt lips, and coo. God she was wet. Absolutely sopping, fucking wet!

    Suddenly, for whatever reason, the realization of what we were about to do hit me like a ton of bricks and I attempted to stop her, unsuccessfully.

    "It's okay." she slurred drunkenly, "I haven't missed any pills."

    I could now smell the alcohol and cigarettes on her breath as she prepared to impale herself.

    With that she, the famous singer wiggled her luscious hips and effortlessly eased herself down onto me, burying me to the root. We both grunted as I entered her, while my eyes immediately rolled into the back of my head.

    I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I was actually inside Britney-fucking-Spears! The fact that she was one of the world's most famous and sort after icons only excited me further.

    To my amazement Britney's pussy felt absolutely divine.

    It was better than I could have ever imagined it to be. Lying there I could actually feel her vaginal muscles clench and release tightly around my shaft, and I immediately lost any and all ability of reason or objectivity.

    I somehow found myself inside one of the most famous women on earth, and I was going to fuck her if I liked it or not.

    A part of me was sure it was all just a dream, while another prayed that it wasn't. I had been secretly fantasizing about this exact situation from the moment Allie had introduced us a few hours earlier, I mean who wouldn't?

    As Britney whimpered above me I lay doubting my own sanity. A lack of fresh blood to the brain could do that, I suppose.

    Meanwhile Britney swiftly slipped her tiny dress over her head and tossed it aside, giving me an opportunity to admire her exquisite silhouette in the dim light, her large round breasts jutting out and curving out in opposite directions.

    With her eyes shut, the voluptuous blonde lolled her head back and moaned, as she now sat squarely impaled over my cock. She sat there for a moment relishing the sensation of being utterly filled.

    " deep." she whimpered as she reached up to cup and fondle her own breasts. "Oh Kevin—"

    It was in that instant that I suddenly had a moment of clarity.

    Fortunately for me it seemed Kevin and Allie were nowhere to be seen and instead were still apparently downstairs partying and enjoying themselves in the casino.

    I suddenly felt jealous and guilty at the same time, and I wanted to let her know it was me. A part of me wanted to groan Allie's name so Britney would know something wasn't right.

    I wanted to push her off me, pull my cock from her searing box and ridicule her, but something in the back of my mind kept telling me to just wait it out and enjoy the moment for what it was...a case of drunk, mistaken, spontaneous sex.

    I somehow convinced myself I could stop it at any time, though in reality I was most probably just deluding myself. Meanwhile Britney happily gratified herself at my expense and proceeded to wiggle her hips from side to side.

    To my dismay I heard myself groan again and again and without thinking instinctively responded by moving my own hips up to meet hers.

    "Ugh, yes!" she gasped loudly before she suddenly collapsed over me and breathed into my ear.

    "Fuck me babe, please! I need it tonight! I need to get fucked!" she urged, before she thrust her tongue into my ear.

    Gripping her roughly by her buttocks, I angled myself for the deepest possible penetration and felt my cock nudge the very back of her cervix.

    Britney instantly reacted, inhaled sharply with surprise and instantly became animated. By her reaction I was sure Kevin had never attained such depth before, and it was not lost on her.

    Britney sat straight up over me again and paused for a minute, and then in the darkness, I almost thought she was staring right at me, deciphering the lines of my face.

    Catching her off guard, I took the opportunity to swiftly grab her by the hips and abruptly flipped her over onto her back, my cock never leaving her chasm.

    Without warning I then pinned her strong shapely legs back behind her head like a rabbit and thrust into her fervently, causing her to shriek out loud, before I abruptly withdraw, only to then thrust back into her again!

    "ooh...OH! Oh! Oh God!!" she gasped. "YES!!"

    The pop icon grunted lustfully with each thrust, as any flash of doubt disappeared into her drug fueled, alcohol induced mind. Without thinking, she instinctively responded by wrapping her arms around my waist and digging her nails into my back.

    "Oh fuck! Oh baby!" she moaned breathlessly. "Right there! Yes! Yes! Don't stop!!"

    The whole situation seemed so wrong, yet so erotic. Gripping her hips, I proceeded to thrust into her again and again, but this time at a steady pace.

    Britney grunted and suppressed a series of tortured moans that I was sure that even Kevin had never heard before.

    At one point I thought she was sobbing but I glanced down during my merciless thrusting to see her eyes were clenched tight and her mouth was open, forming a perfect "O."

    Our bodies now moved rapidly in sexual ecstasy as her large breasts were flattened against her own legs.

    "Ugh! Oh! UGH!!" she grunted continually, as our sweaty bodies slapped loudly against one another.

    We were both now sweating profusely, and I leaned all the way over and hungrily devoured her neck and ear. This seemed to have the desired effect as she grunted extra loudly and insisted I fuck her harder, deeper, faster!

    "Oh God, Kevin! Yes! Fuck!" she grunted. "Fuck—Fuck—Fuck!!"

    My eyes looked over at the doorway to the joint-suite we were sharing, and I suddenly realized I had no idea where the others were. It suddenly dawned on me that Kevin or Allie could show up at any moment.

    "OH! Sweet—fucking—Jesus!!" Britney cried out loud. "Right there baby!! Don't stop!! You're hitting my fucking G-Spot!!"

    "Come for me Britney!" I growled breathlessly.

    "Yes!!" she shrieked out loud. "I want you to cum inside!!"

    With that said, Britney began to grind her hips from side to side and in a circular motion and I could literally feel her pussy milk my cock for dear life.

    She was in the midst of a powerful orgasm, and sensing this, I couldn't hold back any longer. While her body began to convulse violently, I felt my own orgasm wash over me.

    My brain screamed "Pull out!" but I knew it was too late.

    My elation rose to new found heights, almost beyond consciousness, and with a clenching of my buttocks I thrust deep inside her one final time before I released a torrent of hot semen which blasted out of my cock and splashed the insides of her vagina.

    My body was caught in spasms and I couldn't see or hear anything. All the while I just felt that incredible pussy squeezing me, milking me for every last drop.

    Britney was squeezing me with her cunt as her strong muscular legs finally fell to the bed. I finally collapsed beside her in a heap, and I suddenly realized I didn't know how long we'd been lying like that? Was it several minutes, an hour?

    Reality finally came rushing back to me and panic set in as I had no idea what to do next. I only knew I had to get one of us out of there before the others returned.

    Meanwhile Britney was undoubtedly content and had immediately begun to drift off to sleep as I thanked my lucky stars for the lucky break.

    Seeing my chance to slip away, I carefully climbed out of bed and covered her with the sheet and, throwing on some clothes, ducked out of the room for a fast getaway.

    Where I was going I did not know, not did I care. I just knew I had to get out of there and clear my head. I stood at foyer waiting for an unoccupied elevator, my head reeling and my body still shaking with adrenaline.

    "Jesus Christ." I thought to myself. "I just fucked Britney Spears!"

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