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Thread: "The Phone Call" with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

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    fanfiction "The Phone Call" with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

    The Phone Call
    With Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually graphic situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    I awoke that morning with a tremendous hard on, rolled over a quarter turn, and nestled my boner between Ashley Olsen's luscious buttocks. She moaned slightly, but continued to snooze.

    Feeling bold, I rubbed her gorgeous little behind tenderly, wanting to wake her, but not wanting her to think I was trying to. She wiggled her sweet tush just a little and inadvertently backed it into my probing organ.

    My hand snaked around her petite frame to her small chest and tweaked one of her incredibly hard nipples. This seemed to achieve the desired effect.

    "Morning sweetie," I grinned. "Sleep well?"

    Ashley groaned as she peeked over her shoulder at me. I moved my hips a tad forward, causing my cock to jam harder against the crack of her ass.

    "Hmm, not as good as you I see." she smirked.

    I kissed her supple neck, my hips pumped gently and rubbed against her rear.

    She arched her back, forcing closer contact, as my fingers now tugged at her jutting nipples. It was just another lazy Saturday morning in Malibu, and this could go on for as long as we wanted it to. Neither of us had anyplace to be.

    "I'm so fucking turned on right now." I breathed into her ear.

    "So? What do you want me to do about it?" she teased as she rolled over to face me.

    I kissed her on the lips and could still taste her cherry flavored lip gloss from the night before.

    "I'm sure you'll think of something."

    Despite my candor, we both knew what I wanted her to do about it, and it involved those same luscious lips.

    Ashley was a wonderful girl, sexy, attractive, and rich. We had only been introduced a few weeks earlier but our sex life was amazing. Just then I felt her grab me, grip my swollen member firmly with her hand, and direct it against her hairless mound.

    Judging from the dampness there it seemed I wasn't the only one who had woken up aroused.

    "Mm, you're so hard." she whispered as she squeezed my cock tightly and rubbed the end of my bell-head up and down her moist slot.

    The action caused my eyes to roll into the back of my head. The girl was just so fucking tight! I watched her sweet mouth fall open, and imagined my cock sliding between those lips.

    "You know what I want?"

    "Tell me." Ashley teased, as she began stroking me.

    "Tell me what you want me to do with this thing."

    "I want you to put it in that pretty little mouth of yours." I revealed.

    I was so hot for her now, as her hands drove me to new levels of excitement.

    For a small girl she sure had a killer grip. With that Ashley rolled me over onto my back as I was pleased to discover that she too was up for a little fun. I was relieved as it usually took much more coaxing.

    Ashley wasted little time as her head immediately dropped to my midsection and a long pointed tongue eagerly licked its way down. My hips instinctively pressed forward at the moment of contact, silent evidence of my arousal.

    I moaned as she finally found my boner and kissed the head softly, before she gently dragged her tongue down the length of the shaft. I had frequently pondered on the fact that despite her petite 5'1 stature, she sure was a great little cocksucker.

    There her lips parted and her open mouth lustfully hovered over my erection. Ashley licked her lips, reminding me just how freakishly long her tongue was, as she looked into my eyes then back down to my raging hard on.

    Without further ado her lips finally attached themselves to the tip as her head slowly lowering over me, taking me deep into her small mouth. Three quarters of my rod quickly disappeared into her hot mouth now, and I watched as her cheeks caved in, evidence of her sucking.

    She then recoiled and, agonizingly slowly, drew her lips up the length of my shaft until only the head remained inside. Her tongue rapidly swirled and darted around the bulbous head before engulfing me once more.

    Ashley repeated this process for the next several minutes, and seemed to thoroughly get off on servicing me. She looked so sexy, her mouth full of cock, her cheek stretched wide, her beautiful, full lips wrapped snugly around my shaft.

    She was a natural born cock sucker. Ultimately her pace increased, driving me to new levels of ecstasy. I struggled to control myself, thinking of football scores as I hoped to delay my release. I don't know why I answered the phone when it rang, but I did.

    Maybe I was trying to stave off my orgasm. Maybe it was just the dirtiest thing I could think of at the time. Ashley simply looked up at me in shocked offence as I did so, her head stopping in place as she held me in her mouth.

    I placed my free hand on the back of her head, and silently urged her to continue. She hesitated for a moment but quickly conceded.

    "Hello?" I stuttered, as I struggled to contain my heavy breathing.

    "Hey Matt! Is Ashley around?"

    It was Ashley's twin sister, Mary-Kate. Unfortunately for me, although I had spoken to her over the phone before, I had never had the privilege of meeting her in person. Unlike her sister it seemed Mary-Kate loved to travel around the country, to various events and fashion shows, and was currently based in New York City.

    "Ashley? Well, she's kind of busy right now." I said as I smiled down at the girl in question.

    Ashley shot me an evil look, though she continued her sucking.

    "I really need to talk to her." Mary-Kate explained. "Could you get her for me? I'll wait."

    I had to laugh.

    "Let me hand her the phone."

    With that I passed the phone to Ashley while her mouth was still filled with cock.

    "Mmmpphhh—hey sis!" she barely muttered, causing me to chuckle.

    She then took me out of her mouth for the first time to speak to her twin. Once again, I put my hand on her head—instructing her to keep going. In my mind just because she was talking to her sister didn't mean she should stop sucking my cock.

    To my delight she caught on right away and continued the blowjob—only removing me from her lips to speak. My head fell back into my pillow, a huge grin on my face.

    This was awesome! Ashley Olsen was sucking my cock while casually chatting to her twin sister. Suddenly, visions of Mary-Kate's face flashed through my head, admittedly, not for the first time.

    They were twins of course, but I could tell them apart just by looking at their mouths. It was so erotic watching as Ashley swallowed me dutifully while conversing to her sweet sister on the telephone. Though the blowjob had become erratic because of Ashley's need to speak, the thought of just how dirty this was brought me close to completion.

    I stroked Ashley's hair and face as she sucked me keenly, listening to her sister on the other end of the phone. It was then my hips proceeded to buck wildly and Ashley became aware of my impending climax.

    "Can you hold on a second, MK?" Ashley said as she sat the phone down on the mattress and stroked my cock vigorously inside her mouth.

    "Come!" she urged softly as she cupped my balls with one hand and fervently stroked my rod with the other.

    As expected it didn't take long for me to cum and I groaned loudly as I came, shooting a wad of semen onto her belly. Privately, I half hoped Mary-Kate had heard my orgasm over the phone.

    When I finished Ashley picked up the cordless telephone and continued her conversation outside as I lay there for a moment catching my breath. What a way to start the day, I thought.

    With that I finally got up out of bed and headed off to take a shower as Ashley became more engrossed in the call. A few minutes later I found Ashley in the kitchen, sipping a cup of coffee and leafing through the morning paper. She glanced up at me as I entered the room.

    "You are such an asshole." she said angrily, but I detected a grin.

    I kissed her on the forehead.

    "Oh come on babe that was so amazing! You can be such a dirty little bitch when you want to be."

    "Yeah, well you're not the one who had to explain that loud groan to my sister."

    So Mary-Kate had heard me after all. Brilliant!

    "I think you wanted her to hear you come." she accused. "I think you wanted her to know I was sucking your dick."

    "Of course not!" I lied. "I was just feeling a little randy this morning."

    I poured myself a cup of coffee, trying to put the conversation behind us. But Ashley had other ideas.

    "Tell me the truth, do you like her or something?" Ashley asked with a little fire in her eyes.

    "Who, MK? What kind of a question is that?"

    I didn't want to argue. The weekend had started off so wonderfully.

    "Oh come on!" I finally groaned. "I was just having a little fun. You could have stopped me, you know. I think you liked it as well."

    "Answer the question, asshole." she snapped.

    Ashley was suddenly dead serious, and I was a little taken aback at her sudden change of mood. I had never expected her to be so insecure.

    "Yeah—I like her! Okay? You caught me!" I joked.

    "Give me a break." I added. "Just because you're twins doesn't immediately mean I'm attracted to your sister as well."

    "Well, answer the question then. Do you think she's sexy?"

    Shit! I can't win.

    I considered my answer carefully. Truthfully I had always been attracted to both of them. But I knew this was the most dangerous question in a new relationship. If I answered "Yes" I could make her mad, but if I answered "No" she would know that I was lying and proceed to ask me more probing questions about why I was attracted to her specifically. It was a no win situation.

    "Yeah, okay." I finally conceded. "I'll admit, I guess—I mean, I am a guy after all so."

    "You are SUCH AN ASSHOLE!" she snapped as she threw the newspaper.

    She now attempted to storm off out of the kitchen and leave the compound in a huff but I swiftly grabbed her by the arm and caught her grinning a little.

    "Ah! You fucking fake! Come on babe, you know I love ya!" I reassured her.

    "Hmm. You're lucky."

    Whew! I had dodged a bullet. I leaned in to hug her.

    "FYI, I love you too." she added sweetly.

    With that we embraced each other lovingly for a moment. Our relationship really was great. We had only been seeing each other a few short weeks but were completely open and honest with each other right from the beginning.

    "So anyway, what was the big emergency?"

    "Oh, Mary-Kate just wanted to know if she could come visit from New York in a couple of days. She wants to do some shopping in Beverly Hills and stuff."

    "That's nice."

    "I told her she could stay here with us for a couple of days, or with Conrad—whichever is more convenient, if that's okay with you?"

    It had to be a trap. I'd have to tread lightly unless I wanted to be called an asshole again.

    "Sure. Sounds good." I said while trying not to sound too eager.

    I then added. "And you two can have fun shopping together. Because God knows I don't enjoy it."

    "And what's wrong with shopping with me?" Ashley pouted.

    Great, now she was upset about something else. I should of kept my mouth shut.

    "Nothing—until I get the bill." I said under my breath.

    With that Ashley playfully slapped me in the shoulder and attempted to break from my grasp.

    "Well, can't the three of us do something together?" she suggested innocently.

    "Oh, I can think of a couple of things."

    Damn it! I was just getting myself in deeper trouble now.

    "You asshole!" she laughed out loud this time.

    "Conrad was right, you are evil!"

    "No! I meant the beach or something."

    "Liar! You don't want to take her to the beach. You want to take her to our bedroom! You think she's sexy, remember?"

    "What the fuck! You're twins for God sake!!" I exclaimed. "I hate to break it to you Ash, but you both look alike. Deal with it!"

    Ashley chuckled at my discomfort and turned to hug me again—her concerns were apparently all a joke and put on.

    "You know, she thinks you're sexy too."

    I smiled. Was she just testing me now? I figured anything I said would just get me into more trouble. And she seemed to pick up on that and giggled. Still, I was up for a little fun and strangely in the mood to play her mind games.

    "And how does that make you feel?" I asked.

    "I don't know." she replied honestly. "Apart of me is jealous."

    "I'm glad you think I'm worth being jealous over."

    "You know she asked me what we were doing when she called." Ashley said before grinning mischievously.


    "And, I told her the truth when you were in the shower."

    "Really?" I was intrigued. "And what did she say?"

    "She said she thought something funny was going on by the way you answered the phone—all out of breath and shit."

    "And you admitted it?"

    "Why not? It's not like it's illegal."

    Ashley suddenly seemed to blush a little.

    "She also asked me what you tasted like."

    I'd never imagined that Mary-Kate had thought about such things. Now I knew she'd thought about it at least once, and was curious, and I liked that.

    "And, what'd you tell her?"

    "I told her that I didn't swallow, but she wanted to know all about you."

    "Is that right?"

    Ashley grinned.

    "So I told her a couple of things."

    "Really?" I smiled.

    I was pleasantly surprised at her sudden change in demeanor. In all the time I had known Ashley this wasn't the kind of thing she did—chat so openly about sex and bring up her sister in such a way.

    "Do I want to know?"

    "You'd be happy with what I told her."

    With that Ashley reached up under my robe and squeezed my growing erection. I think she was genuinely surprised and delighted to find me semi-erect.

    "I was truthful, and she was impressed."

    I grinned, unable to think of anything to say as Ashley smiled back—all the while stroking me gently.

    Staring into her eyes, I reached over and slowly pulled her robe off her delicate shoulder and proceeded to rub and caress her skin. Her right breast was soon exposed and her nipple was exceptionally hard.

    "Sounds hot."

    I was quickly growing hard as her hand continued to stroke me to life.

    "God. What are you doing to me Ashley?"

    "Are you hot for me, Matt?" she cooed. "Or hot for my sister?"

    "Both of you." I said boldly. "Oh how I'd love to see both of you together."

    "You know, she'd do you." Ashley grinned as she dropped her free hand between her own legs.

    "She told me how if she was there with us this morning she would have swallowed your hot load."

    "Jesus." I gasped as she cupped my balls. I was astounded.

    "She's a dirty little slut—just like her sister." she added.

    I felt like I was going to explode.

    "It turns you on, doesn't it?" she teased.

    "God yes!" I confessed. "You know it does."

    "Do you want us? Do you want us both?"

    I could see her slide her free hand between her own legs and pet her hairless mound.

    "Do you think you could handle us both?"

    "I don't know. You tell me?"

    "Hmm," she thought for a moment. "I think you might."

    With that she reached up and pushed my robe away so I was left to stand totally naked in the middle of the room and she could admire my raging organ.

    "Does this look like enough cock for both of you?" I hissed.

    "Mm, maybe." she cooed. "I'd love to watch her suck you. That would be so fucking hot."

    My cock actually pulsated in her hand at the suggestion. Ashley seemed to notice this and immediately smirked wickedly to herself.

    "Mmm. We could share your big cock, swap it between our mouths until you were about to come."

    She then added. "Then I'd shove it into her mouth and watch her swallow every drop of your come. And kiss her hard on the lips, and wrap my tongue around hers."

    That was it. I had had enough. I abruptly grabbed her by the waist and practically picked her up and carried her over to the bedroom—throwing her lithe body onto the bed.

    There her robe fell open and her sexy hairless snatch lay completely exposed to me. Without instruction Ashley spread her petite legs and plunged two of her fingers into her glistening cunt.

    "God I want to watch you fuck her!" she hissed. "I want to sit on her face while you do it!"

    I near almost lost my mind as I immediately lunged and stabbed her with my tool in one motion. To my delight Ashley was beyond wet and for the first time ever accommodated my length effortlessly.

    I instantly began to drill her mercilessly, and knew I wouldn't last long, as I was so turned on by her dirty talk. For her part, Ashley spread her legs wide and held them apart with her hands as she urged me to fuck her and her sister hard and fast. I happily obliged.

    "Fuck me Matt!! Fuck us both!! Make us both cum on that cock of yours!!"

    I attached my mouth to one of her small breasts, fitting most of it into my mouth, and hungrily flicked my tongue across her sensitive bud causing her to groan loudly and talk even dirtier.

    "She's eating my pussy baby!! You want to see her eat my fucking cunt!? Yeah? While you fuck her like this!! Oh. God!!" she cried.

    With that I pinned her long slender legs back against her head and pumped rapidly—admiring the way my balls slapped loudly against her puckered anus.

    I then changed my angle of attack, and grinding our pubic bones together, stimulated her clitoris with my finger as I penetrated her. After a few more strokes, she shrieked out loud as she dug her nails into my back and flailed her skinny legs about uncontrollably.

    "Yes! Yes! Fuck me!! Fuck me haaaarder!!"

    I finally released into her as she came, filling her tight little twat with what seemed like a gallon of semen. Having my fill, I slowly rolled off of her and was completely spent. My cock deflating rapidly as she kissed my face.

    "That was—incredible." she panted.

    "You just turned me on so much." I admitted. "I can't believe all of the things you were saying. I've never heard you talk so dirty."

    Ashley smirked smugly.

    "Hey, I'm a twin. I've heard all the incest fantasies my entire life. I know what you want to hear."

    She then paused for a moment before she added. "But seriously, I meant it. I'd love to share you with MK."

    I was stunned.

    "You really mean it?"

    "I mean, you know I can get a little jealous… but it gets me real hot thinking of her going down on you."

    "Do you think MK would be up for it?"

    I had figured that my chances of being with two women had vanished ever since I had started dating Ashley exclusively, but as it turned out it seemed fate had dealt me another great hand. I was about to live every man's fantasy.

    "Honestly, I don't know." Ashley pondered. "But she trusts me implicitly and I think she would. We've both fantasized about it—and if I asked her nicely…"

    "This is going to be an interesting weekend."

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    WOW. That's fuckin hot. Great job!

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    To quote the guy above... WOW....

    Simply amazing story! Absolutely amazing!



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