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Thread: "This Charming Man #2" with Margot Robbie and Jennifer Hawkins

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    fanfiction "This Charming Man #2" with Margot Robbie and Jennifer Hawkins

    This Charming Man #2
    With Margot Robbie and Jennifer Hawkins
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, MFF, FF, oral, doggie, anal, facial

    Part 1

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    A couple of days after Margot and my brother Tom tied the knot, I was feeling really restless, as I hadn't been laid in a number of weeks.

    As fortune would have it, Tom received a phone call from the studio which required his presence back in the States (he never managed to tell us why), which meant his honeymoon was going to be postponed.

    Margot, being the loveable understanding partner that she was, told him it was okay for him to leave, stating that she could spend the time with family and she would have enough to do here in Australia, to keep her busy until he returned later in the week.

    I presumed that work included me, and figured that as soon as he was gone, I'd be pounding his new wife somewhere out in the countryside where we could make us much noise as we wanted to.

    But I had to convince Tom that I wanted to stay in Australia whilst he was away on business.

    "Say brother. Would you mind if I stayed here for a few more days? I'm really enjoying the surf and the sunshine and, I'm hoping to meet some Aussie stunner too if I'm lucky!"

    "No that's fine James. I'm sure Margot can hook you up with some friends of hers during your stay. She's got some sweet contacts in the TV and fashion industry down here. You might be spoilt for choice!"

    "Thanks lil' bro. I'll be happy to keep Margot company during the day if you'd like?"

    "Yeah do that. She really loves hanging out with you, or that's what she keeps telling me".

    I was hoping he couldn't read my mind as it drifted back to images of my head in between her legs as I ate out her sweet, sopping wet pussy on the day of their wedding.

    "Yeah she's good company. The girl sure knows how to hold my attention".

    As well as my cock deep in her mouth.

    "One more thing. She's got this party organised up on the Gold Coast tomorrow night. Something she planned before we flew out here. Kind of a post celebration of our wedding for all the people in the industry whom weren't invited to our big day. I was supposed to attend and to help her out, would you mind going in my place? I'm sure she'd appreciate it".

    "Sure thing, I'd be happy to!"

    "Thanks James. You truly are the best! So I'm just going to go pack a few things, say goodbye to Margot then head to the airport. See you in a few days!"

    "Take care" I replied, containing my joy at having my brothers new wife, all to myself.


    “Ohhh christ… God I missed that mouth…” I groaned as Margot blew me, those mesmeric blue eyes peering up at me from below as she sucked me off.

    “I figured you’d be in a dire need of these lips after going without for a while” she teased, licking all around the spongy tip and grazing her teeth along the sensitive surface.

    We had to be careful as her parents were downstairs, preparing lunch whilst we were in the bedroom she grew up in during her teenage years. They’d kept it exactly the same for her ever since she left, and looking at posters of her favourite films and much loved movie stars, I felt like we were two high school teenagers discovering sex for the first time!

    “Is my new brother-in-law gonna cum for me?” Margot implored as her slick saliva doused fingers wanked my throbbing member, flicking her hard tongue against my piss slit.

    “Yeah, not far off…” I uttered.

    “We have to be getting back, maybe you need some more inspiration?” she suggested, pulling her top down to allow me to gander at her pert, braless tits.

    My fingers clawed at her soft mounds, pinching at Margot’s hard, brown nipples as she carried on fellating me, taking me into her narrow throat and upping the tempo of her sucking and slurping.

    With one hand on her chest and the other to the back of her neck, her silky blonde hair tickled my thighs whilst her beautiful face was pressed against my crotch, taking all eight inches of me into her glorious mouth.

    “Uhhhh” I grunted, spewing out my long awaited orgasm down her throat, every last drop of my warm spunk being drained from my nuts with Margot’s incredible lips.

    “Damn… You went off like a fire hose!” she remarked, coughing then wiping her mouth from the sticky residue left over.

    “Yeah, sorry about that”.

    “Don’t apologise, I know the past few weeks must have been difficult for you so you certainly deserved that. We just need to be extra discreet now that I’m married. Understood?”

    I simply nodded, in a daze and feeling my legs turn to jelly as I tried to regain my strength.

    “Now, about tonight's party. I need you to help set up, then later on I’ll introduce you to some guests. And once the night is over, maybe you and I can go back to the hotel room I hired out?

    “Looking forward to it already!” I replied with glee, pulling my sister-in-law close to tongue kiss her, showing Margot that the fact she was now married, didn’t mean this affair was going to change in the slightest.


    The Q1 tower was certainly one of the Gold Coast's most iconic features, and one of the tallest residential towers in the world.

    The top floor allowed those who made the quick ascent up the elevator, to see the panoramic views of the city, overlooking the Pacific Ocean to the East, and the Hinterland out west. As the sun set around six o'clock, the numerous guests began to arrive and my main job was to speak for my brother in his absence.

    Margot was understandably the centre of attention, not just because she was the host and a newlywed, but also the figure hugging tight red dress that allowed everyone to take in her sinful curves.

    I tried not to linger too long when my attention was on her, telling myself to be patient, knowing that in a few short hours that I'd be fucking my new sister-in-law into the early hours of the following morning. Well, that's what I was hoping, given we hadn't slept together in well over a month.

    To shift my focus, Margot introduced me to several guests, most of which were mainly Australian celebrities. I was taken aback when talking to local race car driver Renee Gracie. The tits on that girl, especially one so young made me wonder if she'd be better off in a different profession.

    Once upon a time actress Sophie Monk, seemed really preoccupied with her phone to even make conversation, and I even had a brief chat with Scott Eastwood (son of Clint), who was invited at the last minute. He had been filming “Pacific Rim 2” at a suburb a few minutes south from where the party was taking place.

    The next celebrity I was introduced to made my heart stop beating for more than a couple of seconds...

    Like a fantasy scene taken straight from a movie, it was like the room of people parted like the Red Sea, as one time Miss Universe winner Jennifer Hawkins made her way over to me.

    Everything felt like it was in slow motion, watching the statuesque model sashay her way over to where I was standing, her long, silky hair shimmering under the soft lights, her hourglass figure swaying from side to side, and one of those smooth looking legs that peeked out of her black gown was just begging to be licked from her toes to her inner thighs.

    "Hi, I'm Jen, you must be James. Margot's told me so many wonderful things about you!" the breathtaking Aussie said, offering her soft, well manicured hand to shake.

    I snapped out of my trance, stuttering with my reply. The thing is, I knew quite a bit about Hawkins already, having been an avid watcher of the Miss Universe pageant since my teens. I’d memorised all the winners over time, knowing that she was one of this countries most recognisable faces since her breakthrough win in 2004.

    Jen was even more beautiful in person than I could’ve imagined. They sure had some stunning women in the Land Downunder! And I was now in the presence of two of their finest in recent memory as Margot joined our table.

    "I see you've already been acquainted with Miss Hawkins! These English guys sure move fast!" Margot joked, making the TV hostess laugh.

    Jennifer asked about my thoughts on her fair country, places I'd visited so far and naturally about my brother Tom. The party was in full swing by the time it was eight o'clock. There was a full moon out and not a cloud in the sky, illuminating the endless sea of water below.

    I'd had quite a few beers and through my drunken eyes I simply gazed at Margot and Jen as the pair chatted like two over excited gossip queens. They really were quite the pair. And my perverted mind wondered if there was even the slightest chance in hell that Margot would consider adding a 'plus one' to our meet up in her hotel room later that night.

    But that idea was quickly shot down when Hawkins' husband Jake, interrupted she and Margot's conversation.

    "Hey babe, enjoying yourself?" she asked her hubby, kissing him which made me slightly cringe at the sight.

    "This party is off the hook!" he slurred in his response.

    "By the way, this is James, Tom's brother!" Jen said, introducing me to Jake.

    "Hey Tom! Great to meet you man!" he shouted, making his way around to my side of the table.

    I went to correct him, to let him know that I wasn't my brother, but he cut me off as I tried to do so.

    "No my names..."

    "You know what Tom, that's a fine looking woman you've bagged there. You're one lucky man!"

    Given how intoxicated he was and considering that the noise level in the room had gone up since I first arrived, I decided not to tell Jake who I really was. I figured it'd be best just to roll with it, finding the funny side of him mistaking me for my brother. And he obviously had no idea what Tom looked like. To be fair, most people didn't.

    "Well you can't complain. It must be awesome being married to one of the hottest women in the universe right?" I retorted

    "Oh for sure dude. I do truly feel blessed. But to be honest, Jen has this appetite that's not always easy to keep up with. Sometimes she wants something other than the same meal every night, if you know what I mean?"

    "You mean to tell me, she sees other blokes?"

    "Of course. But I don't totally miss out. We have an agreement where she sometimes tells me if she's keen on a guy, and if his partner is a good sort, then a deal is made. And vice versa. For example, your new wife is quite the stunner in her own right. And what I can tell you is that I've seen the way Jen has been checking you out these past few minutes. I don't even have to look at her and she already knows what I'm discussing with you. She's looking this way, right?"

    I casually turned my head away from Jake, and sure enough, Jen's eyes were seductively locked onto mine.

    "So you mean...?"

    "That's right mate. You can have Jen for the night, and I get your Margot. What do you say? Talk it over with your wife. I'm sure you have a bit to discuss. I'm going to fetch another glass of scotch and have a word to Jen. I'm sure we can reach some sort of agreement mate".

    As Jake walked away and towards the bar, Jen left Margot to go and join him. I couldn’t believe my luck or what I had just been told. Was this seriously what celebrity couples did down here?

    Naturally I was keen on the offer. But the biggest problem was whether or not Margot would even entertain the idea of cheating on Tom so soon after getting hitched. Then again, she felt next to no guilt by continuing to hook up with me!

    Still, I felt terrible about meekly handing over my brother’s wife to a guy I’d only just met. But that was soon all forgotten when Margot pulled me aside and as it turned out, she had also agreed to the same deal with Jen, that I had with Jake.

    “So, you and the pretty boy then?” I cheekily said, referring to her shacking up with Jake.

    “Yeah, he’s kind of cute. Not getting jealous are we?”

    “Well, maybe a little. However, me getting to bed a former Miss Universe, and a married one at that is something that’s too hard to pass up right?”

    “No I totally agree. Besides, you’re not my husband remember? And we can still have a couple more nights to fool around before Tom returns. So go and enjoy yourself!”

    “But are you sure Jen or Jake won’t spill the beans to Tom?”

    “Sweetheart. This certainly isn't the first time they’ve swapped partners before. It’s just the creme da la creme of the celebrity world, if they’re intelligent, that know how to keep their lips sealed. Now go and have some fun…” Margot said to me with a sexy little wink, before smacking my ass and heading over to Jake.

    With a quick scan of the room, I found Jennifer heading away from the party and towards the elevator. She turned to lock eyes on mine once again, waving her index finger to follow her, giving me one hell of a sexy smile.

    I trailed Hawkins from a distance, as to not arouse any suspicion from other attendees. My eyes were fixated on that that delicious, swaying booty of hers as I joined her in the elevator. She clicked the button for two floors down from the top floor where the party was taking place.

    “You nervous?”, she asked, standing on the opposite side of the elevator from her. I couldn't help but stare at one of her incredibly long legs that wasn’t covered by her long gown.

    "A little. This is all new to me" I admitted.

    Leaning in close to me, I could feel her breath on my skin as she said,

    “Well don’t be. I'll make this simple for you James. You're going to get laid. I’ll make sure that this a night you’ll never, ever forget”.

    Jen took my hand as we exited the elevator, making the short walk towards her hired apartment for the night.

    Unlocking the door, I could only follow her lead and watch on as we entered the deadly quiet apartment.

    Jen stopped once she had made her way through the living room until she faced the window, looking down at the glitter strip, enticing me to join her, even pulling up her skirt to unveil her long, long legs in her heels, and her picturesque ass in a barely there thong.

    Nervously, I stepped in behind her, softly kissing the back of the once footy cheerleaders neck, making her sigh when I reached around to squeeze her soft, supple mounds through her silky top. The Newcastle born stunner turned to lock lips with mine, loosening her dress so it fell off of her unbelievably fit body, so she was standing there in her bra, panties and a pair of high heels.

    "Mmm, touch me" she moaned, taking my hand and placing it in between her legs, imploring me to tease her aroused pussy through her warm, moistening panties.

    As our tongues tangoed and my finger play across the front of Jen's underwear continued, I felt her hand on my belt buckle, then the fly on my jeans so she could release my hardened member from its denim prison.

    "God you're so fucking hard" Jen uttered as her cool slender fingers gripped my naked shaft, firmly stroking it as we continued to swap spit.

    "Take your clothes off.." she requested, breaking off our passionate lip lock to allow me to remove my shirt and jeans, as the tall, leggy blonde slipped her panties off, then removed her brassiere, leaving the pair of us standing there without a stitch of clothing on.

    I moved in back behind her, feeling her naked body against mine, purposely grinding my dick in between her arse crack. Holding her hip, I was desperate to force my cock inside the horny model as soon as possible. Just as I rubbed my bellend along the smooth velvety lips of her dripping hole, Jen to my frustration stopped me from continuing.

    "Not yet... We'll get there in time. But first, get down on your knees and eat my pussy.."

    Giving her a look of 'with pleasure', I did as she commanded, running my hands down either side of her incredible body, along her smooth hips, over her firm thighs, down her silky smooth legs until my face was an inch or two from her flawless derrière.

    Jen bent forward slightly as I caressed her luscious booty, squeezing the firm cheeks before spreading them apart to allow me to explore her bald, dripping cunt, and sneaky look at her tight, twitching rosebud.

    Dipping a finger into my mouth, I teasingly rubbed the tip along her velvety slit, loving the soft little moans Jen would make when I flicked across her sensitive bean.

    "Ohh stop teasing me" she wailed, barely able to keep her legs straight in her high heels.

    Pulling her buttocks apart, I dove my face right in, attacking her molten core with my tongue.

    "Uhhhh, yes!" she cried, her hands and supple breasts mashed against the window as I ate out her world class pussy from behind. I dug my tongue in, spearing it against Jen's love hole.

    She had one hand to the back of my head so my face remained buried in between her glorious cheeks.

    "Ohh yes, eat my pussy, I'm so close!"

    Jen fidgeted with her clit as I lapped up and sucked on her engorged lips, reaching down to jerk my cock, squeezing it tight to try and prevent my own orgasm before the main event.

    To totally bring Hawkins to orgasmic overload, I swabbed my tongue across her darkened, brown backdoor, a sensation that the married celeb was completely unprepared for!

    "Holy shit!" Yes! Do it again, in my ass!" she begged.

    I gripped her hips tightly and went apeshit on Jen's tight little shitter. Her clit frigging quickened, and just as my tongue probed and opened up her clenching anus, Jen's front hole began convulsing, squirting her juices out and onto the carpeted floor.

    "!! Cumming!!" she squealed, like a sixteen year old experiencing her first orgasm.

    Jen's head hung down and her legs were shaky as I moved my face out from between her glorious cheeks.

    Without a word, Jen made the short walk to the bedroom and after removing her heels, she sat on the edge of the bed and invited me to stand before her. I was harder than I'd ever been, looking down at Jen, whose face was eye level with my rock hard erection. It stood at full mast, curling back so the tip rested against my stomach.

    "Nghhh" I grimaced when Jen pulled at my dick so the head now faced her soft, pink lips, ready to be devoured by the gorgeous Aussie.

    She stroked my member gently, even cupping my balls which caused some pre-cum to flow out of the slit. Jen used her thumb to spread it all around the spongy head.

    "Tell me James. I wanna hear you beg me.."

    "Suck me Jen. Suck my cock.."

    "With pleasure.." she replied with a devilish smirk.

    "Ohhh good lord" I groaned as Jen leaned forward and closed her lips around the bulbous head, humming around it which caused goosebumps to break out over my skin. She moaned around my cock as she took more of me each time she bobbed her head forward.

    Jen looked up at me and when my eyes connected with hers, she made sure I was watching when she flapped her tongue a couple of times against by bellend, before opening her lips wide and deepthroating all eight inches of my pulsing shaft. I grunted as I felt the tip enter her narrow throat, the leggy stunner using those muscles to milk my already throbbing tool.

    "Ooohhhh.. my throat felt so full with you in there.. c'mon James. Fuck my face sweetheart!"

    Jen took both my hands and put them on the back of her head, giving me permission to use her face like a sex doll. She grabbed at my buttocks, digging her nails in which jolt started the incredible face fuck. I slid my cock into her mouth as though I was fucking her pussy, ignoring her whimpers and the 'gack' noises she was making. My balls smacked against her chin as my cock tip pressed against the inner openings of her throat.

    As much as I wanted to continue, I couldn't wait any longer. I had to have the Former Miss Universe' cunt..
    With an exhausted Jen recovering from the oral assault, she lay on the bed as I stood over her, instinctively spreading her long, slim legs wide and prying open her bald cunt lips, inviting me to impale her.

    "Fuck me nice and slow James... I want to feel every inch of you filling my pussy.."

    My heart was beating out of my chest as I kneeled on the bed, the horny model wrapping her arms around my neck and curling those long smooth pins around my waist. Jen seemed to be surprised when I moved down to kiss her deeply, never reciprocating as I rubbed my turgid length along her incredibly wet taco. I gripped a hold of my shaft, both of us moaning as I penetrated her tight, heavenly minge.

    There were memorable erotic expressions on Jen's face as her pussy continued to take in every inch of my long meat stick, pulling back slightly before drilling my entire length inside the Aussie sexpot.

    "Ohhh fuck!!" Hawkins cried, the grip on my neck and around my hips tightening as I was buried balls-deep inside of her.

    "Grrr" I groaned, the sound of my swaying nuts smacking against Jen's tight ass was like music to my ears, encouraging me to rail into her sipping box more fiercely.

    Her naked breasts jiggled and her breath was ragged as her sloshing cunt drenched my sawing cock, Jen's long legs going skyward as I battered her moist snatch like a man possessed.

    Wanting to savour the moment, I slowed down, trying to give Jen time to catch her breath. But she had other ideas, using her strong lower body to flip me over, so she could ride me cowgirl style. I was more than happy to let her take control, watching in awe as this incredibly fit, thirty something woman rocked her body upon me as though it was one erotic lap dance.

    As she used my cock like a pogo stick, I pinched Jen's small pert breasts, the insatiable blonde bending my cock backwards so her thighs were spread, and making sure I was watching her rub her clit in circles.

    "God your cock feels so good inside me.." she confessed, spreading her puffy pink lips to show me the spine of my cock nestled inside of her warm, vibrating cunt.

    It wasn't much longer before Jen came again, her inner juices creaming all over my glistening cock before collapsing on top of me. Her body twitched upon me as the last few tremors of her orgasm coursed throughout. When her short gasps of breath became less audible, both of us could distinctly hear moaning coming from the room next door.

    We soon worked out that Jen’s husband was having his way with my brother’s wife Margot. Knowing that he was with my favourite fuck buddy didn’t deter me one bit though. Actually it only spurred me on, upping the tempo of my hard fucking of Jake's leggy Australian wife, who was now lying on me backwards as I thrust up and into the panting models battered pussy from underneath.

    I licked and sucked on Jen's sweet smelling neck and slid a hand between her thighs to rub at her inflamed snatch, making her writhe upon my sawing shaft as though she was having an epileptic fit. Our sweaty bodies slid against each other, her taut buttocks grinding against my more than grateful inner thighs.

    "I can't take much more James.. my pussy is so sore.."

    "Well I haven't cum yet. So what would you suggest?" I responded quite annoyed, having made her get off twice.

    Slipping off me, Jen moved to the unoccupied side of the bed, onto all fours, lowering her face and raising her ass, before saying,

    "Well, there's still one more hole for you to try? How about it, wanna fuck my ass?"

    My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree at her offer, scooting in behind the dirty blonde, watching on as she played with her pussy lips. Jen grabbed her butt cheeks, spreading them apart to give me unrestricted access to her asshole.

    "I don't even offer this to Jake so consider yourself lucky!" she confessed, sticking two fingers inside her slick sex, and then lathering up her butthole for my benefit.

    This was a moment that was so hard to comprehend. Someone like Jennifer Hawkins, was the last person who I thought would be dirty enough to offer me their ass. But I wasn't going to take the offer for granted. I slapped my meat python against her firm cheeks, before pushing my bellend against her resisting backdoor.

    "Nghhh, just a little more" she whimpered, her eyes shut, fists clenched and biting her bottom lip, as her tight, clenching asshole opened up and allowed me to achingly slide my cock a few inches into her glorious back passage.

    "Holy fuck yeah!" I exclaimed, my English accent coming across even thicker than usual at the sensation of Hawkins' milking anus drawing my thick member further into her flawless butt.

    I kneeled over her, gripping her hourglass hips tight and sliding ever so slowly into her rear entrance until I got a steady motion going, ignoring the heaving model beneath me.

    "Mmmm, harder! I can take it!" she pleaded, gripping the bedsheets for dear life as her sphincter was stretched obscenely wide once I was drilling into her balls deep, my balls slapping against her flush cunt lips with every hard thrust.

    "You're gonna make me cum hot stuff" I uttered, sweating dripping from my forehead, closing in my much needed release..

    Our attention was diverted towards a knock at the front door, the sudden interruption causing Hawko's anal muscles to clamp tightly around my half-embedded shaft, making me grimace in pain.

    She slowly slid her ass off of me, much to my fury.

    "You gotta be fucking kidding me??"

    "Give me a minute. It could be important.." she replied, slipping on one of the hotels silk robes to go and answer the late night caller.

    “Room for one more?" Margot cheekily said to Jen once she'd opened the door, all alone without Jake in sight as Jen walked her into the apartment.

    "What happened with Jake?" Jen quizzically asked.

    "He's fast asleep. Great fuck though Jen. Probably let the abundance of alcohol get to him. But I still need to get off again. Oh, Hi James!" Robbie said as she entered the bedroom, the last line of their brief conversation still ringing in my ears.

    "Well, I'm sure we can help you with that, right James?" Jen suggested to me.

    I responded by giving a goofy grin, in disbelief at the thought of what was about to happen - every guys ultimate fantasy...

    Jennifer and Margot stood before me, side by side at the foot of the bed, grinning like two naughty schoolgirls.
    In perfect sync, the desirable Aussie pair began unbinding their robes and slipping them off, to reveal their, hot, sweaty, naked bodies, my hard as steel cock standing to attention.

    "Shall we?" Jen said to my sister-in-law, the girls sharing a brief kiss, giggling, before sitting either side of me on the bed.

    Margot kissed me first whilst Jen spat in her own hand to lubricate my cock, jerking my member to get me ready again.

    The girls swapped over, only this time as Hawkins made out with me, Margot buried her face in my lap, taking more than half my length into her hot mouth, not realising that it had deep inside of Jen's luscious booty only minutes earlier.

    Hawkins joined her compatriot on the carpeted floor to contribute to the now dual blowjob. I couldn't contain my delight at feeling of Margot and Jen's lips, mouth and tongues, licking, sucking and teasing the length of my shaft, as well as my soft, sensible nuts.

    "Holy Christ!" I groaned, seeing both girls sets of eyes looking up at me, the head of my cock being suckled firmly by Jen's working lips, and Margot intensely french kissing my ball sac.

    As their worldly mouths and heavenly tongues collided against each other's, I thought that it surely couldn't get any better than this. But it did...

    Seeing the girls kiss each other made my cock twitch. Watching on as Jen lay on the bed beside me, parting her long, long legs so Margot could eat her glistening pussy, just about made me explode!

    Jen bit her bottom lip as she fixated her eyes on me, opening her mouth wide when she felt the "Suicide Squad" stars tongue drive inside her sopping snatch. I couldn't handle being left out anymore. So moving in behind Margot's cute, little bare naked ass, I forcefully slammed my cock inside her tight, hairless cunt.

    "Uhhh" she moaned into Jen's soaking muff, in turn causing the Aussie model to squeal with delight.

    Margot looked over her shoulder back at me, those bottomless blue eyes a sight to savour.

    "Did you miss me baby?" she asked, while I watched her pale white derrière ripple after each firm thrust of my hips.

    "Oh yeah!" I replied enthusiastically.

    Margot had always been a snug fit, ever since we started our affair.

    Over the next half an hour, I had the pleasure of differentiating the feel of both girls' wondrous fuck holes, their cock sucking abilities, and their overall physiques.

    They took turns using my dick like their own personal dildo. One of many memorable moments included Hawkins sitting in my lap with her back to me, bouncing on my shaft whilst Margot was down in between our legs licking at her throbbing clitoris, and also suckling on my balls whilst I was deep inside of Jen.

    Another was when Margot and Jen engaged in a sixty-niner, the blonde actress on top, crying in ecstatic pain at Jen's tongue and fingers working at her gaping taco, whilst my cock ploughed fiercely into Jen's puffy pink cunt.

    Margot used her fingers to strum along Jen's flushed vaginal lips, multi-tasking by dousing my cock with her saliva and giving me one hell of a sloppy blowjob. For the pre-grand finale, both girls bent over on the bed in front of me, presenting their flawless asses like I was a lone fat man at an all-you-can-eat buffet!

    I took turns on both girls as they kissed and moaned, using a lot of tongue, whimpering into each other's mouths whenever I delivered a sharp slap on their reddening cheeks, or cocked back their heads with a bundle of their silky hair, as I railed into their succulent pussies.

    They were intent on inspiring me towards my long awaited climax. The girl that wasn't being pounded by my thick meat made a show of finger banging their own snatch which caused the hottest of stirs, deep within my loins...

    "C'mon James!" Margot urged.

    "We want it! All over our face..." Jen added as the pair, now on their knees below me, and giving me a second dual blowjob, brought on my impending eruption.

    I held the back of their heads in each hand as I feel both sets of tongues on my sensitive bellend, Jen's sharp fingernails lightly caressing my balls, and Margot devilishly using her fingertip to rub at my clenching asshole.

    "Holy fuck!! I'm gonna...ahhh! I exclaimed out loud, taking a hold of my cock, beating it like it owed me money, and spurting my creamy load onto each girls extended tongues.

    I plastered both Australian beauties faces, necks and chests in my warm, sticky glaze, feeling my heart beating faster than ever as I sat back down on the bed, unable to stand up on my own two feet any longer.

    The End.

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    That was fucking hot hearsz!!

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    Wow, that was incredible. One of the hottest stories that I've read in awhile!

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    FFS that was incredible Hearsz. What an epic follow up. To have 2 of the hottest women on the planet fawning over u like that. What a lucky sumbitch he is. :5597::wub2::456345:

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