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Thread: "Blindfolded Babysitter" with Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "Blindfolded Babysitter" with Paris Berelc

    with Paris Berelc
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, blindfold, cheat, reluc, blowjob, anal, gangbang, squirt
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Based on porn. I don't write third person very often/ever so hopefully it's alright and not too much of a ramble.

    To the outside world, Paris Berelc was a good girl.

    Inside her head however, she was anything but. Paris knew full well, with the thoughts she had, she was a 'bad' girl and she loved it. She had no idea if she was different, or weird, or a freak but she did know she was horny practically all the time which was a certain frustration in her line of work where she was expected to uphold her sweet, girl-next-door image and suppress her natural urges.

    While she had enough common sense to not act out and avoid the bad reputation it would give her, that didn't stop her flirting incessantly.

    She'd flirt with the crew on her film set. She'd flirt with the photographers and assistants during photoshoots. She'd even flirt with both married and single dads every morning when she dropped her sister off at school and had more than her fair share of fantasies about being taken into the teacher's staff room.

    Of course that was all fun and games (mostly), she just loved teasing them and seeing the way they undressed her with their eyes, wishing they could touch her, have her. Fuck her. It made her dripping wet.

    But there was only one man Paris really wanted right now.

    She'd worked with Mark for a number of years now, babysitting his and his wife's kid. While a lot of her friends had given up similar jobs when they'd broken out onto the Disney Channel, Paris had stuck hers out. She'd never admit it of course, but it was only because of him.

    Paris knew full well Mark wanted her, who wouldn't? And she'd made it perfectly clear a number of times that she was all his, he just had to say the word yet somehow he'd always resisted. It frustrated yet turned her on at the same time. It just made her want him more.

    Paris wanted to break him, she wanted a married man to want her. To need her so bad he'd risk everything to have her.

    So after her eighteenth birthday came and went, she decided to finally go for it, concocting a simple, bold plan to put in motion the moment she knew his wife and child would be away and they could have the place to themselves.

    Fortunately it was only a week later that the perfect opportunity arrived when Mark's wife went away for a whole weekend to visit family.

    That day on set had felt excruciatingly long. By the time Paris finally dashed out the door to drive over to the house her panties were practically soaked through in anticipation. She wondered if the crew had been able to smell her arousal – it turned her on even more.

    Paris grinned to herself when she arrived, finding the place empty and letting herself in with the spare key the family had entrusted her with. She wandered the large near-mansion sized house for a while, helping herself to a little Dutch courage in the kitchen. She'd never been left alone here before so it didn't take her long to find herself sneaking into the master bedroom.

    The precocious teen's eyes lit up at the mere sight of the large, king-sized marital bed, biting her lip at the thought of being thrown around and fucked to within an inch of her life by her older, manly target. It made her weak at the knees.

    With still no sign of him getting home, curiosity got the better of her and she began nosing through some drawers. She skipped over his wives belongings for the most part. Paris knew she should feel guilty, Mark's wife had always been nice to her, Paris wondered how he'd ever be able to go back to his wife after sampling her own tight, teen pussy.

    There wasn't much of interest in any of the drawers until finally she discovered a little something, stuffed way in the back, probably a relic of the times the married couple had been loved up and wild in bed. Paris grinned as she revealed the simple, black blindfold.

    As much as Paris loved sex she'd never really done much out of the usual. Of course it didn't help that the boys she'd been with had only been interested in sticking it in her and rarely lasted more than a few minutes. But what better time than to experiment with this particular kink than right here and now?

    Paris pulled the blindfold on, plunging herself into darkness and allowing her other senses to attune and heighten. She was almost giddy with excitement at this point and was finding it harder and harder to wait for Mark to get home before getting started.

    She didn't even remember getting undressed but the next thing she knew, she was stark naked on the bed, still blind to the world as she deftly rubbed her creamy pussy. The horny teenager didn't get herself off, she hadn't for days – she'd been saving herself for tonight which no doubt added to her state of arousal which was practically through the roof.

    Finally, after what had felt like eternity, she heard a car pull into the driveway. Only then did Paris panic and almost have second thoughts about the whole thing. She'd rehearsed what she was going to say for days, what could she say to break a man who'd resisted her for so long?

    As she reached for her clothes however an idea suddenly struck her. She didn't have to say anything at all, she'd let her irresistible teen body do all the talking. So, with a final nervous bite of her lip, she pulled the blindfold back on and climbed onto the bed to get into her favourite positions on all fours, her cute butt and exposed pussy facing the door, ready to give Mark a sight he wouldn't soon forget.

    Paris was still having doubts but it was too late now, she could already hear him coming upstairs, she thought she could hear other noises downstairs too but her mind was buzzing, she could almost hear her heartbeat as her fists clenched the bedsheets as the door opened behind her.

    He gasped in shock of course.

    "Wh—Paris? Is that you?!"


    "What are y—no—you need to stop this—" she heard him say but he definitely sounded distracted, no doubt taking in the mouth-watering vision before him.

    Paris arched her back as best she could, her long wavy hair cascading down it, easily reaching her ass. She knew she looked sexy, she'd definitely never felt sexier and more irresistible so she uttered out a single, desperate word.


    He muttered something but she couldn't quite make it out but she held her position, even lifting her ass a little higher. It was a long minute before she finally heard the sound of his zipper and belt being undone. It was a noise that made her pussy throb.

    What happened next caught her off guard however as Mark wrapped a hand through her hair and gave it a sharp tug, cocking her head back.

    "Nnggh—fuck," she whined at first just as his voice whispered in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine.

    "I'm only doing this to teach you a lesson," he growled.

    "If you say so," she couldn't help but tease with a smug grin on her blindfolded face.

    That earned her a sharp slap across the ass, making her yelp out loud. His hand didn't move from her backside though as he began caressing her ultra-soft, young flesh, squeezing and massaging her butt while still keeping a firm hold of her long hair.

    "Please..." she whined again. "Don't tease me. I need it, just fuck me!"

    "A tease gets teased," he replied bluntly before letting his fingers slip between her legs.

    He felt how drenched she was for him. Paris had never felt more turned on in her life, it almost felt as if she could come just from the gentle stroking he was doing on her lower lips. She wanted to bury her face in the mattress, lift her ass even higher and give herself over to him completely but his hold on her hair kept her in place even as he moved behind her.

    "Ohmigod—" she groaned a moment later as his tongue lapped at her cunt.

    The first lick was immediately followed by a satisfied moan of approval before he spread her cheeks open and buried himself more forcefully, licking at her insides and making her gasp. Her legs were trembling already as his experienced mouth feasted and pampered her young cunt.

    Her eyes were rolling back and she was seeing stars behind her blindfold as the married father practically devoured her. Paris was forced to hold back her climax but she wondered how much longer she'd last.

    "Uggnh—I want your cock in me!" she finally begged loudly. "I want to come on it, please!"

    Mark had had enough as he silently got up behind her, his chin covered in her teen juices. He'd been a loyal husband and resisted his sexy babysitter for so long but now, seeing her like this, the spoilt teen was finally going to get what she wanted.

    Any regrets soon vanished from his mind the moment he pushed his cock against her pussy. It felt like hot, liquid velvet and it almost seemed to suck him inside as he entered her. He started slow but soon grunted, pulled her hair again and slammed his member balls deep.

    "Aaah! Yes!" Paris cried out. "Fuck...that feels so good!"

    "This what you wanted you little tease?" he growled down at her, finally releasing her hair to grab her hips.

    "Oh god. Yes," she whimpered.

    His manly cock filled her so perfectly. It was without doubt the biggest cock she'd ever had and for the first time Paris regretted the blindfold, wishing she could see it thrusting into her tiny cunt. She quickly lost her train of thought however when he really began giving it to her and her body was suddenly wracked with her first orgasm of the night.

    Paris screamed. She never knew sex could feel this good, her body was on fire as her burning, quivering pussy got hammered relentlessly from behind.

    "Holy shit, I'm gonna come again!" she sobbed, burying her face in the bed sheets and biting a pillow.

    It did little to muffle her moans though as she again creamed all over Mark's married cock. It was so intense she was positive she'd genuinely passed out for a moment. When she came to her head was swimming, it almost felt like she was dreaming, drunk on lust, but she was vaguely aware in the back of her mind of some muttering in the room, a voice or voices she didn't recognise.

    That was all forgotten though when Mark unexpectedly pulled out, making her moan erotically as her needy, well-fucked hole was suddenly left open and empty.

    "Uggh—no, I want more," she pleaded whorishly.

    "Oh there's plenty more coming," Mark's voice whispered in her ear.

    No sooner had he finished speaking, Paris suddenly felt a very different pair of hands on her naked hips, grabber her even rougher than Mark had.

    "Whoa wait, wha—ughh!"

    There was little she could do before the stranger's thick cock slid into her cunt like a hot knife through butter. As good as it felt being filled again she immediately panicked and began flailing around on the bed until Mark caught her.

    "I thought this is what you wanted?" he said calmly in her ear, his voice strangely soothing to the nervous teen. "What else did you expect pulling that little stunt on our poker night?"

    "I—I didn't..."

    "...and then you go screaming the house down when you came? Of course the guys were gonna come investigate."

    Despite her nerves and terror at what she'd gotten herself into, Paris' body was already betraying her as the man behind her slowly drilled her with his big cock.

    "I want you to suck my cock Paris," Mark instructed and she immediately parted her lips, finding herself powerless to resist his desires.

    The moment the sexy babysitter blindly lent forward and took his shiny cock into her mouth the roomful of guys realised she was now a willing participant with the man taking her from behind immediately picking up the pace.

    "Mmmppfff—fuck yea—ohmigod—mmffph—" Pairs groaned as she was roughly spit-roasted on the bed.

    She was vaguely aware of the men around her stepping closer, no doubt furiously beating off as they awaited their turn and something finally snapped in her mind. She had no idea how many there were but she suddenly knew she wanted to make every single one of them cum before the night was through.

    Paris Berelc was a bad girl. She was a slut about to satisfy a group of men she didn't even know. She'd let them use her however they pleased. She was even considering letting Mark take her ass as she redoubled her efforts on sucking him off, savouring the taste of her own pussy on his shaft.

    "Fuck me, this is good pussy," the man pounding her from behind grunted, out of breath as he finally pulled out and unceremoniously sprayed her back with hot, steamy jizz.

    "Uggh—fuck yeah, that's what I want, I want all your cum!" she hissed.

    She hadn't even meant to say it, it had just come out and it sent a tingle through her body speaking so openly and acting so dirty and the Disney starlet was quickly rewarded when another hard cock was stuffed into her pussy.

    Paris was absolutely beside herself as she became to cum again. She didn't even notice when Mark stepped away and her drooling, open mouth was filled with her fourth cock of the night but she happily sucked it down her throat nonetheless.

    She could feel more hands on her sweaty body now, groping her perfect teen tits, slapping her ass or stroking her hair. Despite the rough way she was getting gangbanged, they were all gentle and she'd never been so thoroughly pampered before which only added to her increasing pleasure.

    Her mind was abuzz as she wondered how she'd ever go back to regular old vanilla sex with her boyfriend after tonight before the man in front of her gripped her hair, fucked her mouth for a moment and exploded down her throat.

    Paris choked as she struggled to swallow it down and before she was done she was suddenly lifted into the air by a pair of strong arms. They manipulated her perfectly until she was lowered down again, finding herself on top of someone.

    "I want this ass Paris," Mark whispered from underneath her, tapping his erect cock against her bunghole.

    "Oh god," Paris huffed. "Do it. Take it. It's yours!"

    Never had Paris dabbled with anal before so when he pushed his cock against her tiny rosebud and wormed his way inside it hurt – a lot. Paris whimpered and sobbed but refused to be beaten. She didn't want to be seen by these men as some little teenage girl, she was a woman. A woman capable at taking anything they threw at her so she reached out blindly until her waving hands found some dicks to grab and stroke, distracting her from the pain.

    Noting what she wanted she was soon surrounded again, an unknown number of manly, eager cocks around her as she stroked and sucked each in turn. They all appeared to love playing with her long, flowing hair, grabbing it tight whenever it was their turn to fuck her pretty, drooling mouth.

    Before long Mark was successfully buried to the hilt inside her Asian ass and she gave a teasing wiggle of her hips as she began to ride him. The pleasure she got from it almost made her pass out and the cocks around her were left forgotten as she focussed entirely on riding his cock up her ass for the first time.

    "Holy shit—fuck! Harder! Harder!" she moaned loudly as she bounced on the married father's cock. "I love that. Fuck I love it in my ass!"

    "Think you can take more, princess?" another man whispered in her ear, almost as a dare.

    "Uh-huh, I can take it," she snapped back without a moment's hesitation. "Fucking destroy me!"

    Instantly she was tipped back a little and her legs spread obscenely wide. She knew what was coming next but there was nothing she could have done to prepare herself as her cunt was suddenly impaled again and the teen was double-penetrated for the first time.

    That time she really did think she fell unconscious from the pleasure for a few seconds because the next thing she knew Paris was getting railed in both holes, neither man holding back as they pounded her. It wasn't until she had a hard cock fed into her open mouth and down her throat that she was left completely airtight and she had the most intense orgasm of her young life.

    The cock in her pussy was forced to pull out as she let out a muffled cry and proceeded to squirt an absolute fountain over the bed and anyone who was close enough. Her climax was prolonged and exaggerated when beneath her, Mark grunted and filled her bowels with hot spunk.

    Thankfully, because she didn't know how much more her spent body could take, the display was enough to set the other guys off as well, each of which gasped and shot their thick, creamy loads over her naked body, on her face or in her mouth with one guy bold enough to slam into her twitching pussy to deposit a sudden, filthy cream-pie.

    When the knackered teenager came too some time later, the house was quiet and she was briefly dazzled when she opened her eyes, blindfold free. She'd been cleaned up and been put back in bed naked. Her body was pleasantly sore in all the right places as she stretched lazily before becoming aware of the sound of the running shower in the ensuite.

    A mischievous smile lit up her face and she didn't hesitate to get up and creep into the bathroom. This time she wanted to look Mark in the eye as he fucked her.

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    Man, I'm a fan of your writing. Is there a part 2 for that shower part?

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    That was amazing, Lemon. Well worth the wait.

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    Ffs I don't even know what to say. Dude, it doesn't matter if u write in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th pov. All your shits incredible. Story after story is amazing to the tenth degree. Fucking hell u should write about these whores with multiple guys more often. Just epic.

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    Gods damn... she's insatiable... first her best friends brother.. now a married man and his crew having the best Poke-her night of their lives...


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    Haha, 'poke-her night', should have titled it that.

    And cheers guys, I'm glad you all liked it!

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