"I've made lunch for you!" screamed my wife, it's in your bag underneath
the table. "Thanks" I replied and quickly walked to the door before
picking it up and walking out. My wife and I had been going through a
rocky time, usually the conversation we had while in each others
presence amounted to no more than a few words. The only place I could
get away from her and the neglective feeling I felt when around her, was
at work.

I worked in a military base near Milwalkee and had worked their all my
life, the pay might not be good, but nothing made me dislike it, I knew
everyone and the work was never repetitive. This morning however would
go from being totally boring to brilliant within the space of an hour of

It all started when I got a call just after lunch telling me that their
would be some filming out in the M5 Office which happened to be directly
opposite mine. "A big TV company want to shoot something about UFO's" my
boss said, "that's all I know, but take a look if you want. But don't
get in the way, this could prove to be good for the base in the future,
with advertisement and all that".

When I did take a look, I was astounded at what I saw. Jennifer Lopez
was talking into a camera about when she saw a UFO. She was speaking in
Latin American which made her voice seem extra sexy. She was wearing
bright red high heels and her painted toes were on show, her long hair
swooped down to her large breasts which were being held in by a tight
black top reeling down to her red pants. She looked the bomb and was
oozing sex appeal, how could anyone not get turned on by this.

As she walked out with her bodygaurds she noticed me and I asked for an
autograph, she could obviosuly see the growing bulge in my pants as she
looked down and laughed. "I'll give you more than that" she said. She
told her bodygaurds to wait outside the room and walked me back into my
office, I held out my piece of paper. "So are you getting hard because
of the thought of getting my autograph or because you want me?" she
asked. I was suprised at what she said, it was like heaven. "uhhhh..." I
stuttered. "It's ok, I get this all the time she said". Just then she
gripped my pants and held my hard cock through the material. "Ever
fantasised about me?" she asked, "all the time" I said. "well your
dreams are about to become reality" she responded, taking my cock
tighter in the palm of her hand". I smiled and realised who was holding
my crotch, Jennifer Lopez! I could'nt believe it! I would take advantage
of this moment if it was the last thing I did.

I reached out and fondled her breasts as she pulled down my pants. Her
fingers painted bright red clasped around my waist. "Give me your tool
big boy" she said. I was willing to do whatever she said, this must have
been the biggest hardon I had ever got and no wonder, she was looking so
sexy. I unzipped the front of her top to reveal her large breasts nearly
halfway out of her bra. She kissed my on the lips and put her tounge
inside my mouth as I took her bra off. The site was paradise, her large
erect nipples were just staring at me as I started to grow bigger and
bigger. I felt them with my hands and the smooth and reflexive skin she
possesed seemed to react accordingly as I rolled my palms around her
tits. She forced back her head and looked at the ceiling as steadily
started to fasten my pace.

Her hands changed position and pulled down my final layer of material,
my large member shot out and faced erect upwards. She took her hands
away and thrust me out of position as she took off her dress, "now for
the good part" I said. "You think?" she replied in a sarcastic tone. The
reaction stunned me slightly. Was she saying that I had not been
perforing? she did not like it? or was it just an uncertain way of
asking me. Either way, I wanted to ensure that she went away with a
smile on her face after this was done.

I looked down at her white panties and she bent down to face my cock,
slowly she started playing with the underside of my balls. I quickly
felt the pre-cum dripping from my cock head to signify that I wanted her
sex. I could not resist any longer and took my cock flat into her mouth
forcing it to her, I did not know what to expect, but the smile on her
face made me think that I had made the write decision. She nodded her
head back and forth, sucking hard with her tounge and taking it down the
throat. All the time, I pushed upwards until I felt myself in the early
stages of securing an orgasim, her head bobbing seemed to get faster as
my liquid raised and just as I was about to cum, she withdrew and
stopped. This was torture! "Why did you do that?" I asked. "Their is no
fun if you cum, you will just go limp and I will have achieved nothing
out of this, I really want to feel your manhood, I want you to be mine".

With that she pulled her panties off and took hold of my cock again, she
turned around and faced the wall. "Now, take me up the ass" she
demanded. This was going from better to worse and once again, I was
willing to resist to her wishes. I pushed my cock into her great ass,
the feeling was very tight and seeed to make me extra erect once inside.
I started pushing back and forth, slowly at first and then faster.
"AHHHHHH!" she screamed, "Your so fucking big......harder harder,
faster". She elovated herself against the wall and seemed to be pushing
back as I glided my cock in and out of her ass. Here was Jennifer Lopez,
butt naked apart from her high heels and I was taking her from behind.
The feelings inside me interupted my toughts, as cum shot out of my dick
and she screamed.

Everything slowed down and I took my dick out as she turned towards me.
"Don't you think this was better than an autograph" she said, pulling up
her panties and reaching for the paper and pen on my desk. I did not
answer and was still recovering from the banging I had given her just
moments before.

She wrote on the paper and handed it to me. Their was an address on it,
that i was not familiar with it. I stared at the paper and then looked
back up at her getting a final glance of her tits, before they went back
inside her top. "What's this?" I asked submissively. "My address" she
said. Her words greeted me with joy, not only had I just banged her
backwards, but I could also get some more if I wanted!

She kissed me on the lips and opened my door to were her two bodygaurds
sat waiting, atonished at what they had just heard. "Is that it?" I
asked. "NO, this isn't it at all" she said, "it, is when you come and
visit me. This was just a taster, besides I cannot ever see you again,
especially when you have got so much.....meat to offer me. I'll be
waiting for some sort of contact from you and then we can really make

With that, she walked out the door and shut it. I stood their still
naked and my dripping cock hanging out, wondering what she meant. After
a few minutes of thinking, I finally realised. THEIR WAS MORE TO COME