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Thread: "The Perks of Her" with Sarah Ellen

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    fanfiction "The Perks of Her" with Sarah Ellen

    The Perks of Her
    With Sarah Ellen
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, voyeur, inc, toys, rimming, squirting, cream-pie
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    As soon as she had the house to herself, Sarah Ellen rushed into her mom's bedroom and grabbed the vibrator from the night stand. At just eighteen years old, the leggy teenager had been doing this for quite some time.

    The actress raced back to her own bedroom where she stripped off of her clothes and lay on her bed, licking the tip of the device before sliding it into the back of her throat. She then spat the vibe out of her mouth and switched the power to "low," letting it make contact with her stiff nipples.

    "Fuck-yeah," she cooed. "I've been waiting all day for this,"

    The plastic toy seemed to have a mind of its own as it snaked its way down her body and pressed against her mound. Sarah spread her legs wide as the vibe worked against her clit, and reached over to grab her cordless headphones.

    She closed her eyes as she leisurely played with her body, twisting and tweaking her nipples as she listened to her favorite music. This was precisely how she intended to spend the entire weekend, just laying around the house getting off.

    I guess you could say it was sheer fate that I stopped by the house when I did, as I'd actually been tasked with fixing the leaking shower upstairs, when I accidentally stumbled across the lewd scene.

    "Jesus," I gasped.

    At first I didn't know what to do, and just stood there spellbound. Even though I knew it was wrong, I couldn't tear my eyes off her.

    The vibe was turned up to its "maximum" setting causing her to thrash about wildly on the bed. It was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen, and if not for the fact that she was my brothers daughter, I would have marched right in there and fucked her senseless!

    "Nnghh fuck," she cussed erotically as she spread her legs wide, giving me a magnificent view of her teen cookie.

    "Fully shaved, too?" I thought. "Holy shit,"

    Her body was absolutely sublime.

    At this point I was so turned on I almost considered taking out my cock and beating off, but instead I did something totally out of character, and entered the room.

    "—sweetie, can you hear me?" I said, before kicking the bed for good measure.

    Sarah's eyes immediately snapped open as she yelped in fright.

    "ohmigod, uncle Jack! What are you doing!!"

    I immediately apologized for scaring her half to death and tried to explain why I was there, as she cowered under a blanket like a frightened possum. But despite my apology I could see she clearly wasn't listening to a word I was saying.

    "I'll be down the hall if you need me," I told her, before spending the next few minutes working on the shower frame.

    This alone was no easy task considering I now worked with a raging boner in my pants. In fact I even considered running home to beat off, before Sarah ultimately joined me in the bathroom and appeared much more relaxed than earlier.

    "There you are," I smiled, trying to break the ice. "How you holding up?"

    Of course, the outfit she now wore only made things worse, as she appeared to be scantily clad in nothing more than her sleepwear.

    "Don't you know how to knock,"

    "I didn't think anybody was home."

    "Please don't tell mom about what happened,"

    I assured her I wouldn't, and explained how masturbation was a perfectly normal part of life. Thankfully, Sarah soon found the funny side to the situation, and even began to joke about it.

    "You gave me the fright of my life!"

    "How do you think I feel?"

    "You know if you only waited an extra minute, I would have finished." she snickered. "Now you've gone and ruined my entire day."

    "Well don't let me stop you. You're more than welcome to go back to your room and finish what you started."

    "Yeah right, I bet you'd like that."

    We chatted casually for the next few minutes, acting like nothing out of the ordinary had happened, even though I had now seen her naked.

    Meanwhile I was finding it hard to concentrate as I noticed the way her small dark nipples strained hard against her sheer top. In fact I was finding it increasingly hard to keep eye contact with her, as images of her shaved pussy flashing through my head.

    "Err, are you going to be long?" she whined. "I want to take a shower."

    "Sorry, but the bathroom is off limits for a few hours."

    Funnily enough, this annoyed her.

    "You're just really intent on ruining my day, aren't you."

    Sarah then stood there watching me for a few minutes, before she finally spoke again.

    "Can I ask you a question?" she asked.


    "When you get off, what do you think about?"

    I was actually surprised by this line of questioning, but didn't want her to feel any more awkward than she already did, so I answered her honestly.

    "Well, all kinds of stuff really. It depends."

    Sarah smiled.

    "Like, accidentally catching someone play with themselves?"

    "Sure. I guess,"

    There was a long pause as she seemed to contemplate something.

    "I gotta admit, it turned me on."

    "Getting caught?"

    "No, having someone watch me."

    I felt my heart drop.

    "Well, that's not unusual," I assured her. "Lots of people get a thrill from it, so don't feel guilty okay."

    Unfortunately for us we were then interrupted by the phone, but before Sarah rushed to answer it, she looked over her shoulder and teased me with her next comment.

    "Maybe you should take a break or something.. and we could have some fun,"

    The mere idea almost made me drop my tools.

    Amusingly enough it was her mom who had called, ringing up to check up on us. Of course, I expected this to be just another ordinary call, but as it turned out it was anything but.

    You see, as I stood there casually chatting to my brothers wife, my wicked little niece decided to have a little fun at my expense, and suddenly pulled down her shorts and attempted to pee right in front of me!

    "Sarah!" I hissed, putting my hand over the receiver. "What are you doing?"

    "I have to pee," she quipped. "—what, it's not like you haven't seen me naked before."

    I gulped hard as I watched her stand over the toilet and proceed to relieve her bladder. I couldn't believe the audacity she had, to not only expose herself (again) but to do something so insanely graphic.

    "Are you crazy?"

    I tried to avert my eyes but failed, and instead just gaped at the gorgeous teenager who now peed standing up. I watched the geyser of steamy liquid erupt from her bald, teen sex. She began to hum a tune as the pee gushed out for a full minute. I'd never thought it was possible such a tiny human could retain so much fluid.

    "She's not giving you a hard time is she?" Sarah's mom asked over the phone.

    "Err.. no, not at all," I lied as I watched her in awe. "Sarah's fine, nothing I can't handle."

    The cunning little minx acted as if I wasn't even there, as the strong stream began to dwindle. Sarah wriggled her hips as the last few spurts dribbled out, then reached down to lovingly pet her glistening puss-lips.

    Judging from the smug expression on her face she was pleased as punch with herself, as I hung up the phone and just glared at her in astonishment. I'd never been so aroused and disgusted in my life.

    I was both angered and excited, and didn't know how to feel.

    Acting on pure impulse, I walked over to where she stood and abruptly grabbed her by the throat, fully intent on reprimanding her for her lewd actions. But instead, as Sarah simply stood there staring at me submissively, I slumped down to my knees and hungrily devour her BALD cunt!

    "Ugh-god," she gasped, as I licked her teen cookie.

    I'm not entirely sure what she expected, but she genuinely seemed surprised as I began to eat her tight little cunt right there in the bathroom.

    Sarah moaned while running her fingers through my hair, as I savored the taste of her wet, pungent pussy. Even the strong scent of piss wasn't enough to stop me from utterly devouring her delicious cunt, as she now flicked her hips and spurred me on, urging me to lick her up.

    I could have knelt there for days just eating that pretty peach, as she peeled her top over her head and now stood there grinding against my face while completely naked.

    When I felt her shudder and then gush a few extra quarts of piss into my mouth, I went absolutely ballistic and moaned with ravenous fervor.

    "ugh—fuck, yes!" she groaned back as I reached up to fondle her small breasts, pinching and pawing at her pebble-like nipples.

    When I ultimately stiffened my tongue and pushed deep inside her, Sarah shuddered and seemed to be on the brink of a major orgasm.

    Recognizing the signs, I picked up the pace and now circled her clit in rapid succession, eager to make her cum in my mouth. When I proceeded to suck against her slimy hole like a hoover, it seemed to do the trick and sent her into hysterics.

    "unngh—fuckk!" she convulsed wildly, almost collapsing on top of me.

    Sarah's entire body tensed as she moaned her release, flooding my mouth with her tangy goodness. For my part, I kept licking and sucking her creamy center, gulping down as much of her sweet-acrid essence as humanly possible until her body stopped trembling.

    When she finally caught her breath, I stood up and kissed her hard on the mouth, forcing her to taste her own piss-flavored pussy. At that point, she probably assumed I had had my fill, that I had made her cum and was done with her. However I was now drunk on lust and wanted more, a lot more.

    I grabbed her by the hand and marched her back into her bedroom where I pushed her onto her bed, and instructed her to spread her legs for me.

    Sarah happily obliged as she lay back and eagerly awaited more tongue work, but instead I swung her leg over and rolled her onto her belly, placing a pillow under her hips to leave her laying face down and ass up on the bed.

    The model-turned-actress barely had time to ask what I was trying to do before I buried my face into that glorious ass, teasing and licking her crinkled little bunghole as she moaned and cried like a injured animal.

    "ugh, shit!" she mewled. "—oh god, uncle Jack!"

    "Ever had a tongue in your ass, Sarah?" I growled.

    I slobbered all over her bunghole, licking it, kissing it, stabbing my tongue against it. I then tested the strength of her sphincter while she bit her bottom lip and moaned.

    With a sudden plop, my tongue pushed past the tight barrier and nestled deep inside her hot chamber. My cock literally leaked pre-cum as I felt the intense heat of her tiny shit-pipe.

    "Ah, fuck-yeah.." I groaned lustfully as I probed her puckered rosebud again and again.

    My god she had a perfect fucking ass.

    When I felt her wrinkled bunghole gap open slightly in sheer anticipation of my tongue-punching, I almost lost my mind and inserted two fingers into her cunt. I now tongued her backdoor with great enthusiasm while finger-blasting her pussy at the same time.

    We soon fell into a steady rhythm with her rocking back and forth, before she reached back between her legs and began to massage her clit.

    "ugh-god! I'm gonna cum." she whimpered. "You're gonna make me fucking cummm— "

    I don't know who was more surprise, when she not only came but suddenly gushed her juices all over my fingers and the bed. My mouth immediately locked around her piddling pussy as I tried to drink up as much of her juices as humanly possible.

    Having made my precious niece now spurt her love slime all over my mouth and chin, I suddenly rushed to mount her on the bed. Sarah barely had time to recover from her orgasm before she felt me enter her from behind, filling her completely with one full thrust, before pulling back and fucking her hard and fast.

    "ugh shit, ugh shit," she chanted erotically. "ugh, god! Fuck me uncle Jack!"

    "I want you to squirt all over my cock, you hear me!" I told her, making my perverted intentions known.

    I grabbed hold of her petite hips with both hands and almost picked her up off the bed as I pounded her within an inch of her life, giving the smug teenager all eight-inches of my thick, vein-laid organ.

    I slammed into her again and again, snatching a fistful of her hair to cock her head back aggressively, taking her breath away.

    "—UGH! I'm gonna cum!" she sobbed. "oh my fucking god.. I'm gonna cum all over your cock!!"

    With a final grunt, I pushed hard into her gushing peach and was so deep I could feel what I assume was the bottom of her pussy, grinding against the head of my cock. It was almost like a giant tongue willing me to cum, which is precisely what I did.

    I exploded a minute later, flooding her womb with hot ribbons of spunk, and treating my gorgeous model niece to a filthy hot creampie. Our lips were suddenly locked together, panting excessively as we came right after one another.

    I felt the tenderness in her kiss and sucked her tongue into my mouth while we lazily rocked against each other. Sarah held me inside her for several minutes, content to just lay still while her pussy milked every last drop from me.

    After a while I pulled out and noticed that her abundant secretions, mixed with the load she had coaxed from me, resulted in a heavy amount of goo to ooze out of her tight cunt and seep onto the bed beneath her.

    It was probably one of the filthiest, yet erotic things I'd ever witnessed.

    As I sat back trying to catch my breath, I now wondered how in the hell I was going to have the energy to fix the shower screen before her mom arrived home.

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    Holy shit you need to write about this girl more often, this and your last Sarah story is some of your best stuff for sure

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    DUDE. PLEASE write about Sarah again. I hope this is just the start of adventures with her Uncle. hehe Little insatiable slut.

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    Bloody hell she's a handful aint she? Well done mate! Well done!

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    I saw this story posted a few days ago but didn't get to read it. Glad it's back. Thanks!

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