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Thread: "Australia's Next Top Model" with Brooke Hogan

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    fanfiction "Australia's Next Top Model" with Brooke Hogan

    Australia's Next Top Model
    With Brooke Hogan
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, oral, handjob, deep-throat, voyeur
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    It was the middle of the afternoon as 25-year-old Brooke Hogan posed playfully for the photographer, whilst I held up a reflective mat allowing her body to glisten for the camera.

    Despite only knowing each other for a few short hours, the local model and I got along almost instantly. In fact we spent most of that morning just flirting and laughing together until one of the guys pulled me aside and suggested I keep my distance.

    "Do you have a death wish or something," he pointed out. "You know she's related to the boss don't you?"

    The thought hadn't even occurred to me, but suddenly made sense. I almost felt stupid for not realizing it, but thanked Dave for helping me dodge a career ending bullet.

    "Just thought I'd let you know," he added. "The boss is really protective of her, if you haven't noticed."

    I had to agree, and was glad I hadn't made any insensitive comments about how sexy she looked prancing around in her bikini all day.

    "Don't worry it's not your fault, she gets around." Dave added. "She's a huge flirt and a bit of a troublemaker. She's in a relationship as we speak, but she screws around behind her boyfriends back all the time."

    I found it funny how Dave seemed to know so much, and clearly had a crush on her, but was apparently too afraid to do anything about it since we worked for her dad.

    In any event, I took his advice and tried to remain "professional" for the rest of the shoot, until a few minutes later during a lunch break when the topic of conversation turned towards Jennifer Hawkins, and the fact that she lived just two houses away from our current location.

    "Bullshit," I quipped. "You really know her?"

    "You wanna meet her?" Brooke offered.

    As it turned out, Brooke's connection to Hawko was thanks to her appearance on Australia's Next Top Model.

    That being said, my eyes almost bugged out of my head when Brooke decided to not only make the trek over to Jen's place in her current attire (nothing more than a skimpy little two piece bikini) but figured it'd be "fun" to slip into a set of six inch heels to compliment the outfit and impress her idol.

    This of course only stretched her already 5'11 stature to well over six foot, and accentuated her luscious butt and long lean legs. She was a sight to behold.


    "Ready as I'll ever be." I answered.

    We made sure to sneak out of the house so that the others wouldn't question where we were going. Thankfully, the walk over only took a minute or so, but to our surprise no one appeared to be home. Furthermore, not only did the place appear to be deserted, but it seemed to be unlocked.

    Both Brooke and I looked at each other dumbfounded before she called out to see if anybody was home, then boldly stepped into the house like she owned the place.

    "Brooke!" I hissed. "Are you trying to get us arrested,"

    "Don't worry, nobody's home. We can look around."

    "We can?"

    Naturally I was hesitant about snooping around the newly build mansion, until Brooke grabbed my hand and pulled me inside with her, insisting I don't leave her side. We then spent the next few minutes simply wandering around the large four storey complex, not really knowing what to do.

    It was only when we found the lavish bathroom upstairs that Brooke took out her camera and proceeded to take several selfies in the mirror. I chuckled at her behavior as she then handed me the phone and insisted I take pictures of her posing provocatively around the luxurious house.

    When we finally stumbled across Jen's bedroom and the large walk-in wardrobe, I thought Brooke was going to have a conniption. Instead she did the next best thing, and proceeded to roll around on Jen's huge bed, while inviting me to take more snaps of her in her bikini.

    "I can't believe I'm on the same bed she sleeps in," Brooke purred. "The same bed she has sex."

    "Now there's an image," I replied, before she then took my breath away and proceeded to untie her bikini top and flung it at me.

    At first she placed her hands over her breasts to cover her nipples and encouraged me to snap away, but ultimately she seemed comfortable enough to just let go of her tits and lay completely topless and exposed to my greedy eyes.

    "I could lay in this bed all day long," she cooed while rolling around. "You can practically smell Jen's perfume on the sheets."

    At this point all rhyme and reason was lost. Jennifer Hawkins herself could have walked through those doors and I wouldn't have reacted. In fact I was so taken aback by how incredible Brooke looked semi-naked I don't think I heard a single word she said as I was absolutely captivated by her magnificent tits, and those huge dark brown (erect) nipples.

    Of course, considering these set of circumstances it was almost impossible for me not to pitch a full tent, and it didn't take long for Brooke to notice my bulging pants.

    "Whatcha ya got there Pete," she teased while reaching over. "Is that for me, or for Jen."

    I squirmed nervously and continued to snap away with the camera phone, even as she reached up to squeeze my menacing erection.

    "Err, we should probably get out of here while we still can," I suggested.

    But I barely had time to finish the sentiment before Brooke fished me out of my pants and leaned over to flick her tongue across the head of my prick, leaving me speechless. Little by little her tongue washed around the pulsating head until she engulfed it completely.

    I had to remind myself that this was my bosses daughter, and the same gorgeous blonde I had watched pose seductively all morning. The leggy model then began to suck my cock as if it was an all-day sucker, and made erotic cooing noises in the process. All I could do was groan as she polished my rod like a god damn pro.

    "Brooke, please." I barely managed to whine. "We should probably get out of here."

    "You can't tell me this shit doesn't turn you on," she whispered between licks. "Screwing around like this on Jen's bed."

    She wasn't wrong.

    "-just imagine how many times she's cum right here on this very mattress."

    I responded by grabbing the back of her head and forced more of my cock into her mouth, causing her to gag briefly. Amusingly enough the rougher I was, the more Brooke seemed to get off on it.

    When I realized how dirty she was I grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and really went to town, fucking her wet mouth and causing her to moan around my cock. The look on her face was priceless when a minute later I pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs wide.

    "...ah, wait!" she hesitated briefly.

    I suspect the reluctance in her voice had something to do with her existing relationship. I guess in her mind she figured giving head and messing around was one thing, but going all the way behind her boyfriends back was something entirely different.

    Noting this, I quickly changed tact and before she could object, I buried my face between those long smooth legs and devoured her peach. I immediately traced wet circles around her clit, then enclosed my mouth over her sex and began to suck her cunt loudly, licking and slurping at her pussy lewdly and causing her to blush and moan.

    "ugh-fuck, wait! oh-shit. oh-god," she rambled as she collapsed back onto the bed and threw her arms over her head.

    This was all the permission I needed.

    With her bikini bottoms still pulled to the side, I spread her legs wide with my hands and renewed my assault on her glistening pussy, and was rewarded with a deliciously flow of juice which I consumed with gusto. The expression on her face was priceless as I essentially had my way with her, making her break her own rules right there on Jen Hawkins bed, no less.

    "-you taste so fucking sweet," I told her.

    Brooke could only grunt and wiggle her hips, not to get away from me but as if to press my tongue deeper into her pussy. When I proceeded to poke the tip of my finger against her tiny little bunghole at the same time, her wiggle quickly turning into a bucking action, as if urging me to take her right there on the bed.

    "You like that Brooke?" I grinned as she played with her own breasts. "You like having someone play with your ass,"

    But just as things were starting to get hot and heavy between us, we were suddenly interrupted with the sound of the front door and realized someone had arrived home. While the logical thing to do was to run for the exit, Brooke and I bounded off the bed and looked for a place to hide, with me following her into the nearest closet.

    To our shock horror (and delight) Jen sauntered into the room a moment later and appeared to be dressed in her workout attire, having just returned from a quick jog around the block.

    We now stood there holding our breath, both of us sweating profusely as we wondered how the hell we were going to talk our way out of this sticky situation, while Jen moved around her bedroom and suddenly started to undress for the shower.

    My head began to spin when I felt Brooke reach down to squeeze my cock. I could still taste her cunt on my lips as she moved to stand directly in front of me, allowing me to rub my manhood against her butt.

    When I pulled her close and jammed my cock against her hot sex, she glanced over her shoulder and flashed me a playful look.

    "-don't even think about it," she whispered teasingly. "I've got a boyfriend."

    I found this amusing since it didn't seem to bother her earlier.

    But despite her objections, I felt her lean back and grind her snatch against my organ, as we watched one of Australia's hottest exports strip down to her birthday suit and causally saunter off towards the shower.

    When Brooke and I both spied Jen's neatly trimmed landing strip, we both moaned in unison. In fact I felt her grind down on me in such a way that it allowed just the tip of my cock to deftly slip between her already wet lips.

    She let out a moan of anticipation as my fingers found and tweaked her nipple. By the time Jen stepped into the shower, I was already nestled deep inside Brooke's tight little cunt and all bets were off - boyfriend or not.

    Words can't describe how hot and tight she felt in that moment. Her pussy felt like a warm glove. While logic dictated that now was the perfect opportunity to make a break for it, instead the outside world seemed to fade away as I slowly eased back and pushed forward to steadily fuck the leggy blonde.

    It seemed that despite her qualms, Brooke's only response to this was to kiss me over her shoulder and shove her tongue down my throat. I pinning her arms behind her back, forcing her to arch her back and stick out her butt as I began to pick up the pace and now pounded her ass in the dark space, all the while as Jen Hawkins showered naked just a few feet away.

    The only reason she didn't moan out loud was thanks to the lip lock we shared, as my hands pawed and groped at her perky tits. I don't mind saying it was one of the most erotic things I'd ever done, and judging from the way Brooke's body responded, the same could be said for her too.

    "ugh, don't cum!" she panted softly in the dark. "Please. Don't you dare cum inside me."

    Funnily enough the moment these words were uttered, we both felt her body shudder intensely with me deep inside her. The action was so hot and unexpected it almost set me off with her.

    Her legs and body shivered with aftershocks as I squeezed her tits roughly and kissed her even harder on the mouth. I didn't even wait for her to recover as I rocked my hips at a sharp angle and hit just the right spot, allowing her orgasm and our combined sweat as a sort of lube while I fucked her.

    To her credit Brooke simply moaned and matched my rhythm to give us more friction.

    "Ah-fuck, keep going!" she sighed, as I pinched her nipples between my fingers and sped up my thrusts.

    "Maybe we should let Jen watch," I growled into Brooke's ear. "show her how much you love taking cock!"


    "or better yet, maybe we should go join her in the shower. I could take you from behind, while you eat her out."

    "oh-yeah, I'd love that." Brooke moaned erotically. "I'd love to eat her pussy. She could sit on my face and I'd totally eat her up."

    When we heard a sudden bang in the shower, it startled us both back to reality. We looked out to see that Jen had dropped something in the shower, and as though snapping us out of a daydream, we grabbed our clothes before making a break for the exit.

    Even though I hadn't had the opportunity to ejaculate, a part of me was just relieved that we'd get out of there unscathed. However, just when I thought we were going to get away with it, Brooke picked up Jen's used panties from the floor and rushed for the door.

    "Hey, put those back!" I hissed, urging her to leave them where she found them so as not to alert Jen of our presence.

    Brooke merely giggled as I chased her down the hall and pinned her up against the wall.

    "-she's going to know their missing."

    "Come on, can't we keep them." Brooke pouted. "Can't we get at least one souvenir from today?"

    I couldn't believe the nerve she had. She really didn't give a shit about taking risks or getting caught.

    "Do you really want them that bad, bad enough to risk getting caught?"

    Brooke responded to this by bringing Jen's panties up to her face to inhale her musky scent.

    It was just about the sexiest fucking thing I'd ever seen, and her perverted actions literally made my cock twitch. The leggy blonde then reached down to grab at my pulsing member as she savored Jen's panties and offered them to me.

    "She smells so fucking good," Brooke purred. "I bet she tastes even better. Maybe I should just walk into that shower right now and stick my tongue in her ass, you think she'd mind?"

    "Not at all,"

    "You think she'd mind if I pulled her over to the bed and we just sixty-nined each other all night long,"

    My mind turned to mush as Jen's intimate fragrance entered my nostrils, while Brooke dropped to her knees right then and there in the hallway and proceeded to give me one the best, sloppiest blowjobs of my life.

    With one hand holding Jen's panties to my face, my other was on the back of Brooke's head as she bobbed back and forth. Brooke then slithered her tongue around my balls before snaking her way up the side of my shaft, leaving a long trail of spit dripping off. I leaned back against the wall as she took my cock out of her mouth and wiped the spit from her chin.

    "I fucking love sucking cock,"

    "Yeah, it shows." I whispered, as I felt myself groan with every pass of her tongue.

    I grabbed a handful of her long mane and paced her bobbing, making sure to turn her face to the side so I could fuck her mouth and make her cheeks bulge around my bell-end. The sloppy, slurping sound of Brooke's blowjob filled the hallway as I slowly grew weak at the knees, and watched her masterfully worship my rod.

    The leggy model definitely had practice, which was evident from the way she now twisted her hand around my shaft after each head bob. I suddenly felt that familiar tingling deep in my balls which snapped me back to reality, the reality that I was gonna cum in her mouth.

    "-shit, you're gonna make me cum!" I panted. "You're gonna make me shoot, baby."

    Brooke popped the shaft out of her mouth, long strands of spit trailing down her chin, while flashing me a wicked grin.

    "That's the idea - have you shoot that hot fucking load into the back of my throat!"

    I pulled back and prepared to fire my load right across her pretty face, but Brooke took the initiative and stuffed my length deep into her mouth, feeling each spurt erupt into the back of her narrow throat.

    I grunted out loud as Brooke drained my sword like a cock hungry whore, gagging erotically as several ropes of spunk filled her belly. We barely had time to recover before we heard the shower stop and instantly made a run for it, with Jen's freshly used panties still in my hand.

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    Hehe, a damn hot, worthy introduction for Brooke, hopefully not the last we hear from her too...


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    Fucking hell. What an introduction to the boards for brooke. Like Lemon said hopefully this isnt the last time we see her around here. :D Welcome back btw. :7clap:

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    I was afraid it would be a different Brooke Hogan. I like this one MUCH better :laugh:

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    HAHA I'm not that crazy. Yeah its such a shame she shares the same name. She really needs to fix that.

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