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Thread: "The Morning After" with Hailee Steinfeld and Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "The Morning After" with Hailee Steinfeld and Olivia Holt

    with Hailee Steinfeld and Olivia Holt
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, MFF, blowjob, oral, finger, anal, ATM, cream-pie
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Had a hot dream with two of my favourites which I couldn't stop thinking about so had to give it a quick write up.

    My body ached all over. I slowly began to wake and open my eyes, it felt like I'd been put through the wringer as my hazy, drunken memories from the night before started to come back to me.

    For a moment I figured it must have all been a vivid, incredible dream until I became aware of my hard cock, pressed firmly against the naked ass of the brunette on my left. Meanwhile on my other side, I had a stunning, naked blonde draped over me, still fast sleep, her warm, steady breath on the back of my neck.

    "Oh good, you're finally awake," Hailee whispered, glancing back at me over her shoulder as I stirred against her. "I'm glad you managed to sleep, because I barely got a wink with this fat cock poking me all night!"

    "Well can you blame me?" I grinned back, sighing contentedly as she wriggled and grinded her butt against my stiff pole.

    "Suppose it's not every day you manage to bed two of Hollywood's hottest young starlets," Hailee continued smugly, keeping her voice low. "It's no surprise you're still rock hard."

    She was certainly right about that as we shared a long kiss over her shoulder.

    I still had no idea how I'd pulled it off.

    The last thing I remember clearly was taking my kids to some LA summer concert, we'd paid extra for a meet and greet with Hailee Steinfeld where the young singer was a total, inappropriate flirt. Not long after that, I'd dropped the kids off with their mother and, while on my own way out, by chance, I'd bumped into Hailee again who was fuming after her disastrous live show which had been plagued by technical issues.

    I suppose it was entirely a case of being in the right place at the right time. One thing had quickly led to another as I comforted her, with Hailee ultimately thanking me by introducing me to her gorgeous blonde friend, Olivia Holt to score me an autograph for my daughters. The next thing I knew the alcohol was out and fast forward twelve hours and here I was – in bed, naked, with not one but two of my children's idols and role models.

    I didn't even know where I was right now, it must have been one of their hotel rooms because the suite certainty looked way out of my budget.

    "Mmm," Hailee sighed, breaking our slow kiss, her hand coming between us to stroke my cock against her ass. "Don't wake Liv up just yet, I want some fun with this thing on my own."

    I wasn't about to complain about that, as I rolled onto my back and Hailee quietly snaked her way down to settle between my legs. Olivia fidgeted a little, snuggling closer and moulding her body against mine, her head in the crook of my neck, perky tits pressed against my side and her arm resting over my chest.

    While Hailee got into position, I took the opportunity to admire her blonde friend's flawless body, wrapping my arm around her to trace my fingers over her smooth back as she slept soundly, no doubt exhausted after our wild night.

    Hailee quickly drew my attention back to her however, I watched her take my obscenely hard cock in her hand, bringing it to her face where she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.

    "God damn, you're so fucking hard," she purred approvingly before giving my shaft several, tender kisses. "I love your cock..."

    Her wet lips sent a shiver up my spine. It was evident she was going to be taking her time with this. As far as she was concerned it was still early and we had all day to mess around, there was no need to rush things.

    I watched her, captivated as she stroked the shaft and repeatedly gathered up spit in her mouth to drool out over the head.

    "You like that?" she asked in a sultry tone once my cock was completely covered in her warm saliva.

    It was all I could do but nod dumbly as Hailee treated me to the best morning handjobs I'd ever had. Steinfeld smirked at my stunned reaction before finally slipping me into her hot mouth, making my head fall back into the pillow as she slowly, almost sensually, devoured my sword.

    The talented singer knew exactly what she was doing, keeping me on edge for a long, mind-blowing fifteen minutes until I was squirming and practically begging for release.

    "Mmm, don't cum yet, I'm not done with you," she giggled, letting my cock spring back against my stomach while she went down on my balls and taint with her long, wet tongue.

    I was seeing stars and ended up subconsciously distracting myself with Olivia. My hand quickly sought out her soft, teen ass and gently squeezed her young flesh. I played with her while Hailee played with me until Olivia finally began to wake.

    I heard her let out a long, content sigh although she didn't open her eyes. Instead she simply pulled herself closer and began kissing my shoulder and neck, moving upwards until I turned towards her and let her soft pink lips press against mine.

    I now lay there, lazily making out with Olivia Holt while Hailee took my cock back into her mouth. If it had been hard to hold off before, it was an almost impossible task now, particularly when I felt Olivia grinding her wet cunt against my leg.

    Not once did we break our lip lock as I responded to her action by reaching down and pushing her to spread her legs wide for me. Liv didn't hesitate to comply, laying on her back with her cunt exposed and open for me to explore. My hand quickly moved down over her shaved mound and onto her delicate, pink lips. She was already dripping wet and scolding hot so I wasted no time dipping a couple of fingers inside.

    "Ngh—yess," Olivia purred in my arms, glancing down and showing no surprise to see Hailee giving me a world-class morning blowjob.

    It was at this point Hailee appeared to get a little jealous and began vying for my attention which she quickly earned by suddenly taking my entire length, throating my hard cock in one go.

    "Fuck—yes. Good girl," I grunted, placing my spare hand on the back of her head.

    I was quickly silenced again by Olivia who shoved her tongue down my throat while I fingered her harder and guided Hailee's bobbing head, clutching her hair as she moaned and drooled all over my shaft.

    I was in heaven and it was only going to get better.

    Olivia was the first to break, gasping as her legs suddenly clamped shut and she came over my hand.

    "Oh fuck—fuck—fuck!" she yelped, bucking her hips on the bed before coming to a trembling rest.

    "Okay, I really need to ride this cock again," Hailee suddenly declared, sitting up and spinning around.

    While Olivia caught her breath, I watched wide-eyed as Hailee straddled me reverse-cowgirl style and impatiently slipped my cock straight into her tight backdoor.

    Although I'd fucked her in the ass last night, it didn't make it any less special watching her impale herself yet again.

    "Jesus. That's so good," she groaned erotically.

    "Yeah? You like that hard cock up your ass?" I hissed, spurring her on and giving her butt a sharp spank for good measure.

    Hailee flashed me the hottest look yet, whipping her long hair over her shoulder as she settled in and began to ride me.

    "You know I do, I could ride this thing all day...if you think you could handle it?"

    "Be my guest."

    "Well you have to save some for me," Olivia chimed in, her innocent, girl-next-door face a stark contrast to Hailee riding my cock balls deep up her ass.

    "You'll get your turn," Hailee panted with a little wink. "For now just watch and learn."

    But Olivia couldn't just sit back as a bystander and barely lasted a minute watching us fuck before she needed to get involved, I didn't complain however as she gave me a sweet kiss, biting my lip before sitting up on top of me and placing her sweet, teen cunt on my mouth.

    I began salivating almost immediately. The teen tasted as good as she looked and her juices quickly began flowing into my mouth as I licked at her very core.

    The room quickly filled with a symphony of erotic, sexual noises as the two young celebrities rode me in unison, only occasionally resting to lean back against each other, their sweaty backs touching as they shared a few impromptu, sloppy kisses over their shoulders which only riled me up further.

    "Fuck I love this pussy," I growled at Liv as I devoured her delicious clam.

    "Ugh—yeh, keep going—don't stop, I'm gonna come again," she panted. "I'm gonna come in your mouth!"

    "Do it," I ordered. "Do it then I'm going to fuck you so hard you scream!"

    "Oh geez—fuck—ohmigod," Olivia began going into hysterics as she suddenly exploded in my mouth, filling it with her tangy essence as she blushed and whimpered above me.

    I drank her down like a man possessed before sliding her tiny form down my body. I knew Hailee was disappointed but she climbed off to make way as I slammed straight into her hot, blonde friend.

    Her pussy was absolutely divine as I impatiently entered her, she was wet, hot and as tight as a glove but I didn't hesitate to pull her close to my body, pinning her arms behind her back to pound up into her as hard as possible.

    "Holy shit!" she gasped in my ear. "Yes! Fuck me!"

    Hailee egged me on from the side-lines although I could barely hear what she was saying what with Olivia's loud moans and whimpers right in my ear.

    "Yeah, fuck this little slut hard!" I heard Hailee say before she moved behind Olivia and abruptly buried her tongue in her blonde, teen ass.

    "Oh—ughh—Hailee!" Liv cried, squirming as her brunette friend held her in place and tongued her tiny backdoor.

    It was a miracle I'd lasted this long but I knew I was close, especially when Hailee alternated between eating Holt's ass and going down to suck on my swinging balls. As good as Olivia felt, and as tempting as it was to just shoot my load inside her precious cunt, in a sudden surge of energy I felt compelled to have Hailee again.

    After unceremoniously rolling a breathless Olivia off me, I grabbed Hailee and roughly threw her down on the bed. She laughed and squealed with delight as I pulled her legs over my shoulders and swiftly entered her cunt, a neatly trimmed landing strip guiding the way.

    "Yeah, gonna fuck me good and hard now?" she hissed through clenched teeth as I slammed into her.

    "Uh-huh, I'm not stopping until I cum," I warned her.

    "Oh fuck—go ahead, use my pussy! Good and hard. I can take it!"

    I did just that and gave her everything I had and even took her breath away by pulling out only to slam into her asshole. Hailee practically lost her mind as my hand found her throat and she began to cum. It wasn't until Olivia swooped in and I found myself altering between Hailee's two hot, twenty-year-old fuckholes and Olivia Holt's open mouth that it all became too much for me.

    My entire body tensed up and spasmed as I emptied what felt like a gallon of hot spunk inside Hailee's cunt, pulling out long enough to spray Olivia's pretty face before finishing in Steinfeld's gaping ass!

    Once we'd untangled ourselves, we were soon back in our original position, completely spent yet again and I just about felt myself on the verge of drifting off when Hailee's phone startled us all and brought us crashing back to reality.

    "Ugh, shit. It's my boyfriend," she groaned, sitting up.

    She let it ring out but a minute later he called back, prompting her to roll her eyes and drag herself out of bed to answer it.

    "I'll be right back, don't start up again without me!"

    But the moment she disappeared around the corner I glanced at Olivia to see a playful glint in her eye.

    "So you wanna grab a shower?"

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    Nope. Legit dont know what to say. Jesus fucking christ. They finally meet in a story and it was just pure epicness. To fuck a fans daddy like that what a couple of insatiable sluts. Please please do a part 2 and continue the fun in shower. Ffs you're amazing. :bravo:

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    Fucking Amazing.


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    What a pairing.

    Another great story, Lemon... like Mac, I would love a part two, with the shower sex.

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