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Thread: "Most Girls" with Hailee Steinfeld

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    fanfiction "Most Girls" with Hailee Steinfeld

    Most Girls
    With Hailee Steinfeld
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, massage, panties, fingering, ass-play, doggy-style
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    It all started innocently enough after I'd purchased a brand new massage table and offered to give Hailee some much needed relief in the form of some weekly physiotherapy.

    This of course wasn't unusual since I was already moonlighting as my daughters manager, photographer, and workout partner, so it just made sense to act as her personal therapist too.

    That being said, our evenings usually consisted of Hailee and I jogging around the neighborhood before we'd head out to the garage where I'd help her stretch and then treat her to a wonderful deep tissue massage.

    On those occasions, Hailee would strip down to her bra and panties while I'd cover her entire body in warm scented oil, run my hands all over her body and let the problems of the day fade away.

    Unfortunately for us her bra strap or tank top would often get in the way, but I didn't ask to undo it and she never offered so I let it slide. After all the last thing I wanted to do was piss off her mom, who'd usually be in the house clearing the dinner table.

    Instead I would help roll Hailee over and massage her arms and legs, and place her hands on her tummy while I'd move to the end of the table by her head. With her hair being as long as it was, I'd brush it over her ears and rub her temples which almost always made her coo like a kitten.

    "Ah, dad. That feels wonderful." she'd sigh. "I wish you could come on tour with me."

    "There's always next year."

    "Can we bring the table with us,"

    "I'm sure we could make do."

    I always made it a point to make the massage both relaxing and arousing for my clients, and Hailee was no different. In fact I couldn't help but notice the way her perky little nipples stood proudly against her tank top, creating two very solid pokies to appear.

    By the time I'd get done with her, Hailee would be a wet noodle who I'd have to assist into the bathroom for her shower, before curling up in bed. From what I could gather she normally slept in nothing but a t-shirt and panties, but ever since we had embarked on the weekly massage she was too relaxed to put on any clothes and preferred to sleep in the nude.

    Therapy had become so satisfying that we did it almost every second day, not that I minded of course. In fact it was good to have someone to practice on, as my own skills grew with each hour long session.

    However, after the first week I started to notice that the massages were changing slightly. Her incessant moaning had increased as my hands grew bolder, and I slipped past her thighs and brushed the lower part of her bottom.

    My fingers never lingered there for more than a moment, but I was definitely getting a kick out of touching her in this provocative way, seeing how far my little girl would go before saying anything.

    I also enjoyed brushing the sides of her breasts whenever she'd lay on her tummy, but I kept my distance when she was on her back.

    Mid-way through the second week, I was massaging her left thigh and went high enough that I gently grazed my fingertips against her panties. To her credit she didn't flinch as my fingers rubbed across her lips and then slipped down the inside of her legs and feet.

    This relentless teasing went on for several days until one night Hailee mentioned how she wanted to get more comfortable on the table, and took off her bra as it was getting in the way. I suppose I should have stopped her right then and there, but my libido was running wild and I helped her take it off.

    My mind raced as I wondered what was going through her head. My fingers caressed across her bare shoulder blades and it immediately made the massage a hundred times better - way more sensual.

    I stood beside her, both hands pressing along her spine and then slipping down to her sides. Her breasts were underneath her, but the exposed parts were now being fondled by me. A part of me wondered if she was going to say something, but she never did so I continued to pamper her.

    "Roll over, sweetheart." I told her, and as she did her unstrapped bra exposed one of her nipples.

    Despite clutching the loose garment against her chest, I could clearly see her erect nipple poking out from beneath her hand. I tried my best to ignore this fact as I oiled her shoulders, but the more I rubbed the harder her nipples hardened.

    I could tell from the way she squirmed on the table that her breasts were particularly sensitive, especially when I brushed along the top swells of her tits. When I leaned forward to run my fingers over the flat of her belly, I rubbed my cock against the table just a few inches from her face and could tell she was getting a real eyeful.

    After the session, the look in her eyes told me that she was just as aroused as I was, and we quickly excused ourselves and called it a night. However, while she dashed off into the shower downstairs, I wandered past her bedroom door and noticed her discarded clothes, and before I knew what I was doing I snatched her panties and beat off to them like some rabid teenage delinquent.

    At that point I was so turned on I didn't even realize what I was doing - or how evil it was - and ultimately fired a thick hot load straight into my daughters underwear, utterly soiling them.

    Fortunately for me Hailee seemed to be pretty busy over the next few weeks so we didn't get to have any "sessions" together until a month later when I picked her up from the airport, and my baby girl greeted me with a tight huge and a spontaneous peck on the lips.

    "oh daddy, I missed you so much!"

    I held her tight and pecked her on the lips again, in response.

    The strange thing is, up until that point I probably could have counted the amount of times Hailee and I had kissed each other on the lips before, but ever since she arrived back from her trip, we were constantly holding hand and pecking each other over and over again.

    After dinner I asked if she was ready for her massage and she almost ran up the stairs and onto the table.

    "Mom doesn't get home until midnight, so we only have a few hours," she grinned. "Think you can do you magic, daddy?"

    "I think we can work something out. I'll give it a shot."

    Unlike previous encounters Hailee seemed super excited and lay with her face buried in the table and her legs parted slightly. My fingers loosened the knots in her thighs before I moved to her feet. Her body felt exquisite, even softer than I remembered as I moved up her womanly figure and around her hips, inching my way higher.

    When Hailee stopped to peel her panties off, I just about shit myself. All I could do was gulp hard and stand in place with my shaking hands on her legs.

    "You don't mind do you daddy," she quipped. "It feels uncomfortable with them on."

    "No, by all mean sweetie." I assured her. "Just make yourself more comfortable."

    I just about moaned audibly when I watched her wiggle her sweet bottom from side to side, almost tempting me to touch it. When I moved my hands up and stopped just inches away from her booty, she was about to say something before we were interrupted by her cell phone.

    "I'm sorry daddy, I forgot to turn it off. I'll tell them to call back."

    Despite the interruption I gently continued to massage her booty while listening to her gossip with a friend, and decided to have a little fun at her expense and see how far I could go before she's either swat my hand away or hang up on her friend.

    Surprisingly enough Hailee did neither as I caressed her right buttock, then moved to her other. In fact she simply cooed as I poured a vast amount of oil all over her bare rump and directly between her cheeks, making sure to smear her entire sex in the syrupy substance.

    As my hands moved over her ass, Hailee arched her back to my touch and I could smell the heat from her sex. My finger moved slowly and deliberately as she struggled to stifle a moan. I rubbed halfway along the crack of her ass and then slipped down between her thighs to caress her outer lips.

    This finally prompted her to clear her throat and interrupt her friend, and hang up the phone. I suppose having your old man literally massage your cunt directly with his fingers could do that, would finally gain her full and undivided attention.

    The moment she hung up the phone I attempted to play nice and went right back to massaging the rest of her body, almost making sure to ignore her erogenous zones, but that only lasted a few minutes before I finally zeroed in on her ass again and found myself focusing on it.

    The scent of her cunt filled the room as I now caressed her most intimate region, smearing oil all over her derriere and down into the space between her anus and pussy. This time Hailee couldn't hold a whimper, which was followed by the same type of sound from me.

    My fingers slid along the wet folds of her lips and she arched in response. I hadn't noticed how engorged her clit had become until I grazed it with my fingers. Just like her mom, my little girl had a big meaty lips that literally made my mouth water.

    "Err, daddy-" she hesitated. "Can you do my feet again."

    I wanted to die. I blushed so hard with shame I almost considered packing everything up and calling it a night. How on earth was I ever going to face her again, knowing that even I was unable to keep my hands to myself and had attempted to take advantage of her.

    I spent the next few minutes just rubbing her feet while noticing that her knees seemed to part more and more, flashing me more of her juicy cunt. She had to have known what she was doing, and yet she didn't bother covering up.

    Feeling bold, I poured another healthy dose of oil all over her legs and back, making sure to cover her ass and let the substance trickle into every nook and cranny.

    When I glanced at the time and realized we just had a few minutes before her mom would arrive home, I took a chance and moved my hands back to her flawless butt and went right back to touching and teasing her.

    This time however Hailee didn't object and just lay there moaning as I massaged the crack of her ass and fondled her cunt-lips, her hips undulating as she pressed herself harder against my slick digits, groaning out loud as two of my fingers circled around her love-button.

    "ah-daddy, right there." she moaned into the massage table. "Please don't stop."

    All I could do was take in a deep breath and circle a single finger around her slick, shaved hole.

    "How does that feel, baby girl."

    "Don't stop. I'm close."

    "Let it out sweetheart," I told her as I rubbed her faster. "Don't hold it. Just let it out."

    "ugh, fuck. I love you daddy. I love you so much!" she gasped as my middle finger circled her entrance.

    "Come for daddy, sweet pea."

    I circled around her wetness even harder before she suddenly tensed up and came crying out loud on the table.

    Her cunt flowed like lava as I moved my fingers up and down against her slimy taco, then circled around like a funnel and smeared her juices all around her pussy, until two of my fingers effortlessly slipped inside of her.

    "ah, shit." she grunted to the intrusion, while her sphincter tightened as my thumb pressed against her backdoor.

    My head was awash with evil thoughts. I had half wanted to just stick my thumb into her asshole and hold her there like my own personal bowling ball.

    My thumb was slick with juices as I applied a gentle, but steady pressure and "popped" it inside, filling both of her holes. With my fingers and thumb now pressed inside my baby girl, Hailee thrashed about wildly on the table and moaned obscenities.

    "ugh-fuck. yes, fuck. daddy. please."

    When I moved my other hand and touched her clit, rubbing and pinching at it, it send her into the stratosphere.

    "ah daddy, fuck!" she shuddered violently. "I'm gunna cum! You're gonna make me cum again."

    My little girl was on the verge of her second orgasm as pre-cum oozed out the head of my cock. I'm not even sure what made me do it, but before I could think straight I climbed up onto the table behind her and rubbed my purple-headed snake against her swollen lips.

    "ugh-god, yes." she moaned while wiggling her ass. "Do it daddy, please. Stick it inside me."

    I was in a foggy haze of lust as she arched her hips up and allowed the tip of my prick to rub against her mound, before I directed the head against her wet hole.

    "Please daddy, fuck me. Give it to me, please. I need this. I need it so bad."

    The tip of my cock peeked between her delicate lips as I slowly inched forward. The poor girl was in such a frenzied state I had to physically pin her down to the table while I brushed a wisp of her hair to whisper into her ear.

    "Slow down, sweetheart. Relax. Breathe."

    Hailee took a deep breath and at that moment I pushed in, impaling my precious girl right there on the massage table. She yelped out loud to the action as I eased back slowly only to push back in.

    "UGH. Fuck!"

    I couldn't believe how tight she was, even in her current state. Her tight little cunt encased me like a warm leather glove. I grabbed a fistful of her long hair and pulled it to the side to reveal the back of her neck. Hailee simply lay there biting her lower lip as I stopped moving and reveled in the sensation of filling her completely.

    Moments passed before I finally began to move my hips again, with more of my manly cock inching inside her. Inch after inch I moved closer to her cervix, as my own sweat rained down on her naked body.

    She made guttural, animal like sounds when I pushed in deeper until I could go no further. Her inner muscles pulsed around my staff, almost milking and causing me to groan in pleasure.

    "oh baby girl-"

    "oh daddy," she moaned back as I now lay embedded inside her. "-you're so deep right now."

    My nuts pressed against her sticky lips as my breathing quickened and I pressed even further into my babies pussy.

    "-good girl, such a tight little pussy." I said as I pushed her legs apart with my knees and now proceeded to fuck her more intently.

    I pummeled her sweet cunny in this position for the next few minutes, reaching up to grip her by the hips and grasp her ass cheeks in both hands as I fucked her on the massage table. To her credit Hailee simply lay there grunting with her ass up in the air, wiggling it from side to side as I pounded her relentlessly.

    *smack* I spanked her ass.

    When I finally reached over to pull her hand and force her into a deep kiss over her shoulder, we both felt my balls contract, each one telling us that I was inseminating her.

    "ugh god, fuck!" I grunted into her mouth as I cream-pied my own daughter.


    Her pussy instinctively squeezed me until every drop was inside her, as ripples of pleasure washed through her body and we kissed each other hungrily, sucking each other's tongues into our mouths.

    When I finally attempted to pull back and withdraw, she stopped me.

    "No wait. Please, stay inside me daddy," she urged. "I just want to lay here like this for a while."


    "Please, I like it. I like you inside me."

    I did as she asked as we lay there in the afterglow, kissing each other softly. In fact I lost track of time before I ultimately became aware of her pussy squeezing me again, urging me on.

    As much as I wanted to I knew we couldn't push our luck and screw around for much longer, not with Grif and Cheri arriving home at any minute. Be that as it may, Hailee refused to stop and whimpered softly when I attempted to pull out.


    But as I pulled back my daughters pleas stirred something deep inside of me, something primal. Instead of pulling out completely, I stopped at her entrance and then pushed in again, filling her once more.

    "ah-yea" she purred as I screwed her nice and slow.

    I couldn't believe how hard I was, as I pushed into her again and again. It was like being with Cheri all those years ago. In fact I couldn't make the distinction if you paid me. Her pussy was just divine.

    "Harder, daddy. Please. Faster." she grunted. "Fuck me."

    I was breathless, beads of sweat dripping from me.

    "Fuck your little girl daddy," Hailee urged. "Fuck your little slut."

    I grunted like a wild bear as the head of my cock bumped against her cervix. Her pussy was wide open now, allowing me to pull back and admire the way her young CUNT gaped open erotically.

    "Nnngh-fuck me!"

    It didn't take long before I was seeding her again, spurting my hot creamy load into her pussy. When I finally ejaculated for the second time in as many minutes, I collapsed on top of her with my deflated cock still nestled inside.

    "Am I wearing you out, daddy." she giggled mischievously.

    As exhausted as I was I could see she was more than willing to go again, for a third or even forth time. Her arousal knew no bounds.

    "You know most girls would be satisfied the second time around," I told her.

    "You should know by now that I'm not like most girls," Hailee winked.

    "Jesus baby, you're insatiable." I sighed. "I'm an old man, remember."

    "I dunno about that. You seem pretty spry to me." she said as she reach back to grasp my cock.

    "Don't you dare tell your mother about this, not your mother. Not anyone. Do you understand."

    Even in the most inappropriate times Hailee still managed to be a wise ass.

    "Not unless you keep giving me these massages."

    "Are you trying to blackmail me young lady," I raised a brow.

    "ugh. I think I'm going to need a shower," she changed the topic. "What do you think."

    "Sounds good to me, before your mom gets home."

    I then watched Hailee get up from the table on shaky legs and giggle as my gooey load trickled out of her pussy and down the inside of her thighs. She barely made it to the door as my eyes drifted to her incredible butt, and turned over her shoulder to smile.

    "Well, are you going to join me this time, or are you going to jack off into my panties again?"

    Fuck. Foiled again.

    (click for theme song)

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    FUCK YES!!! what a great read. So dirty which is always great and i liked that her dad got to get his dick wet this time instead of Griff for a change. Incredible. Ffs please do a part 2 where he takes her ass in the shower. :53423: even she cant believe it. Lol

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    Holy shit, don't know what it is about her but Hailee definitely seems to bring out the best in you. That was fucking awesome

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