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Thread: "Filling Up" with Michelle Keegan

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    fanfiction "Filling Up" with Michelle Keegan

    Filling Up
    with Michelle Keegan

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, gloryhole, blowjob, cream-pie
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: TPG posted this idea a few hours ago and it was really fucking hot so y'know...couldn't help myself. Hope you like it.

    We'd been flirting for months now, ever since Michelle Keegan had moved into the area and began stopping by the local petrol station I ran to fill up. While I'd initially been a little star-struck by the famous beauty, she was so down-to-earth and friendly I soon found it easy to chat her up a little, despite knowing she was married.

    Thankfully Michelle took it all in her stride and actually seemed to find my obvious crush on her rather cute and amusing, especially given I was almost ten years younger than her.

    But the more she smiled at my jokey one-liners and tongue-in-cheek pickup lines, the more she encouraged me until she floored me one evening after a particularly lengthy chat at the tills.

    "You know, if I were single and a few years younger, I'd probably give you a shot," she claimed, leaving me stunned as she turned and left, a wicked smile on her face.

    That night I beat off to her more times than I ever had before. I didn't even know if I should feel frustrated or over the moon about what she'd said, given I knew nothing could ever happen between us.

    But the very next day fortune struck when an angry young woman came storming into the store, fuming about a recently drilled gloryhole she'd had the misfortune to discover in the public restrooms round back.

    Thankfully I managed to calm her down and talk her out of calling the police, promising I'd get it fixed immediately but still, even as I filled the lewd hole in, the idea was already planted in my head and that night I slipped into the private, staff toilets and got to work.

    It was almost another week later before Michelle showed up again and even more weeks after that before she came in looking hotter than ever in her workout gear and finally asked if she could use the restroom.

    My heart lurched in my chest, it had been so long I'd almost forgotten about my little plan and found myself stammering nervously. It didn't help matters that she looked absolutely incredible, flaunting her flawless body as I offered her to use the much nicer, cleaner staff facilities rather than the public ones.

    To my relief she beamed and thanked me before disappearing out back and not before I openly checked out her ass in her skin-tight yoga pants.

    I gulped and found myself a bundle of nerves. This was my chance. Finally. I knew I'd be kicking myself later if I missed out now so I quickly checked the store was empty before throwing up a 'Be right back' sign and locking up.

    Only then did I quietly sneak into the back and into the adjacent cubicle Michelle was occupying. I barely dared to breath but my heart was pounding so hard in my chest I wondered if she'd be able to hear it as I ducked down and sneaked a peek through my homemade gloryhole.

    It was without doubt the most perverted thing I'd ever done as I watched the famous television beauty peel her yoga pants down and relieve herself.

    I almost gasped out loud when I realised Michelle Keegan was shaved clean save for a dark, neatly trimmed landing strip. Some men would have been content with that sight alone but almost immediately my confidence grew and before I knew it I stood back up again and fished out my hard eight-incher.

    With baited breath, and before I could let common sense settle in, I carefully fed my cock through the hole.

    Almost immediately Michelle gasped with fright and I flinched, suddenly concerned she might lash out and punch me in the junk.

    "Oh my God! What the fuck?!" she shrieked before it clicked and she realised who the mystery penis probably belonged to.

    I decided to stay completely silent. She hadn't hit me or left. So far, so good I figured as I waited for her to make the next move.

    "Jesus, I knew you liked me but go through all this trouble?" I heard her say. "Very clever..."

    My cock seemed to have a life of its own simply being so close to Michelle, it twitched, jumped and throbbed and felt harder than steel as Keegan decided exactly what to do with me.

    "You know what, sod it. This stays between us though!"

    My cock pulsed and I grunted out loud when the actress suddenly grabbed my tool in her hand and leaned forward to take the swollen head into her warm, inviting mouth.

    'Holy shit!' I thought as Michelle fucking Keegan began keenly sucking my dick!

    I almost shot my load into the back of her throat five seconds in just from the realisation. Thankfully I managed to hold off and enjoy her obvious talents.

    "Mmmffpph—you never told me you had such a nice, big dick," she mumbled around a mouthful of cock. "I can barely even fit it in my mouth!"

    To prove her point Michelle suddenly attempted to deep-throat my entire sword but ended up gagging and drowning me in spit but the sloppier things got, the nastier and more turned on she seemed to get.

    Before long my hips began moving of their own accord, thrusting against the thin partition causing her to groan wantonly.

    "Umpphf—yeah, you trying to fuck my mouth?" she teased, pulling back until I couldn't reach her.

    "Ngh—please," I grunted in rapture, speaking for the first time.

    "How many times have you wanked off in here, just thinking about me swallowing this huge cock, huh? I bet this is even better than you imagined."

    "Fuck yess..." I hissed as she teased me with her tongue, licking up and down my shaft.

    "I bet you could blow right now couldn't you? Just shoot that thick load all over my pretty face, is that what you dream about? Or would you rather my tits?"

    My cock literally jumped at the notion.

    "Hah! I knew it, you guys are all the same!"

    Before I knew what was happening I heard a rustle as Michelle peeled her sports bra off and suddenly grabbed my rod again to slap it against her naked breasts.

    "Jesus," I gasped, punching my fist against the wall and suddenly wishing more than anything that I could see her right now as she rubbed the head of my cock against her hard, sensitive nipples.

    "What are you waiting for?" she purred erotically. "Go ahead, cum! Fucking cover me!"

    "Ugh—Michelle," I groaned as she jacked me off over her tits.

    I was perhaps two of three strokes away from bursting point before she suddenly stopped, causing me to gasp as I let out my pent up breath.

    "Impressive, most guys would have finished ages ago," she said thoughtfully. "Fuck it, I suppose it really is your lucky day today, kid."

    With that she stood up and turned around in the cramped cubicle, pushed her yoga pants to her knees before backing up onto my cock, expertly slipping me straight into her snug, wet cunt!

    I could hardly believe my luck as all of a sudden, I found myself embedded inside the married actress, one of the most desirable woman in the country.

    "Ugh. Yeah. Keep that young cock nice and hard for me! That's what I want," she hissed as she proceeded to slam her ass against the wall again and again, making the entire partition shake. "C'mon, fuck me!"

    I didn't need to be asked twice and quickly began thrusting back as best I could.

    "Yes—yes—yes—ugh—fuck! That's deep!" she growled. "Harder! Don't stop yet!"

    "Fuck Mich—I'm close," I groaned.

    "Just a little more—unngh—please, I need this. Keep fucking me!"

    I grit my teeth as I felt her hand come down to her clit, stroking it and occasionally allowing her fingers to touch and tease my cock as it continued to pump in and out of her juicy cunt. It was this simply contact that finally did it for me.

    As much as I tried to hold off, I ultimately slammed deep and shot my wad into her squeezing cunt, filling her twat with my thick, creamy load and thankfully, successfully making her shudder with delight as well.

    We didn't say another word to each other as we both caught our breath while Michelle straightened herself out and pulled her bra back on. I headed back out to the store in the meanwhile as Michelle flushed the loo and wandered back to her car as if nothing had happened.

    I was worried she'd immediately regretted what we'd done but as she drove past and gave me a playful wave, I knew this wouldn't be the last time she'd stop by.

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    Shit yeah. U took an already super hot short and made it even hotter. Keegs in a gloryhole = WIN

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    mother of god. Story of the fucking year!! I think I'll be reading that at least once a day from here on out.

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    It's so good that Keegan has gone worldwide. She is unreal.

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    OMG... that's imagination at the best... Fucking amazing!

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