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Mutant Enemy. I just borrow them to have fun.

Rating:NC-17(sex,oral,FDomination,Bondage,and Violence)


Warning: Angel stopped Darla from going after Connor. Cordelia seduced
Lilah. Angel returned to the hotel after Confronting Connor,and
wasn't looking forward to going upstairs to face Darla. Connor
arrived at Cordelia's place. She kissed him,and pulled him In.
Cordelia Unleashed Part IX:The Seduction
By Robbins(marvelrobbins@Yahoo.com)
Connor lays on the bed. He Is now nude. Cordelia,naked,Is on top of him.
She Is riding his dick with her pussy. Connor enjoys seeing those fine
breasts of hers. Cordelia's fine ass went up and down on him. Connor thinks
to himself she Is a goddess.

"Oh yes! You are the best!" Connor moans.

Cordelia thinks to herself yes I am. And everyone will soon know It.
In a bar Wesley Is at a table. He has a bottle of whiskey. He pours some
Into a glass. He takes a drink. He finishes It. He pours more Into the glass.
All he wants Is to get Fred out of his mind. He drinks some more.
Connor,and Cordelia lay on the bed.

"That was Incredible" Connor says. "I know" Cordelia replies.

Cordelia knows she has him right where she wants him.

"You need to worry about Angel. The effect Darla has on him Is Incredible.
Angel threw me out of the Hotel when I thought It was a bad Idea her
staying after you were born. If they find out about us they won't let us
continue" Cordelia tells him. "They won't find out" Connor tells her.

Cordelia smiles. Using Connor Is going to work she thinks.
In the bar Wesley continues to drink. All he wants Is to be with Fred. He
loves her but can't have her. So he wants to try to not think about her.
Angel,Gunn,and Fred are sitting around In the lobby.

"So,when are you going to be brave enough to go up and face her?" Gunn
asks. "Hey" Angel replies. "Guys" Fred says. "What?" Angel asks.

Angel turns to see Connor.

"Connor" Angel says. "Angel,don't you think now Is the time to go upstairs
to see Darla" Gunn says."Your mother will be so happy to see you" Angel
Darla paces around the bed room. She Is very upset at Angel. Her son Is
back. He should be here. She blames Angel.

Angel walks In with Connor. Darla can't believe this. Her son Is home.

"Connor" Darla says

Darla goes up to him,and hugs him. She has her baby back Darla thinks to
herself nothing else matters.

"Your home" Darla says. "Don't you have something to say to your mother?"
Angel says.

Darla withdraws.

"This Isn't the time Angel" Darla says. "He tried to stake you. The least he
can do Is apologize" Angel replies. "Connor,your father and I need to have
a talk" Darla tells Connor.

Connor goes outside. Darla pushes Angel to the wall.

"What do you think you are doing!" Darla says. "He did try to stake you
Darla" Angel replies. "I don't care.
I have my baby back" Darla replies. "He's not a baby anymore Darla" Angel
says. "I want him here. He Is my son,and he Is yours too" she tells
him. "Your his mother,you are blinded when It comes to him" Angel tells
her. "If you drive him away I will never forgive you" Darla tells him.

Angel goes up to Darla.

"He Is my son too Darla,and part of this family. But,I have to be the strong
one" Angel tells her.

Angel goes up to her.

"Don't touch me Angel" Darla tells him.

Darla walks out.
Connor Is In the hallway when Darla comes out.

"Let's find you a room" Darla tells Connor. "Trouble?" he asks her. "No"Darla

Darla,and Connor walk on.
Lorne,wearing a trench coat and hat,walks Into the bar. He sees Wesley at
a table drunk. He goes up to him. Wesley sees him.

"What are you doing here,Lorne?" Wesley asks. "Someone had to find you
Wesley" he replies. "I don't want to be found" Wesley replies. "Look,I know
being used by Cordelia was upsetting but" Lorne starts.

Wesley cuts him off.

"You think I care about Cordelia!" Wesley says.

Lorne Is surprised.

"Then what Is the matter?" Lorne asks. "Fred! I love Fred! She Is a real
woman. Smart,funny,pretty. The woman for me" Wesley says.

Lorne realizes why Wesley has been so down.

"She Is with Gunn" Lorne says. "I know that! That Is why I can't tell her how
much I love her,how much I want to be with her,how much I want to look
after her,how much I want to make love to her" Wesley says.
Fred,and Gunn are In their room.

"You don't have to worry anymore baby" Gunn says.

Fred smiles.

"Your right" Fred replies.

Fred goes up to Gunn. She kisses him. Gunn thinks this Is what I want.
Lilah sits In her apartment. Cordelia Is rubbing Lilah's shoulders. Lilah feels
totally relaxed.Cordelia knows Lilah his now her pawn In her plans just as
Connor Is.
Angel sits In his room. Darla still hasn't come back. He wished he didn't have
to be the one who gives out the discipline to him.
Gunn lays on the bed nude. Fred has his dick In her hands,and Is putting It
Into her mouth. She begins to blow the dick. Gunn likes what Fred does.

"Oh Fred!" Gunn moans.

Fred continues blowing the dick.
The next day Connor,and Cordelia are kissing heavily. She withdraws.

"What's wrong?" he asks. "You need to get back to the hotel" She tells
him. "Why?" Connor asks."Angel Is a danger to us. He won't like you with
me." Cordelia tells him. "I can kill him" Connor says.

Cordelia knows she has Connor right where she wants him. The only way to
beat Angel Is to learn to be as strong as he Is" she tells him.
Gunn,and Fred walk down Into the lobby of the Hotel to see Angel. Fred
knows something Is wrong.

"Angel,what's wrong? Fred asks. "Darla,and I had another fight
over Connor"he says.

Gunn thinks they shouldn't get Involved. But,he knows better than to say
anything against Fred,or he would pay for It later.

Connor walks In. He walks up to Angel.

"Connor" Angel says. "I have been thinking,Dad. I want you to teach me
how to fight as well as you" Connor tells Angel.

Angel is surprised.
Darla comes down to see Angel teaching fighting moves to Connor. She feels
Angel walks Into his,and Darla's room. Darla pulls him to the bed.

"What's wrong now,Darla?" Angel asks.

She kisses him.

"I feel so happy,Angel" Darla tells him. "It makes me horny" Darla says.

Angel is worried.

"Darla,you have to be careful" he tells her.

She tears his shirt off,and holds his arms to the bed. She begins to lick his
Lorne returns to the Hotel. He sees Connor. He gives Lorne a look.
The next day Fred Is behind the counter. Connor Is sitting. Angel takes a
phone call.

"Hello?" Angel says. "All right" he says.

"What Is it?" Fred asks. "I have to go"He replies.

Angel leaves. Connor gets up.

"I think I am going out for awhile" Connor says. "OK" Fred replies.

Connor leaves.
Angel arrives on the docks to see Cordeila.

"What are you doing here?" he asks. "You should have picked me,Angel"
she says.

Suddenly Connor attacks Angel.

"What are you doing!" Angel demands.

Cordeila takes out a stun gun,and hits Angel. Angel Is knocked out.
Connor takes out a stake.

"What are you doing?" Cordeila asks. "Finishing him" Connor says. "No!" she

Connor Is puzzled.

"Why not?" he asks. "If you love me Connor,don't question me" Cordeila

Connor drops the stake.
Angel awakes In a room he tries to get through the door but he can't get It
to budge.
Darla comes down the stairs. She sees Gunn,and Fred.

"Any sign of Angel,or Connor?" she asks. "No" Fred replies.

Connor walks In.

"There you are" Darla says. "Hi Mom" he says.
Cordeila sits In her apartment. Lilah is rubing her shoulders. Cordeila enjoys

"The first stage Is complete" Cordeila says.

To Be Continued