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Thread: "Birthday Surprise" with Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "Birthday Surprise" with Paris Berelc

    Birthday Surprise!
    With Paris Berelc
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, drunk, sleep, fingering, dirty talk
    DISCLAIMER: None of this happened, just part of my twisted imagination of course.

    The party had been a raging success, with Paris Berelc celebrating her highly anticipated 18th birthday and all of her friends coming over to participate in the surprise party.

    I don't mind admitting I found myself spending half the time ogling her hot friends, most of which didn't seem shy about showing off their bikini-clad bodies while frolicking around in the family pool.

    The event itself ultimately wrapped up around 3am with Maria heading up to take a shower, while I wandered around cleaning and locking up the house, before finding Paris passed out on the couch in front of the TV.

    The poor girl had partied so hard she had drifted off, no thanks to the handful of beers we had allowed her to drink.

    With her mumbling permission, I scooped her up into my arms to carry her upstairs, with Paris throwing her arms around my neck and nuzzling into my neck as I carried her to her bedroom. Once there, I carefully placed her on the bed with her thanking me with a quick peck on the cheek.

    "Mm. I love you daddy," she whimpered softly before passing out on the bed.

    I found this amusing since technically I was her "step-dad" but she always enjoyed pushing my buttons by dropping the D-word. The fleeting kiss had also caused my cock to twitch, as I looked down at her ample chest and noticed just how perfectly formed her breasts were.

    While my initial intentions might have been noble, I decided to help her get tucked into bed and moved her around until I ultimately slipped one side of her top down so I could see her dark nipples. My god were they incredible. I dare say, mouth watering.

    I had to use every ounce of strength I had not to reach down and touch her, and instead grabbed the blanket to tuck her in. It was only when I attempted to tuck her in that I realized that her bikini bottoms appeared to be held by nothing more than two strings tied on her hips.

    I gulped hard as I gently pulled on the cord and allowed it to fall away from her, and reveal her teen cunt to my greedy eyes. I'm not sure what shocked me more, my own disturbing actions or the fact that it appeared that Paris had gone against her mothers wishes and had had her clitoral hood pierced.

    While apart of me wanted to shake her awake and chastise her for it, another side of my evil mind wanted nothing more than to just bury my face between her legs and eat that hairless, teen mound.

    Instead, I did the next best thing and gently reached up between her legs to caress the small stud with my finger, feeling it twitch against my curious digit. My head was spinning as I now sat there casually playing with her piercing, and felt her moan softly and spread her knees for me - almost encouraging me to touch her more.

    I was only too happy to oblige and soon ignored the ring and now brushed the tips of my fingers up and down the length of her slimy, glistening lips. I touched her little button and she whimpered a bit. Just the mere sound of her wet cunt made my cock hard instantly, and I undid my pants and used my free hand to jack off.

    "ugh, touch me." she moaned in her sleep. "Mmm-yes."

    I wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not, or whether she knew who I was but I wasn't about to break the fantasy and wake her. When I took my slick fingers and tasted her tangy essence for the first time I knew I fucked. There was no way on earth I was going to leave that bedroom without having her.

    "ugh, baby." she moaned again. "Fuck me."

    It was like having an outer body experience, as I got up and went to the door - chastising myself for even going as far as I did. I probably stood there starting at her laying there for what seemed like hours but was in fact several minutes while I argued with myself.

    The entire time Paris just lay there exposed, her legs spread and her juicy wet (bald) cunt on full display to my greedy eyes.

    Realizing the time and that I wouldn't get another opportunity like this again, I shut the door and marched back over to the bed with my cock in hand, readying to jack off over her sleeping form, and blow my wad and quickly leave.

    But common sense took a leave of absence as I leaned over her face to beat off and gently pressed my thumb against her lips, only to feel the drunk nubile suck it into her mouth. For god sake even in her sleep she was teasing little bitch, I thought.

    My heart pounded in my chest as I jacked my cock just inches from her face and grew bold enough to rub the tip of my cock against her lips and chin, smearing her with pre-cum.

    Paris then moaned when I turned my attention back to her cunt, and reached over to play with her pussy with two fingers while the head of my cock now bobbed against her parted lips.

    When I slipped my fingers a little further back and teased her tiny little shit-pipe, she moaned audible to the action and opened her mouth, permitting just the head of my cock to slip into her hot mouth and I thought I was going to pass out.

    Caught up in the moment, I then eased two fingers into her tight asshole and was rewarded with the sensation of her wet tongue lick against my tip, causing me to cum!

    I barely had time to register what had happened much less found the will to stop ejaculating, as two thick streams of spunk blasted into the back of her throat, before I had the good sense to pull out and inadvertently fired the remaining load right across her pretty face.

    The girl was an absolute mess, her face covered in (her step-dads) spunk as I desperately tried to clean up the evidence only to get a whiff of my slick fingers which had been buried inside her ass.

    The loud bang of soap hitting the shower floor startled me out of my daydream and reminded me that I didn't have much time to spare. However instead of trying to fix the situation, I just couldn't top playing with her body and decided that I could probably get away with ejaculating one more time.

    "Fuck it," I hissed under my breath. "When am I ever going to get a chance like this again. I'll never forgive myself if I leave now."

    In my mind I guess I figured that if I was going to get caught I might as well make the most of it, so I moved to kneel between her legs with intentions of jacking off to her pristine cunt.

    In truth, I never intended to actually have sex with her, but as I jacked myself off and played with her asshole again I listened to her moan, and having her lay there with her legs spread and her face soiled in cum really turned me on.

    To my surprise it didn't take long for pre-cum to leak from the tip again, which I smeared all over her teen cookie and which now acted as a form of lube. Paris seemed to particularly enjoy it when I'd slid my bell-end along her slimy wet lips, then tap the head against her piercing.

    "Mm-hmm," she'd moan softly in her sleep. "Fuck-yeah."

    Before I knew what I was doing, I spread her knees wide on the bed and dipped the head of my helmet into her tight cunt and met no resistance whatsoever. The cunning little minx had clearly had sex before, and judging by how pliable she was it must have been fairly recent too.

    I proceeded to feed more of my cock into her pussy, pulling back slowly only to push in deeper with each pass. I was surprised to see just how shallow her pussy was, and it didn't take very long for me to be nestled balls deep inside her magnificent 18-year-old sex.

    "Ah, baby." I groaned at the feel of her ultra soft cunt. "You're as tight as a glove. Good girl."

    Despite vowing that I wouldn't get carried away, I soon did the exact opposite and leaned over to take one of her hard nipples into my mouth, sucking and slurping on it like a man possessed.

    Surprisingly enough her nipples really seemed to be sensitive, and now had her squirming and moaning more frequently as I slowly fucked her. In fact I was so caught up in my own pleasure that I'm not even sure how long she'd been awake, but I felt a shiver go up my spine when I looked up to catch her glaring back at me.

    In instant I instinctively clapped my hand over her mouth to keep her from yelping out loud, while she seemed startled by the action and pushed on my chest. Paris immediately shook her head as I now found myself at the point of no return, praying to the gods that she'd get off to the impromptu fuck.

    Fortunately for me her body seemed to respond on its own, and despite her initial reservations I felt her raise her knees and spread her legs even farther apart, allowing me to lay even deeper between those smooth legs and grant me full access to her sex.

    I now pulled out slowly only to slam my cock back in again, and watched her eyes roll into the back of her head as she took my full length. This was then followed by the most smoldering look she'd ever flashed, which told me I could remove my hand from her mouth.

    "ugh, fuck." she whispered hotly. "Harder."

    "You're mom is in the shower right now," I blurted out, not knowing what else to say.

    Paris simply looked at the door then glared right back at me while reaching down to place both hands on my butt - holding me firmly in place.

    "Paris, I-" I tried to explain. "I didn't mean for this to get.."

    "Just, fuck me." she interrupted. "Please, daddy. I won't tell. I promise."

    "You won't? You promise?"

    "Just hurry. Please. Don't stop."

    I responded with a sharp thrust, taking her breath away.


    "Yeah, is that what my little girl likes?"

    "-nngh. Yeah. Again."

    It was only now that she appeared to detect the fresh load on her face and I watched in amusement as she tried to lick it with her tongue, while I continued to thrust into her teen pussy harder and deeper.

    "You're so bad," she grinned evilly, referring to the fact that I had apparently blown a load across her face while she was asleep.

    "I couldn't help it," I panted out of breath. "You made me cum. You always make me cum."

    Paris reacted to to this by grabbing hold of my ass and pushing me hard against her, almost as if she wanted me balls deep.

    "Grr, give it to me daddy. Fuck me!"

    When I reached down to place my forearms underneath her legs, this seemed to give us the best kind of leverage and also allowed for the most contact between our bodies. I now proceeded to pound her into the mattress as my balls smacked heavily against her ass, making her turn her head from side to side and moan out loud.

    "ah-shit, shit, fuck, daddy. You balls. They're smacking against my ass."

    "Jesus Paris," I gasped. "You're gunna make me cum if you don't shut up!"

    "oh-daddy, fuck me. Come on. Gimme that hard cock."

    "Paris, keep it down!" I snapped. "You're mom, remember! She's right in the next room."

    Berelc grinned as we both realized how perilous the situation was. All she had to do was yell out and alert her mom and I'd be in a world of pain. The fact that she now had my life in her hands, appeared to turn her on even more.

    At first I refused to kiss her, but when she insisted I comply I held my nose (having never tasted my own cum) and reluctantly pressed my lips against hers. Paris passionately drove her tongue into my mouth as she held onto my shoulders and back, sinking her long nails and leaving deep scratch marks.

    When I realized how much this turned her on, I pinned her legs back farther and pumped in and out of her as we kissed. I could hear moans escaping her mouth until I pulled back and she moaned loudly from beneath me. Her groan was so loud I had to clap my hand over her mouth again to shut her up.

    When this didn't work, I finally pulled out and rolled onto my back, pulling her on top of me. Paris was only too happy to oblige, and keenly grabbed my cock by the base and guided it into her.

    My eyes closed as she lowered herself down on me, then leaned forward and put her hands on the head board of the bed while I grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed. Her face was about a foot away from mine as she began to rock forward and back on my rod once more.

    Our eyes locked as we fucked, her tits swaying in my face with every thrust of my hips. I leaned forward into them and took a nipple into my mouth. Her head titled back as the sensation washed over her and she moved in for another passionate kiss.

    The moment our lips locked, our thrusts stopped all together and the fucking resorted into a more grinding action together, this time in perfect rhythm. To watch us fuck you'd think we'd been lovers for years. It was at this point that Paris pushed herself back up to a completely vertical position as she began to whip her hips in a more vigorous manner, eager to get off.

    I flashed her a look as if to say, are you enjoying yourself there young lady?

    "Ah, I could do this all day daddy," she boasted as her body glistened in perspiration.

    "I'm gonna cum, Paris," I told her. "You hear me. You're going to make me cum again."

    "Not yet, please." she said breathlessly. "I'm almost there."

    I responded by pulling her back down and kissing her hard on the lips as I grabbed hold of her ass and squeezed and grasped her teenage flesh, while I fucked her within an inch of her life.

    "oh-fuck!" she screamed into my mouth as I pounded her mercilessly.

    The moment we heard the shower stop in the next room my cock erupted deep inside her young cunt. Thank god Paris had her tongue buried in my mouth otherwise she would have screamed the entire house down.

    Instead she yelped into my mouth and shuddered violently before collapsing onto my chest while her pussy clenched and released my shaft repeatedly. We lay there motionless for several more moments before the sound of her mom exiting the bathroom reminded us we were still in danger of getting caught.

    "Remember, not a word." I told her.

    But my seductive step-daughter simply flashed me an evil grin.

    "That all depends," she beamed. "I might have to sneak into your room later and suck your dick."


    "What, I'll be careful. I'll just wait until mom falls asleep." she added. "I bet I suck cock better than her anyways."

    She was right of course, but I didn't have the guts to tell her that.

    "For god sake Paris, you're insatiable."

    "It's my birthday. I'm allowed."

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    :giddy: U need to do more of this. Write and then post, edit shit later if u want but post stuff ffs. This was fucking great. :7giggle:

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    Whoa, another great Paris story, TPG.

    Berelc being pierced down there, was a nice touch, that insatiable l little slut.
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    Big Fan of your writing TPG.. Respect!!

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