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Thread: "Late" with Hailee Steinfeld

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    fanfiction "Late" with Hailee Steinfeld

    with Hailee Steinfeld
    By: Kraken
    Codes: MF, Handjob
    Disclaimer: The following text is complete FICTION and is only a product of my dirty mind and did not happen and will not happen.
    A/N: This will be my first story on the site, but certainly not my first ever. I hope you do enjoy! - Kraken

    I was rushing, two hours until the wedding and the drive was nearly an hour and forty-five minutes. I had already taken my shower and done my hair, but now I was trying to tie my tie in front of the full body mirror. Ever since I was a kid I hated ties, never could tie them. Not sure if that makes me dumb or not. I was tempted not to even wear it, but it was my sister's wedding and I wanted to look my very best.

    After a few more minutes, and yes it has been taking me that long, my girlfriend, Hailee Steinfeld, came out with a towel around her body and her beautiful long wet brown hair made her somehow hotter with that roughed up look I guess.

    "Mmm, someone looks handsome," Hailee said and came up behind me and started helping me with my tie.

    "Sorry, it just happens sometimes," I replied cheekily and she laughed while helping me. "And there you are."

    Hailee finished and beamed me with a heart melting smile. I took a look at myself admired Hailee's work and was about to turn from the mirror before I felt a hand on my crotch.

    "Hailee! What are you doing!" I exclaimed as she unzipped my fly and fished out my cock.

    "Awe looks like someone need a little encouragement."

    Hailee cooed at my flaccid organ before she began stroking my shaft.

    "Hailee…. Please… We're gonna be la- oh my fuck!" I moan as she stroked me and I came to my full 9-inch length.

    "Relax, your sister called me, the latest we can be there is 1:30. We won't be late." Hailee assured me while slowly bring her hand back and forth, precum leaked out of my tip and Hailee spread it along my shaft with her index finger before bringing said finger to her mouth to suck it.

    She started to speed up her tempo and the pleasure was overwhelming, I started to thrust into her heavenly hand.

    "Oh, good boy." She whispered to me with a heavy tone and lightly nibbled my ear lobe, "I'll give you a reward for being such a good boy."

    My "reward" was Hailee letting the towel covering her form fall revealing her supple and wonder breast. I groaned as I took in the image before me, I was standing in front of a full body mirror with a tuxedo on but my member was out and being stroked from behind by the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on.

    "Hai… Oh God… So fucking goo... So fucking good!" I was reduced to mumbling and repeating my words as Hailee sped up even more, "I know, I know but come on and be a good boy, I've given you your little treat. I think I deserve one as well, I want you to give me your nutrition because your mistress is famished and only you can satisfy her."

    Hailee loved having control, not that I minded it, I had been dominant most of the time but Hailee decide to turn the tables on me one night and I have been at her mercy ever since. Being submissive just seemed to relieve me of any stress, if that makes any sense. Most people would probably say the dominant person would have more relief, but for me following commands knowing you'll be rewarded at the end felt so much more satisfying to me.

    "Come on, give it to me and you'll be happy… I promise." Hailee empathized on that last part and it only encouraged me more as her hands jerked me with inhuman speeds.

    I started to feel my breath leaving me as this went on and I looked at my reflection once again. Behind me, Hailee had a devilish expression on her face while I had my eyes half open and my mouth in a constant O shape.

    I could feel my cock throbbing and pulsating in her hand, ready for my broth to seep out.

    Hailee then spit in her palm to rub me even faster and erotic wet noises spurred me on even more. I was a mess and I was practically melting in her hands, well hand and I was really not melting, but sort of the exact opposite. Her pumping hand had me bucking my knees every time Hailee pulled my organ I could feel the cum in my balls churning, waiting to shoot out of my shaft.

    "I'm gonna cum, Hailee! Oh God baby, Oh fuck!" I moaned out and reached out to grab the sides of the mirror for support. I saw Hailee bite her lip and felt her fingers rub the underside of my bellend.

    "Cum, give me my tribute, give your delicious fucking batter. Your white gooey essence that I love to taste every day."

    My brain couldn't take it anymore, it just completely shut down as I started to wildly thrust into her hand, wanting relief from this overwhelming feeling. "I'm going to work you all day, so you better be ready. You're going to give me your creamy hot baby batter how I want it when I want it." Hailee told me and tightened her grip on my dick eliciting a moan from me once again.

    "Maybe I'll let you have something else today, I could suck you dry from the source. I know how much my tongue excites you. Or I could let you have me, let you be the dog you are, let you slip your cock into me and fill me to the brim with your juice until it gushes out and drips down my leg from my sweet cunt."

    Hailee then cupped one of her hands in front of my dick and resumed her talking, "But that depends if you make me happy here and now with this load."

    And with that word my nerves were set ablaze, "C.. I'm cum…ming… CUMMING!" I shouted out as I released my cum into Hailee's waiting hand. After that, I thought she would stop jerking me after I came but she only sped up again and tightened her grip. The sensitivity from cumming made each stroke very painful, but I was getting even more turned on be this.

    Hailee kept tugging me demanding, " More! More! More!"

    I was constantly bucking my knees at the pain and begging Hailee to stop, but it did seem like Hailee was getting what she wanted because each time she would stroke my organ a little bit of cum would come out.

    "Oh god, Hailee stop please, please, please Hailee," I begged her, but it was no use as Hailee kept on with determination for at least two more minutes at my expense as I was shaking but somehow still standing still.

    After no more cum would come out, Hailee let go of me and sat down on the bed behind her and tipped her cum filled hand into her mouth. No drop was wasted as she swallowed the whole fucking load. Hailee licked her lips and gave me such an innocent smile you wouldn't believe what she had just done to me, but I saw behind all that Hailee was absolutely giddy and excited for what was to come.

    "I just need 5 minutes to get ready meet me in the car ya?" She said like nothing had happened and skipped right past me, but whispered from behind me. " I said when I want it and how I want it.

    By the time I get in that fucking car you better be ready or next time I'll tie you down and make you buck like you were earlier, All. Night.

    I nodded and felt myself become hard again, much to my shock and Hailee's glee as she pecked me on the cheek and skipped away humming the ironic tune of her song Starving. I was looking forward to today and also slightly terrified, better get to the car!

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    Nice quickie Kraken, hope you've got more Hailee stories like this one. That was fun.

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    Good going Dude.. Expect more from you now.. .Keep it up!

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