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Thread: "Jump In My Car" with Ariel Winter

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    fanfiction "Jump In My Car" with Ariel Winter

    With Ariel Winter
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, handjob, mast, oral, tit fuck, doggie, cunn, creampie

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    N/B: I'd like to dedicate this story to "Wilder", who has been posting up Ariel-related stuff when I haven't had the time to this year. This story was also inspired by the StrandedChicks and ScamTaxi themed series. Enjoy!

    It wasn't the dream job by any stretch, but being an Uber Driver was honest work, and it more or less paid the bills.

    But dedicating several hours a week to this new occupation of mine, meant sacrificing any kind of social life. Not that I had much of one anyway, given I'm inching ever closer to my mid-30s, and I recently split with my wife of five years.

    The job has its perks though. Aside from the odd good tip, I'd often get some young hottie book me for a ride, which would make the long hours worthwhile. Unfortunately they were usually never drunk enough to even consider coming onto me. And if they were, they usually had their partner in tow, on their way home after a night out on the town.

    I received a Saturday afternoon request from a young female, booking a half hour trip that would take this customer to what I presumed was her Hollywood home. I figured she was just another spoilt rich girl. Not that I minded though. There was every chance she might be a stunner, given the street location that popped up on my screen.

    Even when the name "Ariel Workman" flashed up as her booking name, nothing had alerted me to the fact I was about to be in the presence of a well known TV star.

    As I pulled up outside of a convenience store, my eyes widened as I got my first look at the petite, voluptuous young lady.
    This Ariel girl donned some thick shades, and given the warm weather in California that day, she wasn't afraid to show off her succulent looking legs and devilish curves.

    Pushing the electronic window down on the passenger side of my vehicle, the girl leaned in, unknowingly granting me an unobstructed view of her massive cleavage. It seemed like her mind was elsewhere, given how unaware she was that she'd granted me a glorious look down the front of her dress. If I didn't know any better, I could've sworn she wasn't wearing a bra under her top, given the way those lovely jugs of hers hung down so freely.

    A part of me should've felt guilty for ogling a much younger woman in such a way, but when you live the life that I do and you haven't been laid in several months, all morals kind of go out the window!

    "Ariel Workman?" I asked.

    "Yep, that's me".

    "Hop in miss..."

    I felt my heart beat faster when the teens smooth looking legs entered the car first, the buxom brunette in fuck me *corduroy boots slid so elegantly into the passenger seat, giving me a brief smile as she buckled herself in.

    Even with her sunglasses covering her eyes, the dolled up youngster looked familiar, as though I had seen her from somewhere before. If I could only take my eyes off either her huge chest or delicious looking thighs, I may have been able to put the pieces together!

    Ariel sighed as I made my way onto a busy road, noticing that she was glancing down at her cell phone every so often. She was visibly upset about something, and knowing that it was at least a half hour drive before we reached her desired destination, I thought it best to break the *somber mood .

    "Excuse me miss, but, are you alright?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine.."

    "OK, just wanted to check.."

    A few seconds passed before she decided to really speak up.

    "Actually you know what? I'm not fine. Guys are such assholes!" she voiced in anger.

    Damn. I wasn't sure how to respond to that. But I kind of knew what girls as young as her could be like, so I decided to agree, in order to help her get things off her chest.

    "Well yeah they can be, especially if they don't know how to treat their woman. I take it you're pissed at your boyfriend?"

    She just nodded her head, removing her sunglasses as she responded. I could tell she was trying hard not scream with rage.

    "Yeah I am. I just caught him in bed with my best friend Jessie. Before he could confront me, I took off down the road and booked this ride. I just had to get out of there. Levi, this guy I've been dating, has tried calling me but I keep hanging up on him. I'm so angry right now, you have no idea".

    Indeed she was, but for some reason it made this girl all the more sexier. Each time she thrust her body forward to over emphasise a point she was making, I would unintentionally tune out, my eyes focussed on those huge luscious titties of Ariel's bouncing under that dress of hers.

    "Can I ask you a personal question miss?"


    "How old are you?"

    "I'm uhh, nineteen".

    "And this guy..."

    "Levi? He's twenty-nine".

    "Wow! Quite an age gap".

    "Yeah I know, that's what everybody keeps saying. I figured being with someone a little older would make me not have to worry about being with an immature guy like my previous boyfriend. I dunno, I guess I'm currently into older guys".

    Well that's a plus for me I figured. Though this girl was nearly half my age. Not that it stopped me from checking out her hot little body as she spoke.

    "And the worst part is, we just moved in together! I don't think I can forgive him for this".

    "Well you could always get revenge on him. You know, maybe hook up with one of his friends?"

    "No, I couldn't do that. It would just make things worse. Besides, his friends are probably all cheating assholes like him, and would brag about sleeping with me as well".

    "Well how about this? I had this female friend who was in a similar situation as you. And to piss off her boyfriend who did the dirty on her, she took a selfie holding some other guys cock, then sent it to him!"

    "Haha, not a bad idea...But where would I find a guy willing to do that for me?

    "Well I..." I hesitated, offering to be that guy.

    Ariel's expression was now one of anxious, self doubt, and I knew that I'd crossed the line between driver and customer.

    "Umm... that's ok, I wouldn't want to make you do that just for me".

    Despite knowing I was taking a huge risk, I threw caution to the wind. When I pulled up at the next red light, without even thinking I unzipped my pants and freed my rock hard member. That look of anxiousness was now one of shock, then soon one of awe. Ariel held her breath, not quite believing how daring I was willing to be in front of someone I had only just met.

    I figured if I wanted any chance with this bonafide teen hottie, now was my opportunity. She was noticeably quite vulnerable thanks to her boyfriends infidelity.

    "Woah... you're not what I was expecting…What the hell, let’s do it!”

    Ariel unbuckled her seatbelt and casually reached over to my side of the car, curling her soft, lush fingers around my erection. Her nails looked they'd had a recent update at the beauty parlour.

    “Move your hand a little” I asked, placing it upon hers so she could start a slow, jerking action.

    She giggled at my insistence.

    “You need to make it bigger. Does he have a big dick?”

    “Haha, no. His is smaller for sure” she laughed in reply, stroking my cock more firmly now, watching it further harden in her soft palm.

    “So make it as big as you can Ariel”.

    She worked me a lot faster until I was at full mast, the teen impressed by my eight inch length.

    "Get your phone ready" I insisted.

    As she was setting her cell to 'photo-mode' with her spare hand, I inwardly grunted when the fingers wrapped around my shaft slid down to my sac, grazing her nails along the sensitive orbs.

    "Ready to have a pic with it?"

    "Okay, here it goes.."


    To my despair, Ariel released my dick to use both hands to peruse the photos she had just taken,
    looking for the ideal picture to send.

    "Should I add a message?" she asked, wanting my advice.

    "I don't know. How about, 'As you can see, I've already moved on to BIGGER and BETTER things?'And make sure you emphasise the two B words in there", I cheekily replied.

    "Good one. I like it".

    Given the jewellery Ariel was wearing on her middle and ring finger, it would have been obvious to this Levi guy that Ariel wasn't bluffing with this snap, as it gave away that it was definitely her holding my elongated penis.

    "There, sent!"

    Ariel exhaled a long breath as she awaited a response.

    "What did he reply with?"

    “Shit!” she shouted, obviously not happy with his response.

    “He called me a cunt and said that he was going to fuck my other friends!!”

    “He knows your other friends?”

    “Kind of.. He’s such an asshole…”

    I could see her texting away a reply, anger in her eyes as it seemed like she was unleashing on the guy.

    “What did you write?”

    “Screw you Levi, you E.T. looking fuck!”

    "Hahaha..." I couldn't help but chuckle.

    Wow, this girl was feisty. I had to laugh at her chosen insult, and also wondered just how freakish this guy looked for her to write such a thing. When Ariel said nothing again over the next sixty seconds, I figured that was it. There was no way she would want to go on with this, given the situation. But just as I went to tuck my stiff member back into my trousers, Ariel spoke up.

    "Wait! What are you doing?"


    "Well I can't just leave you hanging like that... You know, you tried to help out, and you've been so nice to me, listening to my problems. The least I could do is return the favour. Besides, it will help me take my mind off that cheating bastard!"

    Returning her warm fingers to clasp around my re-stiffening boner, a felt a chill go up my spine when she started to slowly stroke me, tilting her eyebrow in such a sexy way, I could feel myself throb down there.

    “So, have you ever had a girl as young as me do this for you?”

    "No, never" I stammered, trying to maintain some focus on the road and attempt to breathe normally.

    “Good, because I’m gonna make you cum so hard, you’ll never forget it!”

    “Ohh geez…” I moaned, her dirty talk making my chest tighten.

    When Ariel leant her face just above and in between my stomach and the steering wheel, I thought she was going to take me into her tiny mouth. But instead she dribbled some of her saliva upon the tip, then spreading it all around and over every inch of my shaft.

    "That better?" she asked, clear fapping noises being made as she jerked my now slick cock off.

    "Oh yeah, that feels incredible!"

    When we pulled up at the lights, I couldn't help but lean over to pash the surprised actress. To my fortune Ariel didn't reciprocate, massaging her tongue with mine and even continuing on with her wicked handjob.

    Man she smelled good, her sweet intoxicating perfume only heightening my arousal, unashamedly cupping one of her huge, succulent tits through her top as we exchanged spit. She made me shiver when I felt her sharp manicured nails graze along my sensitive balls again.

    Just before the lights turned green again, I deftly slipped a hand between her creamy young thighs, pushing Ariel's tiny thong to one side so I could rub her hairless pussy. With my foot on the accelerator and one hand on the wheel, Ariel took a hold of my other wrist as I pressed my middle digit against her warm quim, pulling my arm towards her in desperation to feel it slip inside her tight, velvety hole.

    "Uhhh!!" she cried, my middle finger buried to the first knuckle.

    She was tight, not exactly virgin tight but just the idea of replacing my finger with my cock at some point had my head in a glorious daze.

    "Oh yeah, just like that!" she panted as I quickened my juicy finger fuck.

    To my surprise, Ariel pulled the front of her top down, freeing her delicious D-sized set of titflesh. She hadn't been wearing a bra as I'd suspected. Ariel had the most amazing duo of jugs I'd ever seen in my life, and I feared that any contact with my cock from either her or myself, would result in a premature climax!

    The teen sat in the passenger seat with her tits out, thighs spread apart, and her fingers caressing her labia and plunging into her moist taco, eager to give me one hell of a show.

    "Seeing you so hard gets me so wet, so incredibly horny.."

    Ariel licked her lips as she continued playing with herself, locking eyes with mine and then glancing down at my dick every so often.

    "I think you deserve a bit more attention..."

    Unbuckling her seat belt and with me pulling up at another red light, Ariel launched across to take a hold of my shaft, and to my absolute delight, I felt those sumptuous soft lips close around my bellend.

    "Oh god..." I uttered, the teen tucking some of her silky hair behind her earlobe as she sank her cute face into my lap.

    With her fingers wrapped around the base of my dick, she held me still as her tongue swirled around my tip, sloppily coating the top half of my penis, then diving down to try and deepthroat me.

    I was surprised at how experienced at sucking cock she was, but it kind of made sense given her interest in older guys. She know doubt wanted to keep this Levi guy happy given their age difference, and didn't want him to think that she was just another inexperienced teen.

    "Oh Miss Workman..."

    Lifting her face up from my lap, the breathless starlet corrected me.

    "Winter. My name is Ariel Winter..."

    "That's it! That's who I was trying to think of" my conscience screamed in my head as she continued to sloppily service my cock.

    I couldn't believe that I was being expertly blown by a big name TV starlet.

    "Damn you're good.." I confessed.

    "I just love giving head, having such a nice, big cock in my mouth".

    Yep, this girl knew what she was doing. Even with the lights changing, Ariel carried on with her incredible oral skills, prompting me to clutch more than a handful of her long, silky hair. I controlled her movements, pushing her face down every so often so she could take in that extra inch to the point I felt the opening of her narrow throat. Ariel choked and came back up for air, but to her credit she still kept going back for more.

    Letting her have full control again, I couldn't help but feel up her hanging tits underneath, molesting those large mammaries, even tweaking her engorged nipples. I even took the time to caress her raised booty, squeezing the firm cheeks and wondering what her bare naked ass looked like from behind at that moment.

    "Can you find somewhere to pull over?" she said almost out of breath, her lipstick smudged and her hair a bit awry after a good few minutes of providing some incredible fellatio.

    I took the very next exit off of the freeway, pulling up at a nearby grassy area, trees obstructing any potential onlookers view from where I had parked my car. The sound of numerous cars, trucks and motorcycles could be heard in the distance as I walked around the passenger side of my vehicle. Ariel had already opened her door, sitting with her tempting legs hanging out of it, and looking at my bouncing dick as though she'd finally been reunited with her cherished childhood toy.

    “It’s so big… So very big..” she laughed as she carried on with her blowjob, licking my cockslit in between each wonderful suckle of the bulbous head.

    “Glad to see you can handle it sweet thing” I remarked, smacking the tip against her moist, extended tongue. Ariel's fake eyelashes only further accentuated her pretty brown eyes that peered up at me from below.

    I placed a hand on the top of my car to steady myself, while Ariel began licking around the base of my cock, descending to French kiss my ball sac. She wiggled her tongue as I jerked my dick, a slight popping sound made whenever she sucked each tender nut with her soft lips. The teen held me with two hands as she slurped all over the tip, her eyes closed, focussed on giving me a mind spinning blowjob.

    "That's it. Smoke my meat".

    Taking most of it in her mouth, Ariel held me there for a few seconds, then slowly slid her lips back along my length until the head fell back out again, repeating this action over and over.

    “Grrrr. It was deep in there that time” I said to the starlet, the little teen cock sucker smiling proudly at her efforts.

    “Show me those wonderful boobs of yours Ariel…”

    She got those big tits out again, and I couldn't help but palm those shapely melons as she blew my dick, holding her shoulders to also fuck her pretty face.

    "I gotta fuck those incredible tits!" I urged, moving Ariel to her knees on the ground and placing my meat pipe in between those firm, pliable milkers.

    "Look at me Ariel..."

    Looking up at me from below, my cock thrusted between her perfect breasts and that angelic young face gave me one hell of a sultry look, almost yearning for me to plaster my thick creamy load all over her wonderful chest. But I held firm, not wanting to bring this once in a lifetime opportunity to an abrupt end just yet.

    “Stand up Ariel, you will enjoy this…”

    She did as she was told, moving around to the front of my car to show she knew what my intentions were. Discarding her top and sliding down her shorts, the petite sinful teen bent over with her huge titties pressed against the bonnet of my car.

    Ariel still kept her boots on, but her only other item of clothing, a tiny black thong, was sharply torn off as soon as I stood behind her, stuffing it in my pocket as a keepsake.

    "Oh my god, look at that ass" I sighed, fondling her pale white booty, lightly spanking her tender flesh just to watch her cheeks ripple. Winter's puffy lips between her legs looked divine enough to eat, but more than ready to be invaded by my long, stiff pole. I gave her labia a short, sharp caress with two fingers, making the young female shiver at my touch.

    “I’ll take it slow" I simply said, Ariel reaching back to use her hands to spread her luscious ass cheeks apart.

    "Ooh shit you're tight!" I grimaced as I painfully pushed in between her moist folds, eventually feeling her open up like a flower on the first day of Spring, impaling Ariel's juicy teenage cunt with my steely rod.

    "Oh it's so thick! I can feel it stretching me" I could've swore I heard her mutter underneath her breath.

    I reached around to cup and fondle her huge supple breasts with my perverted hands, holding them tight as I felt more of her open up for me with each powerful thrust forward. I was in heaven. What guy my age, nearly twice that of Ariel's wouldn't be? I was soon pounding faster into her sweet teen fuckhole, the panting girls plump posterior thrusting back against me so she was essentially riding my cock while I kept perfectly still.

    After a while, Winter spread her arms wide on the front of my car, allowing me to freely have my way with her flushed young body from behind, her hands trying to dig into the metallic surface.


    Her panting levels increased, whimpering and soon alerting me to the fact that she was on the verge of climax. Rising so her straightened arms held up the top half of her body, I could hear those ripe titties slapping together as I went all out to make the young girl squirt.

    Holding her neck so she couldn’t move, not that she wanted really intended to, I could feel Ariel's pussy spasming around my girth, the pint sized star dousing me with her girly juices.

    “You’re so wet Miss Winter” I said as I reached down to caress her inflamed clit, making her body further gyrate at my touch.

    I pulled out my drenched member, Ariel stunning me when she lowered her face down to suck me a little more, tasting her own nectar until she was ready to go again. I lay her back down on the front of my car, lying upon her splayed little figure so I could feast upon those succulent, teen norks, biting her engorged nipples.

    After licking, sucking and even motor boating those fantastic jugs of hers, I continued on by kissing down her flat quivering stomach, parting her pale white thighs so I could have unobstructed access below, devouring Ariel's ripe, hairless peach.

    She was still sopping wet after her orgasm, but the little nymph was clearly gagging for it, given the way her legs tightened around my face and how her ass swivelled in circles upon the front of my car. When I began sucking on her clit, that was enough for her to cave in to her lewd, wanton desires.

    "Oh please! I want your cock back inside me, fucking me...!"

    Not wanting to deprive either of us, I scooted between her legs and took hold of her succulent breasts, burying my length back inside her soaking teen box with a single thrust.

    I looked in between our clapping thighs to see my glistening tool rail into her, Ariel rubbing her own clit as she lay back and took a rough pounding, one arm outstretched, those huge white chest baubles wobbling back and forth as I slammed my length inside of her soaking haven.

    "Oh harder! Give it to me!"

    Ariel cupped her own breasts as she was going mental with unbridled lust, soon running a hand through her own sweaty hair, panting, squealing and wincing, having been fucked by a real man.

    "Ohh shit, oh fuck yes!" I chanted.

    I was just about to pull out of the heaving youngster, until I felt Ariel's strong lower limbs lock tightly around my hips, the slutty starlet refusing to let me retract from inside her squirting poon.

    "Keep going! Don't fucking stop!!"

    I naturally obeyed, upping the tempo of my thrusting onslaught, her leaking secretions splattering onto my hips, stomach and inner thighs as I slammed ferociously into Ariel's soaking teen cunt. Her hair was now a dishevelled mess, her face as sweaty as mine.

    "Ughhhh!!" I grunted, my whole shaft inside of her, balls firmly pressed against her ass cheeks as my glans pushed within her womb, spurting deep into Ariel, cumming what felt like endless strands of hot, built up seed inside the flushed starlet.

    "Holy fuck! Take it you little slut!"

    Ariel was right earlier on. I did indeed cum really hard like she promised I would.

    When the sensations of our respective orgasms finally expired, I lay my head upon Ariel's soft, chesty pillows of flesh, both of us breathing audibly, taking in the last forty or so minutes of this memorable encounter.

    I reluctantly withdrew my softening member from her puffy honeypot, Ariel moving her pale white thighs apart, spreading her dark pink lips with two fingers and watching my creamy load ooze out of her slit.

    "Haha... don't you just love having unprotected sex? I know I do..." she laughed, like it was no big deal.

    "You're not wrong", I replied in agreement.

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    Glad to see you write up another Ariel story.

    After countless story about her, they still fresh, hot and well "dam, what a story".

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    Grrr this was a nice surprise hearsz. Glad to see u didnt give up on writing completely. If anyone can bring u outta the shadows its definitely Ariel. Great work mate. :great:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacDennis View Post
    Grrr this was a nice surprise hearsz. Glad to see u didn't give up on writing completely. If anyone can bring u outta the shadows its definitely Ariel. Great work mate. :great:
    Thanks man, it'd been a while and with all that Ariel's been posting of late, she was practically crying out for a new story to be written - couldn't help myself, haha. And I had a lot of material to work with since the last story about her. Glad you enjoyed it!

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    Fantastic story mate!.. Been a long time since Ariel appeared here. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by loving_one30 View Post
    Fantastic story mate!.. Been a long time since Ariel appeared here. Thanks!
    Cheers loving_one30, it was well overdue for not only me to write about her, but for the AW fans on CFF!

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    Great story! So frickin' hot. I half-finished a story with her on a car as well, but it's not like I would've finished it anytime soon. You have me wanting to pick up and write again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFscribe View Post
    Great story! So frickin' hot. I half-finished a story with her on a car as well, but it's not like I would've finished it anytime soon. You have me wanting to pick up and write again!
    Thanks mate, I was wondering if you were still around!
    If you start writing again, let me know if you need any help or want to discuss some scene ideas etc.

    Speaking of cars...

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