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Thread: "Daddy Issues" with Lia Marie Johnson

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    fanfiction "Daddy Issues" with Lia Marie Johnson

    Daddy Issues
    with Lia Marie Johnson
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, inc, public, blowjob, creampie
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

    Having been an absentee father for almost seven years, it was hardly surprising when I turned up at the family house to be greeted by a sharp slap across the face by my now twenty-year-old daughter – Lia.

    Fortunately her mother was a little more accommodating, but not before giving me the same treatment as our feisty daughter. With my face stinging, I was invited in to talk and hash it out.

    Lia didn't let me out of her sights however, glaring at me from across the table. It was while trying to hold a civilised conversation with my ex-wife that I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous Lia had grown up to be – not to mention the bombshell body she had, showcased in a form-fitting summer dress that hugged her every curve.

    Having suitably explained my current situation, I was graciously offered the couch to crash on for the night but the pair made it perfectly clear they wanted me gone and out of their lives again come tomorrow.

    Still, Lia huffed and rolled her eyes, infuriated that I was even allowed in the house before storming upstairs to her room. Not long later she came back down, barely saying a word before heading out.

    "You let her go out dressed like that?" I asked her mom, shocked at my daughter's attire.

    She simply shrugged. "Trust me, it's easier not to fight about it, she'll only act up even more."

    Still, the image of Lia scantily clad in heels, a tiny plaid skirt, a body-hugging tank-top and choker didn't leave my head all night long.

    It was gone 3am by the time she came stumbling in drunk off her ass and making no effort to be sneaky about it.

    Strangely enough my fatherly instincts finally kicked in as I got up to meet her at the door only to find she wasn't alone, accompanied by some boy who had his hands all over her.

    "Who's this?" I asked angrily.

    "This? Oh it's...err—what was your name again?" Lia giggled.

    With that said I quickly threw the guy out and sent him on his way. Naturally this set Lia off again who drunkenly slapped me. I gave her one for free but when she followed me back to my makeshift bed and continued to beat on my chest I finally grabbed her by the wrists to stop her. We grappled for a bit until she really stunned me by suddenly spitting in my face!

    "Oh, you little bitch," I snarled as we fought and ultimately fell back on the sofa with her on top of me.



    "Slut? Oh daddy you have no idea," my sexy daughter grinned, her attitude suddenly changing like the flick of a switch. "And guess who the one to blame is?"

    "Get off me," I grunted as I tried to push her away.

    Instead she squeezed me with her strong thighs and pinned my wrists down, locking me in place while I desperately tried not to get a hard-on as she subconsciously rocked and grinded against me.

    "What's the matter? Your little girl not as sweet and innocent as you remember?" she teased further before suddenly flashing me a peek up her skirt to reveal she wasn't wearing a stitch of underwear.

    My eyes grew wide at the brief look at her glorious shaved cunt. I didn't know whether to be infuriated or aroused.

    "Don't worry, I was wearing panties when I left the house," Lia assured me. "I guess some guy decided to take them as a little keepsake. I don't really remember if I'm honest."

    "Stop it Lia, you're drunk," I muttered, trying to control both my temper and growing inappropriate arousal as my own daughter practically rubbed her bare cunt against my leg.

    "No," she snapped angrily. "You're gonna lie there and let me tell you everything your precious daughter did tonight!"

    "I'll just tell your mothe—"

    "I don't give a fuck, she knows what I'm like," Lia interrupted. "She's probably just jealous, she wishes she got laid as much as me. I bet she lies in bed and listens to me moaning like a little whore every other night!"

    "That's enough Lia!"

    "Is it?! Then why are you so fucking hard right now?"

    I simply held my tongue and glared up at her, deciding to accept this strange, unusual punishment, for now anyway.

    "I haven't even started yet...haven't even told you how I went out alone, no friends or anything. Do you know the looks a girl like me gets walking into a bar all by herself? Fuck daddy. It turned me on. All those drunk men undressing me with their eyes, wanting to FUCK me! Maybe I should have let them, just let them all have a turn on me?"

    Her voice had gotten low and seductive and try as I might I couldn't drown it out or ignore her as my cock got harder than ever and now pressed against her thigh. While she'd originally been calling me daddy sarcastically, it now just rolled off her tongue as if it were perfectly natural.

    "...but no, I'm not that naughty. Not yet anyway, even though you clearly liked the sound of that, you dirty perv!"

    I blushed with shame as Lia had clearly felt the way my cock had throbbed against her as she put the vivid, dirty imagery in my head.

    "Anyway, I saw this one guy, he looked like he was on his own too. He was cute, kinda you. So I went over, took his hand and dragged him onto the dance floor. Guys don't say no to me," Lia continued casually. "Everyone was jealous of him daddy, they couldn't take their eyes off me as we started dancing. He definitely wasn't shy either, we barely said two words to each other before he had his hands all over me. All over your little girl."

    By now I was barely even resisting her, my lips were dry and Lia's eyes were half closed as she reminisced.

    "Mmm, daddy and then his cock...fuck. He felt almost as big as you when I started grinding my ass against it. I don't even know what happened then but the next thing I knew we were in the bathroom. You wanna know what he did then?"

    Lia paused, glaring down at me through her dishevelled blonde hair, waiting for an answer which I refused to give.

    "C'mon daddy, don't you want to know?" she purred seductively. "Why don't I show you?"

    With that my drunk daughter suddenly reached into my pants and grabbed my boner, giving it a firm squeeze. I gasped, grabbing her wrist to stop her before taking the opportunity to over-power her and finally get her off me.

    As it turned out this actually left her in an even more compromising position as Lia now slipped off the sofa to end up on her knees between my legs, tugging my pants down with her.

    "I'm gonna tell you what he did anyway," she said, grabbing my tool again. "He bent your little girl over the sink...pulled this little skirt up over my nice round ass...and he fucked me!"

    "God damnit," I grunted under my breath as she continued lazily stroking my cock.

    "You know I think I remember what happened to my panties now," Lia added. "This guy was so fucking eager to get to my tight little cunt, he just ripped them straight off me! Yeah, he definitely wasn't gentle with me. I fucking loved it.

    "He fucked me hard. I watched him do it in the mirror. I looked so hot bent over in my heels getting pounded. I came all over his cock daddy! You know I even called him that. 'Daddy'. That really got him going. He made me scream!

    "Ugh I'm getting wet right now just thinking about it," Lia groaned, using her other hand to play with her pussy. "Of course he didn't last long. I heard him moaning and getting really hard inside me, so I got to my knees just like I am now...he grabbed my hair and just shoved his dirty cock in my pretty mouth and fucked my face!

    "He made me taste myself, not that I mind, I taste real good. He came so much in my mouth, a lot of it ended up over my tits but I drank as much as I could and then? He just left. Left me there on the bathroom floor wearing his cum! I felt so. fucking. dirty.

    "I was still there a few minutes later when some other guy came in. I was still so turned on, I sucked his cock too! That was the kid you kicked out just now. Shame really because I was about to give him the best night of his life and you ruined it, so are you happy now, daddy? Ruining yet another life?"

    I'd heard more than enough and without thinking, I did the first thing that came to mind to finally shut my wayward daughter up – grabbing her dirty blonde hair and forcing her mouth down on my cock!

    I don't know what made me do it, weather it was jealousy or pure lust but as far as I was concerned the girl on her knees before me was no longer my daughter, she was just another young slut who wanted some hard cock, and I was prepared to give her exactly what she craved.

    In her shock, Lia choked and gagged over my length as I bunched up her hair into a ponytail and began roughly fucking her wet mouth, taking the opportunity to turn the tables and talk down to her.

    "Yeah good girl, is that what you want?" I growled. "That's it, suck my dick you little cunt!"

    Lia moaned wantonly and to my surprise showed little to no resistance as I had my way with her, in fact the more I abused her, the more turned on she seemed to get – she appeared to particularly love being called a cunt which amused me since I recalled her mother being just as submissive when she was her age.

    Before long, without being asked, Lia suddenly whipped her top off, showing off her mind-blowing rack while she took over and now keenly blew me of her own accord in nothing but her heels, skirt and choker.

    I grunted and moaned out loud as my little girl impressed with her oral skills, spitting and slobbering all over me while fingering her own clam until I ultimately pulled her up onto the sofa and watched her instinctively spread her legs wide, allowing me to rub the head of my penis against her wet pussy.

    "Yeah, is that what you want?" we both growled at the exact same time.

    We paused and simply glared at each other for a long minute as we both threatened to have sex and we realised we weren't so different afterall. In fact we both appeared to come to the same decision at the same time as well, with a push down from me and a slight roll of her hips up, I was suddenly embedded in my only daughter!

    "Oh fuck!" Lia squeaked in amazement as I slammed in deep. " that! Harder!"

    I grit my teeth and grabbed my insatiable daughter by the hips as I pounded her hard and fast into the sofa, amazed at how snug and good her pussy felt around my cock. To my surprise it didn't take long before Lia suddenly groaned and arced her back as she came, prompting me to flip her over and take her from behind.

    This really seemed to agree with her as she moaned louder than ever, whipping her hair back for me to grab and pull on as I railed her as hard as I could.

    "Yeah you like that?" I panted, slapping her ass for good measure. "You know your mother always liked it like this too."

    "Oh God—" she sobbed. "You're so dirty, so fucking bad..."

    "Where do you think you got it from?" I quipped before wrapping a hand around her throat and pulling her body against mine to squeeze and play with her tits.

    "Fuck—fuck daddy I'm gonna cum again!"

    "Do it. Do it sweetheart," I growled in her ear before she flashed me another smouldering look.

    "I'm not your sweetheart," she hissed.

    "Fine then, come for me you little cunt!"

    "Ugh—yeah that's better, fuck your little cunt daddy!"

    With that said, I gave her a few more deep pumps before, without warning, I exploded inside her, flooding her walls with my hot creamy load as she shrieked out and came with me!

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    Ffs. And again another fucking winner from u. Shit man. I think her and sarah r 2 that play that rolw so fucking well. It just suits them to a t. Just bravo man.

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    Holy Fuck!!.. That is simply one of the most amazing stories... She really suits that role so well.. and the story telling.. JUst WOW!

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    Fucking hell, that was insanely hot.

    Love Lia, she's one of my favorites, so it's always nice to see her get a story.
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