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Thread: Comic Con! Chapter 1 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Comic Con! Chapter 1 (CYA)

    (CYA) choose your adventure
    Comic Con! Chapter 1

    With Katheryn Winnick
    Created by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, creampie

    It's day 1 of the 2017 San Diego Comic Con convention and you've been tasked with guarding a nearby hotel just a few blocks away from the main event, which leaves you peeved as you were looking forward to being stationed at the convention center itself, rubbing shoulders with all the stars.

    You're only consolation is that the hotel your watching happens to host several of the VIPs that weekend, allowing you a glimpse at the ladies who are attending the event, and giving you a chance to flirt and mingle with them if only briefly.

    At first the day threatens to be dull and mundane until, you get a call at the front desk from one of the guests upstairs, asking you to come up and check out an issue they have with their room.

    Minutes later you head up to the designated floor, only to be taken aback when the door opens and you realize the girl in question happens to be VIKINGS star, Katheryn Winnick.

    "What seems to be the trouble?" you ask, as you try not to stare at her impressive rack and two very distinct pokies, while she stands there scantily clad in nothing more than a silk robe and camisole set.

    "Can you come inside for a minute, I seem to have an issue with the shower."

    "Err, this really isn't my department," you explain. "You should probably have one of the hotel guys look at it."

    "Please, can you take a look?"

    Considering her current attire - and the smoky, sultry look she gives you - you decide to help out and take a look anyway.

    "ugh, I really hope you can help me out. I need to take a shower before I head downstairs and attend my panel today," she whines as you follow her into the lavish suite and towards the bathroom.

    The inside of the apartment seems to be bathed in darkness, with nothing but a muted TV on in the distance and what you detect as the scent of weed in the air.

    At first you can't help but entertain some very lewd thoughts about how this little visit might end, but your dreams are quickly dashed as you walk into the master bedroom to get to the shower, only to find a naked guy passed out in bed.

    You're attitude quickly changes as you realize this really IS a professional call, and your change in demeanor doesn't go unnoticed with Katheryn grinning smugly to herself as she notices how stern you suddenly seem.

    "See, no hot water." she points out, while bending over to try the shower and flashing you more of her deep cleavage.

    "I see. I should probably get back downstairs," you reply bluntly, before glancing at her sleeping boyfriend on the bed. "I'll let someone know downstairs, and have them call up maintenance."

    "How long will that take!"

    "Not sure,"

    There's a long pause as she stares at you.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Wrong? Err nothing, why?" you mumble as you turn around and head right for the exit.

    In fact you can't get out of there faster, which apparently amuses her.

    "Wait a minute," Katheryn says, before catching you at the front door. "What's your rush, you just got here."

    "Well, I wouldn't want to disturb your friend." you quip sarcastically.

    Katheryn can't help but giggle as you make it abundantly clear what's bothering you - that you didn't expect there to be any company when she invited you into her room.

    "Ah, I see. Tell me the truth, you thought you were going to get lucky just now didn't you?"

    "What? Not at all,"

    "I saw the way you were looking at me, the way you were checking me out."

    "Erm, no."

    "-the way you were looking at my body, my tits."

    Things suddenly seem awkward as you try to leave, but she refuses to let it go.

    "Be honest, you thought we were going to fuck!"

    Even though you both know it's true, you keep denying it but she doesn't believe you.

    "You can deny it all you want, I can see it in your eyes." she goes on while holding the door shut. "You were going to try and fuck me."

    Caught in your own lie, you finally snap and insist that you were only being courteous, and that you don't appreciate her accusations. Amusingly enough this sudden burst of anger gets her attention quick smart and it stops and startles her for a minute, as she just glares back you - wondering how to respond.

    In fact you can't tell if she's going to kiss or slap you in that moment, judging from the expression on her face.

    "Are you finished?"

    "Look, I have to leave but I'll have someone come up soon."

    "Wait, before you go."

    Just then, as you turn to look back at her, Katheryn kisses you hard on the lips! A moment later you feel her pin you up against the door as she throws herself at you, attacking you with her lips and body.

    You can feel her firm breasts press up against your chest as she plunges her long tongue down your throat, while you instinctively run your hands all over her body, reach down to cup and squeeze her thick round rump with both hands.

    "Mm.. you like my ass, huh?"

    Before you have time to answer, Katheryn suddenly and abruptly rips your shirt open and kisses your neck, licking her way down your chest to take one of your nipples into her mouth, biting and licking it, before kissing you again with full tongue.

    "-what about your boyfriend," you mumble between kisses.

    "He's not my boyfriend," she grins as you paw at each others bodies. "I just met him last night."

    The actress then stops to peel her silk robe and camisole off her shoulders and suddenly stands before you as naked as the day she was born, presenting you with two of the most magnificent natural breasts you've ever seen.

    You immediately devour each milk jug with vim and vigor, sucking and slurping her erect nipples into your mouth as she tosses back her head and moans to the action.

    Winnick shoves her tongue back into your mouth then drops to her knees in front of you, leaving little doubt as to what she wants next.

    "Come on, take it out!" she hisses, "Hurry up, before he wakes up."

    You don't need to be asked twice as you take out your cock and then watch the stunning actress hungrily engulf your bell-end with her mouth, moaning audibly as she sucks you with relish.

    You initially just stand there enjoying the sensation of her mouth, watching her suck and drool all over your dick until you finally proceed to move your hips, and fuck her hot mouth.

    Judging from the continual moans she makes, Katheryn really gets off on the lewd act of you fucking her mouth, as you pivot her face from side to side and drill the side of her cheek - causing it to budge around your cock head.

    In fact the entire scene is so lewd and erotic, the sound of her slobbering mouth echoing in the apartment, that she almost makes you pop before you pull her up from the floor and drag her ass over to the sofa where you push her over the back of it, line up your sword and just SLAM home – taking her breath away!


    With her "boyfriend" still sleeping in the very next room, you both can't afford to take all day or make any noise so you POUND her as hard and fast as humanly possible, hoping to get your rocks off quickly as you feel how utterly sopping wet she is.

    The sound of you skin smacking against skin now fills the room as you hold her pinned down and bent over the couch.

    "ugh-ugh, fuck!" she growls. "Fuck me!"

    You happily oblige and drill her hard while pulling her hair, groping and squeezing her large soft breasts, and feel her actually push back against you almost urging and willing you on.

    "Harder! Ah...yeah, like that. Fuck!"

    It only takes a few more pumps into her slick, tight, heavenly pussy for you to suddenly explode inside her clam – filling her womb with your hot creamy spunk before pulling out to shoot the remainder of your load right across her thick butt.

    Winnick grunts to the action before flipping around to drop to her knees and take your twitching cock into her mouth, sucking and polishing you off as you see stars.

    Unfortunately for her, you don't even have time to say anything as you both hear some movement in the bedroom followed by her lover calling out her name from the bed.


    "Shit! Get out of here," she tells you while waving her hands around and addressing her lover. "Yes baby, I'll be right there!"

    You barely zip up your pants as you rush out the door, flashing her an appreciative wink as she shuts it behind you. Minutes later you head back down to the front desk, having changed shirts (after Katheryn destroyed the previous one) and get a call from the boss.

    Seems he wants to make it up to you after you volunteered for the shitty hotel gig, and now apparently has several openings around the convention center, including picking up and driving a few of the celebrities from the airport nearby.

    "Do you think you're up to it," he offers. "I mean it's up to you, but let me know if there's anywhere else you want to be stationed."

    "Where ever the girls are boss, where ever the girls are." you joke.

    "That shouldn't be a problem," he chuckles. "The convention is packed to the rafters today, celebrities everywhere."

    "Sounds good to me."

    Who should be in the next chapter?

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    Gal, Morena, or Melissa next please for the love of god.

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    .Supergirl for me !

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    I vote for Gal Gadot and Melissa Benoist.
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