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Thread: Comic Con! Chapter 2 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Comic Con! Chapter 2 (CYA)

    (CYA) choose your adventure
    Comic Con! Chapter 2
    With Sophie Turner
    Created by TPG
    CODES: MF, cuckold, blowjob, public, fingering

    Having picked up the keys to a brand new G-wagon from the office, you drive over to the local airport to pick up your first celebrity of the afternoon in the form of Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, who to your surprise doesn't appear to be alone and is joined by her "boyfriend" Joe Jonas?

    You can't help but feel a little disappointed by this, but despite this unexpected development you can tell Sophie is attracted to you from the perpetual smile on her face, as you accompany them back to your vehicle and invite them to take a seat in the back, as you climb up front and drive them back to her hotel.

    Unfortunately for you the traffic that day is horrendous and you quickly get caught up in it, as you watch the two love-birds canoodle in the backseat and observe the way Sophie is scooping you out and watching you, watch her via the mirror.

    With her "boyfriend" still kissing on her, the "X-MEN" actress proceeds to ask you twenty questions and seems very interested in you, and isn't afraid to openly flirt. You decide to have some fun with this and ask her about their relationship, and chuckle inwardly as she literally throws him under the bus and claims that they haven't been together very long, and are not serious.

    The look on his face is priceless.

    "What?" she shrugs, trying to excuse her comments. "You said it yourself, this is just a casual thing isn't it?"

    This quickly leads to an argument between them with Joe asking your opinion on relationship stuff, but to his chagrin you not only shut him down but clearly side with her on the topic, who at this point is flashing you a very smug look.

    "ugh, why am I even asking him anyway," Joe whines. "He's only agreeing with you cause he thinks he's going to get laid!"

    Amusingly enough Sophie takes offense to this – as he's essentially calling her a slut - and she gives her a dirty look.

    "Really, Joe?" she snaps. "You really think I'm like that?"

    "Hey, I'm not saying that he WOULD get lucky, just that he thinks he would. Jesus."

    "Well since you put it like that, maybe he would." Sophie counters. "And even if he did, there's nothing you can do about it."

    "Fine. Whatever." he mops. "Like I give a shit."

    Over the next few minutes the two of them simply sit there huffing at each other in silence, while he plays with his phone. Meanwhile Sophie continues to stare at you through the mirror – literally eye fucking you - as she plays with her hair and bites her lips.

    Feeling bold you decide to give her a playful wink, acknowledging how you both managed to piss her boyfriend off, but then panic for when she suddenly seems to have something to say, and asks you to pull over?

    "Err, we're out on the highway in the middle of traffic. I wouldn't get out here," you point out, but Sophie seems determined.

    She then says she wants to sit up front and keep YOU company, since her current "date" is such a fucking bore and baby, and before Joe even has time to think of something witty to say, Sophie climbs between the two seats to join you in the passenger seat, leaving her boyfriend all alone in the back of the truck.

    "Fuck it, whatever." the Jonas brother pouts some more. "-do what you want, you always do anyway."

    "Thanks, I will." Sophie quips back sarcastically. "Idiot."

    "Bitch," he mumbles under his breath. "Everyone told me it was a mistake asking you out,"

    "Sorry, what?" Sophie suddenly arcs up in the front seat. "What do you say?"

    You quickly intervene to stop them from going at it again, but mostly to stop her from blowing her top. It's only a second later that you realize you suddenly have your hand on her leg, which instantly brings a smile to her face as you follow her eyes line.

    "Shit, sorry." you apologize.

    "No, that's fine." Sophie flirts. "Lucky your here to stop me, otherwise I'd smash that asshole."

    Even though the Joe can clearly hear your conversation he attempts to ignore her comments and puts on his headphone – acting like a spoiled child. Noting this Sophie rolls her eyes and proceeds to curse him out and berates herself for ever hooking up with him.

    "I'm such a fucking idiot,"

    "If you don't mind me asking but, why are you two...?"

    You don't even have to finish the question as she knows what you're going to ask - why she's dating suck a child. As it turns out, one of her Hollywood friends (Hailee) apparently thought it'd be a good idea for them to hook up, to help give her some publicity.

    Over the next few minutes you and Sophie almost forget the fact that Joe's in the back of the vehicle as you two laugh and flirt, and at one point she turns up the stereo in the back so that he's totally drowned out and can't hear you two joking around, giving you even more privacy to chat.

    You then comment on how good she looks, as she mentions how "he" doesn't even appreciate it, even after all the extra effort she's put into it, including buying some matching lace bra and panty set from Victoria's Secret.

    "I do shit like that all the time, not that he'd ever notice or appreciation it."

    You can tell from the look in her eyes that she really wants to impress you, and you decide to play her game and call her bluff, and ask her to show you the said underwear.

    To your surprise Sophie doesn't hesitate in flashing you, and briefly exposes her sheer bra which clearly features two very erect, pink nipples, one of which appear to be pierced with a small chrome barbell.

    "Hmm, cheeky girl." you grin, as she starts to blush a little but clearly gets off on showing you her goods.

    You now suspect Sophie is much more kinkier than you presumed, since not only does she get off on showing YOU her body, but doesn't seem bothered by the fact you're sounded by dozens of other cars in bumper to bumper traffic.


    "What about the rest," you tease.

    There's a long pause as she contemplates your lewd request – inquiring about her matching sheer panties.

    "Guess you'll just have to believe me,"


    "How am I," she mocks outrage, before giggling.

    "Prove it."

    A sly grin appears on her face.

    "Why don't you come here and find out yourself,"

    With her permission, you reach over to "inspect" her panties and watch as she unbuttons her pants and allows you to slip your fingers inside. In fact she doesn't stop you as you slide your hand into her tight pants and make direct contact with her underwear.

    Even though she's proven her point, you decide to go for broke and shove your hand deeper inside to rub her young cunt with two fingers. Funnily enough despite her cockiness, Sophie blushes and tenses up briefly as you now stroke her pretty little pussy over her lace panties.

    "Nice, very nice." you comment. "-they feel ...soft."

    "You have no idea," she whispers, referring to her freshly shaved peach.

    "oh, I think I have an idea."

    "No, you wouldn't. Besides, I'd be careful if I were you," she tells you. "cause once I get started, I can't stop."

    To prove her point, Sophie reaches down to place her hand on top of yours and actively invites you to slip your fingers beneath her underwear and finger her directly, with you plunging two digits deep into her wet cunt!

    Amusingly enough as this goes on, little Jonas boy in the backseat seems totally unaware of what's going on or that you're now probing his sexy girlfriend in the front seat with two fingers.

    "ugh, how long until we get to the hotel," she pants softly, as you watch her spread her knees for you.

    "Don't worry, we've got plenty of time to have fun."

    You now have one hand on the wheel while the other is playing, as Sophie can't help but giggle at the entire incident.

    "I can't believe I'm actually letting a complete strange finger me right now," she remarks. "And with my boyfriend in the car!"

    "I can stop if you want me to," you withdraw slightly, only to feel her clamp her legs around your hand and stop you.

    "Don't you dare stop now," she snaps back, before reaching over to grasp the boner in your pants.

    The two of you are so charged up and caught up in the moment of it all that you almost forget her dickhead boyfriend is seating behind you in the truck, blissfully unaware of what's going on.

    "I think this might hurt your boyfriends feelings," you chuckle as you add another finger to the mix, and thanks to how unbelievably wet she is, her pussy easily accepts three fingers.

    "ugh. Screw him, he's a twat." she moans softly. "I've never been this turned on in my life."

    "Turned on, or wet?"


    "You know," you comment. "You sure have a mouth on you."

    "Mm. I've been told that before," Sophie grins, knowing what you're alluding to – you want a blowjob.

    "I'm game if you are," you shrug, daring her into action.

    "Take it out, and I will." she taunts back. "I dare you."

    Never one to back out of a challenge, you then offer her to do the honors and Sophie doesn't need to be asked twice, reaching over to take out your cock before jerking you off in her hand.

    "-why don't you show me how you use that dirty mouth,"

    The HBO star then glances back at her boyfriend to see if he's even paying attention - which he isn't, as he's watching TV on his phone and has his headphones in. Sophie pulls her long hair to one side and leans over to take your cock into her mouth, blowing you!

    Funnily enough her cock-sucking skill aren't the best, but the entire ordeal makes you harder than steel particularly since her boyfriend is right behind you and finally looks up and realizes what's going on.

    Of course, Joe is such a pussy he dare not say anything and instead just sits there watching and pouting as his "girlfriend" works her magic, in the middle of San Diego traffic no less.

    "I can't believe you're doing that shit right now," he finally whines after taking off his headphones. "You're such a bitch!"

    "Well maybe if you weren't such an asshole, I wouldn't have to resort to this."

    It's at this point that you grab the back of her head and push her down on you, filling her mouth and making her gag and her eyes well up as you choke her with your shlong.

    "Just suck my dick, Sansa Stark." you smirk as Joe chuckles along and almost seems to envy you.

    "Yeah do what he says, you slut!" he hisses from the backseat, as though it's not the first time he's been cuckold by her.

    "Fuck you, asshole." Sophie quips back before sucking you harder and deeper.

    Unfortunately for her the three of you soon arrive to the hotel where you immediately drive down into the parking garage for more privacy. You then find a place to park and sit back for a minute to watch her work you over, Sophie spitting and licking your entire shaft before taking you deep into her throat – and making lewd gagging sounds with her throat.

    "Seems you picked her up on a good day, usually she's not this much of a slut!" Joe comments from the back of the truck.

    "Shut the fuck up!" you tell him, as she continues to blow you. "-just sit there, and shut your fucking mouth."

    You then place one hand on the back of her head and grab the base of your cock with the other.

    "You call yourself a real cocksucker... let's see what you got." you comment as you rub the head of your dick against her lips. "Come on, open your mouth Sophie, don't be shy about it."

    To her credit, Turner responds by diving onto your cock, taking you as deep and for as long as she can into her mouth and throat. She pulls off long enough to take a breath then sucks you with lots of spit and suction, which brings you to full mast in seconds.

    "Good girl," you tell her as she continues to suck and lick your sword like a good little slut.

    After only a few minutes of her worshiping your rod, you started to warn her that you're getting close, which she can tell by the way you're squirming in your seat. You grab the back of her head and really start to fuck her mouth, holding her long hair in a pony-tail as she reaches down into her own panties to twiddle her pussy.

    "That's right, rub your cunt for me ...while you suck that fat cock!" you hiss. "Right in front of your little boyfriend over there,"

    "-mmpphff yeah, come for me!" she finally moans while slurping her tongue around your throbbing bell-end. "Come in my mouth!"

    She barely has time to finish the sentence before you erupt inside her mouth - the first spurt firing into the back of her throat, while the second and subsequent loads fill her entire mouth.

    The actress keeps the head of your cock between her lips and groans with each spurt, until your orgasm subsides, then leans back and swallows hard so you can watch her guzzle you down. Even as you zip up, Joe is still being snarky towards her from the back, and you immediately put a stop to it.

    "Listen you little shit, if I hear you talking down to her again I'm going to ram my fist through your chest and rip out your heart!"

    The pint-sized singer can only nod his head and vows never to speak to her like that again, as Sophie wipes her chin and is clearly grateful for your load and pep talk. As the couple finally proceed to hop out of the vehicle she hands you her number.

    "Err, if you're not busy later tonight give me a call. I'll meet up with you anywhere you like. I promise I'll make it worth your while."

    "We'll see how things play out, I might be busy later on."

    "Well, at least think about it okay," Sophie adds. "cause I'd love to introduce you to a few of my friends."

    "Friends, you say?"

    Who should be in the next chapter?

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    Voted for Melissa Benoist and Gal Gadot.
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    Great chapter, TPG.

    Anyways, I voted for Natalie Lind.
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