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Thread: "Fourth of July" with Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner

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    fanfiction "Fourth of July" with Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner

    Fourth of July
    With Hailee Steinfeld & Sophie Turner
    Written by TheLW
    Codes: MF, MFF, 69ing, Anal, Blowjob, Facial, Fingering, Oral, Sexting/Texting
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    It's been about ten years, since the now ex-wife and I had moved in next door to Peter and Cheri Steinfeld and their two kids, a son named Griffin and a daughter named Hailee. In the decade since first moving in, I've become rather close to the family, having babysat for the Steinfeld's several times, attending backyard barbecues and birthday parties, among many other things.

    Over the last three years or so, I couldn't help but notice just how attractive of a woman Hailee had become, so much so, I started looking up pictures of her on the internet and masturbating to them. I eventually took things one step further, when one day about a year ago, I came across this celebrity erotic fiction website where there was quite a few stories about her, most of which had to do with her hooking up and fucking her brother Griff, not that it mattered as when I read these stories, I always read them as if it were me fucking the young actress instead.

    Anyways, as I already mentioned, I've always been invited to their backyard barbecues and this fourth of July was no different, as the Steinfeld's would once again be hosting their annual Independence Day bash. On the day of the party, I decided to stop by a couple of hours earlier to see if they needed an extra hand setting things up for the evening's event. A quick rap on the door and a moment later I was greeted by Cheri, who gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, before inviting me inside.

    "Hey Mark, how are you?"

    "I'm good Cheri, just figured I would stop by and see if you guys needed any help preparing for tonight."

    "I could definitely use some help in the kitchen."

    With that I stepped inside, as we made our way towards the kitchen, Cheri asked if I wanted a drink but I turned her down saying I wasn't thirsty at the moment.

    "So is Pete around?"

    "Not at the moment, he went to go pick up Hailee and one of her girlfriends at the airport."

    "Oh that's right, I forgot he mentioned that," I answer back "...I haven't seen Hailee in forever."

    "Well she'll be happy to see you, you're practically like family."

    Over the next half hour we kept ourselves busy in the kitchen, as I chopped up some onions, adding them to a bowl that had ground beef in it, before cracking a couple of eggs and adding them in as well, to help hold everything together… while I was doing that, Cheri went back to making her homemade potato salad.

    We were so busy preparing the food, we didn't even hear Peter and the girls return to the house, until they walked into the kitchen. As Pete gave his wife a kiss, Hailee came around the counter, giving me a hug, I couldn't help but inhale her intoxicating scent.

    "Uncle Mark, it's so good to see you," Hailee says as she breaks off the hug "...I'd like you to meet my best friend Sophie."

    "It's a pleasure to meet you," I say, as I extend my hand to her redheaded friend.

    "Same here," Sophie answers back, accepting my hand.

    As I stood there, meeting the young woman, I had to admit she was rather good looking, of course, having said that, she had nothing on my neighbor's twenty-year-old daughter, who was practically sex on heels, as they say.

    "I'm not actually Hailee's uncle, we've just lived next door to each other for so long, that she feels comfortable calling me that," I reply " the way, have I seen you somewhere before cause you look familiar?"

    "You probably have, I play Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones."

    "I knew I recognized you, I just couldn't place it."

    After introductions were made, everyone went their own way, Peter and I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and headed out back to the pool area, Haiz and her bestie headed up to her bedroom, well Cheri stayed in the kitchen. It's while the two of us sat outside on the patio chairs, drinking our cold beers, when we were joined by the famous starlet's who decided they were going to change into their bikinis and go for a swim. As Hailee's dad and I continued to talk, I couldn't help but check out the two young women, admiring how good their bodies looked… Hailee in a black bikini and Sophie wearing a pink one.

    An hour later, after everyone had a chance to eat up the barbecued burgers, potato salad and the other food Cheri whipped up for the occasion, I excused myself and headed inside making my way to the bathroom. I guess Hailee must have followed me into the house, cause when I finished up in the bathroom and opened the door, she was standing there.

    "Jesus fucking Christ," I start to say, "'re gonna give me a fucking heart attack, Haiz."

    "Sorry uncle Mark, I just… well there is something I want to talk to you about, but I just… I just don't know how to say it."

    "Haiz, I told you before," I tell her, as I use my right hand to lift her chin up, so she is looking me in the eyes, " can talk to me about anything."

    "I know, but this is embarrassing," Hailee looks away, "...I just, I just don't want you to look at me any differently."

    "I would never do that, you know that."

    "I know," she says before continuing "...I just need to say it, and get it out there."

    "So tell me already."

    "OK fine, I have a major crush you." the actress blurts outs.

    To say I was taken aback by this would be the understatement of the year, hell of a lifetime... to find out Hailee Steinfeld had a crush on me was mind blowing, especially when you consider the fact I've spent the last three years lusting after her.

    "I know it probably sounds stupid," she tells me, "...hell it started as an innocent enough crush when I was younger, but I'm twenty-years-old now, and I still think about you all the time."

    "Oh really?"


    "Like how do you mean?"

    "You know, like when I'm getting off," the "Most Girls" singer says embarrassingly as her cheeks turn red.

    Against my better judgement I decided to be honest with her.

    "Look Hailee, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, in fact, if I'm being honest with you," I state, "...I think about you, in a sexual way, all the time as well."

    "Oh My God! Really?" the movie star answers back, "'re not just saying that, to make me feel better?"

    "Of course not, you're a gorgeous woman Haiz, you're smart… funny… kind hearted. It would be damn near impossible for anyone to not develop any kind of feelings towards you."

    "Thank you uncle Mark," the star says, as she wraps her arms around me, giving me another hug.

    "Two things Hailee," I tell her, "...after the discussion we just had, it's probably best to not call me uncle Mark anymore… also, we should head back before your parents start wondering where we are."

    Once I get back to the pool area, I thank both Peter and Cheri for having me over, and telling them that I had a wonderful evening, before making my round of goodbyes and leaving.

    A few hours have passed since the events that happened earlier in the evening with Hailee had transpired, when my cellphone lit up indicating that I had just received a new text message.

    "Hey it's Hailee, are you still awake?"


    "Whatcha doing?"

    "Thinking about you."

    "So does that mean you're playing with yourself?"

    "Of course, how about you?"

    A couple minutes go by, before I get a message saying Hailee sent me a picture… I open it up, to see Haiz sent me a photo of herself, rubbing one out with a vibrator.

    "Does that answer your question?"

    "I see you keep it shaved down there, just the way I like it."

    "Nice and neat, never know when you're gonna hook up with a guy."

    "Aren't you worried someone might have walked in on you taking that picture?"

    "Nah, Sophie fell asleep in the guest bedroom, and mom & dad went out to catch the fireworks, so they won't be back for a while."

    "Fuck, I'll be over in a minute."

    "I'll be waiting."

    With that I grab the spare key the Steinfeld's left me in case of an emergency, though I suspect when they gave it to me, they had no idea I would one day use it, with the intent on banging their little girl, before leaving my place and making a beeline towards their front door.

    Once inside, I make my way up the stairs and head towards Hailee's bedroom, where the door was left ajar, peeking inside I notice that she's still rubbing the sex toy over her love mound.

    A few seconds later I push the door open, as Hailee jumps off of the bed, making her way to me, when she reaches me, she grabs the collar of my shirt pulling me down towards her as our lips lock and we share our first kiss. I push my tongue into her awaiting mouth, as we start to French kiss one another, the both of us continue to explore each other's mouth swapping spit, as my hands roam her body, grabbing her ass and pushing the actress turned singer upwards to me, before we eventually pull our lips apart.

    "Oh god!" the "Pitch Perfect 2" star whispers into my ear, "...I've wanted to kiss you for so long."


    Due to all this built up sexual tension between the two of us, we damn near tear off each other's clothing. Hailee manages to undo my belt buckle, before pulling it out through the loops of my jeans, causing them to fall to the floor. It's only a few seconds more, before my shirt and boxers, as well as her nightgown come off as well.

    "Fuck, why didn't we do this sooner?"

    "Because we were both afraid of what the other one might do," I answered, " more though, we both need this."

    With the both of us naked, standing in the middle of Haiz's room, we slowly make our way to her bed, planting gentle kisses on each other's lips and necks, until we reach our destination.

    The Los Angeles born actress lies down on her bed, as I move in position between her legs, slowly making my way up her thighs, planting kisses up and down them, until I finally reach her shaved clam. Without hesitating, I bury my tongue into her sex hole, eating her out for several minutes, as she brings a hand down and ruffles up my hair.


    As good as I imagined this would be, nothing could prepare me for how sweet her honey nectar tasted, as I persistently lapped away at Hailee Steinfeld's love mound with my tongue, working her over with my impressive oral skills.

    "Fuck me!" the songstress moans out "...I need to feel your cock so bad, Mark."

    With that, I gave the "Edge of Seventeen" star exactly what she asked for, impaling her with my sword, moving my hips back and forth as I slammed into her with one hard thrust after another, well the singer of "Love Myself" wrapped her legs around my waist.

    "Ughhh!" I grunt "...I've wanted to do this for so long."

    After wanting for this to happen for so long, I wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon, as I relentlessly pounded away at Hailee's cunt, fucking her missionary style, and giving her everything I had.

    Eventually I pulled out, as the two of us readjusted our bodies so I was now lying down next to her, grabbing her leg and lifting it into the air, before I slide back into the twenty-year-old and start fucking her in a sideways position. I continued to move my pelvis in an up and down motion, attacking her tight as fuck cunt, like a jackhammer destroying a concrete sidewalk, while this was happening, I brought a finger down to her snatch and started rubbing the outer walls of her vagina, well I fucked the shit outta her.

    "Aghhhh! Fuck!" Hailee screams out "I'm cumming."

    As it turns out, Hailee Steinfeld was rather loud when she got fucked, given that when she came down from her orgasm, we both noticed her best friend Sophie Turner standing in the doorway, arms crossed over her chest.

    "What do we have here?" the Game of Thrones star demands, as she looks at her bestie "...I thought we agreed, that the next time we were together and one of us got a fuck toy, we would share it."

    "I know but you were asleep, and I didn't want to wake you." Hailee answers back, " Mark is different."

    "A lot of bloody good that did, yeah?" Sophie says with that sexy little British accent of hers "...damn near tore the house down, with all that racket."

    "I tell you what, I'm still hard," I said cutting them off, "...and there is plenty of me to go around, so if we're gonna do something, it'll be best to get it done before Peter and Cheri return home."

    "He's right, Soph… are you joining or leaving?"

    "Do you even have to ask, Haiz?" the actress known for her role of Sansa Stark responds, " know I can't turn down a cock as big as his."

    While the red haired woman stripped out of the clothing she was wearing, the "True Grit" star got off of the bed, and dropped to her knees, in-between my legs as she took the base of my cock and started pumping her hand in an up and down motion.

    "Mark, you've got such a beautiful cock," the dark haired movie star says, "...I bet it tastes just as good too."

    With that, Hailee licks the bulbus head of my meat stick in a circular motion, before her cock hungry mouth engulfs my candle wick, taking me into her oral hole. It's while the future Transformers star is bobbing her head, back and forth, taking as much of my shaft as she can down her throat, that she is joined by Sophie Turner.

    The "Most Girls" hitmaker pulls her mouth off of my cock, before offering it to her friend. The British actress spits on the prick offered to her, Sophie then follows it up as she licks up and down the right side of the one eyed monster in front of her. It doesn't take Hailee long to join in, as seconds later, she is running her tongue up and down the other side of my anaconda.

    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would actually have two of the hottest actresses of this generation licking their tongues up and down my pecker, yet that's exactly what was happening. As great as I thought that was though, it was about to get a whole lot better, Hailee did something I didn't think she would do, and took my balls into her awaiting mouth, at the same time Sophie parted her lips, and devoured my rock hard cock.

    "Grrrrh!" I hissed, " good."

    With the tandem working over both my cock and balls, there is only so much I can take and well I would normally be happy with shooting a load down Sophie's throat, there was something I still wanted to do, before busting my nut. The one thing that always stuck out to me about those Hailee stories on the celeb erotic fiction sites was the "Straight to the Ass" nickname they gave her, so I knew before this night ended, I was going to go balls deep in Haiz's ass.

    So it's with that that I pull out of the mouth of the Northampton born actress, before telling her to get on the bed, which she happily complies. As Sophie laid down on the bed, I told Hailee that I wanted to watch the two of them sixty-nine each other.

    Unsurprisingly the songstress nodded her head in agreement, and in fact stated it wouldn't be the first time they've eaten each other out, before getting on top of her redheaded friend and lowering her pussy down onto her face. For the next couple of minutes I just stood back and watched Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner munch down on each other's snatch, enjoying this glorious moment.

    I glanced over at the alarm clock on Hailee's nightstand and saw that it was already 12:15 am and knew in that moment that if I didn't get my dick put into her backdoor now, I probably wouldn't get another chance for a while, given how busy her schedule was.

    As the two women continued to eat each other out, I moved in behind Hailee and lined my rock hard cock up with her rear end. With my schlong pressed up against her rosebud, Hailee knew what I wanted, and actually surprised me, as she reached around grabbing my erected penis and held it into place and actually backed her ass up, until my dick entered her shithole.

    I place my hands on Hailee's waist, slowly thrusting into her at first, not wanting to cause her any discomfort, but once I hear her moaning into Sophie's neatly trimmed sex hole, I start to slam into her a bit faster as my balls slap against her ass cheeks. As things progress, I start to get a good rhythm going, pounding Hailee's bunghole hard and fast, as Sophie relentlessly laps away at her best friends love mound

    "Fuck Hailee," I pant "...I can't hold out any longer, I'm gonna cum."

    It's with one final thrust, that my cock spasms and I explode inside of Hailee's rectum, like a fourth of July fireworks display, shooting rope after rope of my gooey cum into her backdoor. Sophie got a nice little surprise of her own, as when I pulled out, a final rope of jizz shot out, splashing across her nose and chin, in the process.

    The End
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    That was HOT AF TheLW!

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