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Thread: "Cheer Squad" with Olivia Holt and Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "Cheer Squad" with Olivia Holt and Paris Berelc

    Cheer Squad
    With Olivia Holt & Paris Berelc
    Written by TheLW
    Codes: MF, MMMFF, Anal, Blowjob, DP, Interracial, Rim, Spank
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Growing up, Paris Berelc was always athletic, having taken part in gymnastics when she was younger. It was during her freshman year at Howler college, that she decided to sign up for the cheerleading team at her school.

    Howler, like most schools across North America, had its fair share of hazing rituals, be it one of the sorority/fraternity houses on campus or the sports teams that represented the schools. It was during one of the try-out sessions that Paris was informed on what one of these initiations were, by a petite blonde named Olivia Holt, who happened to be the captain of Howler's cheer squad.

    "Line up, noobs," Holt tells Paris and the other potential recruits "...if you want to be a part of this squad, you are going to have to do more than just learn a few routines."

    "When I tried out for the team last year," Liv paces back and forth between the four prospects while saying this "...I had to seduce and fuck one of my professors..."

    "But I, I've never had sex before," says a red headed recruit, interrupting the cheerleader captain "...I can't do this."

    "There's the door," the blonde answers back, pointing towards it "'re more than welcome to leave."

    "Anyone else planning on interrupting me?" Olivia Holt asks as the redhead makes her exit, before continuing on "... well, you won't have to hook up with one of your teachers, if you want to make my squad, you're going to have to fuck a member of the school's football team, as your final initiation."

    A short time later, Paris Berelc, dressed in a blue and white cheerleading uniform, finds herself standing outside of the locker room area, before taking in a deep breath and pushing the door open heading inside. Once inside, the raven haired teen hears water running from the nearby shower stalls and decides to make her way towards them, where she spies a Caucasian male named Michael, who happens to play the wide receiver position for the school team.

    With the football star's back towards her, Paris quietly strips out of her cheerleading uniform, dropping the outfit onto the floor, before sneaking into the shower stall.

    "Hey there handsome.”

    Startled Michael turns around and sees the 5’3 beauty standing there as naked as the day she was born.

    "Hey uh it's Paris right?"

    “Yeah, mind if I join you?” Berelc asks as she seductively bites her lower lip.

    Before Michael can answer however, the Wisconsin native pushes him up against the tile wall, reaching down and grabbing his schlong.

    "As I'm sure you already know," the Filo hottie says as she starts stroking the man's pecker "...for my last initiation, I need to get fucked by some jock cock."

    "Oh really?"


    "Yeah, I can definitely help you out with that," Michael answers back, as the shower head continues to shoot out warm water, splashing it across their naked bodies, all the while, Paris is still pumping her hand up and down his shaft.

    Not wanting to waste anymore time with pleasantries, Michael scoops up the teenage babe in his arms, spinning around and pressing the Lab Rats: Elite Force star up against the tile wall, before impaling her neatly trimmed pussy with his candle wick, all in one quick motion.

    "Yes! fuck me!" Paris purrs, as Michael attacks her sex hole, with one hard thrust after another.

    As Michael persistently pounds away at the Disney stars love mound, he brings his lips down to her breasts, engulfing them into his mouth, going back and forth as he sucks on Paris' nipples.

    "Uhhhh! Ahhhh!"

    Michael pulls out as he lets Paris Berelc recover, before she places her hands on the wall of the shower stall, sticking her rear end out as Michael can't help but give her ass a hard slap.

    "Oh God!" the actress pants.

    A few seconds later, Michael finds himself back inside the eighteen-year-old's cunt, as he hammers away at her inner walls. Getting a bit carried away, Michael grabs a handful of the cheerleading recruits wet hair, as he pulls her head back towards him, so Paris is looking at him, and plants a kiss on her lips.

    "Fuck me harder!" the TV star cries out.

    It's while Michael is slamming into the Filipina beauty from behind when Olivia and two of Michael's teammates walk in on the wanton action taking place in the locker room. On either side of the blonde cheerleader stood a Caucasian named Jackson (team linebacker), and an African-American named Derek (team quarterback).

    "Well what do we have here?" Olivia says alerting the two of them of their presence "...looks like someone has made the squad."

    "I guess congratulations are in order." the cheer captain continues to speak "...I suppose we should celebrate."

    Liv then looks over at both Derek and Jackson who take the hint and start taking their clothes off, before gladly helping the I Didn't Do It star out of her outfit as well.

    Within seconds, Jackson lays down across one of the locker room benches, as Olivia Holt gets on top of him, straddling his rock hard cock, she bucks her hips back and forth. As Liv is riding Jackson's shaft, Michael moves from the shower stall, so he is standing in front of her, offering the Tennessee native his meat stick, which she all too happily takes into her mouth.

    While this is happening, Paris moves in behind Liv, grabbing her ass cheeks and pushing them apart, before spitting onto the blonde songstresses rosebud. The Mighty Med star then lowers her head, bringing her tongue towards Holt's back door, as she starts eating out the 'History' singers asshole.

    "It feels so good," Holt cries out, as she can't help but let a moan escape her cock stuffed mouth.

    As Paris continues to munch away on Olivia's ass, she suddenly gets a wide-eyed look on her face, when Derek comes from behind, entering the eighteen-year-old's teenage snatch with his ten-inch, thick as fuck, black meat stick. Derek places his hands on her hips, as he slowly starts to feed the Milwaukee born actress inch after inch of his black snake, allowing her to grow accustomed to the girth of his boom stick.

    Meanwhile, Michael grabs a handful of the blonde's hair, and begins to fuck her pretty little face, as Olivia can't help but taste the Mighty Med stars sweet pussy juice all over his cock. Given the fuck session Michael had earlier in the shower with Paris and now this blowjob/face fucking from Olivia Holt, it doesn't take long until his prick starts throbbing and he explodes in her mouth, shooting a load of hot gooey spunk down the back of her throat.

    Things progress, as Paris finds herself lying back first on the floor, with her legs over Derek's shoulders, as he pile-drives into her repeatedly with his big black cock.

    "Gaahhh! Ughhh!" Paris Berelc moans out in pleasure.

    Derek doesn't let up as he relentlessly pounds the shit out of the raven haired beauty, giving Paris the best fucking of her young life, as evident by her begging to be fucked harder.

    Back on the bench, both Olivia and Jackson have changed positions, as Liv is on her hands and knees, with Jackson behind her, inserting his dick into her vagina, before thrusting into Holt's completely shaved clam, fucking her doggy style.

    After several more minutes of fucking like this, Paris Berelc getting banged on the floor, and Olivia Holt getting screwed from behind, the two starlets eventually swap lovers.

    Paris instructs Jackson to lay back down on the bench, before dropping to her knees and spitting on his Italian sausage... seconds later, Berelc uses her tongue to lick up and down his pole shaft. The Wisconsin born native then takes Jackson's prick into her mouth as she bobs her head up and down, sucking him off.

    Not even a few feet away, Olivia has her legs wrapped around the waist of Derek, her arms across his neck and her naked body pressed up against one of the lockers in the football team's locker room, as the team quarterback slams into her with his black anaconda.

    "God you're so big," Liv hisses, before bringing her lips towards Derek, as the two begin making out with one another.

    Having gotten his chub hard again, Michael comes behind Paris, who is now riding Jackson cowgirl style, pushing her down towards Jackson so her titties are pressing up against his face. Michael then pulls apart her ass cheeks, lining his once again rock hard cock with her bunghole and entering, as the actress bites her lip, trying to prevent a scream coming out as she is double penetrated for the first time.

    With the Filipina actress sandwiched between Jackson and Michael, they both wildly fuck Berelc, stuffing both her ass and pussy with hard dick. Eventually the two men managed to get a rhythm of sorts going, every time Michael would thrust into the TV Starlet's rear end, Jackson would start to pull out of her love mound and vice versa, working Paris over like a see-saw.

    "Oh God! Oh God!" the horny college student screams out, due to the intense double pounding, she is taking.

    Jackson tries to hold out for as long as he possibly can, but being a mortal man, even he has his limits, as his man meat began to quiver, leaving him no choice but to fill up Paris' womb with his baby batter.

    With his cock still impaled in Liv's vaginal wall, Derek walks the two of them over to the bench, lifting her up off of his meat shaft and placing her on the bench. Both Olivia and Paris drop down to their knees, as the teen hotties prepare to take their second pair of dicks into their awaiting mouths.

    Jackson worn out from the group orgy takes a seat on the bench and watches on as the two TV stars expertly move their heads back and forth, trying to take as much man meat as possible down their teenage throats... Paris with Michael, and Liv with Derek.

    A few moments pass before Derek's cock starts to pulsate as he pumps out rope, after rope of his gooey semen, as it lands across the right eye of Olivia Holt and the bridge of her nose. Not being content with that, Derek quickly grabs Paris by the hair, pulling her over towards him, as she opens up her mouth taking the last few drops of his cum.

    Not wanting to be outdone, Michael steps in front of Paris, giving his erected penis a couple of jerks before he too busts his nut, shooting a load onto the eighteen-year-old's chin, before aiming the rest of the sperm at her chest, covering her perky tits in jizz.

    With both girls faces covered in cum, they each scoop some off of the others face, offering it to one another, before sharing a kiss.

    The End
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    Forgot you were writing this one LW, glad you stuck with it though because it definitely turned out hot as fuck,

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    Very nice LW, that's quite the combo right there. Hot as fuck!


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    That combo never can go wrong.. Thanks LW!!

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    Thanks guys.

    I really enjoyed writing this one up, probably my favorite story that I've done so far, well either that, or my other one with Olivia. It's more Paris centric (what with her getting fucked by all three guys at one point or another), but I tried to keep the Liv stuff somewhat balanced as well. Having said that, I'll probably end up just sticking to two - three people per story, instead of five like this one.
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    Excellent work ... I hope to read more about these 2 actresses ....

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