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Thread: "Lucky Bastard 4" with Chloe Mortez

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    fanfiction "Lucky Bastard 4" with Chloe Mortez

    Lucky Bastard 4: Late Night Steam
    Starring Chloe Moretz, Appearance by Victoria Justice

    Codes: MF, Oral, Anal, Creampie, Public
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

    “Yes! That’s it! stretch my pussy out!” Victoria Justice moaned as I fucked her in the small cramped room. “Yes, stretch me out! I want Reeve to know next time we’re together that I was with someone else and he was fucking huge!”

    Me and Victoria had been going at it for nearly 45 minutes and it was hard to tell what she liked more; the way I was fucking her, or the idea of punishing her boyfriend. To be honest I didn’t care. Currently I still had most of my clothes on with the exception of my pants and boxers which were pooled around my feet. Victoria meanwhile only had on her short black skirt, which was bunched around her waist, and a pair of black heels. Victoria was resting on the sink counter with one leg wrapped around my back and the other up over my shoulder.

    I unlatched from Tori’s breast to warn her “I gonna cum.”

    “Shoot it in me”


    “Ummhmmm.. YES! Fill me. Fill my cunt up with your cum!” Victoria yelled. There were a bunch of people we knew on the other side of the door but I had given up on trying to keep quite a while ago.

    “Here it cums…” I groaned as I busted my nut inside Victoria Justice. While we had had sex at the audition, and I had made me cum twice already today, this is the first time she had me cum inside her.

    “Yes. Oh geeze that felt good.” Victoria said as she leaned back against the mirror on the wall.

    As we started to get dress there was a knock on the door. “Guys the pilot says we’re getting ready to land. So you need to stop fucking and take your seats.” Elizabeth Gillies informed us. Once dressed me and Victoria emerged from the bathroom of the private jet to take the seats. The other 7 people on the plane all looked at us silently and it was a pretty awkward landing in Toronto.

    Me and Ryan were on our way to the Toronto International Film Festival to screen our film which Ryan literally had just made the final changes to last night. Normally there is no way we could have gotten in on such late notice but some films had dropped out and Ryan knew someone who knew someone who was able to get us in. As for why we were flying with Victoria and her friends (especially since this was the movie she had been turned down for) it had to do with her being mad at her boyfriend, Reeve Carne. They were planning on having a vacation together in Toronto when he suddenly ditched out to have a guys weekend in Vegas. So Victoria decided to turn the trip into a girls weekend, and when she heard through the grapevine me and Ryan were going that way at the same time she invited us to hitch a ride with them. However as soon as we were on the plane it was obvious she had ulterior motives, and that the whole reason I was riding with her was so she could get back at her boyfriend by riding me.

    When the plane landed we all grabbed our luggage and went on our separate ways, but not before Liz slipped me her number while her friends backs were turned. Our screening was going to be in two days, so while Ryan did some press and looked over the film another few more times I was left to my own devices in Toronto. It was my first time in the city I did a bunch of the standard tourist stuff (CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, St. Lawrence Market, ext) but on the night before the screening I found myself unable to sleep.

    It was 1am local time but my body was still on West Coast time. I tried to think of something to do to ease my mind and lower my stress. My first thought of course was sex, so I texted Victoria and got no response, then I texted Liz Gillies but she told me that she couldn’t get away tonight. My next thought was to go to the gym, but that sounded awful, however the hotel did have a steam room so I decided to give that a shot. I went downstairs and entered the gym on the way to the locker room. The gym was empty except for one blond woman, but I didn’t get a good look as I walked by. I disrobed and wrapped myself in a towel then I started looking around for the door to the sauna, but I could not find it. I then went out of the locker room and looked around and once again could not find it. With nothing left to lose I decided to ask the woman in the gym.

    The women in the gym was using the free weights over by the mirrored wall. She had dirty blond hair just past shoulder length, and while she didn’t have shapely hips her high waist yoga pants showed off the fact she had some long toned legs, despite her height, and a decent ass.

    “Excuse me can you help me.” I asked while holding the towel around my waist. The second she looked up into the mirror and I saw those lips I knew exactly who she was, and when she ran her tongue over her lips I nearly got an instant hard on. “ you know where the entrance to the sauna is?”

    Chloe Moretz turned around and faced me for the first time. “Yeah, you have to go out to the pool and enter through there.”

    “Really? That’s stupid.”

    She laughed “Yeah, it really makes no sense.”

    “Ughh, well thanks anyway Miss Mortez.”

    “No problem, maybe I’ll see you in there later.” Chloe then turned back to the mirror and I went on my way. I had never been much of a sauna person but tonight after a few minutes it really started to feel good, and I could feel my muscles starting to relax. I went out to the pool and grabbed a few more towels that I could lay down across the bench and use the extra towels as pillows. I had been laying down for about ten minutes with my eyes shut when I heard the sauna door open. I looked over to the door and saw Chloe standing there covered in what looked like just a towel.

    “Hey you’re still here.” She said a bit surprised.

    “Yup” I said giving a quick scan up and down.

    “So, you gonna move over so I can sit down?”

    “Oh, yeah. My bad.” I sat up and spun my body so my feet were back on the ground. However, my towel did not spin with me and suddenly I was exposing myself to the Kick-Ass star.

    “Holy shit, dude! Are you serious?”

    “Shit. Sorry about that.” I said as I fixed my towel.

    “Fuck that. Don’t hide that thing. Keep it out.” I undid the towel and sat there on the sauna bench totally nude in front of Chloe Moretz. “Jesus you’re not even hard yet.” Chloe again ran her tongue over her full lips. She turned around to lock the sauna door,then turned back to me whipped off her towel and strutted towards me nude. She had long legs led up to her shaved pussy with a pair of fat lips and her light pink pierced nipples topped off her short torso. When she was right in front of me she bent down and grabbed a hold of manhood and pumped it to full mass.

    “That is one seriously nice cock.” It looked like Chloe was about to bend down further and take me into her mouth, but instead she stood back up and stepped up onto the bench with each leg spread out outside of mine and her pussy in my face. She put a hand on the back of my head and pushed it towards her crotch.

    “Really?” I said looking up at her.

    “Umm-hmm, I’ve been hearing from gen since puberty about how I have an amazing set of dick sucking lips” she then slowly ran her tongue over her lips again “and a few years ago I decided that if men are so desperate for me to suck them off then I should get mine too. So if you want these lips wrapped around your dick you better start eating my pussy and you better bring your A game.”

    I didn’t even hesitate as I shoved my head into her crotch. Grabbing each ass cheek with my hand and pussing her pussy as far down onto my tongue as possible.

    “Ummm Fuck yeah, eat that pussy,” she moaned as she put both her hand on the back of my head and kept it in place. “God it’s nice to find a guy who know what they’re doing down there.” With her encouragement I continued to eat her pussy like a guy who hadn’t eaten in days. I still had my hands on her ass as I moved them to spread her cheeks a bit, then slid one hand over slightly before sticking my middle finger into her asshole. Chloe gasped and moaned as I slid my finger in and then pushed my face hard into her pussy. We kept going for a few minutes and finally I got her to cum as I sucked on her clit while blasted her pussy with my hand that didn’t have a finger in her ass. Chloe stepped off the wooden bench and got down on her knees.

    “Well you passed, so now get ready for the best blow job of your life.” She said as she took my schlong into her hands. “I will admit, you do have a great looking dick.” Chloe then took my head between her gorgeous big lips. She then slowly slid more and more of my cock down her throat, moving her tongue around the shaft the whole time, until she had all of my meat down her throat. She slowly built up speed, each time going down and taking my whole 10.5 inches. If she ever had a gag reflex, it was long gone now.

    “God damn Chloe, you really know how to handle a big dick, don’t ‘cha” I said slightly out of breath.

    She pulled my dick out of her mouth and spat on cock and began stroking it when she responded, “Like I said guys have been for begging me to blow them since I turned 13.” She flicked her tongue against my mushroom head. “And I also have a thing for hockey players and they tend to run on the large side.” She then but my full head back in her mouth and toyed with her tongue.

    “Well, shit, it show. This is probably the best blow job I’ve had.”

    “Trust me, I know.” She said as she started to play with my balls before going back to deep throating me. She kept it going for another minute or so, and she must have been able to tell I was getting close because she popped my dick out of her mouth to ask “If you cum not how long do you take to recover?”


    “If you cum, how long till you can go again? Or are you those one and done guys?”

    “Usually...I’m good to go right away.”

    “Good,” She said before swallowing my whole cock and showing that she had actually been holding back before. I had thought before that Victoria Justice was a very talented cock sucker, but compared to Chloe she is an amateur. It didn’t long for me to tell her I was about to cum and she removed my dick from her mouth but she kept it aimed at her mouth open with her tongue sticking out. She stroked me until I came, and I watched as I shot burst after burst of semen into her waiting & wanting mouth. When I was done she swallowed and opened her mouth to show me she had dome before taking my dick back into her mouth and sucked off any remaining cum. When she was satisfied she then got up on all fours on the wooden bench.

    “You ready this dick?” I asked tauntingly as I rubbed it against her pussy.

    “Fuck yeah I’m ready. Stick it in my ass!” This caught me off guard, but I tried to play it cool and so I slid my dick up and rubbed it on her rosebud.

    “Yeah it that what you want?”

    “Hell yes you fucker. Shove that fat cock up my ass!” So I did just that. I shoved my my dick into her asshole and began to pound her backdoor. “Grrrrr yeeaaah.” She groaned through gritted teeth. Within minutes it became clear that this girl liked it rough. No matter how hard I fucked her or spanked her, she wanted it harder. I’d seen interviews where Chloe had talked about how she was nothing like her Hit Girl character in real life, but as I fucked her I could hear Hit Girl come out of her. Calling me a ‘fucker’, wanting to be done harder, even yelling out she wanted me to ‘rape her fucking asshole’.

    As much as I was enjoying this, the wood bench was killing both our knees so we switched positions with her now riding me cowgirl as I sat back on the bench. I was also now fucking her pussy, but she was still showing off her filthy mouth as she repeatedly dropped down onto my dick as forcefully as her hips would allow. With her small breast bouncing in my face I leaned in to suck on her pierced nipples.

    “Come on down just suck on my tits, bite them.” I lightly bit on her small pencil eraser nipples. “I said fucking bite them you pussy.” I then bit down harder and that set her off, “Yes!” she moaned in pleasure. I started alternating between biting and twisting her nipples as she continued to ride me. When I turned my head and got her piercing between my teeth and pulled on it, the sensation that she felt caused her to moan in ecstasy and squirt all over my cock. She congratulated me on making her squirt saying not all guys can make her do it, but I didn’t care because I was not ready to stop.

    I had Chloe stand up and I bent her over at the waist and grabbed both her arms pulling them behind her. She was not completely at my mercy as I pounded her from behind, and she was absolutely loving it. I was able to hold both of her wrists in one hand so I could use the other to spank her ass. “Yes! Fuck Yes! Harder!” she continued to cry out. I was getting ready to cum, but instead of warning her I pulled out of her pussy and slammed back into her asshole and unleashed my load. “Yes you fucker!” She moaned as came in her ass.

    I sat back down on the bench and Chloe slid down between my legs to clean off my cock, but it felt so good I held her head down as she tried to get back up. I had her not only get me hard again, but I had her blow me until I began cumming down her throat and half way though I pulled out so the last few blast splashed onto her face. When it was over Chloe grabbed her towel and wiped the cum off her face before standing up to leave. She told me she’d be in the gym around the same time tomorrow if I was interested. With that she unlocked the door, looked to make sure the coast was clear outside, threw her towel over her shoulder before casually strolling back to the women’s locker room in the nude.

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    Great work again miami! Been awhile for a good Chloe story, loved every minute!

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