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Thread: "Sneaking In" with Natalie Alyn Lind

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    fanfiction "Sneaking In" with Natalie Alyn Lind

    Sneaking In
    With Natalie Alyn Lind

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, inc, handjob, BJ, cream-pie
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Found this story I wrote way back in early 2016 but never posted because I thought Natalie was too young/unknown at the time...but since that's no longer the case, enjoy this one from the vault, lol.

    Getting interrupted while watching porn was as frustrating and awkward enough at the best of times but getting caught in the act by my own new step-sister knocking at my bedroom window was something else entirely.

    "The fuck are you doing?!" I hissed angrily, approaching the window after slamming my laptop shut and covering up.

    Naturally Natalie found the whole thing hilarious and was trying her best not to laugh out loud and wake up the entire house as I unlocked my ground floor window and let her climb in. I could smell the alcohol on her breath and smoke on her clothes as she staggered in, trying her best to keep it down.

    "You know we have a front door," I reminded her.

    "I forgot my keys," she explained, kicking off her heels.

    Given it was gone 2am and she'd already been in enough trouble for sneaking out at night, it made sense that she wasn't exactly going to come home and ring the doorbell.

    "—besides, it's not like you were doing anything important," she added with a knowing smirk.

    "Whatever," I shrugged. "It's not like you don't do it."

    "Uhh no. I have guys fo—" she started, catching herself before admitting too much.

    "Relax, it's hardly a secret Nat. You really aren't as clever or sneaky as you think you are." I revealed, referring to the guys I knew she'd been sneaking out to meet in their cars every other night.

    "Well maybe you should worry more about getting yourself laid rather than what I'm doing," she snapped before making a beeline for my bedroom door.

    "Hold on," I said, suddenly blocking her path. "I want something in return this time."


    "I mean...if you want me to keep quiet about what you get up to to your mom."

    "Ugh. Fine, what do you want?" she huffed, crossing her arms.

    "Well since you stood at the window staring at my dick—" I started plainly.

    "Whoa, what the fuck?" she interrupted. "Keep dreaming because I'm not doing anything like that!"

    "You will if you want me to keep covering for you. You know you'll lose your car if mom and dad find out."

    Natalie opened her mouth as if to argue but for once actually found herself at a loss for words. Fortunately thanks to the copious amounts of alcohol she'd been drinking with her friends, it didn't take much more prodding to get her to comply.

    "Asshole. Let's just get it over with you perv."

    "Start with that top, I wanna see those tits," I said bluntly, ignoring her insults.

    "Ugh. Are all guys really exactly the same?"

    "You're the one always walking around in those tiny bikinis, what do you expect?"

    My sexy step-sister couldn't suppress her sly grin at that as I took a seat on the end of my bed while she toyed with the hem of her crop top.

    "So you promise not to tell mom or dad about me going out? Or any of this?" she clarified.

    "Uh-huh, yeah, I promise," I assured her although being so close to finally seeing her naked chest, I probably would have agreed to anything.

    Natalie took another glance at the door and while I initially thought she was thinking of making a run for it, she was simply checking we were still in the clear.

    "Lock the door first."

    "Jesus sis, everyone's upstairs and asleep," I said but stood to lock the door as requested anyway.

    Sitting back on the bed, my starlet sister refused to look me in the eye when she finally crossed her arms and pulled her top over her head, shaking it out of her blonde hair and leaving her stood in the middle of my room in her bra and painted on jeans.

    I'd seen her in her bikini plenty of times before but seeing her in her sexy, black underwear was infinitely better and my cock twitched with excitement of what was to come.

    "Happy now?"

    "Fuck no, keep going!" I said a little too enthusiastically.

    "Well you only said my top," she pointed out, grinning and clearly not hating this as much as she pretended to.

    "I didn't expect you to be wearing a bra though, you hardly ever seem to."

    "Oh don't I? How long have you been checking me out huh? I bet you've been waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of me like this ever since we moved in!"

    "Yep, now get on with it or I'll go tell mom and dad right now!"

    Nat simply rolled her eyes again but finally reached back to unclasp her bra. A moment later it loosened. My sister took a breath, directed her eyes at the ceiling and finally let her bra and hands fall away.

    I almost gasped at how divine her natural, teenage breasts looked, standing firm and proud on her chest. They actually appeared larger than I'd expected on her otherwise petite young body.

    "Wow Nat," I marvelled, suddenly finding myself stood up in front of her and reaching out with one hand.

    "Hey, no touching!" she exclaimed, slapping my hand away and stepping back, her tits jiggling slightly to the motion.

    "Alright sorry. They just look so fucking good. Wow." I repeated.

    It seemed my sister enjoyed the compliments even if they were coming from me.

    "You think?" she asked coyly.

    "Seriously sis, they're pretty much perfect," I assured her.

    She actually blushed at that, bashfully brushing some hair behind her ear while I took the opportunity to push for more.

    "Now shall we see if that pretty pussy is just as perfect?"

    "Err, wait. I dunno..."

    All I had to do was give her a stern, pointed look and a little more encouragement before she sighed and relented.

    "This is a onetime thing okay?" she insisted while popping the button on her jeans.

    "Of course," I said half-heartedly but Natalie smiled and continued anyway.

    I watched unblinking as my sister began wiggling out of her tight denim, eventually kicking her jeans off and hooking her fingers into the waistband of her peach coloured panties.

    It was then she smirked to herself and decided to have some fun of her own, stretching the material with her fingers but not quite lowering it enough to show anything.

    "God damn, you little tease," I grinned as she proceeded to put on a show for me.

    Watching her perform I could no longer resist and finally grasped my achingly hard cock. Nat immediately saw what I was doing but raised no objections, in fact she suddenly seemed to encourage it.

    "I think it's only fair you take some clothes off too," she suggested. "If someone catches us I'm not going to be the only one literally caught with their pants down."

    "The doors locked, no one's coming."

    "Just do it you idiot."

    Wondering why I was even arguing the point, I quickly tore my clothes off, Natalie giggling briefly at the speed of which I undressed. Maybe she didn't expect me to strip completely naked but her eyes widened and she blushed again at the sight of my throbbing, hard cock.

    "Now your turn."

    Feeling considerably more confident now, Natalie finally peeled her final item of clothing down her shapely legs to reveal her pristine looking, shaved pussy.

    I was stroking my cock before her panties had even hit the floor, my eyes drinking in the sight of my annoying step-sister standing naked as the day she was born.

    " now what? Are we done?" she asked a minute later, growing self-conscious.

    "Turn around first, let me see that ass."

    She didn't argue and promptly spun on her heel to show off her exquisite, round butt.

    " bend over a little."

    My breath almost caught in my throat as she obediently followed my direction without hesitation, placing her hands on my desk as she bent at the waist. My eyes fell to her puffy, pink lips peeking between her thighs and I suddenly realised I needed more than a simple look.

    With her still bent over, I stood up behind her and placed one hand on the small of her back, holding her in place while my other began caressing her soft ass.

    "Hang on, we said no touching..." she whispered nervously but making no effort to resist me.

    "We've already come this far, just let me for a minute."

    I took her silence as consent and continued to grope her tight ass. After getting a good handful, I move my hand upwards, leaning over to reach under and cup her breasts in both hands, causing her to sigh and coo quietly.

    This position also had the benefit of letting my rock hard cock 'accidentally' press up against her backside.

    "Wow. You're really hard," she murmured.

    "Uh-huh, thanks to you," I said just as quietly while I started to gently grind my cock against her.

    I almost considered rubbing it directly against her wet pussy but didn't dare risk pushing too far and scaring her off. Plus I had no idea if I'd be able to resist the tempting idea of slamming straight into her teen cunt and pounding her over my desk.

    "Come here," I finally said, pulling her back to my bed to sit beside me, her eyes locked on my member. "Touch it."

    "This is really weird..." she laughed uneasily as I took her hand and guided it to my cock.

    She offered no resistance and a moment later was wrapping her cool fingers around my shaft and stroking me in her small fist, twisting her hand every now and then.

    "Yeah that's good, keep doing that sis," I encouraged. "You've definitely done this before."

    "It's really big," she whispered under her breath.

    "Yeah? Bigger than your boyfriend's I bet." I boasted.

    "Uhh—no. No way!"

    Her unconvincing tone said it all.

    "Sure, if you say so. Is this what you do out in the car? A few handjobs and some road head?"

    "Why, are you jealous?" she purred, jerking me faster and apparently trying to make me finish sooner. "You'd like that wouldn't you? Make your little sister blow you?"

    "Fuck Nat. Bet you're such a good little cocksucking slut!" I hissed back.

    She was so focussed on beating my cock with both hands she didn't even seem to notice when I let my own hand wander onto her thigh.

    "You're wet," I informed her, my finger lightly brushing against her slit. "You're getting off on this, stroking your brother's dick."

    "Just hurry up and come!" she whined, her brow furrowing as I started to play with her pussy, running my fingers up and down her slimy groove and circling her pea-sized clit.

    "If you want me to finish you're gunna have to blow me sis, since you brought it up."

    In truth I was struggling to hold off already but I couldn't take my eyes off her sweet, soft looking lips, imagining how good they'd feel wrapped tightly around my tool.

    Natalie simply glared at me angrily, knowing this had already gone way too far. I continued to silently convince her to play along when I dipped a single finger into her cunt, teasing her dripping hole.

    "Fuck it. If it'll shut you up," she finally announced, crouching beside me and leaning in to impatiently take my cock into her cool mouth.

    "Ngh. Fuck. Good girl, just like that..." I gasped, my hips involuntarily jerking up as she rapidly bobbed her head over the first few inches, her soft lips wrapped snugly around me.

    While she struggled taking much more than half of my length, her skills with her tongue more than made up for it, constantly swirling and flicking it around the tip, bathing me in her warm spit while her hand used her saliva to jerk the base and massage my balls.

    It was obvious my celebrity step-sister was giving me her best so I decided to show my appreciation by reaching round to continue playing with her sweet cunt, taking her breath away when I slipped two fingers inside.

    Mmmppfh—!" she moaned a little too loudly, her whole body jerking forward at the rough penetration.

    "Jesus Nat..." I gasped, shocked at how incredibly tight she was and realising I should have started with a single finger.

    "Mm-hmm," she nodded.

    Natalie didn't seem to mind it a little rough however, actually smiling up at me knowingly so without further ado I wiggled my fingers a little deeper before pulling out and slamming them back in.

    Yet again she moaned and her body rocked forward as I repeated the motion again and again until she started to brace herself, pushing back against my sawing hand as her head rapidly bobbed in my lap.

    Finally she came, drenching my hand as her entire body turned to jelly and she fought not to scream out loud and wake the house. It was all too much for me but just as I was about to warn her, she was suddenly on top of me.

    Natalie had suddenly grown animated and desperate, crashing her lips against mine as she pushed me back and straddled me.

    "I want it inside me," she whined, breathlessly.

    "Fuck sis..."

    "We can't though. We really can't."

    "Yeah I know. We shouldn't," I agreed.

    But despite us both objecting out loud, our bodies seemed to do the complete opposite and before I knew it, the head of my cock was nestled between her pussy lips and Natalie was slowly pushing herself down to take it deeper inside.

    Her tight little cunt resisted at first but soon stretched to accommodate me, both of us grunting as I filled her.

    "Oh my God," she sighed. "Just quickly...just for a minute okay?"

    I simply nodded as she sat up straight and slowly began to ride me. I'd never even imagined going this far with her but now we were here I never wanted it to end.

    But unfortunately, with all the teasing, her blowjob and now how incredible her cunt felt around my cock, I quickly felt ready to blow the biggest load of my young life.

    "Ugh—fuck sis. I'm gonna cum," I grunted, holding onto her waist. "You're gonna make me cum!"

    "Wait! Not yet...I'm so close. Just hold on and let me come again—ugh—please..."

    "Fuckk—" I groaned, gritting my teeth as she now slammed her ass down on me again and again, using my cock to get herself off.

    "Ugh. Your cock feels so fucking good," she admitted reluctantly. "I could get used to this..."


    "Uh-huh, if you keep this thing nice and hard for me, maybe I'll come ride it again. Think you could handle that?"

    "You'll have to wait. I'm taking you from behind next time sis."

    "Mmm, I like the sound of that," she panted, closing her eyes. "I'll bend over for you, let you take out all that frustration, and just...fucking...pound me!"

    Without warning she suddenly, and thankfully, tensed up and hit her crescendo, gushing all over my cock with a strangled cry.

    Her sweet cunt clamped down so tight I immediately lost control, my hips jerked upwards as I unloaded, her pulsing pussy milking me for every last drop. Natalie's body trembled above me, biting her lip as I treated her to her very first cream-pie.

    "I guess I don't have to sneak out anymore," she grinned.

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    Shit yeah. Great to see Nat get some more love. Great story like always Lemon. (feel like Im running out of ways to say how amazing your stories are. lol)

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    That was a great read, Lemon.
    Recently Completed Stories
    The Sugar Daddy with Isabela Moner

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    Jesus. That was hot AF
    I wasn't even a huge fan of hers
    ...UNTIL I read that. I am now!!
    #converted #worthit

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