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Thread: "Lucky Bastard 2" with Kelli Berglund, Paris Bereic and Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "Lucky Bastard 2" with Kelli Berglund, Paris Bereic and Olivia Holt

    Lucky Bastard 2: Birthday Bash
    Staring Kelli Berglund, Paris Bereic and Olivia Holt
    Appearance by Sammi Hanratty and Stella Hudgens

    Codes: MF, MFF, Oral, Facial, Anal, Handjob, Cheating, Cuckold
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction;

    A few days after the finishing up the audition process, I was walking up to Kelli's house for her party. There were a bunch of other cars parked out front and couple of balloons tied up in front of the house. I knocked on the door and Kelli Berglund opened the door. She was dressed in a black bikini with a red sarong wrapped around her waist.

    "You came!" Kelli said as she gave a hug.

    "Well not yet," I whispered into her ear causing her to giggle. Kelli took my hand and then lead me into the house.

    "From the cars it looked like a lot of people are here"

    "Yeah, we're celebrating Olivia Holt turning 20, "

    "Oh that's cool. I wasn't sure if this was an actual pool party or one of those parties where everyone just stands around the pool so I bought a pair of boardshorts to change into in case.."

    "No it's people are using the pool, but you won't be needing it for a little while," she told me before pulling me towards the stairs.

    "Where he heading?" I asked

    "I told you the other day, I invited you to fuck me. So, we're going to bang this out before any of those other girls figure out what you're packing and try to steal you." She went up a few steps before turning around and giving me a kiss. The first kiss was kind of sweet and lingering, but it quickly turned into a passionate make out. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried he up the stairs.

    "I've been looking forward to this so much the last few days, I've been using my butt plugs to get myself ready."

    "Jesus." I said "Which room is yours?" I asked.

    "3rd door on the right." I picked up my speed and almost knocking down the door getting into the room. I kicked the door shut behind me and threw Kelli on to the bed.

    "We're going to have to be quick."

    "Sure thing," I said as undid my shorts and dropped them to the ground. As I did that Kelli reached over to the nightstand and pulled some lube out of the nightstand drawer and threw it to me.

    "Here, lube up that beast." I did as she said lubing up and stroking my cock to it was rock hard as I watched the Lab Rats star remove her sarong and bikini bottoms, then getting on all fours and sticking ass up towards me. I moved up behind her and rubbed my dick along her pussy lips.

    "Ummmm, gawd the feels good, but we don't have time for that. Just stick it in my ass." I wasn't going to argue with her so I plunge my dick into her tight ass, and started pumping into her as hard and fast as I could.

    "Fuck that you're huge! GAWWD It feels like you're gonna split me into." She groaned.

    I gave her ass a slap. " Quiet down. You said you didn't want to get caught, plus you know you love."

    "I do. I do love it. Oh gawd where has this cock been all my life." Kelli said biting onto a pillow to keep quiet as she came. I continued to pummel her ass. I wanted to make sure every time she sat down she had be reminded about how I took her ass.

    "Fuck, I goon cum. Where do you want it?"

    "My mouth! I want to taste you." With that I pulled out and Kelli flipped over onto her back before sitting up and swallowing as much as my cock as I could. I could feel her swiveling her tongue around my cock as she blew me. It didn't take long for me to blow in her mouth. Unlike Victoria Justice she was able to swallow it all, pulling me out when she had her fill and the last two bursts hitting her bikini top.

    "Good that was fun." I said as I rolled onto my back.

    "You're telling me. Shit, I have to change my top now." Kelli said as she noticed the cum stains and took off her top. I watched Kelli walk around her room nude for a few minutes before excusing myself to was up and change before heading downstairs to join the party.

    "Yeah, bathroom is just across the hall. And hey," Kelli said as she strutted over to me and poked me in the chest. "Just so you know, while you're here your mind. So, hand off my friends, and if you do that I promise when everyone leaves we'll fully test the limits of this thing." Kelli gripped my schlong and gave a few pumps before turning away.

    I made my way into the bathroom and after emptying my bladder, and then decided it would be a good idea to clean the extra lube and scent of sex off me before meeting a bunch of new people. I found a washcloth and rubbed myself down. I almost back to fully hard because I was thinking about what I was going to do to Kelli later. As I put the washcloth back into the sink heard a couple of voices outside the bathroom. Then I heard Kelli say loudly "No Liv wait.." And with that Olivia Holt busted into the bathroom wearing a white bikini, looking as though she had just gotten out of the pool and not dried off. She took a few steps in before she noticed me stand there naked with a hard on.

    "Oh my god, I'm sorry." We both stood their for a moment in shocked silence. My eyes scrolling up her wet bikini body, while her eyes were locked onto my crotch. Olivia eventually blinked and broke the silence as she looked up at my face. "Umm, yeah so I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was in here." Olivia tried to back out but she slipped on the water tile floor from me cleaning myself and the pool water dripping off Liv. I tried to catch her from falling, but things happened and next thing I knew Liv was on her knees on the floor, both her hands on my thighs from her catching her balance, and the head of my hard cock was staring at Olivia right in the eyes. Once again the bathroom was filled with awkward silence. That silence was quickly broken.

    "OLIVIA! What the fuck!?!" We both looked to the door to see some guy and Kelli in the doorway.

    "Ray this isn't what it looks like." Olivia tried to explain.

    "No? So you are not about to suck some dude's giant cock?"


    "Ray, I saw the whole thing this really isn't what it looked like," Kelli tried to help out, but he wasn't having any of it. This went on for a little while with the girls trying to explain things. I kept my mouth shut knowing nothing that I could say would help. Unfortunately the shouting drew the attention of more people as Paris Bereic and Sammi Hanratty eventually popped up from behind Kelli to see what was going on, only to see Olivia still on her knees in front of my now half hard cock. After a few more minutes Ray stormed off and Olivia got up to chase after him. Sammi & Paris stayed there checking me out before Kelli told them 'Shows over' and closed the door. I then put on my board shorts and waited in the bathroom for a few minutes before heading down stairs.

    Not knowing anyone one there I quickly found Kelli and she introduced me to people. It was almost a who's who of young celebs and Disney stars. I meet girls like Debby Ryan, Ryan Newman, Piper Curda, Peyton List, Kat McNamara, Dove Cameron, and Laura Marano, plus a bunch of the guys from the shows as well. I quickly forgot most of the guys names, a lot of the girls I only knew because while my step sisters watched their shows I often was googling who the hot girls on the screen was. It was also pretty apparent that word of what had happened upstairs had was circulating around the party, the story among the girls being that I was hung like a horse (which was true) and the story among the guys being that Olivia and me had been caught mid blow job by Ray (which wasn't true but I didn't mind the rumors). I even had some of guys walk up to me when I was alone and say how lucky I was and how they'd been trying to hook up with Olivia for years. But the party went on. It reminded me a lot of some high school parties I went to, with everyone being so young, in their swimsuits, and excessive amounts of alcohol everywhere.

    Some time passed and I drank a little bit, talked with some people, enjoyed the pool. After playing in the pool a bit, I started to make my way to the stairs. I felt a little hesitant getting out of the pool, which was odd for me. I had worn the board shorts I did because while very loose and breathable when dry, when wet they clung to my body so tightly that never mind being able to clearly able to see the size of my shaft, you could practically see the mole I have just above my ass. After the whole thing with Olivia I didn't want to make another scene, but I figured I can just grab a towel quickly and it'd be fine. However sitting in the lounge chairs right in front of me as I got out was Stella Hudgens and Sammi Hanratty. As I emerged from the water they had a clear view as my bathing suit cling to my cock, giving them a clear outline of it. While still mostly flaccid it was still 7 inches of man meat dangling between my and there was no way to hide it.


    "Told you." Sammi said after Stella got her first look. I walked over to the stack of towels between their seats and picked one up. They started to chat me up as I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist. Sammi was looking up at me with her blue eyes and a big smile on while Stella was looking at me like a hungry dog looks at a stake. After 5 minutes or so Stella finally asked what she had obviously had been dying to ask.

    "Can I see it?"


    "Whip out your dick. I want to see it."

    I said no and tried to explain my situation with Kelli, but Stella insisted she only wanted to see it, not have sex with me. Soon Sammi was chirping in on Stella side. After another few no's by be, the girls stood up and almost dragged me over to the side of the house, out of the view everyone else.

    "I'm telling you this…" Sammi put her hand over my mouth to shut me up as Stella dropped to her knees and pulled down my shorts.

    "God, you're bigger than half the guys here and you're not even hard yet." Stella said.

    "You should see him hard, it gets bigger." Sammi chimed in.

    Stella then grabbed me with both hands and proceeded to give me a hand job until I was fully hard. I pulled Sammi's hand off my mouth, but at this point didn't see the point in making any attempt to stop Stella.

    "It's beautiful." Stella said admiring my penis. "Vanessa would be so jealous if she thought I had had sex with this thing." Stella gave it a few more tugs before pulling her cellphone out from her thong strap and offered it to Sammi. "Here take my picture"

    "Whoa, what?"

    "It's a game she and her sister have" Sammi explained.

    "Yeah whenever one of us finds a truly awesome cock we take a pic with it and send it to the other person to make them jealous." Stella pressed a couple of buttons on her phone and presented the screen to me, "Here, see." On the screen was a picture of topless Vanessa Hudgens staring at the camera as she held and licked the head of a black cock that looked to be almost as big as me. Seeing this made my dick jump which made the two girls laugh.

    "Alright, I'll agree to this so long as when we are done you send me that picture and copies of whatever pictures you are about to take."

    "Deal" Stella agreed. I gave he my number and sent me the pic of her sister before giving her phone to Sammi, she then gave my head a quick lick before posing for the camera. After Sammi snapped a bunch of pictures she said she wanted a turn and the girls switched. My dick looked even bigger in Sammi's tiny hands. Eventually they took a few of them together with my dick in the middle. The last picture before I ended it was with me taking it looking straight down at the two girls as they looked up at the camera while their tongues were out licking the shaft. Starting to feel pretty worked up I put an end to the photo shoot. The girls got up and Stella sent the pictures to me along with the note 'just because you were not allowed to fuck us tonight, doesn't mean you can't some other time' along with the eggplant and smiley face emojis. After they went back to the party, I hung around at the side of the house for a little bit waiting for my erection to go down.

    It did finally go down, and I returned to the party, but was still feeling worked up. I headed for the kitchen to get some water to hopefully cool me down. Walking through by people on my way to the house I knew I was getting older because there was no way I could or want to continue to down alcohol like some of these kids were. Inside the house it was a lot calmer and cooler than outside. The only one in the kitchen when I entered was Paris Bereic, still in her read one piece with her hair tied back in a pony tail. I said hey before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and downing a whole bottle.

    "By the way, I'm Eddie," I said formally introducing myself to Paris for the first time.

    "Oh I know you made quite a first impression," she responded while her eyes gave me the once over.

    "Yeah, well, you know nothing happened with Liv and me right?"

    "Oh, I know. LIv isn't the type to just blow some random guy she just meet, especially with Ray here. Though I wouldn't have blamed her if she had."

    "What do you mean by that," I said flirtily.

    "I mean, that you're hung as fuck. At least twice as big as Ray."

    "How do you know that?"

    Paris may have realized she said something she shouldn't have said and somewhat shyly replies, "I may have blown him 2-3 times when I was drunk and Liv had passed out…..I also may have slept with him once, and trust me he is nowhere close to you." She said looking back up at me as he hand reached out and gently caressed my crotch through my shorts. We had also unconsciously drifted over to behind the kitchen cut out counter and Paris was now leaning back against the fridge."You can't tell Liv about any of tha though."

    "I promise I won't tell Liv about that, IF you don't tell Kelli about this." Just as I was about to make my move when we heard the door back yard open up. Me and Paris quickly straightened up, though with her hand hidden below the counter she continued to squeeze my cock. Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner then walked in through the door, both in bikinis but Sophie had a sarong wrapped around her and a big sun hat on.

    "Hey you're Eddie, right?" Hailee asked when she saw me and Paris standing there.


    "I'm Hailee, I just wanted to introduce myself before we left." Turned out she had been planning on going to the audition that I meet Kelli at but they had bumped up the start date for her transformers movie. We spoke for a couple of minute, Sophie and Paris both stood quietly looking annoyed. Sophie because she wanted to leave, Paris because she was stroking my ever hardening cock and wanted to get me alone. Hailee eventually got the hint from Sophie and we said good bye. As they turned to leave my eyes dropped right to Hailee's ass checks which seemed to have eaten the strap to her thong bottoms. Before disappearing into the hallway, Hailee gave a quick look back and caught me staring. She then gave me a big smile and a wink as she disappeared out a view. I then turned back to Paris and flipped my had dick out of my shorts.

    "Is that for me or Hailee?" She asked annoyed.

    "Does it matter?"

    She glanced down at my dick and looked back up at me "Nope". I Pushed he up against the fridge and she hoped up on me wrapping her legs around my waist. I slide the crotch of her suit over and dropped her clean shaven clam onto my cock.

    "Oooohhhhh shit. No wonder Kelli likes you so much," Paris moaned as I entered her. Good she felt great as a bounced her on my cock.

    "Harder. Fuck me harder. We don't have much time." With that I shoved her harder against the fridge and ramped up my efforts. Just like with her Lab Rats costar I went all in trying to give her a hard pounding she wouldn't forget and that would make me bust my nut as quick as possible.

    "Yes! Yesssss!" Paris eyes rolled in the back of her head. "Ugghhh… I can't believe Liv passed up a chance with this for Ray."

    "Why's that?" I grunted before dropping my mouth to her nipple.

    "Fucker lasted like two minutes and he could never fill my pussy like you are right now. GAAWWWD! YES!"

    I was starting to slow down due to getting tired from holding Paris up so I quickly changed positions, bending her over the counter and giving her ass a hard slap before burying all of my 10 inches into her in one thrust.

    "Fuck yeah, pound that pussy!" At this point it didn't matter if anyone came into the kitchen, I could feel my cum bubbling up and there was no way I wasn't finishing with Paris.

    "I'm going to cum soon," I warned her.

    "In me. Do it in me. I want to feel this thing erupt," Paris pleaded. I did just that. Thrusting as deep as I could before shooting off in her womb. "Oh gawd I can feel it. I can feel you cumming in me." This set off Paris' own orgasim.

    We soon regained our composure and redressed, but before rejoining the party we had to pour a bottle of water down the front of Paris's one piece, due to the fact that her suit had been bone dry with the exception of the crotch which was sopping wet.

    Two hours later the party was starting to die down. Where there were 60 or so people there are one point, the number had dropped down to about 20.

    "Ray, for the last time nothing happen." Me and everyone else heard Oliva shouting from inside the kitchen. This had gone one off and on throughout the day ever since the incident after I first arrived. The only things that had changed from the first yelling match to now was Ray had become increasingly more jealous and Olivia had become increasingly drunker.

    "If nothing I say matters, if you refuse to believe me, Fine!" Olivia marched out of the house with Ray slowly following a few steps behind her. I had been over by the outdoor bar area when Olivia grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me with her towards the pool. We stopped over by poolside lounge chairs where I had meet Stella earlier in the day. Olivia, still dressed in just her white bikini, shoved me onto the chair before straddling me. She pulled my head in for a kiss, and she pretty much was shoving as much of her tongue down my throat as possible.

    "Liv what the fuck are you doing? Are you trying piss me off?" Ray angrily asked.

    "Whatever. You already think I blew him. Hell, most of the people who were at this part think that. So, you know what, if everyone already believes I did it, I might as well do it." Olivia slurred drunkenly. And with that she scooted back between my legs dragging the waistband of my shorts along with her exposing my cock to the evening sunlight. Liv quickly grabbed it with both hands and started stokng me.

    "Check it out Ray, he's not even hard yet and his dick's already bigger than yours." Ray looked on speechless and dumbfounded as his girlfriend took me into her mouth. Olivia bobbed up and down a few times before moaning around my cock. She then popped my cock out of her mouth to say "Taste like someone's had sex today." Her thought being Kelli when it was actually Paris she was tasting. Olivia then went right back to blowing me. While not the best blow job I'd ever had (current title holder being Victoria Justice) she was really putting on a show. Long licks up the sides, dribbling spit on it, sucked in her cheeks at times, tickling under the head with her tonuge, and of course dong her best to try to deepthroat it. The show was meant to be just for Ray, but at this point most of the remaining guests had encircled us and were watching. I even saw Stella and a few others with their camera out recoding the whole scene (and yes, after the party I did have Stella send me a copy of the video). Olivia eventually stopped blowing me and just started staring at it. Putting it up right against her center of her face to compare it to the size of her head, and then slapping it against the side of her face.

    "God look at it, Ray. His cock is so much bigger than yours. It's like his is man sized and yours is kid sized. Or his is a real one and yours is just training dick you use until you're ready for the real thing" She then just looked at it for a second or two before saying "I think I'm ready for the real thing." Every on gasped as she suddenly pulled on the strings on the sides white bikini bottoms causing them to fall way unveiling her pristine totally hairless pussy. If there is such a thing as a perfect look teenage pussy (though technically she was 20 now), Olivia Holt had it, and her pussy was the one to judge all others by.

    "Liv don't" Ray pleaded as she straddled herself over my awaiting erection.

    "It's my birthday, Ray, and I'll do what I want." And with that she slowly eased down onto me. It took a few seconds just to get my tip enter her vise like pussy. "HOLY FUCK THAT"S THICK." Olivia yelled as I finally entered her.

    "Holy shit, you're tight" I grunted "Jesus, I've known virgins who were looser then you."

    "Blame Ray, you big dick bastard." Olivia panted as she tried to work more of me into her before raising up and dropping back down.

    We had been going for a few minutes when I heard I heard Piper Curda yell out, "Oh my god Ray, are you hard?" I turned my head in time to see her pants him. A couple of people chuckled a bit.

    "Well, that's disappointing" I head Stella say.

    "Guys he's not that small," Dove Cameron said trying to defend him. Dove like most of the onlookers at this point had one hand inside their bathing suits stroking the crotch. Dove was right, he wasn't tiny or anything, probably right around 5-5.5 inches, but it was only as thick as like as magic marker or a hot dog.

    "Then you can fuck him Dove...Ugghhh...night when he first met you he would shut up about lips anyways." Liv was now starting to pick up speed as she bounced down with a little over half my cock inside her.

    "Fine." Dove said as she threw down a towel and got on her knees in front of Ray and proceeded to blow him. Meanwhile I was untying Olivia's top freeing her small perky breast with quarter sized light pink nipples for me to see for the first time. While the rest of the group around us was starting to get hornier and hornier, me and Olivia were in our own little world. Her arching her back as she moaned and groaned with each bounce on my cock, and I was groping and teasing her exposed nipple and breasts. We continued like this for another 2 minutes before we heard a grunt followed by some coughing.

    "How about a little warning next time, quickdraw." Dove spoke angrily to Ray.

    "I'm's just…" Ray stammered obviously embarrassed. Normally I am a good person, and normally I'd have felt awful for him. This was obviously the worst, most embarrassing moment of his life. Being in a circle of people you considered friends, watching some dude you don't know fuck your girlfriend with his ginormous cock. And then when one of other girls gives you a shot to redeem yourself you blow your load in under 3 minutes. Normally I'd feel so bad for this guy, but for some reason at this moment I didn't.

    "Hey Ray, watch this." I said as I grabbed Olivia by the waist pulling her down as hard as I could while thrusting upward, finally squeezing my entire dick into her formally vise like pussy. That was the act that set Olivia off. She arched he back and tilted he head out letting out a high pitched "YEEEESSSSS!", he pussy squirting all over my chest as she came. I heard a lot of reaction from the 5 or 6 other remaining guys as they found out Liv was a squirter. Finding this out just made me fuck her harder. Tightening my grip around her waist as I pulled her up to just my tip before slamming her back down.

    "Oh. Yes. Oh. God. So. Good. Fuck. Me. Hard." Olivia panted with each thrust.

    "Hey, Olivia your boyfriend just ran off." Kelli informed us. "I think he was about to cry."

    "So what. This is his fault. Ummmmm….yes. Plus I bet he'll be calling tomorrow begging for me to take him back." Liv could now form full sentences again with me slowing down my assault. I then cupped the back of her head, bringing her down for a kiss as she grinded her pelvis against mine. I was really enjoying having this hot little spinner ride me, but I knew this might be my one chance with her so I then told her to switch positions. I had her get up on all fours so I could fuck her from behind. She once again screamed out as a jackhammer he cunt. This new position had also allowed me to look around. The circle around us had dissipated but while some may have left others had just coupled off to enjoy their own canal pleasures in the backyeard. Paris & Piper were both nude on their knees blowing some hispanic guy, Stella was riding some guy on a different chair a few feet away. Dove and Peyton List were 69ing on the grass. And Sammi was getting fucked from behind by a black guy who had introduced himself as Olivia's new costar. He was one of those guys who earlier had congratulated me thinking I had hooked up with Liv. And while he may have been screwing Sammi, his eyes her focused solely on Olivia and her nude body.

    The only one who was still watching me and Olivia have sex was Kelli, who was sitting naked on a stack of towels fingering herself while watching us. I gave Liv a quick nipple twist before raising my hand to wave Kelli over. She strutted over and gave me a long kiss before moving to the front of the chair and bending down to kiss Liv.

    "Having fun?" Kelli question Liv.

    "Oh my god. It's amazing. I feels like he is going to spit me in two, but it feels so goooodddd. Why didn't you or Paris ever tell me what I was missing out on?"

    "Because we thought you'd be mad if we told you we both fucked Ray and his dick can barely stretch out a hot dog bun never mind a pussy." I'm not sure if the news that two of her best friends had screwed her boyfriend even registered with Olivia because she didn't seem to have any reaction. Kelli then got on her knees at the foot of the chair. "Now since you stole my cock for the night, least you can do is eat me." And with that Kelli push Olivia's head down on to her pussy. So now we were all nude on top of the flattened lounge chair. I was pounding Olivia Holt doggystyle, her ass shaking and body lunging forward with each thrust, and Kelli Berglund leaning back sitting on her heels as she kept Liv's face buried in her cunt.

    "Gawd Liv. I swear, I know full blown lesbians who don't eat pussy half as well as you." Kelli moaned with her eyes shut as she continued to shove her pussy into Olivia.

    This visual apparently was too much for Liv's new costar as I could hear Sammi yelling about feeling him cumming inside her and him accidentally yelling, 'Oh yeah Olivia, take my cum Liv. Take it all you sexy little white girl'. As if embarrasing her boyfriend wasn't good enough already, knowing there was another guy there who was desperate to fuck the girl, who was currently having her third orgasim, I was fucking was almost too much. I knew I was on borrowed time and I wanted to see if I could get her pussy to gush one more time. Kelli had let go of Liv's head after her own orgasim, so I flipped Olivia onto her back and had her legs up on my shoulders as a pumped in and out of her and used one hand furiously rub her clit. I even folded her up a bit when I leaned down to suck and nibble on her nipples. I had her now crying out in pleasure and within 5 minutes of her last orgasim I had her erupting again.

    Soon after I pulled out and let her know I was about to burst. I stood up on the chair as Olivia quickly sat up tall on her knees opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue. Kelli also snuck over going cheek to cheek with Olivia in just about the same pose. After a few strokes I unleashed a torrent of cum across the two girls faces and tits. After at least a dozen spurts of cum, Liv grabbed my cock and quickly swallowed the head and attempted to suck out whatever was left in me. The whole time looking up at me with wide eyes that seemed to be filled with bliss and happiness.

    After a few moments I settled down and caught my breath, "By the way Olivia, I meant to wish you a happy birthday earlier." Olivia swallowed what was in her mouth as she slid my dick out of it.

    "Thanks! You have know idea how happy I am you came today."

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    Fucking liv in front of Ray to make him run off crying. :lol: so good. Well done, Miami

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    Lucky bastard indeed, Berglund, Berelc and Holt... all in one day.

    Also love Liv, in her drunken state cuckolding Ray.
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    Yeah this series just gets better and better. Keep it up man!

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