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Thread: "Close Personal Protection" with Katheryn Winnick

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    fanfiction "Close Personal Protection" with Katheryn Winnick

    Close Personal Protection
    With Katheryn Winnick
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, public, blowjob, deep-throat, fingering, mutual mast, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I was fresh out of college and had landed my first job as a crowd controller at the San Diego Comic Con Convention, which was both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. Not only were the crowds incredibly big that year, but several people had called in sick at the last minute, promoting me into a managerial position without even placing a single foot out onto the convention floor.

    Despite my apprehension, I put on a brave face and attempted to bluff my way through my very first shift, hoping in hell I wouldn't screw up and put any lives in danger. Fortunately for me the morning had been fairly uneventful, and I dare say by lunchtime I was feeling so cocky and confident that I was ordering people around like I was born to lead.

    That was until I received a radio message which requested I head on over to one of the nearby network booths, to meet and escort Vikings star Katheryn Winnick.

    From the moment our eyes met there was a strong and undeniable attraction between us, at least I thought so. Katheryn on the other hand seemed to be in a very playful and sarcastic mood, flirting and chastising me as we were introduced and given my instructions.

    As it turned out the actress was set to appear on stage during one of the upcoming panels, and with an hour or so to spare, requested some company while she perused the venue.

    "Are you it?" Katheryn taunted. "Are you the best guy they could find?"

    Right away I could tell Kat was going to be a real handful, as she seemed to be just as quick witted as she was beautiful. However despite her "attitude" we spent the next few minutes wandering the convention halls where I can confidently say she truly seemed to bask in the attention.

    We literally had to stop at least a dozen times just for her to take a photo or sign an autograph. In fact each time we'd stop to greet another fan, she'd flash me a cunning look as though she was genuinely getting off on the fact that the constant start-stopping was annoying me.

    I have to admit, watching her interact with all those people was kind of a turn on, particularly since she was such a natural flirt. She really seemed to be in her element. That being said, it didn't take her very long to tease and taunt me again.

    "You know, you're doing this all wrong." she remarked at one point.

    "Excuse me?"

    "I've done a little event security myself," she claimed. "back in Toronto."

    Naturally I didn't believe her, and almost laughed out loud when she claimed to be a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, back in her native country of course.

    "You don't believe me," she grinned, flashing me that gorgeous smile. "You think you could handle me?"

    "Well as tempting as that offer sounds..." I started to say before she interrupted me again.

    "I mean in a fight, of course. Not sexually." Katheryn pointed out. "—handle me in a fight!"

    In truth the thought hadn't even occurred to me, that she was insinuating sex, but it was clear her mind was already in the gutter. It was just fun watching her squirm and try to talk her way out of it.

    "Trust me," she added. "Sexually, there's no way you'd keep up with me. I can be a real handful. I'd probably break you."

    I found this amusing as she genuinely seemed to believe it.

    "You sound pretty sure of yourself,"

    "Let's just say I know your type," she claimed. "I'd probably do shit to you that'd make your head spin."

    "Really?" I laughed, entertaining this fun fantasy of hers.

    But before she had time to elaborate, we were interrupted by several more fans making the tension between us even more agonizing. At this point we were both undressing each other with our eyes, as the sexual tension between us grew to a fever pitch. I think at this point we were both well aware of the attraction we shared, but now just wondered if either one of us would have the guts to make the first move.

    When Katheryn finally finished with her next series of admirers, I'm almost certain we were both thinking the exact same thing – wondering where we could go for some much needed privacy.

    "The entire place seemed pretty packed," I hinted.

    "I have an idea," she suggested. "I know a place where we won't get interrupted."

    "Lead the way,"

    "—and stop staring at my ass," she joked, making me roll my eyes.

    I followed the leggy actress into the main hall where she took a detour upstairs towards the office, but then led the way around into a private bathroom area. It was only now that I realized this was actually going to happen, as my heart pounded loudly in my chest.

    I mean it wasn't like I hadn't scored with a girl of her caliber before, but I'd never risked my career over a one night stand. And considering this was my first day on the job, I couldn't help but have some reservations - as stunning as she was.

    "Wait," I hesitated.

    "What's wrong?"

    "I don't know if this is such a good idea,"

    The surprised look on her face was priceless. Up until that point I don't think anyone had ever turned her down, and I'll be the first to admit that it kind of amused me.


    "Look, I really like you." I admitted. "I mean, I've only known you a few minutes and I just wanna rip your clothes off."

    Katheryn grinned, "So what's the problem?"

    "—but I'm not sure I'm willing to lose my job over this, even for someone as sexy as you."

    The actress smiled at my compliment then reached out to grab my hand.

    "Trust me, we won't get caught." she winked. "besides, I'm worth it."

    I didn't doubt it, as she pulled me into the bathroom and suddenly shoved me into the last stall, almost in a violent and adversarial way. In fact for a moment I wasn't sure if we were going to fight or fuck, but my question was soon answered when she suddenly kissed me on the lips and shoved her tongue down my throat!

    My hands seemed to have a mind of their own as I groped her butt and fondled her tits, all the while as we sucked face. Katheryn meanwhile kissed my neck which distracted me from feeling her unbutton my pants. I only noticed this when they fell to the floor and she immediately grasped my junk.

    Civil decorum seemed to fly right out the window as pure animalistic LUST took over, and we pushed and jostled each other in the small space, both of us vying for the upper hand. When I finally managed to pin her up against the wall I pawed at her luscious breasts and stuffed my hand into her pants, causing her to moan audibly.

    The sheer heat of her pussy was something I hadn't anticipated, while the noise she made when I finally plunged two fingers into her cunt, gave me a rush of adrenaline. We made eye contact as she now jerked me off while I explored her cunt, pausing every so often to use my thumb to rub her clit.

    "ughh," she grunted softly. "If you think you can get me off first you're sorely mistaken."

    I didn't say a single word and just let my fingers do the talking - reveling in her competitive streak.

    Amusingly enough Katheryn was finally forced to submit to my touch in fear of climaxing prematurely, and responded by lashing out, pushing me back against the wall and dropping to her knees to take my hard cock into her mouth! I could tell she was deep as I felt her chin press against my nuts, causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head.

    "F—Fuck, that's deep." I huffed.

    "I'll tell you when you can come, okay." she asserted, before going deep again.

    I couldn't help but snicker at her domineering tone. Even during the act of fellatio Katheryn was a fucking diva and had to be in "full control." Noting this I pulled away from her wet lips and proceeded to slap the head of my heavy cock against her mouth, urging her to stick out her tongue and grunt to the numerous smacks.

    "nngh—yeah, slap me with your cock!!" she hissed. "I like that, more.. more!"

    Having had enough of this "foreplay," I then pulled her up from the floor and spun her around, pushing her face-first into the cold partition while I hauled down her pants, revealing her magnificent ass.

    With Kat all but submitting to me – physically and mentally – I simply shuffled forward and pressed the helmet of my love-muscle against her backdoor, while taking her earlobe into my mouth.

    "Let's find out just how tough you really are," I said while jamming my cock into her shit-pipe.

    With just one swift motion of my hips, I impaled Katheryn Winnick in the ass and proceeded to fuck her bare-back right there in the bathroom stall. To my surprise her ass was tight but also rather accommodating, opening up and gaping for me as I now probed her backdoor.

    The Canadian-born actress winced audible to the intrusion but did not resist me, as I now proceeded to fuck her with slow, shallow stabs. I took this opportunity to squeeze her full breasts while kissing her hungrily on the mouth, as I drilled her shitter for almost a full minute.

    We initially just groaned into each other's mouths and tried not to make too much noise, but the pleasure was so intense I thought I was going to scream, particularly when I felt her start to push back against me and spur me on - almost daring me to fuck her harder.

    "Fuck me," she mouthed erotically as I placed my hands around her neck and squeezed.

    "Yeah?" I growled back in her ear, "You like getting fucked in the ass Kathryn?"

    She reached back to place her arm around my shoulder and stared into my eyes as I sodomized her, watching her lip curl up as I pounded her harder and faster, stretching her already tight sphincter muscle to tearing point.

    "God-damn, your ass feels so good."

    Sweat now formed on her brow as I felt her rosebud flex and release around my member, almost milking me. It was only when I felt my balls slap firmly against the wet lips of her cunt that I realize I was now balls deep inside the blonde vixen, and I literally lost control of my own body.

    Unable to stop my impeding orgasm, my cock suddenly spicated load after load of hot love-sludge into her bowels, filling her hot chamber with cum. Even as I came I continued to whip my hips back and forth as my load seeped out of her spent hole.

    "I can't believe I let you do that," she remarked a minute later while straightening up.

    "—to be honest, I didn't know I was going to do it until I did it." I admitted. "It was purely spontaneous."

    "This doesn't settle anything you know," she said while fixing her make-up in the mirror. "I can still kick your ass if I want to."

    "How about we wager," I suggested. "If I win, I get to fuck your ass again."

    Katheryn grinned evilly. "—and if I win, you get to fuck my ass again."

    "Sounds good to me. You're on!"


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    Damn, that was hot as fuck.

    Always nice to read a Katheryn Winnick story, especially one where her ass gets destroyed.

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    THAT is how u do Ms. Winnick.

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