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Thread: "Cloak and Dagger" with Olivia Holt and Diamond White

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    fanfiction "Cloak and Dagger" with Olivia Holt and Diamond White

    Cloak and Dagger
    With Olivia Holt and Diamond White
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, blackmail, voyeur, blowjob, rimming, anal, cunnilingus, sixty-nine
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I'd been tasked with being a crowd controller on the hit show "Cloak and Dagger" for all of a week, where I was introduced to one of the stars of the show, a blonde bombshell by the name of Olivia Holt.

    As it turned out, the stunning actress was as stuck up as she was beautiful, but that didn't stop her from flirting with everyone she came in contact with, everyone except for us mere mortals of course - guys who couldn't advance her career in the business.

    That being said, Olivia and I had a purely professional relationship which was curt but friendly, and which changed dramatically the day her co-star Aubrey "AJ" Joseph received a visit from one of his oldest friends, singer Diamond White.

    Unlike Holt who tended to come across a little conceited at times, Diamond was an absolute sweetheart and seemed up for a chat. In fact I'd only known the youtube sensation for all of a few hours but it felt like we'd known each other for years.

    Having wrapped up filming for the day, the trio retreated back to their private trailer to chill out for a few hours, while I locked down the surrounding area to give them some added security and privacy.

    But it was while checking up on them that I happened to eavesdrop on one of their conversations and quickly realized the three friends were in the process of playing a game of Truth or Dare. At first I simply rolled my eyes and wrote it off as some harmless teenage fun, but the giggling soon piqued my interest.

    "okay, I dare you to kiss Diamond on the lips for sixty seconds," I heard AJ dare his blonde co-star.

    "You mean, on the lips?"

    "Yep, but with a lot of tongue. There has to be tongue!"

    I watched from the shadows as the ladies giggled and proceeded with the task, and despite it only being a brief kiss, it was no less captivating with the two locking lips for the first time and spearing their tongues into each other's mouths.

    "There, happy?" Olivia blushed, as the two starlets wiped their spit-covered mouths.

    While the rest of the game appeared to be just some silly random questions about sex and relationships, I couldn't help but notice the shared glances between Olivia and Diamond, who were clearly attracted to one another.

    Unfortunately for them, their little party was soon interrupted by several producer and I half expected that this would be the last time I'd hear or see of Diamond White, but as it turned out she later announced that she was staying in town for a few additional days, giving her the opportunity to visit the set again.

    In fact the very next morning she arrived on set and the two girls seemed inseparable, holding hands and embracing each other as they wandered around the area and made nuisances of themselves - acting like they were lifelong best friends.

    Like everyone else, I just assumed the relationship between them was purely platonic as they ultimately retreated to Holt's trailer, but curiosity got the better of me, and I went to investigate and was shocked at what I discovered.

    You see, as I approached the trailer I was surprised to hear the sound of low muffled voices followed by the noise of lips smooching and kissing. Knowing the girls were alone inside, made my cock twitch as I realized the two starlets were in fact getting it on – this time without the pretense of some silly game.

    Feeling bold, I decided to tempt fate and without giving them any forewarning, pushed open the trailer door only to find them laying out on Olivia's bed, with the blonde starlet grinding on her topless black friend.

    "What the fuck are you doing!" Diamond gasped at the intrusion, while trying to cover up her naked chest.

    "Who the hell do you think you are, barging in on me like this!" Holt snapped.

    While I initially apologized for the intrusion, I quickly dropped the act and grinned smugly to myself, knowing I had them where I wanted. In fact this had turned out even better than I had ever imagined.

    "Get the hell out of here, before I call Amber and have you fired!"

    She was referring to the production manager, who as it turned out was a good friend of mine.

    "Go ahead," I dared. "I suspect she'd be interested in knowing what was going on in here just now."

    The ladies both panicked and looked at each other.

    "I mean, I assume you probably don't want anyone to know about this," I grinned.

    The expression on Holt's face was priceless, as she suddenly realized what I was insinuating.

    "Please, you can't tell anyone!" Diamond said while still clutching her bare chest.

    "Fine. What do you want," Liv finally stated.

    I shut the door behind me, making my intentions known – that I wasn't going to leave until I got something in return for my silence.

    "Seriously Liv, this can't leak out." Diamond whined. "If my mom's finds out that we were messing around in here, she'll kick your ass and disown me, she's like that. She's old school. She'll kill us both!"

    "It's not a big deal," Olivia shrugged. "We were just making out a little."

    "I know but, she doesn't know that I like girls."

    Hearing this heartfelt confession from Diamond, disappointed me.

    "You only like girls?" I asked.

    "Well no I mean, I like boys too. I like both, just like Olivia does."

    "I see."

    "So, what do you want?" Holt quizzed. "I don't have all day."

    "Well, that all depends on how important this is to you,"

    "Mister, we'll do whatever you want!" Diamond reiterated.

    "Dee, shut up!" Olivia objected. "Let me do the talking."

    "—seriously, whatever you want, I swear."

    I was happy to see that in the very least Diamond and I were on the same page, and had an understanding.

    "Well for starters, how about you show me those tits." I playfully quipped, never actually expecting her to do it.

    To my delight, the black songstress didn't hesitate and dropped her hands to expose her magnificent breasts - two of the most glorious natural tits I think I'd ever laid eyes on.

    "Wow, I can see why you wanted those all to yourself," I snickered at Olivia, who didn't find any of it amusing.

    "You know, I could have you fired right now." she added. "We should call the cops."

    "And what, have your squeaky clean image completely eviscerated?" I countered. "Wonder what the executives over at Disney would say if they found at that you actually enjoy eating pussy. Or TMZ for that matter."

    "Err no, we never did that!" Diamond interrupted. "We never got that far, we just fingered and made out and stuff."

    "Diamond, shut up." Holt told her.

    "Well in any event, I want a show." I told them, before instructing them to strip down to their underwear and show me their bodies.

    Realizing how screwed they were they didn't put up much of a fight.

    "I hate you so much right now," Olivia hissed, as she and Diamond were eventually made to stand there topless in their underwear.

    "I don't know what you're so uptight about Liv, you both have incredible bodies."

    Amusingly enough Diamond smiled and accepted my compliment and really seemed to respond to praise.

    "Look, let's just get this over and done with," the exotic beauty said. "Do you want a blowjob or what?"

    "Yeah I do actually," I answered sarcastically. "-but I'll be the one giving the orders around here. For starters, I want to see you two together. I want to see you kiss each other."

    I could see from the look on Diamond's face that she was more than happy to oblige. In fact in a strange way she almost seemed pleased to do it in front of somebody, and not have to feel guilty about sneaking around.

    "And don't be shy about touching each other or playing with your breasts while you make out," I commented.

    While the girls did as I asked, I reached down to squeeze the large bulge in my pants - thanking my lucky stars that I had had the foresight to follow them back to the trailer. This was turning out to be my lucky day.

    "You know, someone's bound to come back here and find you in here with us," Olivia pointed out.

    The stunning blonde had a point, and thinking quickly I decided to take things to the next level.

    "You know what, when you're right you're right." I said, as I grabbed Holt roughly by the back of the head and pushed Diamond to her knees beside me, inviting her to unzip my fly.

    "I've been watching you the last few days," I told Holt. "You're quiet the sexy little minx."

    Olivia flashed me a sarcastic smile as I reached up to gently tweak and pinch her already hard nipples, and felt her friend ease my pants halfway down my legs so she'd have full access to my cock and nuts.

    Diamond didn't waste time running her tongue up and down the length of my stiffening member, taking time to swirl her tongue around the head. With Olivia's eyes locked on mine, I leaned over and started to suck on her pert tits.

    At the same time Diamond lowered her mouth over my raging cock, her lips forming a vacuum seal around it as I felt the tip brush against the back of her throat. I moved my face from Olivia's breasts and before she could object, kissed her hard on the lips.

    "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," I told her as her friends head now bobbed back and forth beneath us.

    Olivia sneered at the comment as she watched her black friend audibly slurp on my cock. In fact her cock-sucking skills were so exceptionally, I find myself reaching down with one hand to place it on the back of her head to slow her down.

    At the same time, the wisecracking blonde was about to say something until I kissed her deeply on the mouth again, sliding my tongue into Liv's mouth. The kiss was interrupted when I threw my head back and closed my eyes in extreme pleasure.

    "Fuck-yeah," I groaned as Diamond started playing with my balls while she had all of my cock stuffed in her teenage mouth.

    "You like that," Holt teased. "-her mouth on your cock like that?"


    "Just wait until you feel my lips around you,"

    I looked right back at Olivia and grinned, as she was starting to come around to the idea of exchanging sexual favors.

    "A girl as pretty as you doesn't know how to suck cock!" I teased.

    "oh really?"

    That said, Olivia asked Diamond to scoot over as she got on the floor and took my cock loosely between her lips and started bobbing up and down. Diamond tried to get in to lick my balls but Olivia pushed her aside, stopping briefly to point me northward to lick my balls with the flat of her tongue.

    When I felt her spit at my nuts I thought I was going to lose my mind. Never in a million years would I have imagined that someone as stunning and refined as Holt would be so ...dirty.

    "How about now," she quipped. "Still think I can't suck cock?"

    "Nice, but Diamond was much better," I lied.

    Olivia released her grip and for a moment I thought I may have overstepped the mark and really pissed her off.

    "Here, you take the shaft, his balls are mine-" she countered before she started to lick and suck on my nuts.

    Olivia took them into her mouth one at a time, swirling her tongue around each one while her friend immediately went to work.

    "You can't just bob up and down, you have to use some suction and pressure with your lips," Diamond advised as she started to slowly suck, sending indescribable waves of pleasure throughout my body.

    The black teen quickened her pace while Olivia continued her oral assault on my balls. I think they were just as surprised as I was by how quickly it took to set me off.

    In fact it only took a few minutes of this duel action before I groaned out loud and put my hands on the back of Diamond's head, holding her in place as I pumped my hips against her lips and shot stream after stream of spunk into the back of her throat.

    When I finally released my grip, Diamond raised her head with thick semen dripping from the corners of her mouth.

    "That was awesome," she gasped. "-but we need to get this thing hard again, cause I need to ride it!"

    I could tell Olivia had reservations about taking things to the next level, but for whatever reason she didn't object and just played along.

    The actress stripped naked as Diamond took off her panties to reveal that she too was shaved like her friend, before they took off my shirt and eased my pants the rest of the way down. They then pulled me onto the carpeted floor with them, where Olivia promptly lowered her pussy onto my face and positioned us into an impromptu sixty-nine.

    The feeling of my tongue between her fleshy folds sent waves of pleasure through her body. I always loved eating her pussy and knowing it was her, I made sure to give my all.

    My tongue was rapidly licking the length of her slit before I sucked her wet lips into my mouth, savoring her taste. I slid my tongue between them and licked up and down while slowly easing a finger in and out of her pussy. I couldn't believe how tight she was.

    Olivia lowered her mouth onto my rod and started to lick up and down my length while Diamond crawled between my legs and proceeded to lick my nuts, her tongue inching lower and lower towards my ass.

    "Am I doing this right," Olivia asked a minute later.

    I'm not sure whether or not she was being sarcastic or not, but Diamond seemed eager to give her as much guidance as possible.

    "Almost, but you need to do it more like this," Dee said and took my cock into her mouth and bobbed up and down on it a few times with her lips wrapped tightly around it as her teeth brushed gently against it before releasing it.

    I couldn't help but groan with delight.

    Olivia took this opportunity to sit straight up above my face, allowing me to dip my tongue against her bunghole. She jumped at the initial contact but let out a low groan, encouraging me to lick her ass clean which I did, over and over again.

    "oh-god," she purred erotically above me. "-yeah, get right up in there. Eat my ass."

    With pleasure, I thought.

    I used both my hands on her buttocks to pull them open as I rimmed her perfect butt. In all my time I'd never tasted an ass as sweet and luscious as hers.

    Once Diamond stopped to catch her breath, Olivia fell forward to resume her sucking using Diamond's technique while I continued to rapidly flick my tongue in and out of both her holes.

    "Is that hard enough for you," Olivia directed at her friend.

    Diamond continued to tongue my balls and bath them in spit, before plunging her surprisingly long tongue deep into my own asshole, causing me to grunt out loud. Up until that point I'd never actually had a tongue in my ass, but now I wouldn't imagine sex without it.

    Olivia lifted herself up and then turned herself around on my face, using her hands to grip my hair and hold me in place. She clearly enjoyed the power she wielded over me in that position.

    "You go ahead and eat his ass," she remarked. "-but I'm turning around so I can ride his face!"

    Her friend simply moaned in approval as Olivia now flicked her hips and road my face like her own personal pillow. I was in heaven, living out my fantasy when I felt the soft, wet moistness of Diamond's pussy slide down over my cock as she lowered herself onto me.

    Even though I was big proponent of oral sex and eating pussy, Diamond's sweet wet cunt absolutely took my breath away and almost distracted me all together. In fact I actually had to stop to concentrate on the task at hand, and finally reached up and grabbed Olivia's ass, pulling her down even hard on my face.

    "ugh-fuck yes," Holt bemoaned above me. "I love that, you're tongue is so deep!"

    "You've got the sweetest little pussy, Liv." I mumbled back. "I could eat this little cunt for days on end."

    My tongue continued its assault on her backdoor before I switched it up and focused on her clit, taking it between my lips and sucking and nibbling it to drive her wild.


    I was now sliding one finger slowly in and out of her sphincter while I feasted on her juicy, bald cunt. Olivia was moaning so loud I suddenly grew concerned someone was going to hear us outside.

    At the other end of my body, Diamond was riding me with long slow strokes, enjoying every inch of my rod, and grinding her wet sex against my groin every time she was bottomed out. She gradually quickened her pace too, moaning how good it felt, and pretty soon was going at it hard and fast.

    "Yes, yes, yes—" she grunted as she leaned forward to put her hands on my chest while kissing Olivia's shoulder blades.

    I could feel her pussy squeeze my cock tightly, every stroke causing me to moan into Olivia's butt. For her part, Liv was moaning loudly as I buried a finger knuckle deep inside her ass.

    "Yeah, keep doing that - right there!"

    "I'm sorry, but I have to do this," I suddenly hissed as I pushed the pint-sized blonde off my face.

    I needed to get Diamond off, and I don't know how or why but I knew that if I did it correctly it'd be more than worth the wait. With Olivia off me, I now watched Diamond's full natural breasts bounce hypnotically as she rode me. They were glistening with sweat, and were just about the most captivating things I'd ever seen.

    I quickly became obsessed at the sight of them and leaned forward to suck and lick the sweat off them. Diamond and I were both moaning in pleasure as I grabbed her ass with both hands and now pounded up into her with all my might.

    "ugh-ah-holy shit!!" she cried.

    "I have to make you come," I growled I as lifted her off me. "I have to take you from behind!"

    "Fuck-yeah, please do!" she replied quickly. "Take this shit doggy-style baby, I'm ready."

    In an instant the stunning songbird positioned herself face down ass up, waiting to be fucked! I quickly grabbed hold of her sweaty hips, swiped my cock along her slimy taco then pushing in. I then started slamming into her hard and fast. Every few strokes I'd slap her ass, causing her to grunt out loud while looking over to watch a naked Olivia Holt masturbating furiously to the show.

    "Yeah, fuck her!" Holt insisted. "Fuck her harder and deep!"

    "God yes! Keep watching Liv," Diamond moaned back. "Watch him fuck me babe."

    "You know I will, you know I love this shit."

    "I want you to watch me cum!" Dee moaned after several more pumps. "Liv, oh-Livey. I'm cumming—"

    "I'm getting close to," I grunted back while whipping my hips back and forth.

    "Fuck this, I want my turn!" Olivia snapped as she tried pulling Diamond out of the way.

    "Not yet, please!" her friend begged. "Please Liv. I'm sorry I'm being greedy but, I want him to shoot that hot load all over my back."

    I could see the frustration in Olivia eyes. She wasn't going to give up so easily. Her body was on fire and she needed relief. Without batting an eye, Liv looked me dead in the eye and spoke with evil intent.

    "You better hurry up and get over here, and fuck me if you know what's good for you,"

    Her words cut through me like a knife, as I slowed my thrusts trying to pace myself.

    "I want your cock inside me so bad," Olivia growled as she laid back on the edge of the couch rubbing her freshly shaved twat.

    Not wanting to let Diamond down, I did the only thing I could think of and toyed with the blonde beauty while I fucked her friend.

    "Show me how you play with that cunt, Liv." I told her.

    The actress was only too happy to obliged and proceeded to lick her fingers and smear her juices all over her cunt and down into her ass. I literally gasped out loud when I watched her trace a single finger into her bunghole, and tease her backdoor for me.

    "When was the last time you fucked a tight, blonde twenty-year-old ass?" she taunted while probing herself.

    "Jesus—" I groaned as I found myself pumping even harder into Diamond, taking out my frustrations on her.

    "You better not come yet," Liv chastised. "You better save it for me."

    Just hearing these words from her, combined with the look in her eyes convinced me to bend to her will. Without even realising it, I pulled out of her friends gaping hole with a loud pop, and shuffled over between Olivia's spread legs and entered her in one fell swoop.

    "Holy fuck," she mewled, while I flicked sweat from my brow.

    "God-damn you're tight."

    She had her ass hanging off the edge of the sofa as I put her legs over my shoulders and slammed into her hard and fast, leaning forward to kiss her on the lips, licking her sweat-glazed neck as I pounded her.

    "Yes, fuck me!"

    It was while pummelling her that I felt a new sensation and looked down to see Diamond on the floor, licking at my swinging nuts from below. I started to breathe harder with excitement, amazed at her tenacity for cock. Sensing something was up, Olivia slid her legs off my shoulders and started to bend her knees and spread her legs wide while pushing her hips upward to meet my thrusts.

    "Come on, give it to me-" she hissed. "Gimme that hard cock!"

    Her moans were taking me to the point of no return, when out of the blue Diamond suddenly pulled me out of Olivia's warm embrace and instead buried her face in her blonde friends cunt!

    It was while feasting on Olivia's cookie that she paused momentarily to gesture that I move in behind her and continue what we had started, and now fuck her from behind while she eat out the actress.

    With both girls naked and now moaning and glistening in sweat, I was only happy to oblige and drilled Diamond from behind while giving her a few suggestions of my own.

    "Hey baby, why don't you lick Olivia's ass while you're down there, cause she really seems to like it."

    Without missing a beat Diamond buried her long pink tongue inside Holt's rectum, and we both thought the young starlet was going to have an epileptic fit. In fact the wanton display by the two new friends was so hot and carnal, I pulled out briefly only to slowly bury my wick into Diamonds waiting asshole, stretching it out and filling her.

    "Ah-shit," she moaned over her shoulder. "Yeah, gimme that cock. Fuck my black ass!"

    I didn't need to be asked twice, and proceeded to drill her sweet shitter while she now tongued and rimmed Olivia's backdoor with great zeal and gusto.

    "Yeah, rub your cunt for me Livey." Diamond moaned, while tongue-fucking her friends gleaming cornhole.

    "oh god! I'm cumming!" Olivia shrieked at the top of her lungs.

    When her eyes finally rolled into the back of her head and her legs began to shake, I promptly and forcefully pushed Diamond out of the way, and before either one of them could utter a single sentence, I pressed the tip of my purple helmet against Olivia's sphincterm taking her breath away.

    The look on her face was priceless, particularly since I had just had my cock nestled deep inside her friends black ass. Olivia could only glare back at me with eyes the size of saucers, as I groaned at her tightness of her shit-pipe and pressed on.

    "Good, good girl." I cooed. "Let me in your ass, baby. Open up for me."

    "ugh-fuck. You're gunna make me come all over your cock, shoot for me!" she hissed as her body trembled violently.

    I gave out a deep guttural moan as I unleashed inside her ass, creamping her young ass and filling it with spunk. When I finally sat back on my haunches I watched spellbound as Diamond dutifully rushed over to hungrily suck every morsel drop of my semen out of her friends twitching bunghole.

    It was probably one of the nastiest, and hottest things I'd ever seen and something I never imagined I'd get to participate with the star of the show, 20-year-old Olivia Hastings Holt.

    "Does this mean you'll keep our secret?"

    "Ladies, you're secret is safe with me."

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    Fuck yes. Amazing as always

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    Fuckity Fuck Fuck. When u write about Holt. U write about holt. lol God please tell me the show will be like that.

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    Holy fuck that was hot. Jesus that's a HOF story

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    Holy Fuckkk..... That was one of the best threesome ever! Amazingly HOT!

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