Lucky Bastard 8: Casting Call Perks
Starring Joey King & Hunter King, Appearance by Natalie Alyn Lind

Codes: MF, Oral, Facial, MFF, Inc
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

After locking down both Anna Kendrick and Emma Stone to star in Ryan's next film, the rest of the casting pretty much fell into place over the next two weeks. The one last role we had was for Emma Stone's younger sister. We were looking for someone who could play like high school senior or college age girl. I put a call in for Hailee Steinfeld, hoping for a least a meeting that would result in us finally hooking up, but her agent shut it down right away saying she was not available for when Ryan wanted to shoot. So we put out a casting call, and since it worked so well before, Ryan let me do the preliminary auditions and after I made my recommendations Ryan would see the finalists. However unlike last time, where we got lots of mostly unknowns, this time we were getting a bunch of recognizable young actresses. I had rented out the same office as before, and by the end of day I had seen Katherine McNamara, Bailee Madison, Madison Pettis, Kaitlyn Dever, and Carmen Bicondova among others who had read for the part. Some of them had made it obvious that they were willing to go "above and beyond" for the part, but I didn't hook up with any of them. I was saving my energy for another go with Natalie Alyn Lind who was coming after my other auditions were over. She had told her parents and her agent she was coming in to audition, but in truth she couldn't fit the film in her schedule and the only reason why she was coming was to screw.

I was walking Kiernan Shipka out the door. The former Mad Men star was impressive, and had the film been starring Emma Watson instead of Emma Stone I would have offered her the roll on the spot, since she did kind of resemble a young blond Watson. I told her we'd been in contact with her agent in a few days. There were only two people left in the lobby. One was my final interview, Joey King, and the other of course was Natalie. I tried not to stare at Natalie as I invited Joey into the room but it was not easy as Natalie was dressed in the schoolgirl uniform she wore during her time on Gotham. As Joey entered the interview room, I looked back to Natalie while I closed the door. Natalie then proceeded to mime a blow job including pushing her tongue against her cheek making in bulge out. I was quickly getting aroused and I knew at that point I was going to have a hard time concentrating on this final audition.

Sitting down behind the desk, I looked at Joey giving her a once over. She was cute and I knew I had seen her in several things but I couldn't think of what. I asked her a couple of questions but I didn't realize that I was actually being pretty short and rude to her. Between the advances of the other actresses, Natalie's mime work a few minutes ago, and flashbacks in my head to me and Natalie on the plane last month, my dick was screaming for release and I just really needed to get through this. I told Joey to go ahead and do her reading when she was ready. I focused in hard on her and she really impressed me. She wasn't even halfway through the scene when I knew she was the right one for the part.

"Alright stop. That's good," I stopped her.

"But I'm not even halfway through."

"Yeah I know, it's fine."

"Umm I can do it a different way if you want." Joey had thought she had blown the audition, had I not been trying to get her out of the office so I could have sex I might have picked up this.

"No it was fine." I stood up, making sure to try and hide my erection, so I could walk her out.

"Look I really want this part, I love the script and…"

"That's great. I'm going to make my recommendation to Ryan tonight and you'll hear from us sometime this week." I was hardly listening to her and my mind was solely focused on getting Natalie in here and bending over the desk.

"Screw this." Joey said stepping in front of me and then dropping to her knees "Natalie doesn't even know her lines and… OH...WOW" She had undone my pants as she talked to herself out loud, but when my erection sprung free she quickly lost her thought.

"Joey, what? You don't have to..."

"I know Natalie is planning on coming in here to fuck you. I mean with the outfit? Come on." Joey had cut me off before I could explain and she began to play with my hard dick in her hand as she talked to me. "I'm not going to have sex with you, but I really want this part so I'm willing to blow you.

"That's not nessac….ummmm fuck yeah." I was cut off from trying to explain the situation again, but this time instead of interrupting me with her words she did so when her big soft lips wrapped around my cock head and she began blowing me. Taking me out her mouth she began running her tongue up and down the sides of m shaft.

"Wow you're really big." She said before spitting on my dicka and working her hands up and down making sure my whole dick was lubricated. Looking up into my eyes she continued "My sister would love you." She then went back to blowing me. Fitting about 5 inches of my thick cock down her throat while working the other 5.5in of shaft with her two hands.

Leaning up against the desk looking down at a hot recently turned 18 year old actress blowing me while I had another hot recently turned 18 year old actress in the next room waiting for me to come out and fuck her, I thought back to all times I was called a "lucky bastard" or "lucky son of a bitch" and I concluded that all those people were spot on. While Joey King may not be as skilled a cock sucher as Victoria Justice, Chloe Moretz or Anna Kendrick, she made up for it in determination and eagerness. Feeling her tongue swirl around my dick before stopping and flicking the underside of my cockhead with it I gave her the warning.

"God damn that's feels good, Joey. Keep it up, I'm gonna cum soon"

"Do it. Cum in my mouth. I wanna taste you." Joey stuck a third of my dick back into her mouth and used her hands to masterbate the other teo thirds. It didn't take long for me to pop off.

"Fuck yes" I groaned as I began firing cum down Joey's throat. She took about half my load before she pulled off my cock and the rest of my hit her cheeks. Joey began cleaning herself off as I caught my breath.

"So are you going to consider me for the roll now?"

"Joey, as I was trying to say before you began sucking me off, you were great and I was going to recommend you for the role."

"But you were rushing me… and Natalie out there?"

"Yeah you were right about her. We are going to have sex. That's actually the whole reason she is here. She can't do the film, but the audition gave us a good excuse to hook up without anyone else knowing. And I may have been rushing a bit because I was looking forward to banging her but also because I knew within minutes you were right for the role."

"Oh, sooo…"

"Yeah sorry. I would have stopped you but once you got going it just felt too good."

"Thanks?" she said before laughing. We got straightened up and started walking towards the door. "By the way, if blonds with big breast are your thing, you really should meet my sister. God knows she'd love you."

"Well maybe next time you should bring her to read lines with you."

"Good idea" she said as she opened the door to the lobby. She then told Natalie to have fun before walking out of the office.

"What was that?" Natalie asked. I shrugged. "Oh well, are you ready for me now professor." Apparently the school uniform wasn't just for show, she wanted to do some role playing.

"Yes I am, Ms. Lind" She stood up and sauntered over to me, giving me this big innocent look.

"Ummm professor do you still have those panties you confiscated before?"

"Yes I do" I said as I pulled the panties she had given me from when we hooked up on the plane out of my pocket.

"Goodie. I would have hated to have walked home without them." She then raised her skirt showing of her young smooth completely shaved pussy. I could literally hear my subconscious give a growl as I looked her over.

"Professor, do you have something else in your pocket?


"Then what's this pressing up against your pants?" she asked in her innocent school girl voice as she reached out and began squeezing my cock through my pants.

"That's my penis."

"Wow. It looks really big. Can I see it?"

"Ohh you're going to do a lot more than see it. Now go into my office and bend over my desk." Natalie gave me a big smile as she walked by me. I watched as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, never breaking stride until she reached the desk, where she bent over at the waist and stuck her ass in the air. I'd told her on the plane I was going to absolutely abuse her pussy next time we got together, and that is exactly what I was going to do.


I was back in the same office with a laptop set up on the desk and I was talking to Ryan via Skype when there was a knock at the door.

"It's opened" I yelled and in through the door walked Joey King followed by a busty blond I knew, thanks to the internet, to be her sister Hunter. Hunter had on a dress going down to mid thigh and black heels, while Joey had on a nice shirt, knee length skirt, and black boots with a small heel. This difference in shoe choice highlighted the height difference between the two, but looking at their lips and eyes it was easy to see that these two were related.

"Oh hey! Didn't expect to see you here today." Joey said giving me a hug as I walked over to greet her.

"Yeah, sorry Ryan had a family emergency so he is back at his parent house, but…" I grabbed the laptop and spun it around "luckily this place has great WiFi so he is skyped in."

"Hi Joey, sorry I could not be there."

"No problem, hope everything is alright." We all continued to talk for a while. Eventually Joey introduced her sister who was there to read lines with Joey.

"You know I was a little surprised you didn't give Natalie an invite to come back today." Joey said to me out of nowhere.

"Umm, what?"

"Yeah, I called her the other day to ask her about how her audition went after I left. She said you really enjoyed her performance, but you were kind of hard on her."

"Things just didn't work out scheduling wise. But I don't think I was too hard on her, she really seemed to enjoy the experience," I said as I continued the innuendo chat I was having with Joey, who was giving me a bit of a wanting look. Hunter seemed clueless as to what me and her younger sister were actually talking about, but Ryan seemed to understand pretty quickly so he interrupted and told Joey what scenes he wanted to hear her read first.

The audition process went on for about an hour or so. Ryan had her read multiple scenes with Hunter usually reading the the role that would be played by Emma Stone. After reading the scene Ryan talked with her about what he wanted from the character and asked her a few questions. I stayed pretty quiet the whole time. I occasionally found myself checking out Hunter and thinking back to what Joey said last time about how if I liked big breasted blonds I should meet her sister. She was not wrong, she was extremely good looking and had some nice looking rack. When it was done, Ryan told her he really did like her and she seemed right for the part. Joey did her best to stay cool when he told her he'd be sending the offer sheet over to her agent later in the day. It was after Ryan signed off and I closed the laptop that the two sisters began to celebrate.

"I'm so proud of you." Hunter told her younger sister as they hugged.

"Thanks Sis."

"We should celebrate."

"Yeah! And I know just what I want to do." With that Joey marched right over to me and using both hands grabbed my face and pulled me down into a french kiss.

"Joey! Oh my god!" her sister yelled out in surprise. Watching on as her sister darted her tongue in and out of my mouth for the next 30 seconds before she slowly dropped to her knees in front of me.

"Natalie told me all about how you two fucked all over this room right after I left." Joey said speaking directly to me Now I want some of that." She began undoing my pants. Hunter stood back in stunned silence watching what was going on. Grabbing a hold of my pants and boxers, Joey pulled them down, freeing my dick and balls to the open air. "I still can't believe how big it is" she said as she took hold of it and began kissing my dick.

"Joey! What the fuck are you doing? What does she mean STILL can't believe it? What did you do to my sister?" The older King sister was freaking out at the scene in front of her while the younger sister was worshiping my quickly hardening dick.

"Relax sis. He didn't do anything I didn't initiate. And besides," Joey said as she put her chin down by my balls and laid my hard cock down along her face. "Look how big it is. I thought you'd like it. I always hear you on the phone talking to your friends about how you're such as size queen."

"'ve heard me talk about that."

"Yeah, you mention it a bunch." Joey now began kissing up along the other side of my cock, starting from the root going towards the head. "Part of the reason I invited you here to read with me was because I was hoping Eddie would be here and you could see what he's packing." Now at the head Joey opened her mouth wide and began going down on me.

Hunter meanwhile had begun to calm down, but it was obvious she was filled with mixed emotions as she took stock of the whole situation. "Well, it is a really nice looking member. Not the biggest I've ever seen, but really nice" Hunter finally said.

"Holy shit, you've actually been with guys bigger than this?"

"Yeah, but half the time fucking tripod dicks like that are more trouble than they are worth. That one looks to be just about the perfect length and girth."

I had stayed quiet this whole time, in part because Joey was doing a pretty good job making me feel good, and also because with Hunter calming down it looked like I might have a real shot with a sister threeway. I had had threeways before, I had had sex with sisters before, heck when I visited the Hudgens house I had done both, but I had never had a threesome with a pair of sisters. Right now Hunter was watching on as her younger sister blew me. Joey now had her mouth stretched all the way open and was testing to see how much she could fit down her throat. After twice reaching her gag reflex she took me out of her mouth mouth and encouraged her sister to join her.

"Her sis, you give it a go." Hunter walked up to me and just like her sister gave me a kiss before dropping to her knees. As Hunter took over for her sister, Joey took off her shirt and unclasped her bra, throwing both behind her as she freed her perky 18 year old b-cups. She began playing with them as she watched her sister play with my dong. Hunter was clearly sizing me up as she played with me.

"Gotta say sis, you sure found a nice cock."

"I knew you'd like it." Joey said as she watched her sister flick her tongue around the head before dropping down to my balls, and then coming back up to spit on my cock and stroking it with both her hands. When she was ready to get down to business she put her hands behind her back and simply just took me in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down my cock, each time take a bit more into her mouth. By the 10th time down she now had her nose pressed up against my very short trimmed pubes.

"Wow" Joey said as she watched her sister continue to work my cock. After a couple of more times down she offered me back over to her sister. The younger King sister tried to emulate her older sister's technique but each time around the 7 inch mark she had reached her limit and couldn't go down any further without gagging. The older sister tried to give pointers and the two began passing my cock back and forth, but it was obvious the younger was growing frustrated.

"Here let me show you another trick that might help if you really want to swallow that whole thing." With that Hunter stood up, stripped out of her dress and bra, leaving her just in a navy blue thong and wedged heels. I watched as the older Hunter sister's large d-cup breast bounced and jiggled as she climbed up onto the desk. She laid on her back on the desk with her head tilted back hanging off the front of the desk. Knowing what my role to play was I stood in front of the desk and as Hunter opened her mouth I side my cock in. Sliding all the way down until my balls were smacking her in the face. With Hunter unable to move, it was up to me to move my dick in and out, and I began fucking the 23 year old actress' throat. Leaning over I grasped onto her large breast and toyed with them as I kept thrusting my pelvis rapidly, each thrust causing my balls to smash right into the girl's face.

After watching what was going on for a little while Joey quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes and excitedly climbed up onto the desk, taking a position just like her sister. Sliding my dick out of one sister's mouth I stepped to the side and started sliding it into the other sister's happily waiting mouth.

"Alright now go slow, and Joey just relax your throat. Don't think about anything." Hunter said trying to coach up her sister. I went slow, sliding my dick into her mouth pulling back a little and then sliding more in. Joey coughed a few times, but after several tried she did get all of me down her mouth. "That's it! You did it!" Hunter said congratulating her sister. Joey raised her arms up in triumph, while I began fucking her throat in earnest. With the two Kings sisters lying on their backs both naked besides Hunter's thong, I began alternating back and forth, fucking the two sister's throats. It wasn't much longer before I was ready to blow my first load.

"Shit, I'm getting ready to cum." As I had my cock buried down Joey's mouth.

"Cum on her face." Hunter said as she rolled on to her side. "She started this whole thing, I know she wants it." I could feel Joey nod in agreement and that was good enough for me. I pulled out of her mouth and after a few strokes I blew my load all over Joey's face. Absolutely drenching the young woman's face with several shots also hitting her chest. Hunter laughed and then I offered my cock to clean off, which she quickly accepted. Suckng off any excess cum from my cock and allowing me the ability to keep hard, I moved to the other side of the desk when she was done. Now on the opposite side of the desk, I grabbed Joey's legs and pulled her until her pussy was right at the edge of the desk. As I dropped to my knees to make sure the 18 year old's pussy was primed and ready to go, her older sister was on all fours straddling her body and licking my cum off of her sister's face. After eating Joey out a bit and making sure she was nice and wet, I stood back up and going into place. Slapping my dick down on her clut a few times and rubbing it along her pussy lips before I finally began pushing my dick in.

"Fffuuucccckkkkk." Joey moaned as I started to slide in. Hunter looked behind her to see what was happening and a broad smile came across her face as she saw me pushing into her sister.

"Yeah you like?" Hunter questioned her sister.

"Oh my god. He's stretching me out so much, it feels like he is going to slit me in two."

"I know it's going to feel a little painful a first, but trust me, give yourself a little time and it's going to feel SO good."


"Yeah. Trust me with a dick like that, if he even know halfway what he's doing he is going to be making you cum in no time." I meanwhile was stood behind the two conversating sisters slowly working myself in and out of Joey's tight pussy, trying to stretch her out a bit before I went full force. As her pussy was starting to give way, I knew she was enjoying the feeling more and more as I felt her legs start to wrap around me,

"Oh shit. Oh my god."

"Yeah, it starting to feel better now?"

"Hell yes"

"Told you." And with that Hunter leaned down and gave her sister a big un-sisterly kiss on the mouth. Seeing this set me off as I now forced the rest of my dick into Joey and started pumping my cock faster and faster. Joey's legs now wrapped tightly behind me as I fucked her pussy with force. The two sisters had broke off their kiss but the older of the two still on all fours over her sister, talking dirty and egging her sister on. With her on all fours tough it left her pussy staring right at me so I grabbed onto her thighs and pulled her backwards until she was close enough to me so I could eat her pussy while I fucked her sister.

"Oh god yes, eat my pussy. Eat my pussy while you fuck my sister. Do it." Hunter continued to spout off her dirty mouth as her sister moaned in pleasure. I was having the time of my life, fucking one sister as I ate out the other.

"Oh my god sis, I think I'm going to cum" Joey moaned

"Yeah? You gonna cum on you friends big dick?" Hunter said.

"Um humm"

"Good do it. Cum. Then I can get a crack at that thing."

I soon as Joey writhing in pleasure as she came all over my cock. After having one sister cum, it was time to do the other. I pulled Hunter back off the desk and then bent her over it. With her legs spread, her ass pointed upward, and her tits pressed down on the desk, I stabbed her pussy with my cock. It seemed she had not been lying about being a size queen as I had no difficulty slamming my whole cock into her.

"Oh fuck yeah, that's good. Fucking abuse my pussy with that fat cock!" Hunter demanded.

"Yeah, you're sister wasn't lying about you being a size queen was she?"

"No, I love big dicks. I fucking love them, and yours is just about the perfect size."

"Fucking right it is!" I said as I gave her ass a slap and continued to pound her the best that I could. While this was all happening Joey was still sitting on the side of desk watching me guck her siser. The sight was turning her on as she began to squeeze her tits and rub her pussy.

I gave the older King sister's ass another hard slap before pulling out of her.

"Turn around and sit on the desk. I wanna play with your titties while I fuck."

"Yeah?" she said as she got up on the desk. "The do it. Play with my big tits as you pound my pussy." She then let out a high pitch squeal as I jammed my cock back into her and buried my face into her large breast. Hunter cupped her breasts and I motorboated her as I plugged away at her pussy. Joey continued to masterbate as she watched me bite her sister's nipple. Catching her eye I backed off Hunter a bit.

"You like watching me fuck your sister."

"Um huh, it's so hot" She moaned as she fingered herself. With me now standing back upright, Hunter leaned back going flat on her back on the desk and turned her head to watch her sister masterbate.

"Yeah, you going to cum from watching me fuck her?" I asked as I slid Hunter's legs up onto my shoulders.

"I'm getting there." She moaned again her eyes darting back and forth from my face to my dick pistoning in and out of her sister.

"Joey," Hunter spoke up between moans, "sit on my face"

"What!?!" Joey exclaimed, and I stopped what I was doing.

"You heard me, I want to to straddle my face."

"But you're my sister."

"So, not like I can get you pregnant. Your pussy is right next to me and it looks so pretty. Sit on my face." I looked on in anticipation, not believing what I just heard and hoping this was actually going to happen. After some hesitancy, Joey moved over and slowly straddled her legs on either side of Hunter's face. "Yesss, and you get back to blasting my cunt" Hunter told me. I slowly pumped my meat stick as I watched the younger sister's pussy descend onto the mouth of the older sister. As soon as Joey's pussy touched Hunter's mouth, Hunter pounced. She gripped her arms around Joey's legs and drove her face as far as it could go into her sister's crotch.

"Oh my god! Oh yes, fuck yes sis" Joey yelled out. Watching this also reinvigorated me and I once again began fucking Hunter as hard as I could. Things quickly speed up from there. I could feel Hunter's pussy spasm in orgasim as Joey started yelling out that she was going to cum. I reached out and pulled Joey's face to mine, making out with her as she came all over her sister's mouth. From there I declared I was about to cum, which was followed by a mad dash to get into place.

The two sister got down on their knees and went cheek, each with a big mile as the waited for me shoot off all over their faces. I jacked off eyeing the two sisters sweaty, naked, freshly fucked bodies. The first rope of cum hit Hunter just below the eye, and from there I moved my dick slightly from side to side as I shot my load all over the two sisters. When I was done they began cleaning off each others faces.

"Umm, that taste good. But I think we should go get some real food. Then afterwards we can all go back home and continue with the celebrating" Hunter suggested. I was of course in favor of this, and Joey happily nodded. "Good, cause I want to see you ride that thing, Joey, and who knows maybe by the end of the night you'll be as big of a size queen as me."