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Thread: "Lucky Bastard 9" with Paris Berelc and Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "Lucky Bastard 9" with Paris Berelc and Olivia Holt

    Lucky Bastard 9: Cheat Day
    Starring Paris Berelc & Olivia Holt, Appearance by Kelli Berglund

    Codes: MF, Oral, Creampie, Squirt, Public
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

    I was walking around in Paris Berelc's kitchen in a t-shirt and boxers from last night. We had run into each other the night before at a bar in West Hollywood. Her parents and her boyfriend were both out of town for the next couple of days, so she had decided to let loose. Despite being underage she was pretty intoxicated when I bumped into her. She had been enjoying free drinks all night thanks to several men she had been flirting with on and off. She would have probably had taken one of the guys home, but when she started grinding up on me their was no doubt who she taking home that night. I got some dirty looks from the guys who had bought her the drinks when they saw us leaving together, but within an hour the look anger on their faces was replaced in my mind with the look of bliss on Paris' face as she rode my cock. Now feeling dehydrated from last night I opened up her fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.

    "So any plans for today?" Paris asked.

    "I'm supposed to check out some office space for me and Ryan in Glendale later this afternoon." I closed the fridge and looked over at Paris who was holding her coffee cup with both hands. She looked sexy as hell wearing just a tight red spaghetti strap tank top and a skimpy red silk thong. I was also a big fan of her hair cut. Last time I saw her she had long brown hair going down her back, and now her hair was shoulder length with blondish highlights.

    "Really?" She perked up "I was going to meet Kelli and Oliva at the Galeria today."

    "Wow, that's a weird coincidence."

    "I know right. I was going to take a Lyft, but maybe I could get a ride with you?"

    "What time?"

    "Like 12:30 or one-ish"

    "Yeah I can do that." After finishing my bottle of water I looked down at my watch. "So, looks like we have a couple of hours to kill."

    "Oh really?" She smirked and put down her coffee cup.

    "Yup," I said and grabbed her arm and pulled her two. I hungrily bent down and kissed her. Our tongues swirled and danced with each other as we made out. I had maneuvered her so her back was flush against her refrigerator. I shoved one hand down into her silk thong and played with her clit.

    "Ugghhh yeah play with my clit" she moaned

    "Yeah, the feel good?"

    "Uh huh" With that I dropped down to my knees, slipping her thong off as I dropped down, and buried my head into her shaved twat. "Oh fuck yes! Eat me! Eat my pussy!" I had not had breakfast yet, so I was feasting on her cunt. She was gripping onto the sides of the refrigerator and had put one leg up onto my shoulder. "Jesus, your tongue is almost as talented as that huge dick of yours" Taking my face out of her crotch, I jammed two fingers into her.

    "Almost as good, huh? Well then, if you hurry up and cum and I'll bend you over that counter and pound this pussy with my cock." After that I buried my tongue back inside her.

    "Oh god yes, almost there" She groaned. Grabbing the hair on the back of my head she tried to push me harder into her, so now as I ate her out my nose was practically rubbing up on her clit. "Yes, thats it, yes, yes yes, FUCK YES!" Paris' knees buckled as she climaxed and I had to keep her propped her up so she wouldn't fall. She regained her balence as her orgasim subsided, then I stood up ,moved her over to the corner of the counter top and bent her over. My dick was so hard it was almost fully sticking out the bottom of the leg of my boxers, so instead of dropping them I just shifted my boxers over to free my dick and I began drilling her pussy.

    We had regressed to nothing more than moans and groans, as for the third time in the last 8 hours I found myself slamming my cock in and out of teenage pussy. While more times than not I tended to try and prolong the sex as long as I could, that was not the case his morning as kept hammering into her as hard and as fast as I could despite feeling the cum starting to churn in my balls. At the last moment before erupting I pulled out of her twat and I shot my load all over her tight gymnast ass.

    We both slumped down to the kitchen floor to relax catch our breaths. I pulled two more bottles of water of the fridge. We both downed the water quickly. Paris was the first to stand up, asking me what time it was.

    "Uhhhh, 10:14" I told her.

    "Good" she said before taking off her tank top and dropping it to the floor. "I'm going to take a shower. Feel free to join me." Paris walked away towards her bathroom totally nude, making sure to add a little extra shake in her ass, which was still wet with my cum, as she walked away.

    After a sexless, but very handsy & playful, shower, Paris hopped into my car and we stopped off at my place so I could change before heading out to Glendale. We had sme incredible timing as Kelli and Olivia were getting out of Kelii's car at the same time Paris and I pulled up to valet. Paris quickly got out of the car to greet the girls. After handing my keys over to the valet I walked over to the girls to say hi before I walked out the Brand Blvd to meet with the realtor and look at some offices.

    "Well, well, well, if it isn't Eddie Big Dick" Kelli said, a little too loudly, as she saw me walk over. Like Paris, who was wearing a white t-shirt and jean cutoffs, Kelli was also dressed pretty casually in black jeans and a tied off grey shirt. I said hi to her and she gave me a friendly hug and a kiss on the cheek. I said hi to Liv, who was more dressed up than the other two wearing a white dress with black boots. Liv said hi back but never looked me in the eye, I think she was still a bit embarrassed as this was the first time we'd seen each other since her birthday party.

    "So Ed, what are you doing heer?" Kelli inquired.

    I was about to answer when Paris cut me off, "Well we ran into each other last night and…"

    "And you two ended up screwing all night long. Yeah, I had guessed that part," Kelli said. "I meant why did he drive you out here."

    "I was actually coming out here anyways. I am meeting with a realtor on some office space," I explained

    "Why would you want an office in Glendale?"

    "Well it's a lot cheaper than Hollywood and a yet still close enough to the studios people are not going to complain about meeting here. Plus Brand's not a bad place to hang out on."

    "I guess so." I told them I had to leave but I had a break between seeing places in two hours and if they were still around I'd meet them to get something to eat.

    It was about an hour and a half later after seeing three different office spaces, one I really liked, that I texted Paris about meeting up and we agreed to meet up at the Blaze Pizza in the mall. As I walked up to them in the mall it was obvious that they had been busy as they all had several shopping bags in hand. Kelli and Paris both greeted me warmly but Olivia was still cold and distant. We all ordered our food and sat down. Kelli sat to my right, Paris sat in front of me, and Olivia was diagonally across the table. We talked about what they had bought and they asked me about the places I saw. Olivia was still being really quiet, so I finally had to ask her what was up.

    "Liv, no offense, but what the hell? Why are you barely saying anything."

    "I...I don't know. I guess I am still embarrassed about what happened at the party. I still can't believe I did that in front of everyone." Liv explained while still staring at her food.

    "Oh big whoop, you had sex with him. I've had sex with him a bunch," Kelli said.

    "We both have," Paris added.

    "Yeah, and we're still able to be normal around him." As Kelli spoke she stealthly reached over into my lap and gave my crotch a squeeze.

    "Yeah but… don't you feel bad cheating on Jack?" Olivia asked Paris.
    "Not really. I mean I love Jack, and I hope we stay together forever. With Ed here, it's just sex. I doubt actually want to date him."

    "Ummm, thanks?" I said before turning to Kelli "Should I feel insulted?"

    "You spent last night having sex with her, and if you asked her to meet you in fitting room to fuck, she's happily go. I think you're good." Kelli reassured me.

    "BUT" Paris seid emphatically getting the conversation back on track. "I'm still young, and I deserve to have fun and enjoy myself. And what better way to do that then by having some really great sex. Plus the sneaking around makes it just that much hotter."

    "I guess." Olivia said still unconvinced.

    Still feeling frustrated I spoke up again. "Oh come on Liv, I know for a fact you've slept with guys other than Ray since we did it." This got Liv's attention as hearing what I said made her look up real quick and her eyes go wide.

    "What? Who told you? Was it one of you two" Olivia said in a panic.
    "No." Kelli said defiantly as she continued to squeeze my dick under the table.

    "Don't look at me" Paris told Olivia. "Eddie, who told you about her little menage trist?"

    "Menage? What?" I asked confused.

    "The threesome she had with Hailee Steinfeld and Emma Watson's new boyfriend, who told you?"

    I was stunned. "I...I was talking about her and Aubrey hooking up on set of their show. Holy crap, you had a threesome with Hailee!?! Fuck me..." Kelli let out a small giggle as she felt my cock leap in excitement at the idea of a Hailee/Olivia threesome (You can read that story here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3).

    "Oh my god Olivia, you slept with Aubrey? How was it?" Paris asked.

    "How big is he?"Kelli questioned.

    Olivia, shocked over what happened tried to find the words to say something, but when she couldn't she quickly got up and jogged away. Paris got up, grabbing both her shopping bags and Olivia's and ran after her.

    "I should go after them," Kelli said before giving my dick one last squeeze. "But if you need help taking care of this thing later feel free to call me." And with that she went after her two friends. I finished eating and tried hard not to concentrate on the idea of a Holt/Steinfeld threesome before I left to go see the last two office spaces I had scheduled to visit.

    A little over an hour later I walked back to the valet parking and was surprised to see Olivia sitting there looking sad. I was even more surprised when after seeing me, Olivia got up and ran over giving me a hug.

    "Oh thank god!" She said as she hugged me.

    "Olivia, what's going on? Are you okay?"

    "Yeah and no… I don't know. After I ran off Paris and Kelli talked to me for a little while, but I told them I just wanted to be alone, so I took my bags and they left, but I took one of the wrong bags and so they have the bag that has my purse and my phone, and I didn't know how I was going to get home, so I just came here hoping to run into you, and… um can you please give me a ride home?"

    "Yeah sure, no problem."

    "Oh thank you!" Olivia said totally relieved and she gave me another big hug, this time hugging me even tighter with a big smile on her face.

    When the valet pulled up with my car we both got in and I had Liv put her address into my phone. We sat in silence for 5-10 minutes, until Liv finally broke the silence.

    "I'm not a slut." She said.


    "I'm not a slut. I know I've cheated on Ray a few times, but I feel bad about that, and I love him. So I just wanted to say that I'm not a slut."

    "I never thought you were."

    "Oh, okay. Good."

    "I mean let's be real here for a minute. You're 20 so you're supposed to be craving sex and also you're hot as fuck, so you can get almost any man you want."

    For the first time since we had gotten into the car, Olivia actually stopped looking out the window and looked at me as she spoke.

    "You really think I'm hot?" She asked with aknowing smirk

    "Fuck you. You know you're hot." I told her. "Have you seen some of the things guys have said about you on the internet."

    Olivia laughed. "Yeah I know. Whenever I get really sad I sometimes go online and read some of those comments. Every now and then I come across a celebrity sex story site and I read some of the fantasies people have written about me."

    As Olivia began opening up, I started to become hard in my jeans.

    "You seemed to be really interested in that story about me and Hailee."

    "Well yeah. Are you kidding me? The guy has a threesome with you and Hailee, who I've been trying to hook up with since meeting at your party, and he is dating Emma Watson? Jesus christ, and people call me lucky. (Again you can read that story here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3)"

    "I don't know, you should hear the way Kelli and Paris talk about you, I'd say you're pretty lucky. I'm pretty sure you could convince them to be in a threeway if you really wanted to. Plus you're pretty gifted in certain areas" Olivia said coyly as her eyes dropped the bulge in my pant legs.

    "Thanks. So can I ask, how did that threesome thing happen?"

    "I don't know. I was at this party, and I hadn't been with anyone for a few weeks, me and Ray are on a break. Then see Hailee leaving with this guy who I'd been teasing and when I walk over to them Hailee tells me I can either come with them or I can get out of their way. I'm not sure why I decided to go, but next thing I know I'm blowing him in the elevator as he makes out with Hailee."

    "Fuck, that sounds hot."

    "Hehehe, yeah it was. You and Hailee would really get along."

    "Good to know. What about you and Aubrey?" I asked

    "Ugghhh… I was mad at Ray, and he invited me back to his trailer to talk about it, we started drinking, annnddddd I black out. Next thing I know I am waking up naked in his bed with his hard on poking me in the butt." Unlike her other story, it was she was way more annoyed and unhappy to tell this story.

    "So, you sneak away that morning, or did you put his morning wood to good use?"

    "Well... I'm mean at that point it was pretty obvious we'd already had sex, it seemed a shame to let let it go to waste or to walk away with no memory of how the sex was." Peaking over at Liv her dress had ridden up a bit as her legs were clamped shut but she appeared to be rubbing her thighs together. Her trips down memory lane seemed to be exciting her. "How did you even know about that?"

    "He texted me about."

    "He what!?!"

    "He got my number from Sammi Hanratty and he asked for tips to seduce you, I didn't by the way" I lied. "And a few weeks later he texted me photos of the two of you"

    "There are photos! That asshole! DO you still have them? Let me see."

    "No I got rid of them." I lied again. I also had killed the mode of the car by telling her about Aubrey's pictures. We once again were riding in silence, though every once in awhile I saw her glancing over at me and the erection bulging in my pants.

    "Can I see it?"


    "You're penis, can I see it? Last time I was really drunk, and in our tex chain Paris and Kelli are always going on about how much the love your cock after everytime they hook up with you. Plus I'm technically single right now, so I want to see it." I agreed and at the next red light I unzipped my pants and pulled it out.

    "God, it's no wonder those two can't get enough of you." Olivia said while staring me down. I continued driving, but let out a groan as I felt her hand grip my cock and slowly began to stroke me. "I can't believe this thing actually fit inside me. You're bigger than the other guys, and way bigger than Ray."

    "Olivia, can I be honest with you?"

    "Well, seeing how I am giving you a hand job right now…"

    "Alright, I know you liked Ray, but you shouldn't feel bad about letting go and enjoying yourself. And you really shouldn't feel bad about enjoying yourself on a platinum level cock like the one you're holding."

    This made Olivia laugh. "It is really nice, and it was really nice of you to give me a ride home. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't." Olivia looked around the window for other cars. "How long until we get to my place?"

    "Umm, GPS says ten minutes."

    "Perfect." Olivia then undid her seatbelt and moved her hair out of the way before leaning over and taking my dick into her mouth. Thankfully we were just going along the side streets now so that there was less of a chance of getting caught and more importantly less of a chance of me getting into an accident. As she bobbed her head faster and faster up and down my cock I was having a hard time concentrating on the road. I really wanted to pull over and enjoy having the Disney star blow me, but middle of the day in a residential neighborhood seemed like a bad idea, so I pushed on hoping to quickly get to her place.

    At one point while coming to a stop at a stop sign, I took a hand off the wheel and put it on the back of Olivia's head pushing her further down on my cock until she started coughing and gagging.

    "Jesus I can barely fit half that thing in my mouth."

    "Fuck it who cares, Your mouth feels so good and we're almost there. Just keep blowing me." And Olivia did. She bent right back over and continued to give me road head until we arrived at her place and I noticed another two cars in their driveway. "Olivia we're here." Olivia sat back up and wiped her mouth as she looked out the windshield.

    "No no no. Shit!" she said in frustration.


    "Those are my parents cars. What are they doing here?"

    "Fuck, you serious? Now what?"

    "Screw it, we'll just have to do it in here." With that Olivia quickly reached under her short dress and whipped off her underwear. She then quickly threw her leg over my waist before straddling me cowgirl style. Olivia reached down under her dress taking my cock and taking aim as she slowly lowered her still extremely tight pussy on top of it. Olivia gave off some groans and moans as she began sinking down on my cock.

    "Jesus Liv. you're still tight as fuck."

    "Oh my god and you're stretching my pussy out like I can't believe." The Cloak and Dagger star screamed out as she started riding my cock with wild abandon. The car was filled with the sounds of Olivia's moans and groans, and the wet slapping sound of her dropping her sopping wet cut slams down the length of my pole. Had I been enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy gripping onto my thick rod or seeing the beautiful young actress/singer's 'Oh' face, I probably would have been slight concerned about someone hearing the sounds being admitted from my car's open window.

    "Ugghhh god this is better than I remember." She moaned.

    "Yeah, you think about this often?."

    "Sometimes." She said before drawing me in for a kiss. We made out for a little bit before she pulled away. "Ummm I've also got a copy of the video someone made of the two of us. I've lost count of how many times I masterbated to that video."

    "Jesus Liv, if you keep up this up I'm going to cum soon."

    "Just a little longer, I'm almost there. And...andd...oh shit… And I need you to cum in me. I can't risk going inside and having cum on my lip or face."

    "Grrrr, Fuck yeah" I gripped her hips and tried slamming her on my cock even harder. "Tell me, do you still squirt when you cum?"

    "Like a freaking super soaker."

    "Good. Lift up your dress a bit, you don't want to get your dress warm." She lifted up her dress and I watched as my thick cock plunged repeatedly into her.

    "Oh god, yes. I'm cumming." Olivia shrieked as her pussy exploded all over my lap. Watching the girl's pussy squirt once again, set me off as well. I shot my load over and over into her womb. "Oh my god, I can feel cumming inside of me. Jez you're filling my pussy up with your cum."

    Me and Olivia sat their for a few moment staring into eachothers eyes while he caught our breaths until Olivia finally unmounted me and slumped down on the passenger side seat. "Wow, okay. Now I get why Paris and Kelli like you so much. We're definitely going to do that again." That sounded great to me, and I was about to tell her so when movement from the house got both our attention. We both saw someone move one of the blinds and look out the window.

    "Oh no. I gotta go." Liv grabbed her bags and then quickly began searching around the floor of her seat. "Where's my underwear? Do you see it?"

    "No I don't. Where did you throw them."

    "I don't know." We then both stopped looking as her heard the front toor to her place open and a attractive but older blond woman came out. "Hi Mom! I'll be right there" Olivia called out to her mother. Liv picked up her shopping bags once again, this time though getting out of the car with them. She walked over to the driver side window and quietly said to me, "Let me know if you find my underwear. Also if you don't tell Kelli and Paris about this, maybe I stop by your new office and help you properly christen it." And with that Liv gave me a peck on the cheek, and began walking to her mother. I did get one last treat in though, as I was pulling out of her driveway I looked back at Liv in time to see a gust of wind kick up the back of her and flash her nude ass to me before I drove off.

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    Grrr god damn what a pair.

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    I can never get tired of seeing Paris Berelc and Olivia Holt sharing a story together.
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