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Thread: "Unplugged" with Hailee Steinfeld

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    fanfiction "Unplugged" with Hailee Steinfeld

    with Hailee Steinfeld
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, tease, text, toys, cheat, anal, blowjob, creampie
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

    I'd lived next door to the Pete and Cheri Steinfeld for a few years now and I'm both ashamed, but at the same time a little proud, to say I'd been screwing around with their daughter for almost as long.

    Hailee and I had clicked from day one and, despite the age difference and the fact I was married, (or perhaps because of those things), it took a shamefully short amount of time for the then seventeen-year old actress to seduce me. And just like that, we were hooked on our sordid little affair.

    I'd been wrapped around her little finger ever since that first family BBQ where she'd cornered me in the bathroom and floored me with seven little words.

    "I bet your wife doesn't do this," she'd whispered before dropping to her knees and devouring my married cock.

    The girl was a real wildcat so it was no wonder I could never say no to her, especially given the fact the older she got, the sexier she became. Hailee was now twenty, borderline A-list status and practically sex on legs.

    Unfortunately her schedule kept her so busy she was barely ever home these days, always jetting off around the globe and whenever she did get home for a weekend, she was almost never left alone for more than five minutes so there was no chance to even indulge in one of our fun quickies.

    Of course a part of me knew it was all for the best, we'd been pushing our luck for three years and it was a miracle we'd yet to be caught. With her busy working out of town, it had been almost six months since we'd last met up and I was pretty confident it was over up until I received a text in the middle of the night from my seductive young neighbour.

    "Hey, you still awake?" it read plainly.

    "I am now," I messaged back from bed, making sure the light from my phone didn't wake my sleeping wife.

    "I'm home this weekend, should have the place to myself for a few hours on Sunday..."

    My stomach lurched as I read her blunt message. Every time I thought we were done, she'd pull me back in like it was nothing.

    "Are you sure Hailee? We can't keep this up forever."

    "Says who?"

    "I'm serious, someone's gonna find out sooner or later."

    "Well we might as well enjoy it while it lasts."

    I should have known by now the girl didn't take no for an answer.

    Not knowing how to proceed, I didn't reply for a few minutes until Hailee took advantage of my hesitation with another message.

    "Maybe you'll change your mind if you saw where I am right now," she said, followed by a photo of shelves stocked with all kinds of adult toys.

    "Ffs Haiz..."

    "I'm so horny, I wanna be super naughty this weekend," she confessed. "What do you think of this?"

    I almost groaned out loud when she sent another photo, this time of her holding a silver, jewel-encrusted buttplug. Despite her reputation, in all my years with her, I'd never once had her ass.

    "Jesus, are you for real?"

    "Is that a yes then? Are you gonna help me be kinky this weekend, or am I going to have to find someone else?"

    "Damnit, you know I can never say no to you."

    "That's what I thought."

    "I might have to punish you though for being such a little tease!"

    "Mmm, I like the sound of that. You gonna punish your little anal slut?"

    "Fucking hell."

    "Oops, am I making you hard? You better not cum though, I want you to save it. I'm gonna have you shoot it all straight into my ass!"

    "Jesus Hailee, you're killing me."

    "You love it really. Anyway I've gotta to buy this thing so I'll talk to you later and see you Sunday, yeah?"

    "Will be a long wait..."

    With that I read through the messages again before deleting the evidence and rolling over to try and get some sleep. Unfortunately it was only Tuesday so I really was in for a long, arduous wait.

    I finally saw Hailee arriving home for her weekend off on Saturday morning while I was on my way out. She was climbing out of her dad's car and simply gave me an innocent wave and flashed me her winning smile but even that was enough to rile me up, knowing what we had planned.

    That night I heard them enjoying a barbeque in their yard and was simply thankful they'd kept it a family affair rather than inviting me over because I knew full well the trouble Hailee and I would end up getting into.

    Of course my absence didn't stop her messaging me all night long.

    "Thinking of you," she started. "Can't wait until tomorrow!"

    "I hope you're ready," I replied. "I've got six months of teasing and frustration to take out on you."

    "Fuck. Yes please, bring it on."

    "Where's your new toy right now?" I asked while moving to peek out the window that overlooked the neighbour's yard.

    There I could see her sat with her parents and brother while busy texting me.

    "Upstairs in my suitcase still."

    "I want you to go get it and put it in, and it's going to stay there until I take it out."

    "Oh my god, you're so bad!"

    "What are you waiting for? Excuse yourself and go inside."

    I could almost see her biting her lip and supressing a smile from here as she realised I was now watching her.

    A minute later she stood up and wandered casually into the house. Unfortunately I didn't have a window with a view into her bedroom otherwise I would have insisted on watching what she was doing right now. I just had to make do with the photo she sent me a few minutes later.

    It was a thing of beauty, Hailee bent over her bed, her jeans pulled down to her knees with her pretty new buttplug buried in her ass.

    "I'm so tight for you baby," she teased me.

    "Good girl, now go enjoy the rest of your barbeque."

    I stayed at the window long enough to watch Hailee remerge from the house and sit back down, joining in the family conversation as if nothing had happened.

    It was several hours later that I was woken up by a bump in the house. After brushing it off as the wind I rolled over in bed to check the time, just gone 3am, but at the same time saw a dozen of missed messages from Hailee.

    I quickly opened them and scrolled through them ranging from "I'm so wet right now" to "I need you" and ultimately with "Fuck it, I can't wait any longer, I'm coming over."

    As if on cue, just as I read that final message my bedroom door creaked open. I almost instinctively leapt out of bed to grab a weapon before recognising Hailee's dark hair and long legs. Even so, this particular intruder could be even more dangerous.

    My eyes widened in horror as she didn't stop and came all the way into my room, glancing at my sleeping wife before kneeling on my side of the bed.

    "What the fuck are you doing? Are you insane?!" I hissed at her as quietly as possible.

    Hailee didn't say a word however and simply hushed me before leaning over and slipping her tongue into my mouth with a deep sigh while her hand wormed its way under the covers in search of my growing erection.

    "I used the spare key you gave dad, I just couldn't wait," she pouted almost apologetically once we pulled apart from our deep kiss. "You've got no idea how bad I need it."

    As she spoke she was already sliding the bed sheets off me and kissing her way down my chest while fishing my long cock out with her delicate, manicured hands.

    "Just don't move, let me take care of you," she whispered, her hot breath wafting over my shaft.

    I found myself utterly paralyzed as Hailee brushed her long hair to one side and teased my entire manhood with her lips and tongue before finally engulfing the head.

    It was surreal. I'd never felt anything quite like it, it was as if she was making love to my cock with her mouth. I found it a constant struggle not to moan out loud as Hailee keenly serviced me, apparently eager to show off her skills.

    I was content to simply lie like that, enjoying her mouth all night long but it wasn't until she began deepthroating me and loudly gagging herself with my meat that she risked waking up my wife, prompting me to run my hands through her silky hair and gently ease her off.

    "Not here," I whispered as she peered up at me with lust-filled eyes.

    Despite my better judgement I didn't send my wayward neighbour packing but instead let her take my hand and lead my downstairs where she promptly pushed me onto the sofa and crawled back between my thighs where she attacked my balls with gusto, spitting and slobbering all over them before wrapping her lips around the helmet again and stroking me into her wet mouth.

    Hailee now hummed and moaned as she blew me like a professional pornstar to the point I began bucking my hips involuntarily to meet her greedy mouth and enter her throat.

    "Fuck—you're gonna make me cum if you keep that up," I warned her, grabbing her hair again.

    "Mmpphf—not yet," she begged. "Fuck my mouth but don't you dare come, you know where I want it."

    I did as she asked for as long as possible, fucking her pretty face and enjoying the sounds of her wet, talented mouth until I couldn't take anymore and forced myself to push her away.

    Hailee simply giggled at how breathless I was already.

    "You sure you can keep up?" she grinned referring to my age.

    "Don't you worry, I can go all night when it comes to you," I assured her before hauling her up on the sofa and manipulating her bend over the back, her ass up.

    Hailee bit her lip as she looked over her shoulder and I gently eased her shorts down over her round butt and to her knees. I almost let out an animalistic growl as her cute little buttplug was revealed to my greedy eyes.

    "Good girl," I whispered, letting my fingers drift down to stroke her soaked cunt.

    I continued playing with her sex while my other hand moved to gently pull and twist at the toy buried in her ass. Hailee mewled and moaned softly as I teased her before gasping when I gently eased it out with a pop.

    I hissed inwardly as I admired the way her asshole gaped open for a brief second before twitching shut, as if inviting me in.

    Noticing her dark eyes watching me, I made a quick show of bringing her shiny, silver toy to my mouth to lick it, making her flash me an evil grin.

    "Mmm, yeah. How does my ass taste?"

    Knowing how dirty she wanted to be, I didn't hesitate to reach over and push her toy into her mouth while I delved in to get a taste straight from the source.

    I felt her shapely legs tremble as I plunged my tongue into her sweet bunghole. Thankfully her moans were muffled as she worked on sucking and licking her toy clean as I savagely feasted on her ass.

    "Holy shit—fuck yes, don't stop!" Hailee panted, her fists gripping the cushions. "That feels so good!"

    She really did taste as good as she looked and it was while tonguing her we both managed to kick off the rest of our clothing. At that point I no longer cared if my wife woke up and walked in on us. In that moment in time there was only one thing on my mind, one thing I wanted and nothing was going to stop me.

    "Fuck this, I gotta fuck you, now," I finally said impatiently, putting an end to the foreplay.

    "Yeah do it, stick that fat cock inside me already!" Hailee agreed before I lifted the leggy starlet up and moved us into a lying down, spooning position on the living room sofa.

    "You ready?" I asked, whispered into her ear as I lined my cock up with her perfect ass.

    "Uh-huh, do it."

    We both took a sharp intake of breath as I pushed in, wincing as I entered her butt for the very first time.

    "Oh God—" she bemoaned as I stretched her. "Keep going, I like it..."

    It was just as well I'd had a break since her blowjob otherwise I'm sure I would have blown my load by now as I pushed in, inch by inch.

    Thankfully she was surprisingly pliant and I had to wonder just how often she'd played with her ass beforehand so it didn't take too long to bottom out inside her.

    "Wow. Fuck, that feels amazing," she moaned as I wrapped my arms around her. "I love the way you fill my ass..."

    "Yeah? Like that hard cock buried inside you?"

    "Fuck. Seriously, don't move, I could cum just like this."

    "Go ahead, I'm not going anywhere."

    Hailee sighed as she leisurely began rubbing her cunt while I remained embedded almost balls deep in her flawless derriere.

    Her ass gripped me like a searing vice but nothing on Earth was going to make me pull out in that moment while the twenty-year old starlet moaned and writhed against me.

    She soon melted in my arms when I brushed her hair to one side and began kissing and licking the back of her sweaty neck before she turned her head to kiss me back. We remained fused together like this for some time until I felt her slip two fingers into her eager cunt.

    At the same time she began rocking her hips against me, fucking her ass on my cock in time with her fingers. It was only a slight movement but it was enough to set me off after a few short minutes.

    With a grunted warning I held her tight and growled into her mouth as I unloaded inside her, filling her stuffed ass with spunk and at the same time sending her into the stratosphere.

    Hailee was forced to stifle her cries of pleasure as she was treated to her very first filthy, anal creampie. Fortunately I stayed so hard inside her I was able to grab her hips and fuck her through her own body's intense climax.

    We soon slowed down, both breathless. With her ass open up for me, I drilled her at a steady pace, feeling her push back against me for a deeper connection.

    "More. Keep going, baby," she huffed. "Fuck my ass!"

    "Yeah? You wanna get pounded?"

    "Uh-huh, gimme that hard cock, I want to make you cum again!"

    Rolling over I moved on top of her while she lifted her ass into the air giving me a new angle of attack, allowing me to slam into her hard and deep, making her head spin.

    "Ugh—oh fuck—nggh—yes!" she grunted. "Harder! Fuck that ass!"

    We were past the point of passion, it was pure, unadulterated lust that kept us going. I warned her I had some frustration to take out on her and that's exactly what I was doing and, to her credit, Hailee was keeping up, taking it and wantonly begging for more.

    "C'mon, use me! Pull my hair, fuck me hard!" she pleaded loudly.

    It was something I'd quickly discovered about her years back, Hailee loved having her hair played with so it really set her off when I grabbed a fistful of it and cocked her head back, driving myself even deeper into her hole.

    A few strokes later her entire body quaked violently and her mouth hung open in a silent scream as she came again. Her ring squeezed down on my so hard I was forced to pull out, quickly spinning her around as my cock erupted for the second time that night, spewing my load all over her pretty face before she opened her mouth and took my pulsing member inside.

    With one hand she massaged my balls as she greedily drained me dry before finally collapsing back on the sofa with a satisfied smile on her messy face.

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    Fucking hell. This needs a WARNING label for people with high blood pressure not read or you might pass out!! Just. Wow.
    Will be reading this one over and over again for years to come.

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    Yep, like TPG saId, this is one that I'll be coming back to, time and time again.

    As always, an amazing job, Lemon.

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    OMFG!!.. This is just so HOT and fantastic... the eagerness not to wait another day soo clearly built... Loved every word!

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    Very good Story

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