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Thread: "The Savoy" with Michelle Keegan

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    fanfiction "The Savoy" with Michelle Keegan

    The Savoy
    with Michelle Keegan

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, public, blowjob, finger, creampie, anal
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Based on a TPG idea and some 2012 candids.

    Running security at a Manchester based nightclub had enough challenges, all of which became tenfold whenever we had a special celebrity guest. The majority of the time I had to deal with these soap stars or reality show Z-listers I'd never heard of them but one woman I was well-aware of and excited to meet was home-grown star, Michelle Keegan.

    The night was already well underway by the time she arrived and as expected, the twenty-four year old actress definitely didn't disappoint. While she'd opted for a simple outfit consisting of blue heels and a white dress, her skirt was so short it left little to the imagination and I struggled to take my eyes off her tanned, smooth stems all night.

    Understandably the crowd loved her and she was happy to get involved and down more than a few drinks herself but the drunker she and the attendees got, the closer I got to her to ensure there was no funny business. That being said, temptation really struck when she began bending over the bar to get some selfies with fans.

    I couldn't help but admire how fucking good she looked in the compromising position and it took everything in my power not to slide a hand up her little dress and cop a feel of her thighs and ass.

    She'd been so friendly – almost flirtatious – with me so far, I actually considered going for it, maybe she'd laugh it off and give me a freebie? And even if she did turn around and slap me, looking at her, surely it would be worth it?

    My hand actually began to move of its own accord when she suddenly straightened up again but not before I brushed the hem of her dress. Unfortunately for me, Michelle noticed the brief contact and while I cleared my throat and tried to act natural, the cheeky look she flashed me told me she knew exactly what I'd been up to.

    Ultimately the night began to wind down and Michelle approached me about heading off. I nodded and helped her through the crowd towards the back exit only to get there and hear her let out an annoyed sigh when she pulled her phone out and discovered her ride home had cancelled on her.

    "Want me to call you a taxi?" I asked as we stood huddled by the back door, sheltering from the rain.

    "No way am I taking a taxi on my own dressed like this!" she exclaimed, gesturing at her short dress.

    "Anyone else you can call to pick you up?"

    "I dunno...aren't you gunna offer? I figure you owe me that much, since I didn't call you out when you tried to grab my ass!"

    Michelle flashed me another playful grin as I awkwardly cleared my throat again but I didn't bother to deny her accusations.

    "Can you blame me?" I shrugged before offering her my jacket and leading the way to my car.

    It wasn't until we dashed through the rain and climbed into my car that she revealed she lived a good hour's drive away.

    "Don't worry I'll make it up to you," she assured me. "—I'll buy the kebabs on the way back."

    With that said we set off but it didn't take long for my eyes to drift off the road and back to Keegan's legs, now even more exposed with her dress hiked up her thighs.

    It was enough to give me instant wood and she caught me checking her out more than a few times but didn't say anything.

    During the drive Michelle pointed out one of her favourite kebab places before directing me to an empty car park. I could hardly believe how I'd found myself here, parked up in the rain, alone with Britain's sexiest (drunk) soap star while demolishing a greasy kebab.

    It only got better when the conversation turned to sex.

    "So what happened to your original ride home?" I asked after a moment of silence.

    "She hooked up with some guy in the club," Michelle shrugged. "Lucky cow."

    "As if you couldn't have gotten lucky," I pointed out.

    "Nah I'm kinda seeing someone but...I dunno, I think I prefer the single life if I'm honest."

    "Yeah? I'm right there with you, it's a lot more fun if you ask me."

    "Absolutely," she exclaimed, excited to hear I was in agreement. "Is it really slutty if I said I love one night stands?"

    I had to laugh at her candidness while my cock throbbed and begged for release in my trousers.

    "Not at all, if anything that's hot as fuck," I admitted just as boldly.

    "Aw, you a little jealous?" she smirked playfully. "You know if I were single, you're totally the type of guy I'd go for."

    "Jesus, don't tell me that," I sighed. "You're a right little tease, aren't you?"

    "Am not!" she claimed. "I said I'd make it up to you didn't I? Make it worth your while giving me a ride home..."

    "Oh yeah?"

    "I may not be single, but that doesn't mean I can't suck your dick!"

    My heart skipped a beat but I wasn't about to argue with that logic as Michelle suddenly pounced and began fumbling with my belt.

    "Holy shit—" I breathed as the stunning actress leaned over the console and hungrily took my wood into her warm mouth.

    "Mmmphhf—you like that? That feel good?" she mumbled with her mouth full, wasting no time in drowning me in spit.

    "Fuck yeah, just like that, get nasty with it Michelle," I instructed, holding her hair back with one hand while my other went down to finally caress her flawless ass.

    I moaned out loud when I finally got my hand up her dress and discovered her soft, bare cheeks and sexy thong underwear – blue to match her heels. I could have sat there simply massaging her impeccable butt all night long but soon let my fingers drift lower to discover just how wet she was getting from this entire sordid affair.

    "Nghh—yea—stick your fingers in me," she moaned erotically as I teased her sex.

    I didn't need to be asked twice and keenly pulled her underwear to the side and plunged two fingers knuckle-deep into her snug cunt.

    To my surprise, the eager little slut began pushing back and fucking herself on my fingers until her mouth popped off my cock and she moved up and kissed me.

    "Fuck it, I'm taking you home with me," she decided urgently. "Drive. Now!"

    Michelle kept her hand (and occasionally her mouth) on my cock the entire drive back and it wasn't until we pulled up at her family home that she tucked me away and claimed we'd have to be quiet so as not to wake her parents or alert her brother.

    I was actually surprised she still lived at home and it was a strangely surreal moment as Michelle snuck me through the dark house and into her bedroom. It had been years since I'd done anything like it and I suspect we both found it equally thrilling.

    My eyes nearly bugged out of my head when Michelle had me sit on the edge of her bed before flicking on her bedside light and unzipping her dress to let it slip down her incredible figure leaving her stood before me in nothing more than her heels and thong panties.

    I didn't even know where to look first as I struggled to take her all in and before I knew it the busty actress was on her knees, keenly sucking my dick again except now I had the added benefit of feeling her large, natural breasts pressing against my legs.

    If Michelle had been nasty in the car, it was nothing compared to how she acted in the safety of her own bedroom. Despite the need to be quiet, I could barely stop moaning as she drooled and slobbered all over my rod until I ultimately just grabbed her head with both hands and began roughly fucking her gorgeous face!

    To her credit she took it like a professional pornstar and barely even gagged whenever I entered her wet throat. She really was like some dream sex goddess and the night was only going getting started.

    When I finally pulled out of her mouth my cock had never felt harder or bigger as she pushed me back on the bed with playful aggression and climbed on top of me, shoving her tongue down my throat in the process.

    Our lips stayed locked together as she eagerly reached back and impatiently slipped my member into her tight cunt bareback.

    I felt every fucking inch of her as she impaled herself and moaned wantonly into my mouth. I never knew sex could feel so damn good but Michelle continued to make it the night of my life as she sat up atop of me, a sly smile on her face as she began to ride.

    "Don't cum too quickly," she teased in a low whisper as she proceeded to show me her technique.

    That was far easier said than done as Michelle placed one hand on my chest, the other running through her long hair, and began slowly whipping her hips back and forth, her face a vision of ecstasy as she bit her lip and struggled to stay quiet.

    "ugh—yeah—fuck that's good," she muttered before long. "You feel that? Feel how fucking hard your big cock is for me right now?"

    "uhhh—uh-huh, you're so tight," I grunted in response before grabbing her ass in both hands and pulling her down on me, forcing her chest against mine and kissing her again.

    Her kiss soon became just a constant moan into my mouth as I began giving her everything I had, pounding her sweet, wet cunt. With her fucking me right back, we soon built up to a fever pitch, our flesh slapping together louder and more frequently with every passing second

    "Yes! Fucking give it to me!" she panted erotically right in my ear.

    But it wasn't until her snug pussy clamped down on me like a vice that I immediately shot deep inside her.

    She collapsed on top of me, doing her best not to cry out loud while smothering me in her soft tits as I blasted her full of hot, creamy spunk.

    We lay there for another few minutes, leisurely rocking against each other, my cock still buried to the hilt as we made out.

    By the time she finally rolled off me, Michelle was already asleep leaving me to simply lie there in a disbelieving daze. My cock was still hard and more than ready for more but I let her sleep, pulling a blanket over her naked body before settling in beside her.

    Whilst I tried to get some sleep, try as I might, I simply couldn't keep my hands off Michelle's body and ended up spending most of the night simply touching every inch of her, paying particular attention to her perfect tits, grinning at the way she'd moan and sigh in her sleep.

    At some point I must have actually drifted off because the next thing I knew I was waking up, with Michelle in my arms and sunlight streaming through a crack in the curtains.

    With my one-night-stand still asleep I decided to have even more fun with her and quickly found myself focussing solely on her impeccable ass. I'd been spooning and grinding against it all night long but all of a sudden, as I used one hand to spread her cheek and rubbed my cock against her, I felt compelled to take it!

    Without pausing to think, I used some spit to wet the head of my cock before rolling over and carefully impaling her tiny backdoor.

    "Ugh—fuck—" she moaned softly, awoken by the unexpected intrusion. "What are you doing?"

    "I want this ass Michelle," I hissed into the back of her neck before kissing her behind the ear. "I'm not leaving until you give it to me."

    "We can't, everyone's getting up, they'll hear!" she complained while making no physical effort to actually stop me.

    She was of course referring to the rest of her family who were now moving around the house, getting ready for another day. In fact, as if on cue, her brother just then turned the shower on right next door.

    I simply turned her chin and had her kiss me over her shoulder while pushing more firmly, burying a few more inches into her tight little ass, making her groan.

    "Ooh—you're so bad," she blushed.

    "You can hardly talk," I replied while throwing the covers off us to get a good look at what I was doing. "Look at you, lying there with a hard cock up your ass!"

    "Fuck yeah, I'm a dirty girl," she purred back.

    "Sexy little slut, getting ass-fucked by a guy you only met last night!"

    "Uh-huh," she panted. "Just means you're replaceable, so hurry up and FUCK me before I go find someone else who will!"

    With that said I let out an primal growl and let instincts take over, wrapping my arms around her with one hand at her throat while I drilled her shitpipe relentlessly, feeling her really open up and gape for me.

    It didn't take long for Michelle to forget herself and moan so loudly there was no way her brother wouldn't have heard it, even with the shower on, prompting me to clap a hand over her mouth, cocking her head back and causing her back to arch erotically.

    The fact she was eagerly rubbing her clit as I railed into her butt really set me off. I slammed into her ass again and again, fucking her to within an inch of her life until she finally yelped out and came, her legs spasmed erratically as her entire body thrashed, leaving me to pull out and cover her ass and gaping bunghole in thick, white cum.

    I simply grinned smugly at the hot mess I'd made of Michelle Keegan who lay panting beside me, covered in sweat and cum, her abused asshole still winking erotically.

    "I can't believe I just let you do that," she giggled bashfully while lazily stroking her creamy pussy.

    "Sounds like your brother's done, want to take this into the shower?" I suggested playfully to which she flashed me a cynical look.

    "In your dreams," she grinned. "You should have left hours ago, c'mon."

    With that said Michelle hurriedly helped me get dressed before leading me to her window but I refused to leave without stealing a final kiss which ended up going on for another few minutes.

    "I'm serious, get outta here!" she giggled, breaking the kiss and pushing me through her open window.

    "Okay, okay I'm going, but you better believe I'll be coming back for that shower sometime."

    "Trust me, I'll call you."

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    Holy GOD that was so hot!!
    I'm just, a lose for words right now.
    ...aaaand now I'm in a Keegan mood, from now until the end of time!!
    That just made my day, my week, my year!!
    You're a legend LemonTalk. That was fucking sensational!!

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    Ohh Gosh.... Keegan and LT make a winning combo!

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