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Thread: "Crash!" Part 1 With Sammi Hanratty

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    fanfiction "Crash!" Part 1 With Sammi Hanratty

    Part 1 With Sammi Hanratty featuring Vanessa Hudgens
    Codes: MF, cunn, rimming, anal, ATM
    Written By Wilder
    Disclaimer: this story is pure fantasy and should only be viewed as that.

    I was never a fan of Halloween, or even the idea of dressing up in a costume just so I could attend a party. But I learned from my past experiences that a costume is just a perfect disguise to seek out sexy girls that also got dressed up, for a casual, one night encounter. One such experience happened last year. After getting myself into a big Halloween bash (featuring a lot of recognisable names) without very much concern, I realized I could probably do it all over again this year.

    I didn't even recognize her at the time of my encounter, but when her mask came off, the pretty face behind it revealed an incredibly hot blonde that was one half of musical duo '78 Violet'. AJ Michalka was her name, which was a genuine surprise, even if it did turn out to be a seedy and surreal experience. My encounter with AJ was more than enough to convince me that I should get all dressed up again this year.

    This time around, I had found myself in Studio City which also happened to be populated with celebrities, and I knew it wouldn't be too hard to find a party in this area. The traffic was getting quite busy which I presumed meant there was one taking place nearby. I parked my truck close to the party establishment, and figured it would be easier to blend in on foot, especially with the "Jack Sparrow" costume I had chosen for the evening.

    As I drew closer, I could see a the whole street was cordoned off. It seemed as though this event was taking up the whole block and that security was going be nearly impossible to get past this time. But I also figured that I could try sneaking in with some group and with that thought, I saw a delivery truck pull up. It happened to be parked close to one of the security entrance points. The guy that should have been watching this area was busy in conversation with them. With that, I nervously snuck around the back of the truck and towards the first house I could find that was hosting some Halloween festivities.

    Luckily, there was a ground floor window that was slightly ajar, which allowed me to sneak inside but upon entering the premises, I startled and scared the person inside. I heard a female scream and as I turned to look over at the bed, my focus was now on a young girl wearing a "Goth-like" costume, her skin was as pale colored as milk.

    "Shit…. Shh….. calm down….." I said, trying to quieten her down.

    "Please, don't hurt me. Take whatever you want…" she replied, fearing for her life.

    "I'm not a robber…." I quickly clarified, which didn't seem to make things any better, but she did stop screaming.

    "Who are you? Do you always sneak into people windows like that? What are you doing here? I find it hard not believe you are here to steal things. You probably know whose house this is or whose party you are crashing, right?"

    She fired question after question at me, giving me no time whatsoever to answer to them. Without thinking, I just replied to the very last of those.

    "Ahh, Chris'?" I said, blurting out the very first name I could think of.

    "No Vanessa! As in Vanesa Hudgens!" I was blown away by the actual answer she gave, and thought if I could get close to her, then this night would be more than worth it, but only if I could get out the current situation before me.

    "So, is this the part where I should just turn myself into a security officer or the police? I just didn't expect to be caught" I figured I was doomed at this point, and hoping that offering to give myself up might make this girl feel a little bit guilty.

    "I could but… I would just be doing it out of anger because of my stupid, cheating asshole of a boyfriend!"

    Her honest admission only confirmed to me that she was in here alone, because it seemed like she had been crying for quite a while.

    "So…. I was never here and I should just go then, right?" I said, before re-opening the window I had come through on the way in.

    "No wait! I could really do with someone to just talk, or vent to right now…" she said, making some space on the bed for me.

    "I take it… I really don't have a choice here do I?"

    I figured it was best for me to stay, that is if I wanted to have a chance to leave on my own accord later on. The pretty blue eyed girl confirmed my suspicion with a nod.

    So my initial plan was a bit stalled, as I learnt from this girl that she had locked herself in this room because she had caught her so called boyfriend, fooling around with another girl, and she been had been crying for the last thirty minutes. I could have seen this as an opportunity to try something on her given her vulnerable state, but I didn't want to push my luck, given I was just some guy who had just crashed a random party. It would have been difficult to make a move on her anyway, given how much she was ranting on about how much of loser this guy she was dating was.

    She was however really attractive even with the gloomy costume idea, but I hung on her every word, eyeing up her lithe looking figure, soft lips and gorgeous young face. I felt this need to get her on side with me no matter what.

    "Do you want me to hurt this guy?" I offered, since that's what I did to the loser that betrayed my little sister in a similar manner.

    This was initially the only another reason I decided it was best to stick around, especially after she openly admitted the truth to a complete stranger. Because I could certainly relate to what she was going through.

    "No…. he doesn't deserve that… I'm just going to forget about him for tonight at least and enjoy the party. Besides, I came here to have fun, not to cry"

    "By the way, my name is Sammi, not that you thought to ask" she said in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

    "And yours?"

    "My name's George…. Sorry, but I usually don't introduce myself either" I cheeky answered back.

    That seemed to make Sammi laugh, the happier girl obviously liking our similar sense of humour.

    I figured at that point that we needed to change the tone and mood, so I told her I was going find some refreshments. Sammi indicated that she didn't normally drink, but she could sure do with one given the night she was having.

    She took a few minutes to straighten up her wig, her make-up, as well as fixing her dress so she didn't look like a mess. As she did this, I couldn't help but be drawn to her petite figure, the whole gothic vibe she had going for was certainly turning me on. It was hard to resist her right now, but I didn't want be 'that' guy since I knew that vulnerable girls like her, had a habit of getting attached to the very next 'nice' guy, and I didn't really want to deal with that right now.

    Once we were out of the room, we headed over to the counter where I went to gather up a couple of drinks for us. No one really questioned my presence, but a girl dressed in what looked to be an "Alice in Wonderland" dress and wig, certainly caught my eye, but I couldn't act on anything right now. Her brown eyes washed over mine as she sipped her drink and directed a question at me.

    "I'm sorry but who are you? I don't remember inviting you, nor should you be in my home?" she said, soon realizing that she was Vanessa Hudgens. This was her party and another obstacle, which told me that sneaking in wasn't the best plan I'd ever had.

    "The name's George. And you did invite me. I don't really expect you to remember me, but I was one of the guys from your "Beastity" movie. I had a minor role in it" I nervously said, knowing what I said was a lie and doing my best to not look down at her remarkable cleavage on display.

    "Hmm….. I guess I forgot to take a few names off from the guest list I used a few years ago…. So which guy were you? I don't really remember you" Vanessa asked, still curious about my identity.

    "You know those gang members that beat up Alex's character, I was one of them".

    Once again I lied.

    "Oh…… there was three of you, the Jamaican guy and the Australian guy and you were just the 'tall' guy."

    "Are the other two with you?" she asked.

    "Um…. We don't really keep in touch I'm afraid".

    "Shame…… well I see you're with Sammi. If you get bored of her, come find me" Vanessa offered, writing something down and handing it to me.It turned out to be note telling me to come her later on, followed by her digits, before she left to return to her party. A part of me thought that she might have gotten the impression that I was one the guys she hooked up with on set, if the rumours were true. It also gave me a bit of insight on what to expect that night. I returned back to Sammi with her drink and she instantly asked about my conversation with Vanessa, which I told her.

    "So she thinks you're someone you aren't. I didn't think anyone would have a chance with her. Stella would be easier in all honesty. Vanessa doesn't know Stella is using Tinder and other means to hook up with random guys. Actually, I really shouldn't have said that. Please don't tell Vanessa or Stella for that matter."

    I chuckled, figuring I could use that piece of info to get my hands on Stella as well. This was going to be a good night if I could pull this off, especially getting with all three of them. But realistically, I would be just as happy to get with just one of them that night. I decided to join the party to find Sammi, and it seemed as though she was feeling a lot better, but that feeling was short lived. Her drink crashed to the floor, looking over to what she was staring at. It was some guy in a lumberjack outfit, groping and dancing with some unknown girl. But given what she had told me earlier, I knew that this guy had to be her cheating ex. She quickly disappeared back into the other room and he noticed, charging in the direction of the kitchen. Against my better judgment, I stopped him to protect a girl I barely knew.

    He tried to fight me, but still I just tried to talk him into leaving the party, but he wasn't listening. He took a few swings at me, but I just blocked him with my forearms. It didn't take long for Vanessa to show up with security, throwing the guy out of her party.

    "Thanks… did you know?" I asked as I turned my attention to the elder Hudgen sister.

    "I saw Sammi run pass me in tears, so I put two and two together given what had happened earlier" she simply answered.

    "Well thanks…. I really didn't want to fight some guy who was just lashing out. Last thing I want to do is get in middle of a couple".

    "I don't think you really have to worry about that….. I'm pretty sure that relationship is over. I also think you have a better shot with her right now if you're interested? And Sammi would be one lucky girl…. She's certainly in for a good night" Vanessa said as she stroked my arm, implying a few things that might happen between her friend and I.

    "Very tempting, but I really should go check on her".

    The urge to take advantage of Sammi after what just happened was still very high, but I reconsidered as I decided to go check on her, making that my main priority. But it seems I caught up with her just as she was on her way out.

    "Leaving?" I asked.

    "Yeah…. It was fun night but I just want get out of here after what has happened tonight. Where's Stella?" Sammi asked Vanessa who had followed me when I caught up with her, hoping Stella could give her a ride home.

    "Umm…… you know my sister as well I do, who knows what she's up to?" Vanessa said as she addressed Sammi, stating she had no idea where her sister was.

    Sammi figured she was probably tied up with her phone or with some random guy.

    "I can take her home" I offered, but she seemed to be a bit uncomfortable with the idea. But with very little options available, she eventuality warmed up to the idea, despite the circumstances of how we met.

    We walked back to my truck as we made small talk. She didn't say much, and I felt like I was talking to myself as I opened the passenger side of my truck to let Sammi in. My eyebrows raised as she hoisted one of her legs up to get in, granting me an incredible view underneath her skirt, and the silk, lavender coloured panties underneath. I tossed my hat into the back as I climbed into driver seat, trying not to make out to Sammi what I had just seen. Once she sat alongside me in the passenger seat, I started up my truck and headed towards her place.

    She remained quiet for the first few minutes of the drive, but I could tell from my peripherals that she was glancing over at me every now and then with those big blue saucers of her. Sure enough, she finally spoke up.

    "You know, I can't believe I actually agreed to a ride from a guy I only met a few hours ago. But you didn't exactly make a bad impression, well outside of crashing Vanessa's party, which I promise will be our little secret" Sammi said.

    "Yeah, that wasn't the best idea, neither was getting into a fight but it still worked out in the end. Well not for you, given what I had seen already".

    "Well I've already vented to you once, but I'm glad that I found out that he was a scumbag before we really started to get serious. Actually, tonight could have been the night that for the first time we uh… um, never mind".

    I knew what Sammi was alluding to. Well, at least I thought I did. And due to that near slip up, I could see why she was so upset. However, she decided that she should still enjoy the rest of the evening, suddenly asking me to change destination to my place, rather than taking her home to hers.

    As I did a sharp u-turn, Sammi suddenly removed the black wig off of her head, revealing her blonde mane underneath. She went on talking about her ex's fantasy of being with a goth chick, which was why she was dressed like that tonight. But she confessed that she wasn't overly fond of the attire.

    "No, leave it on… I think you look sexy with that wig on. Besides, it is Halloween. The one night of the year we can dress up, forget about life and pretend we are someone else. I guess you can be a goth girl with no emotion looking for a wild night".

    I had dated a few goth/emo chicks despite how they seemed to be on the exterior. There was a wilder and sometime sadistic side to them that I certainly liked. I didn't expect any of that from Sammi, but at least she looked the part.

    "Really? You think this looks good?" she asked me, just I pulled into my driveway.

    "Uh huh… I have to confess that I too have a thing for the goth or emo look".

    "Well I guess we can roleplay for a bit, have a little fun. I could use a distraction, but who are you meant to be?"

    As we walked to my apartment, I responded as we stopped at the front door, pulling the gorgeous starlet close to me, reaching behind her to squeeze her tight little ass, answering.

    "Well, I'm a pirate and I'm looking for my booty. And I think I may have found it!"

    Sammi giggled at the cheesy comment, but it seem to work as she seemed to be in a much better mood now. Though she was also trying to hide her emotions and stay in her goth-like character.

    We made our way upstairs and as soon as we hit the bedroom, I began unbuttoning the puffy shirt I was wearing, turning to look at Sammi as she did likewise, peeling the corset from off of her luscious young skin. I decided to watch on as the stunning actress stripped out of her costume. Fittingly, Sammi had worn a set of lacy panties and a black bra underneath. She made a real show of it for me, doing her best not to smile as she turned her back, unclasping her bra first, then bending over to seductively peel her panties off, sliding them down her milky white legs until they were pooled around her cute little feet. I came up behind her as I took this chance to grope her ass once more, as part of the role I was playing. She didn't really flinch as I did so.

    "You really want that booty?" she asked.

    "You know it's never that easy, got to find it first. Dig for it" Sammi teased, and with that comment I wasn't sure if she was giving me permission to do to her what I thought she wanted me to.

    What she did next thankfully made it as clear as day for me. She lay down on the bed, spreading her short slender legs, begging me to eat her pussy, which I certainly wasn't going to argue against. That prompted me to kneel down at the foot of my own bed, placing my hand on each of her inner, milky white thighs. She watched on, biting her bottom lip as my head dove down between her legs, and cried out erotically when she felt my tongue brush against her neatly trimmed pussy.

    "Oh god yes!!" Sammi moaned, my tongue lashing at her labial lips, caressing her succulent thighs and feeling them rub against each side of my face as I ate out her delicious little cunt.

    The girl was soaking wet and I had barely started. I could tell she had made up her a mind early on in the night she would get laid no mater what. But she probably didn't expect it to be with a guy she had just met at a Halloween party. I felt like the most fortunate guy in the world and going by Sammi's moans, she was really enjoying it. I could tell she wanted this, and it made me question if she was actually a virgin desperate to lose that tag, or just a girl long absent from a good hard fuck. I was sure to find out in time.

    "More, give me more!" she demanded, caressing her pert little breasts and hard pink nubs at the time.

    "I take it my tongue isn't enough?" I rebutted.

    "Of course it is. But you were looking for booty, right? Maybe you could try harder to find it" she said, giving me not only as sexy little wink, but the go ahead to proceed down south to her neighbouring hole.

    I guess that's when I realized that she probably wasn't a virgin, given that she wanted some attention on her tight looking pucker. Sammi turned over onto her stomach, and without hesitation I grabbed her hips to lift her ass up in the air, so she was now on all fours upon my bed. I could have taken her ass right then and there, but I decided to press my tongue against her backdoor first.

    "Ooohhh" she groaned, Sammi's eyes closed and head hanging down as I began rimming her tight looking asshole.

    The pressure I used sent a chill up her spine, as it clearly wasn't something she was used to, but had no hesitation in trying. I couldn't help but taste her chocolate starfish, swirling my tongue in and around her balloon knot while manhandling her tender asscheeks. Sammi didn't seem to object, despite the fact that she may have been uncomfortable with this. The fact she was panting and gripping my bedsheets tightly confirmed my suspicions. I pulled away for a bit to see if this is what she really wanted.

    "Are you okay?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine, keep going. It feels great back there"

    With that answer of approval, I didn't really hold back after that. I was willing to try other things and would see if Sammi would object. It prompted me to grab a bottle of lube from my bedside table drawer, lathering my fingers up with the clear gel. I felt a bit of resistence when I pushed the tip of my index finger against her clenching hole, Sammi shivering as she felt the cool feeling of lube against her asshole. She shrieked a little when I eventually worked my finger inside her rear entrance, plumping her backdoor for a good few minutes.

    I wasn't to know for sure if this was the first time she'd experienced an anal intrusion, but when she began rubbing her tender pink lips, I had my doubts. Nevertheless, I was going to get my booty but not at the cost of tearing her possible virgin ass apart. She had already had a rough night and I still had that offer from Vanessa to consider, that is if Sammi decided to back out at this very late stage. And I would probably still take the other offer. Nothing against Sammi, but Vanessa was one of the hottest young celebrities in Hollywood in recent years, and I'm actually a fool if it turned out that I had passed that chance up.

    "Ready?" I asked, snapping back to the here and now.

    Her piercing blue eyes looked innocently back me as she nodded, her hips and picturesque looking derriere swaying side to side like she was purposely doing a slow motion twerk.

    "Please be gentle, it's my first time…"

    Bingo! Just what I wanted to hear. So nervous was her voice, but so damn hot and sexy also. Without any more deliberation, I lathered my long hard boner in the lubricant, glistening and ready to go where no man had ever been before.

    Sammi winced as she felt the pressure of my cocktip against her backdoor. Despite the work of my tongue, fingers and lube, there was still a fair bit of restraint in which I told her to take deep breaths and relax. I had her grip her own flesh cheeks and pull them apart, so I could focus on sodomizing her ass. There was no way I was going to be able to do this without blowing my load prematurely, given how incredibly tight her shitter was as it opened up for me. I painfully pushed through her anal ring and beyond, trying to slide in deeper, but her resisting asshole wasn't really taking it well.*

    "Are you still sure you want this?"

    "Y-y-yes… Just fuck my ass, please…!"

    There was an obvious bit of weakness in her voice when she responded, but despite this Sammi apparently still wanted it. I personally didn't know how much more of her ass squeezing down on my cock I could take, as it was the most intense feeling I'd ever felt. Sammi's no longer virgin ass was too much for me to handle, as was her clenching orifice, and sure enough I unloaded stream after stream of milky semen inside of her flushed little ass, filling her bowels.

    "God damn, fuck yeah!!" I grunted, still thrusting into her searing hot hole, feeling her anal muscles draining every last drop out of my spewing member.

    Sammi seemed disappointed to see me cum so soon, and at this point of the night, she decided to take charge. Next thing I knew she was laying on top of me, sliding my rigid cock between her soft curvy cheeks. With her back to me, she guided me back inside her ass, riding my cock which gave me the chance to reach around to play with her gaping pussy.

    "Ohhh… You're so deep in my ass George!!"

    This girl seemed innocent from when I first met her, even up to when she decided to accept a lift home from me. But right now, she was far from that. The one time "Salem" might have gotten into the freaky goth girl role more than I have expected her to, but I wasn't one to argue, given I got to watch the temporary raven hair girl ride her ass on my cock like that.

    My fingers played with her tender wet love hole, her screams and moans, the way she gyrated her hips in my lap, an indicator that her climax had arrived quickly as she came, my fingers coated in her juices which I licked off with glee. In a state of exhaustion, Sammi rolled off of me.

    "Mmm … tasty…" I commented, still licking my fingers and savouring her inner essence.

    "I can't say I expected this tonight but I certainly enjoyed it!" I added.

    "Well it's not over quite yet. At least, I hope not…" Sammi said, lying on her front beside me on my bed, stroking my chest and then my lower stomach.

    I wasn't exactly sure what she was referring to, that was until she grabbed my still rock hard tool and lowered her gorgeous face downwards, taking the head of my ultra sensitive cock inside her warm, wet mouth.

    "Ohhh shit yes!!" I hissed, celebrating a first myself as I'd never had a girl go ass-to-mouth on me before.

    Normally I wouldn't have had any reserves, but just the mere thought of Sammi sucking my cock that had been inside of her succulent little rump just moments earlier, forced another surge of semen from the pit of my balls.

    "Uhhhh!!" I grunted, filling her firm, sucking mouth with my love juice, the one night goth girl draining my member with those soft, luscious lips of hers.

    A few minutes afterwards, Sammi and I redressed, both giving each other sneaky glances and her a sex little giggle, both revelling in how
    much better the night ended as opposed to when we first met.

    "Well thank you… I guess I played the Gothic girl part pretty well, wouldn't you say?" Sammi flashed me a cheeky smile as I took in what she asked.

    "You've certainly got a future in acting if what you just did was just an act".

    Sammi giggled as I soon discovered that that was her actual profession!

    "I'm actually an actress so that is why that came so easy to me. Say, you don't mind if I stay the night do you? I'd just rather not go home like this but it's still early. However, I really don't want go to anymore parties either".

    I had quite the dilemma on my hands. Should I stay and possible continue things with Sammi, or should I head back to the party and go find Vanessa, hoping she was still keen for a little fun? Certainly a hard choice to make....

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    Oh my. Who knew sweet looking sammi was so nasty.

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