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Thread: "The Inbetweeners" with Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "The Inbetweeners" with Olivia Holt

    The Inbetweeners
    With Olivia Holt
    Written by TPG (inspired by a dream)
    codes: MF, interracial, pubic, blowjob, fingering, ass-play, exhibitionism
    disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Had a dream about Holt this morning, figured I'd try to write it up.

    Olivia Holt and I had always had a close but somewhat strange relationship. To look at us you'd assume we were the best of friends, and you'd be half right. But the truth was, behind closed doors we were much, much closer. In fact, our true status even confused us.

    You see, whenever I would go over to her house for a visit we would sit around and act like two completely normal friends. However, every time I'd say goodnight and start to leave, Liv and I would often (but not always) end up crossing the line by making out with each other by the side of the house.

    It was a weird phenomenon, and something we didn't really talk about. And to be honest, I was more than happy to avoid the subject and just play along with the spontaneity of it all.

    The first time it occurred was on the night of her birthday party, and happened totally by chance when the two of us misjudged each other's actions and inadvertently shared a kiss. It was only a brief peck and a simple and innocent mistake, however I quickly realize that I wanted it to happen again.

    In fact it didn't take very long for it to become a regular occurrence, where we would deliberately find a quiet place to say our goodbyes, only to cuddle and kiss each other for a few extra minutes. At first I was concerned about whether or not Olivia did this with all of her guy friends, but she later assured me that she didn't - that we were special.

    To make matters worse, I could tell that her family didn't approve of me. I mean, despite how warm and friendly they appeared to be on the surface, I knew they still felt uneasy about our close relationship, particularly since I was black.

    This was also kind of amusing since Olivia had lied and insinuated that I was gay, and I'm not sure what surprised me more, the fact that she had lied to her parents or the fact that they actually believed her.

    In any event, Liv and I were as close as two people could be short of being in a sexual relationship, and when I'd go over to her house to spend the day with her everything seemed above board, until it was time to leave.

    In fact it was during one of these late night visits that things took a turn for the surreal, after I'd said goodnight to her entire family before Liv walked me out to wait for my uber, and we made our way up the side of the house.

    We were still holding hands by the time we made it to the side gate, when I suddenly turned around and kissed her hard on the lips!

    I'm not entirely sure how I expected her to react, but she responded by acting shocked at first, before pulling me into the shadows and kissing me right back - shoving her warm tongue into my mouth!

    I immediately wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her in tight, squeezing her incredible ass with both hands, and felt her sigh into my mouth. We'd spent half the night on the couch simply eating popcorn and watching movies with her entire family, but suddenly we were both horny as hell and couldn't keep our hands to ourselves.

    I could taste the Nutella on her lips as she swirled her tongue around my own. This alluring texture only made our kissing that much more sweeter and deeper, as we swapped more and more spit with each other.

    "Are you trying to make up for lost time?" she teased, breaking the kiss.

    I smiled back, but was ridiculously confused.

    This from a girl who told me countless times she didn't want a relationship. The same girl who rebuffed any and all sexual advances guys made towards her, and who could have just about any guy she wanted.

    Be that as it may, I was so turned on by the danger of it all I thought I was going to explode, and without even thinking about it I pulled her body hard against mine making sure to grind her sex against my thigh, and allow her to feel just how hard she had made me.

    The look on her face led me to believe that she was more than impressed, which only added fuel to the fire and made our kissing session that much more fierce. In fact she responded by placing her hand on my abdomen, reaching under my shirt to touch my abs directly, before letting her hand drift down towards my erection.

    I could tell, she was aching to touch my cock, and I was more than happy to oblige her.

    I swallowed hard as she stroked her fingers up and down my midsection, drawing the tension out while letting her hand fall lower with each stroke. My breathing changed the moment her hand slipped into my pants and she gripped my manhood directly.

    With both hands now wrist-deep inside my pants - Olivia used one hand to cup my balls while the other now stroked my shaft, all the while her folks sat entertaining family and friends on the other side of the wall.

    Heck, from our position just outside the sliding door, we could hear them laughing and carrying on, totally oblivious to what we were doing.

    "Liv..." I panted out of breath.

    "Just let me," she said, with pleading eyes. "I know you want this. I want this too."

    I leaned in to kiss her face as she began to jack me off, stopping every once in a while to spit on her hand and jerk me off some more. She genuinely seemed fascinated by my cock, and knew precisely how to handle it.

    Olivia's neck was a place I'd come to fantasize about, specifically her neck and collar bone. Few girls responded in the way she did when I kissed her there. I smiled against her skin when she drew in a sharp breath, and clearly yearned for me to touch her in return.

    Liv was evidently thrilled when my hand finally reached up to cup and fondle her breasts. I licked her shoulder as she continued to massage my cock until I thought I was going to explode right then and there by the garage.

    We were both panting heavily at this point when we panicked momentarily at the sound of a neighbor who drove past our position and pulled into his driveway. In fact I still had my cock out in the open when I turned Liv's face back to mine and distracted her with another kiss.

    "Relax, they can't see us here. We're in the dark."

    "I know but, if he sees us here he'll only cause trouble." she pointed out. "He'll tell my mom, and then I'm dead."

    "Liv, relax." I told her, before assuring her with another deep, slow tongue kiss.

    I could sense Holt had had enough for the night and was more than happy to call it quits, but I was so riled up I thought I was going to pass out. There was no way on earth I was about to leave that house without going a little further with her.

    "Jay, stop it," she giggled softly in the shadows. "You have to leave, before my folks get suspicious."

    "You think I care?" I hissed back, while plunging my own hand into her sweat pants. "If it were up to me, I'd let them watch!"

    "Don't say that, you know what my dad is like."

    Olivia was already wet, so much so that her damp panties clung to her mound, but when I forced my hand inside her underwear she moaned audibly. Despite her "reluctance" Liv instantly shifted her hips forward, permitting me to explore her cunt. I actually heard myself gasp when I realized that not only was she extremely wet, but fully shaved clean - with just the hint of stubble.

    The pint-sized starlet looked up at me with burning desire, her eyes locking with mine as I now explored her cunt. She was out of breath in less than 30 seconds as I used my other hand to snake up under her top and made direct contact with her perkish tits, finding and teasing her nipples with my thumb and forefinger.

    "Please, Jordan wait.." she hesitated, as we watched her neighbor get out of his car and look over in our direction unsure if someone was hiding in the shadow.

    I ignored her pleas and kissed her on the mouth again, before dragging my lips across her neck and throat, knowing the effect it had on her. Olivia moaned as I shuffled forward and now pinned her up against the wall - two fingers deep, inside her tight little cunt.

    She opened her stance to accommodate my hand and ultimately raised one knee in the air, giving me full and unfettered access to her pussy as I finger-banged her right there in the shadows.

    "ugh-god, don't stop—" she whimpered hotly as I mauled her neck and throat. "Please don't stop,"

    I didn't have to say anything as she grasped my cock again and jacked me off as I now fingered her in kind. It suddenly felt like a game, to see who could make the other cum before anyone caught us.

    "You're so bad," she grinned while shaking her head and biting her bottom lip - all the while as we played with each other.

    "Hey, you started it," I smiled. "I'm just finishing what you started."

    When I took my fingers out of her pants, she almost groaned with disappointment, only to moan when I licked my fingers clean then offered them to her – allowing her to taste herself, before coating my fingers in her warm spit.

    At this point her pussy was so hot and wet, my fingers felt like a hot knife through butter. Only this time when I dipped my digits down into her panties, I did something that took her breath away, and burrowed the tip against her backdoor!

    The look on her face was priceless, and I don't know what turned me on more – the fact that I was now actively playing with her bunghole just a few feet away from her family, or the fact that she actually seemed to go with it, and proceeded to grind her hips against my hand.

    "What do you think you're doing?" she blushed sexily.

    "I don't know what you're talking about," I winked, playing dumb.

    "Get your finger out of my ass, mister."

    Just hearing her say it caused a shot of adrenaline to shoot up my spine.

    "Make me,"

    We kissed each other with such zeal and intensity I'm amazed we didn't chip a tooth! ...all the while as I finger tapped and pressed against her tiny backdoor until I finally eased the tip inside.

    Olivia seemed to go into overdrive, kissing and sucking my tongue into her mouth before dragging her lips to my neck, kissing along my jaw line with long laps of her lips, and treating me to a mind-blowing hickie.

    "Fuck Liv," I groaned with delight as she now sucked my neck while I probed her poop chute.

    She only stopped sucking my neck when she realized she could feel pre-cum leaking from the head of my cock, and smiled smugly to herself, like she was all proud and shit.

    She then kept her eyes purposely trained on my face as she jacked me off and smeared the sticky substance all around my shaft with her fingers. I ultimately withdrew my own fingers from her backdoor and plunged them back into her slippery cunt, knuckle deep.

    "uhh, shit!" she grunted hotly. "This isn't even fair,"

    "oh-yeah, why not?"

    "cause you know everything about me, you know what turns me on."

    I took this opportunity to swirl my fingers around her pearl-like clit, causing her body to shudder involuntarily. Holt groaned out loud and arched her back to the action, clearly turned on by how far we were getting in such a short amount of time.

    I looked quickly over my shoulder, half hoping, half fearing that we still had an audience. But thankfully for us the TV inside was loud enough to mask any noises she made, as I now instructed her to lift her knee again and grant me full access to her sex.

    Olivia didn't spare a seconds thought before kneeling on the asphalt in front of me. I almost gasped with surprise at the action, and mumbled something incoherent as she pulled my pants all the way down to my knees, setting my 9-incher free.

    The look on her face spoke volumes. She was like a kid in a candy store, and was almost euphoric as she eyed my black snake with her hungry eyes. She looked up just to check that I was okay with it (with what she was about to do) and when I grinned back, the Disney starlet set her mouth to it.

    My audible "fuck!" was loud and reflexive enough for the neighbors to hear across the quiet street, but Liv simply grinned around my bell-end. She licked the tip slowly, running her tongue along the ridge, causing my entire body to jerk in response.

    In my line of work, I'd been blown by countless starlets in the past, including the likes of Dove Cameron and Paris Berelc, but this was different. This was my best friend, on her knees by the side of her house, worshiping my black cock.

    She seemed to savor ever inch of it before taking me into her hot mouth and slowly drawing me out - leaving a long drool of spit connecting her mouth to my rod. My hands instinctively went to her head, pulling her mouth back to my cock, digging my fingers into her blonde curls as she serviced me.

    Olivia raised her eyes to see me looking down at her in complete rapture. Never in a million years did I ever imagine she'd suck my dick. She smiled again, while lightly tracing my shaft with the tip of her tongue, relishing in the small noises I made.

    "I love how big you are," she cooed.

    "Suck my dick, Liv."

    "Mmm, watch me."

    She licked me like a lollipop, while using both hands to handle the base of my python.

    At one point I pulled out of her sweet mouth and proceeded to slap the head against her open mouth, listening to her grunt and groan to the concussions. She really seemed to get off on it, and actually reached down to play with herself as I struck her tongue and chin.

    "You look so sexy like that," I admitted. "on your knees, with a black cock in your mouth!"

    "I love giving head," she purred erotically. "You know that."

    "I wonder what your mom would say if she saw you out here like this, or what your brother would think."

    "Knowing Cade, he'd probably get off on it."

    "Yeah," I chuckled. "Doesn't he sneak into your room when you're in the shower and steal your panties?"

    "Maybe if he's lucky, I'll leave the ones I'm wearing right now around for him to jack off too later.. I'm so wet right now."

    "You're such a cruel little bitch sometimes," I joked, as she continued to lick my nuts. "You probably get off on him jacking it to you."

    She simply responded by winking up at me before taking me deep into her mouth - pivoting her head from side to side while sucking my black dong!

    "Wouldn't be the first time I've worn panties my brother has busted a nut into,"

    "Holy shit," I moaned at the notion, while genuinely surprised at her oral abilities.

    Even I, never imagined she was THIS dirty.

    Having had enough foreplay, I abruptly pulled her up and kissed her hard on the lips, before spinning her around and bending her over the side gate. Olivia didn't object as I pulled her sweats and panties down in one action, leaving her to stand there with her bare bottom on full display.

    I then pulled her back to me, allowing my cock to nestle between her soft, warm cheeks. We both moaned at the sensation of skin against skin, before she started to "dance" for me and rock back and forth, teasing me with her body while I tried to match her rhythm.

    "Fucking tease," I growled while running my hands up and down her back and hips. "You really get off on this shit, huh."

    "Err, shut up. So do you." she quipped back, "You fucking love it."

    I reached around to grope her tits and pulled her back into another deep kiss, this time over her shoulder. We'd never let things go this far before, so it was uncharted territory for both of us. In fact as hot as it was, I didn't actually intent to have sex with her that night, knowing how serious it would be and how it'd most probably change our relationship forever.

    However, Olivia seemed to have other ideas and made the decision for us as she reached back to position my cock against her dripping sex. This time she almost screamed out loud as I pushed forward, and I actually had to physically clap a hand over her mouth to silence her.

    "Shh," I growled into her ear as I entered her for the first time - completely bareback. "do you want us to get caught!?"

    Liv closed her eyes and sucked my fingers into her mouth, while wiggling her hips to adjust to my girth. We continued this sweet-slow grind, on the edge of oblivion, before I pulled back slightly and pushed in again – filling her with a few additional inches of my dark meat.

    She just about lost her fucking mind when I pulled her hair and cocked her head back aggressively. In fact she slammed herself back onto me again, taking my breath away while reaching down to rub her clit.

    Unfortunately for us, I then watched in disbelief as my ride suddenly arrived to the house and stopped to park directly across the street from us. It was the first time any uber we had booked had arrived early, and I'd never been more disappointed in my life.

    I almost considered stopping as I wasn't sure if the driver could see anything from his parked position across the street, but I dare not stop. After all Olivia and I had been building up to this very moment for YEARS, and having some complete stranger watch us fuck wasn't about to slow me down.

    "ah-shit, you're ride." she hissed. "Here's here. Fuck. Hurry. Hurry up and fuck me!"

    "Shit, what if they comes over here," I grumbled, while placing my hands on her hips.

    "I don't care. Just fuck me. Please, just hurry up and fuck me already. I need this. Let his watch! I don't care."

    I felt Olivia reach under and squeeze my nuts - urging me on - while the head of my cock was now firmly nestled inside her cunt.

    As far as I knew this was the first time she'd even had any dark meat inside her, and I'm almost certain her folks would have killed us BOTH if they knew what we were doing on the side of the house.

    In any event, I couldn't believe how hot and tight she was and happily pulled her back into another deep kiss, groping and fondling her breasts as I flicked my hips and moved back and forth, fucking her with short, shallow thrusts.

    The fact that my "driver" just sat there in his car - watching us have sex, for all I knew - only seemed to turn us on more.

    "Fuck-yeah, let him watch." I growled in her ear as I picked up the pace.

    "Yeah, he can watch you fuck me!"

    "Uh-huh, cause this pussy belongs to me." I hissed possessively while holding her tight. "—do you hear me, Liv."

    Olivia moaned as I stabbed her with my black spear again and again.

    "Yeah, this ass belongs to you baby. Always will."

    "Damn straight it does, so hot and tight."

    "—ugh, just for you." she moaned as I licked my finger and pressed the tip of my digit against her backdoor, while fucking her.

    "Ah-god, not again." Liv wailed, realizing what I was trying to do. "stop playing with my ass!"

    I was trying not to laugh as I fucked her with longer strokes, intent on making her come.

    "Where's my finger right now?" I groaned.

    To her credit she knew what I was trying to do, and refused to play along - at least initially. But when she realized we were running out of time she happily obliged and told me what I wanted to hear, just to hurry things along.

    "Ah, it's in my ass!"

    "What is,"

    "You're finger, is in my ass you perv. Get it out!"

    I did as she asked, and took my finger and shoved it in her mouth, making her taste herself.

    "Ah, you bastard!"

    For a full minute there, I pushed everything else out of my mind, our friendship, our dangerous surroundings, and gave her what she wanted, what she craved. I didn't try to control our passion, or the noises emanating from both of us, and just proceeded to POUND her young cunt harder and faster against the gate.

    "Ugh-Jesus!" she chanted under her breath as I railed into her faster. "oh god, you're gunna make me come Jay!!"

    It only took a few more thrusts before I beat her to the finish line and came abruptly - pulling out at the very last moment to blow my wad all over her sweet little ass. To my surprise, Olivia immediately spun around and fell to her knees to clean me off with her tongue.

    In happy awe, she stroked my spent cock as I simply stood there on shaky legs, shuddering uncontrollably as the greedy little slut kissed and slobbered all over the tool, licking the cum from it.

    "Now get out of here, and call me when you get home." she insisted with a smile.

    I honestly didn't know what to say and was taken aback when she got up and kissed me hard on the lips again.

    "God you can be such a hot little slut when you want to be,"

    Olivia grinned.

    "You know me too well,"

    "Yeah, I do."

    "Maybe later I'll talk my folks into letting me spend the night at your place tomorrow,"

    I almost moaned at the possibilities.

    "You really think they'll go for it?"

    "I dunno," she shrugged while giving my black dong one final squeeze. "—but I can't wait to ride this thing all night long."

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    FFS. THAT was based on a dream? Please have more dreams like that. That was fucking incredible.

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    I'm really hoping that after reading this, I'll have my own Olivia Holt dream.

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    Great work, as usual, TPG!! Here’s hoping your imagination keeps stuff like this up!

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