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Thread: "Amazonian Ass" with Gal Gadot

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    fanfiction "Amazonian Ass" with Gal Gadot

    Amazonian Ass
    With Gal Gadot
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, massage, masturbation, rimming, blowjob
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    We were just three weeks into filming the latest DC installment "Justice League" when Gal Gadot suddenly cramped up in pain, and to the dismay of cast and crew, threatened to hold up production once again.

    "CUT! CUT!" the director hissed, before announcing an early lunch break.

    It only took an extra minute for the leggy actress and her assistant to limp their way over to my trailer where I was given a quick update of the situation and asked to check her out.

    "Look, just give me a shot of sodium or something so I can get back out there," Gal insisted. "We can't afford to hold up production."

    "Well, either way I'm going to have to check you out," I explained. "And that's going to take at least twenty to thirty minutes, so make yourself comfortable."

    Gal huffed before turning to her assistant and mumbled something in hebrew, giving us some much needed privacy in the trailer.

    "I know you have to do everything by the book, but just make it fast okay," she said the moment we were alone. "I don't want the others resenting me anymore than they do already."

    Now I'll be the first to admit that despite being in this very situation a hundred times before - with countless actresses over the years - just being alone with Gal Gadot in that Amazonian outfit made me nervous as hell. To her credit, the starlet quickly made herself comfortable on the table, while I walked over to the door to lock it, then made the necessary preparations.

    I attempted to examine her leg and politely asked her to spread her knees, where I generously applied some Menthol along her calf muscle. Gadot's demeanor quickly changed to discomfort as she was now in some acute pain.

    To make matters worse, it seemed the strong scent of methylated spirits really irritated her senses, causing her to squirm and fidget for a few minutes as I tried to mend her cramped leg. In any event, I continued to massage her joints while I inwardly marveled at her natural beauty, and noted that even up close she was a stunning woman.

    "How's that feel?"

    "Much better, thanks." she ultimately cooed and closed her eyes as the numbing agent went to work.

    I took this opportunity to admire her figure, particularly her long, smooth, shiny legs. Her outfit was so tight I was amazed she could actually breathe. In fact, thanks to the design of the Wonder Woman corset, she appeared to be completely topless underneath it, allowing the very edge of her nipples to be exposed.

    I gulped hard when I realized just how erect her nipples were.

    "Wow, you have really nice hands." she said breaking my trance. "It's been a while since I had anybody massage me like this."

    Judging by the way she tensed up I didn't doubt it, she was a bundle of nerves.

    As I tenderly massaged her leg she shifted slightly and invited me to work my way up to the edge of her hamstring. I could see she was yearning to be touched and pampered, so I happily obliged and watched the stress of the day slowly leave her body.

    While I continued to work her injury with one hand, I idly stroked the back of her thigh with the other and heard her moan appreciatively. When she suddenly stopped and looked up at me, I panicked for a moment thinking I had offended her, but instead she smiled.

    "You know what, do you think we could throw in a quick massage right now?" she flirted. "You don't mind do you?"

    "Err mind, of course not." I stammered a little. "Let me grab some more oil so we can do this properly."

    I quickly wandered over to the other side of the trailer and glanced back to see her reaching for the back of her costume, and pull at a strategically placed zipper which allowed the entire outfit to fall away from her body.

    I almost moaned out loud when I watched it peel away from her slender frame, before she lay down face first on the massage table, as naked as the day she was born!

    While protocol dictated that I rush over and place a small towelette across her bare bottom, I was so thrilled and riled up by the sudden turn of events that it totally slipped my mind. Not that it mattered anyway, since the one time model-turned-actress seemed more than comfortable with being naked around me.

    This was particularly shocking to me since we'd only known each other for all of a few minutes, and despite my own history and experience in the industry, I found myself blushing with trembling hands as I gawked directly at her perfectly formed ass.

    Even though Gal was in her early thirties, she still possessed the body of a model ten years her junior, and was clearly in the best shape of her life.

    "Did you lock the door?" she asked in a soft, sexy tone.

    I grabbed some lotions from the shelve and wandered over to stand beside her naked body, trying my best not to poke her with my menacing erection.

    "ugh. I need this so bad right now," she whispered at one point, as I proceeded to squeeze out a generous amount of oil across her flawless body and tentatively placed my hands on her shoulder blades.

    I felt my cock twitch as she cooed to the touch, while I meticulously worked my way across her delicate back and spine. It was only when I made my way down to the edge of her hips and lower back that I heard her purr and whisper again.

    "Mmm lower,"

    At first I wasn't sure if I had heard it right, or if it was just a figment of my imagination. However, when she said it again I felt my heart skip a beat. With her permission, I tentatively placed my hands on her buttocks and began to gently knead her cheeks with both hands. I couldn't believe how soft and supple it was. She almost seemed to have the ass off a teenager!

    I glanced over at her face to gauge her reaction to this, and not only was she not offended but she almost seemed smug with herself. In fact I could see her biting her bottom lip, as if urging me on - daring me to feel her up.

    In an almost hypnotic manner, I softly palmed, squeezed, and stroked her delicate cheeks and to my delight watched as she let out another series of moans that sent chills up my spine. When I finally dipped my fingers even lower to lightly caress the inside of her thighs, I felt her knees part ever so slightly - giving me all the permission I needed.

    "Yess," she purred contently.

    There, I barely grazed the inside of her sex (her outer lips) before by-passing her pussy entirely, and massaged my way further down her legs, moving towards her troubling calf muscle and all the way to her feet.

    To my amusement Gal was clearly disappointed by this, and a little self conscious about her feet being touched, but still couldn't stop herself from moaning and sighing as I stroked her intimately. I could tell from the grumbled noises she made that she wanted me to go back to playing her ass and pussy, but at the same time really enjoyed the entire experience.

    When I briefly pulled my hands away to get more oil, she opened her eyes and was about to protest but then cooed when she felt me squeeze another generous amount of lotion ALL over her legs and booty, letting some of it dribble into the crack of her ass.

    Gal groaned as I wickedly drizzled the lotion all over her bare butt, watching as she now wiggled her derriere in the air like some kind of nympho.

    "ooh that feels so nice," she purred erotically, as the gooey substance leaked into every nook and cranny of her ass.

    From my vantage point above, she had to have known the preview she was giving me, yet she didn't bother to stop or cover up and instead moved her hips in a circular motion, growing increasingly aroused by the minute.

    As I pondered what to do next, I was then taken aback when I watched her slide her right arm under her body and ever so lightly rub her clit. I suspect she only intended to scratch an itch between her thigh and pussy, but instead let her fingers linger there a moment longer and ultimately began to masturbate, while using her hips for friction.

    I couldn't speak or move. I just stood there dumbfounded.

    I was simply stunned into silence as I watched her hips move hypnotically over her own slick digits, softly grinding her clit against them. It was as if I wasn't even there. Watching her rub and tease herself, I finally proceeded to play with her cheeks and rewarded her with a playful spank! ..which she really seemed to enjoy.

    "ah yes, spank me." she whispered hotly while rubbing her bean. "I'm a bad girl."

    Her body was on fire as she lovingly teased her own clit. I watched in awe as her lips gleamed with wetness, slowly moving back and forth, yearning to be filled.

    "Fuck-yea," I growled above her, encouraging her to play for me. "Show me how you play Gal."

    At this point all pretense was lost as Gadot now proceeded to openly get off in front of me, propping herself up a little on her knees, to give me an incredible show.

    I leaned over to hover my face just a few inches over her sex and drooled out a long line of spit all over her ass. She moaned to the action and trembled the moment my saliva made contact with her asshole, before I leaned in to have my first taste of her and plunged my tongue in her ass!

    "Nnnnnghhh shit," she gasped out loud, as I then proceeded to lick her sweet little bunghole.

    Judging from the reaction it caused, I doubt anyone had ever licked her ass until that point. The notion alone only spurred me on, as I thickened my tongue and began to fuck her backdoor, driving her wild with rapture and causing her to grunt and push back against my chin.

    "oh-god, oh, don't stop-" she muttered breathlessly. "Keep doing that."

    Just hearing her talk this way encouraged me to go deeper and deeper, to the point where I ate her shit-pipe like a man possessed, spreading her ass cheeks apart with both hands - and watching in awe as she actually gaped for me while I rimmed every god damn inch of her tiny bunghole.

    She was now moaning more audibly as she played with her own cunt while I rimmed her shitter. When I finally pushed her fingers away and replaced them with my own, Gal just about lost her fucking mind!!

    A moment later the Israeli born starlet came like a freight train, as I immediately wrapped my entire mouth around her sex and sucked down her love-juice, my mouth and chin covered in her tangy essence.

    It took all of a minute for her to finally calm down and catch her breath, and when she did words can't describe the look she flashed me over her shoulder. Her eyes almost seemed to burn with desire.

    "You shouldn't have done that," she hissed in her accent.

    All I could do was grin back at her.

    "It was worth it,"

    "Are you hard right now!" she suddenly snapped. "Show me."

    I simply responded to this by taking a step forward and before she could say another word, slammed my cock into her waiting mouth. Gal almost seemed to take more pleasure out of sucking my dick than I was getting out of her blowing me, as she winked up at me between noisy slurps.

    I took this opportunity to reach back and jam two of my fingers into her snug little cunt, and actually heard myself groan out loud when I realized just how sopping WET she was. Gadot swiftly slipped my member out of her mouth and breathed for us to hurry.

    "Come on, we don't have much time-"

    I could hardly think straight as I was directed up onto the table behind her and readied to have sex, as she lifted her hips to present her magnificent ass to me. Unfortunately for her I couldn't help myself, and simply buried my tongue deep into her asshole again, causing her to moan out loud.

    "ugh-god!" she grunted with surprise, loud enough for anyone outside to hear her. "Please, we don't have time!"

    "Where's my tongue right now Gal?"

    "It's in my ass," she answered in broken English. "You're tongue is deep in my ass."

    Just hearing her speak this way made my cock twitch.

    I reluctantly pulled back and rubbed the head of my cock against her slimy minge, teased her with it. I couldn't believe how wet she was, as she suddenly became incredibly animated and bucked and jerked her hips back at me, begging me to take her.

    "nnnghhh-yes, hurry. Just fuck me, come on!"

    We both grunted as I entered her with one full thrust, and we began to fuck. I slapped her ass for added effect, and pounded her within in inch of her life - her body glistening in sweat as she now lay face down, ass up.

    Gal wailed loudly with pleasure, no longer trying to deny her true whorish identity, guiding my hands to her slippery hips. I was happy to see she took cock well, and really seemed to get off on being taken hard and fast - pulling her hair and slapping her shiny rump.

    As expected it didn't take long for me to approach the point of no return.

    "ah-god, don't come inside me!" she howled over her shoulder. "shoot it across my ass!"


    "Blow it all over my ass!"

    That said, I finally relented and pulled out of her snug cunt and exploded - not only across her ass - but ejaculated so hard that I covered her entire back and spine in spickets of cum.

    "ah-shit!" she half gasped and giggled as I absolutely bathed her in spunk. "You son of a bitch, you covered me."

    It took me a full minute to recover and find my bearings, my head spinning like a dreidel.

    "-do you blame me," I panted back. "You deserved that, for walking around the set in an outfit like that."

    "Ha, some massage." she quipped sarcastically with a roll of her eyes - while now covered in hot semen.

    "You're welcome by the way," I grinned back, referring to her leg. "That cramp seems gone. Don't be afraid to come see me again."

    "I'll keep that in mind," she smiled with a playful shake of her head, apparently shocked that things had transpired in the way they had.

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    GODS. I'd convert for that. What a sexy bitch.

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    Damn, I'm running out of ways, to tell you how great your stories are.

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    Amazingly Sexy!..Gosh .. Was wondering when you will get The Wonder Woman in your scene.. Totally worth it!

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