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Thread: "Uber Hot" with Hailee Steinfeld

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    fanfiction "Uber Hot" with Hailee Steinfeld

    Uber Hot
    With Hailee Steinfeld
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, public, anal, fingering
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: had a dream this morning I figured I'd write up while the images were still fresh

    I recognized her the moment she climbed into my uber, and was floored to see just how sexy Hailee Steinfeld looked in person, dressed in a tight red leather dress and matching heels.

    "I'm going to get so wasted tonight, my friends are throwing me a surprise party."

    "That's quite the outfit you've got on," I commented.

    "Thanks, I literally just threw this on. My brother's going to be so mad when he finds out, knowing I'm not wearing anything underneath this dress."

    While the two us continued to flirt and chat, I now found it incredibly hard to concentrate on the road knowing she wasn't wearing any underwear to speak of. Judging from the perpetual smile on her face I suspect this was part of her plan, and she actually got a kick out of it.

    "Are you going to be around later on tonight, cause I'm probably going to need a ride."

    At first I assumed she was merely talking about catching a lift home, but something about the sly grin on her face told me she was actually talking about a different kind of "ride" altogether.

    "I might be, that all depends." I teased back.

    "What if I made it worth your while," Hailee flirted. "I could pay you now, for your time."

    I barely had time to respond before the singer reached over to grab at my zipper. A moment later and the stunning brunette was blowing me in the driver seat of my car, as we sat parked in heavy traffic on the highway.

    I used the back of her long hair as leverage to fuck her soft, slobbery mouth. I could tell she was skilled in the art of fellatio and had done it many times before, which strangely enough only turned me on more.

    I ultimately reached over to slide my hand between her long legs, and gasped when I discovered that she indeed was completely naked under her dress. To her credit, Hailee instinctively spread her legs and invited me to touch her, which I did, before growing bold and dipping my fingers lower to tease her backdoor.

    I was delighted to hear her moan the moment my fingers wormed their way into her bunghole. She really seemed to get off on the backdoor play, and sucked me harder and faster with her talented mouth.

    "Mm-yeah, play with my ass." she purred with a mouthful of cock. "I like it."

    "You're lucky I don't pull this car over right now and just jam this cock in your ass!"

    "Don't tease me," she replied back. "Besides, you think you could handle it?"

    Between the slobbering action of her mouth, the dirty talk, and her stroking hand, it didn't take very long for me to come – and to her credit she quickly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock as it began to spurt, and swallowed my spunk dutifully.

    Minutes later, we arrived to our destination where I watched her casually fix her appearance in the mirror and climb out of the vehicle like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

    "Don't run off too far," she winked. "Remember, I'll need that ride later."

    "I look forward to giving it to you."

    With the paparazzi snapping away behind her, she leaned in to whisper into my ear.

    "For the record, tonight I'm going to get really drunk, so you'll probably just end up taking advantage of me."

    "Nah, I wouldn't do that." I grinned evilly.

    We both laughed.

    "—and knowing me, I'd probably let you." she added. "I'd probably let you stick it anywhere you like."

    "Hey, don't make promises you can't keep."

    With that said, Hailee turned and wandered off to meet her friends, as I busied myself with my phone and tried to comprehend the nights events. I sat in the car for all of ten minutes before I realized I was blowing a golden opportunity, a once in a lifetime chance to fuck one of the hottest starlets in town, and decided I needed to take action and sneak into the club.

    It probably took me a good hour or so to finally sneak into the venue (through the back) where I quietly stood in the shadows and watched Haiz carry on with her friends. Just as she'd claimed, she was clearly getting drunk and now dancing with her friends and posing for various photos.

    I waited long enough to see Hailee wander off to the ladies room alone, and decided now was the right time to strike. The moment I marched into the room behind her, she recognized me in the mirror almost immediately, but before she could turn and utter a single sentence, I swiftly clapped my hand around her mouth and pinned her face up against the mirror.

    She initially giggled to the action but then moaned as I roughly groped her ass over the dress, then reached under to fill her cunt with two of my fat fingers.

    "Mm.. what took you so long," she moaned over her shoulder. "I was starting to wonder if you were man enough."

    "You little slut, you've been driving me nuts all night." I hissed as I took out my cock, rubbed it against her ass and then pushed in.

    The look on her face was priceless as she suddenly realized that not only was I attempting to fuck her right then and there, but I was going straight to the ass!

    "From now on, people should call you Hailee 'striaght to the ass' Steinfeld," I growled.

    "ugh-yeah, I'd like that." she purred as I eased my way into her butt. "I love getting fucked in the ass!"

    I was actually surprised to see just how compliant her ass was - thanks to the alcohol I suspect - as she proceeded to take my length and began to buck back against me, urging me on.

    At one point, we heard some activity in the distance and we froze as one of her friends casually sauntered into the ladies room, only to find the two of us locked in that seedy embrace. Thankfully her friend simply blushed and backed out of the room, allowing Hailee and I to continue to ass-fuck over the counter.

    "ah god, shit." she grunted with shame. "Just hurry, fuck me."

    "Why should I?" I hissed in her ear. "You think you're friends don't know how much of a little SLUT you really are. I should have them all come in here and watch you get fucked in the ass!"

    "ah, yes."

    "Heck, maybe we should get some of the other guys in here too, and have us all pull a train on you. I bet you'd like that wouldn't you."

    "Fuck-yeah. I'd love it." she panted as I now placed both hands on her hips and drilled her delicious rump more intently.

    We fucked like two animals in heat, both of us grunting and moaned in the tiled room (over the music) and despite being close to ejaculating Hailee insisted that I shoot deep inside her backdoor. The premise alone was enough to set me off, which immediately resulted in me firing and filling her tight little shit-pipe with hot ropes of jism.

    I don't know what was sexier, the fact that I had just fucked Hailee's ass in a public bathroom (at her own birthday party no less) or the fact that she was then made to rush back out and cut the cake and pose with family and friends for the cameras, all the while as my hot load now trickled down her long legs.

    Having had my fill, I casually made my way out to the car to light up a cigarette and make arrangements to leave, only to get a text message from her inside the party.

    "You better not take off anywhere," she wrote. "I still want that ride, if you're UP to it?"

    This crazy little bitch was simply insatiable, and I was looking forward to seeing how the night would end.

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    Ffs why cant u do more of those quick thinking and post. Most of your best work comes from that. Hehe great work as always

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    Wow, what an excellent story.

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