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    fanfiction Girls Aloud Falling In Love

    Girls Aloud: Falling In Love

    It's mid June and British girl group Girls Aloud are halfway though their sell out UK tour. All the girls have worked hard over the past few months and the sell out shows have been a success getting great reviews from everyone in the music business. For Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle however this tour was putting a massive strain on their personal lives. Nadine's American football star boyfriend was in the States training hard for the next NFL season and couldn't come over to visit and Nadine missed him a lot. Sarah meanwhile was freshly single after throwing off her boyfriends commanding ways she was back out in the market again the only trouble with that is on tour there is zero chance of her meeting someone due to the work she has to put in. Cheryl, Nicole and Kimberly all had long term relationships that they could talk to and if they were really lonely drive up to see them. Sarah and Nadine didn't have anyone to drive up and see them so as a result they spent a lot more time with each. In the early days their friendship had been a touch on the rocky side but they had both grown up and out of the tracksuit era of Girls Aloud and were now both firm friends. Sarah viewed herself as the shoulder for Nadine to cry on as the tall Irish beauty spilled out her soul to the skinny blonde and one night in Manchester this took a big swing the other way.

    Late at night and with a show tomorrow the girls were in the hotel bar chatting about the days ahead before Cheryl, Nicole and Kim went to bed to chat to their loved ones Sarah and Nadine were left all by themselves in the bar. Nadine looks stunning in a black thigh high dress showing off her long, tanned legs with black stiletto shoes while Sarah has on a plain white shirt and red mini skirt with red heels and bright red lipstick. Both looked amazing as they sat there and chatted for a bit before Nadine spoke up.

    "Sarah can I ask you something?" Nadine asks carefully her sultry Irish tones.

    "Aye sure Nad What's up," Sarah says cheerfully in her down to earth northern accent.

    "Well it's just I think I know the reason Brad isn't coming over to see me," Nadine begins trying to hold back her tears as she lets out her inner insecurities to Sarah.

    Sarah sighs and takes a sip of her lemonade, "Yeah I know why he isn't here Nad it's because he's in pre season training for next year we have been though this."

    "No," Nadine says shaking her head allowing her long dyed blonde hair to shake around a few inches above her shoulder, "It's because I'm ugly and he wants nothing to do with me."

    Nadine breaks down and starts crying in the empty bar and Sarah takes pity on her friend. Poor Nadine hadn't had the best luck with boyfriends and was so self-conscious that she was questioning everything she did.

    Leaning forward Sarah rests her left hand on Nadine's bare leg, "Your not ugly Nadine in fact you are one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

    Nadine stops crying and giggles at Sarah's romantic novel like comment before she tilts her head up and looks into the blonde's eyes. They both stop dead as the see each other for the first time not and friends not as enemy's but as woman. Sarah had a few lesbian flings in her wild young including a sexy bank clerk and the woman who worked at the tanning salon. None of these had ended in proper sex more like a few quick gropes and kisses and Sarah remembers how excited she would get. Now looking into Nadine's eyes she sees the sexy young Irish girl with all her mouth-watering curves and Sarah curses herself for not seeing them sooner. Nadine had never been with a woman like most she had thought about it but never felt her urges were strong enough to do anything about however being in a band with 4 ultra hot woman does change your lusting and now Nadine looks deep into Sarah's eyes feels her hand on her knee and wants more. Frozen in time Sarah watches Nadine's face break into a grin before she leans forward moving closer and closer towards Sarah's face. She can see ever line on her tanned face and even the marks of where Nadine placed her lipstick as she moves closer to Sarah. Their lips touch and they kiss Sarah to Nadine's delight kiss back and the two women are locked in a passionate embrace. Sarah's hands move up and down Nadine's soft legs, as Nadine's lips feel so warm against Sarah's.

    Nadine needs this so much her trapped feeling of loneliness had really started to get her down she needs to feel loved she needs to feel good about herself again. Sarah's head is a whole mix of emotions she wants to sleep with Nadine but that might hurt her friend she loves men too much to give them up and the last thing Sarah wants to do is break her friend's heart.

    Breaking the kiss Sarah looks up at Nadine, "Look I'm sorry Nadine but I can't do this it would never work and you have a great boyfriend you should keep and," Sarah rants until Nadine puts a long slender finger across the blonde's ruby red lips.

    " It's ok Sarah I'm not turning lesbian I just need to feel something better than sadness but I've never been with another woman so I'm scared," Nadine admits to the blonde.

    Sarah smiles as she understands what Nadine needs as she needs the same thing the need to be and feel loved, "Ok Nadine let's spend the night in my room and I swear you are in for the best experiences of your life.

    Sarah gently kisses her lips and the two girls smile at each other before Sarah takes Nadine by the hand and leads her up to the elevators. The pure lust had always been there all the girls saw each other as sexy woman especially after a performance of being in skimpy clothes, touching back up dances and then hugging each other afterwards. All had thought about it and Now Sarah and Nadine were embraced in a lip lock as the lift goes up ready to act out their deepest desires. Sarah damm near kicks the door to her hotel room open as her and Nadine go inside kissing and touching each others amazing bodies. They both kick off their high heel shoes and are now kissing and touching each other. Her hands grope Nadine's perfect figure feeling her soft, smooth legs before Sarah's hands rest on her friend's curvy ass. Nadine's hand rub all over Sarah's back as her own perky tits push against Sarah's and she can feel Sarah's erect nipples pushing against her bra.

    "Sarah, are you not wear a bra?" Nadine says as Sarah breaks the hug giving her one last peck on the lips.

    "No Nadine I'm not wearing a bra and now," Sarah lifts up her own top pulling it over her head and dropping it on the floor, "I'm not wearing a shirt either."

    Nadine's eyes go wide as she admires Sarah's topless form sure she had seen Sarah topless loads of time but never in this type of situation. Her pink nipples stuck out from her chest like hangers in a wardrobe and Nadine licks her lips in lust. Sarah's tits were very pale compared to the rest of her body but Nadine didn't care as she steps forward. Her left hand slowly rubs Sarah's tit making the blonde groan with pleasure from Nadine's soft touch. Sarah tilts her head back and groans as Nadine works her hands over Sarah's C cup breasts.

    "You sure you have never been with another woman before Nadine," Sarah jokes as the blonde rubs her tits gently.

    "I've love your tits Sarah there so nice and perky and look so good, I can see why Ultimo chose you to model there underwear," Nadine says in a sexy voice as her thumbs touch Sarah's hard nipples.

    Moving her hands down Sarah rubs Nadine's firm ass cheeks making the young Irish beauty moan. She steps back away from Sarah making her cry out in disappointment but soon Sarah smiles as Nadine grabs the bottom of her dress. Lifting the material up Nadine loves the gasps of Sarah as she strips off her dress revealing her body clad in only a black bra and thong set.

    "How the hell can you think your ugly Nad," Sarah says shaking her head in amazement as she stares at Nadine's lingerie clad body, "You look amazing."

    Nadine feels herself blushing as she watches Sarah's eyes following her body. Slowly Nadine starts to shake her body left and right doing a few sexy little moves making Sarah moan as she watches her sexy body grind around. Like a stripper Nadine turns round and dips low shaking her firm ass making Sarah smile and rub her own tits. Reaching her hands behind her back Nadine unclips her bra and lets the tiny fabric fall down her arms and Nadine swings the tiny piece of lingerie over her head. She throws the bra away into the corner then turns back around letting Sarah see her bare breasts. Sarah bites on her lip to hold back her moans as Nadine's tanned boobs bounce out and hang out. Her boobs hang there without any sag and Sarah can't wait to kiss and grope them but Nadine stops her from getting up. She wags her finger at the blonde like a naughty schoolgirl before dancing around again pushing her cleavage out right in front of Sarah's face. Sarah's pussy is dripping wet, as her panties are soaked as Nadine teases her with a sexy dance. In all the years she had known Nadine Sarah had never seen this sexy, teasing side of her and now seeing it Sarah likes it. Nadine slips her thumb into the waistband of her panties and tugs the thong slightly down her hips. She does the same to the other side of her panties leaving the material hanging on her hips barely covering her pussy and when she looks up she sees Sarah with her hand inside her skirt and Nadine is sure she is rubbing her pussy.

    "Do you want me to take my panties off Sarah," Nadine teases the horny blonde who moans as she touches her wet panties.

    "Please get naked Nadine I want to see your sexy body," Sarah normally the dominant person in the relationship finds herself submissively begging Nadine to strip naked.

    Nadine tugs her thong down her smooth legs and then kicks the thong off her feet sending the tiny fabric flying away into the corner of the large hotel room. Sarah stares in awe at Nadine's naked body her pussy glistening wet and Sarah can't take her eyes of Nadine's pink pussy lips. Getting to her feet Sarah moves towards a naked Nadine and rubs her hand over her flat mid section. Her fingers trace around Nadine's belly button and Sarah smiles at Nadine before tilting her head down and lightly kisses Nadine's left nipple. Sarah uses her tongue to flick out against Nadine's soft pink nipple and after a few tongue flicks makes her nipples hard. Nadine moans as Sarah's hand moves lower down her mid section onto her hips then down and rubbing her wet pussy lips. Both woman moans at the first real sexual contact as Sarah's hand rubs Nadine's pussy feeling how hot and wet the singer is. Sarah's tongue now licks Nadine's other nipple and the heat and smell in the room gets more intense as Sarah has her way with Nadine's sexy form. Moving her hand over Nadine's wet pussy feeling her pussy lips and hearing the young Irish girl moan under contact. Playing with Nadine's large nipples Sarah giggles at the blonde as her skillful tongue touches her boobs.

    "Oh god Sarah your touch is so good but I want to see you naked too," Nadine groans under the weight of Sarah's soft touch.

    Sarah looks up at her long legged band mate before taking a step back and unclipping her mini skirt. The skirt drops down her tanned legs and Sarah stands in front of Nadine in just her red thong. There is a small wet patch on the front of Sarah's thong before the blonde yanks them down her legs as well. She kicks them off and stands in front of Sarah totally naked and she licks her lips. Sarah's hairless pussy coated in her own juices is making Nadine hot and she starts to rub her own pussy. The smell of sex is in their air as the two naked band mate's embrace rubbing and kissing each other's naked form turns them both on and as they kiss Nadine leads Sarah over to her bed. Sarah is pushed backwards onto her blue bed sheets and the second her back hits the bed she spreads her legs out wide. Nadine has an amazing view of Sarah's wet pussy lips and she can't take her eyes of Sarah's juices running down her thighs.

    "Come on babe I know you want to take a taste of me and now you can," Sarah says in a sultry voice barely able to contain her excitement at having her sexy friend go down on her.

    Nadine traces her fingers down Sarah's thighs feeling the heat from her soaking wet pussy but she was still scared. She had never been so horny in her life and she really wants to touch and eat out Sarah's pussy. Seeing the near begging look on her face fills Nadine full of confidence and she slowly lowers her head between Sarah's thighs. Flicking her long blonde hair out of her face Nadine gently kisses Sarah's pussy making her shudder and moan. Sarah can't believe how good it feels having another woman's hot breath so close to her sensitive pussy lips. This feeling is so good that Sarah has no idea why she had not experienced this before. Carefully Nadine flicks her tongue out onto Sarah's wet pussy lips making the shorthaired blonde groan.

    "Fuck Nadine fuck keep going your doing so well keep licking fuck your tongue is so good," Sarah moans making Nadine happy as she knows she is pleasing her friend right.

    Sarah's pussy lips taste so good to Nadine that she keeps dragging her tongue along the soft flesh making sure she licks up every bit of pre cum. Nadine has never tasted anything so good and this was far better than her swallowing a man's cum as it seems Sarah tastes so good. Lapping away at the outside of Sarah's pussy is making her wild but Nadine is not trying to tease her friend but to bring her enough pleasure and to make sure she thanks Sarah for being there for her. Sarah closes her eyes and moans loudly as Nadine's perfect tongue nearly licks dry the outside walls of her pussy. Running her hands though her hair Sarah is nearly in tears as Nadine's tongue plays with her wet pussy.

    "Stop Nadine please eat me I need to be eaten out pleasure Nadine I need to fucking cum please stop teasing me," Sarah begs her sexy friend who lifts her head up too see the look on Sarah's face.

    That look of begging with near orgasmic pleasure has Nadine's juices flowing and the Irish singer drives her tongue deep into Sarah's cunt. Screaming out loud Sarah grabs onto the bed sheets for dear life as Nadine's tongue works like mad bashing in and out of her tight pussy. Pushing her tongue in and out of Sarah's pussy as fast and as hard as she can manage Nadine drinks up all the tasty juices left on her tongue. Driving her pink, wet tongue into Sarah's pussy flicking the tip into Sarah's sensitive pussy walls making her scream out in pure bliss. Nadine has her face right into Sarah's crotch and her tongue licks clean every inch of Sarah's pussy before lifting her tongue into Sarah's G spot. The blonde groans, as she can't believe how fast Nadine found her pleasure spot. She guessed the old saying was right that the only person who knows how to truly pleasure a woman is another woman. Nadine's tongue flicks her G spot making Sarah rock from side to side pleasure sent shooting up her spine as goosebumps appear on her arms. Loving the taste Nadine pushes her face further into Sarah's sweet smelling pussy and hears her friend's loud cries off passion. Sarah is sweating and groaning as her body goes though so much pleasure and Sarah just can't believe how good this feels. Lapping at Sarah's wet clit Nadine hears a really loud moan then her tongue and face become covered in cum.

    "FUCK I'M COMING NADINE FUCK I'M CUMMING," Sarah screams out as an orgasm hits her body and her juices splash all over Nadine's face.

    The sexy blonde lets the cum hit her face as her tongue moves quickly catching all of Sarah's nice tasting cum. Sarah groans as her juices soak Nadine's pretty face and when her powerful orgasm finishes Sarah tilts her head up. She sees Nadine's face nearly completely white with Sarah's cum but the singer has a massive smile on her cum covered face. Using her now well-seasoned tongue Nadine cleans up most of her face licking Sarah's cum off her hand. Once she is cleaned up Nadine crawls on top of Sarah and rests her head on Sarah's well-formed tits. With her lips Nadine kisses Sarah's tits grinning up at Sarah whose face still shows the after effects of her massive orgasm.

    "Did I do ok Sarah?" Nadine asks the sexual beast that eats Sarah out has gone and the timid little girl is back.

    Sarah smiles and looks in Nadine's puppy dog eyes, "You were amazing Nad that's the best orgasm I have ever had."

    Nadine glows with the complement as Sarah lifts her head up and kisses Nadine softly on the lips. Both girls groan as Nadine rubs her wet thighs together putting pressure on her throbbing clit as she kisses Sarah's breasts softly making her moan.

    She props herself up on her elbows Sarah looks deeply into Nadine's eyes, "Nadine I can ask you something?"

    "Cause you can babe," Nadine says with a grin as her finger traces around Sarah's flat mid section.

    "I want to eat you and your sexy pussy out but would you kinda sit on my face," Sarah says before her face turns bright red and closes her eyes.

    She expects Nadine to scream call her a freak like all her other ex's and leave but after a couple of seconds of no sound at all she opens her eyes to see Nadine's firm tanned ass hovering a few feet above her eye line. Nadine giggles none of her other lovers ever asked her to do kinky stuff and she had to look at fetish sites on the internet and now Sarah wanted her to do something totally odd and kinky. Lowering her body down she shakes her ass a few inches above Sarah's sexy face making her smile and reach a hand out slapping Nadine's firm cheeks. Her cunt is dripped wet and some of her pre cum drips down on Sarah's face making the blonde even more anxious to taste her friend. Sarah just marvels at the sight of Nadine's hot, wet pussy slowly coming down on her face. Sticking her tongue out Sarah takes her first lick of pussy as Nadine shudders with pleasure as Sarah rubs her tongue right along her pussy lips. Both woman are hot and horny with Sarah's juices have already made a mess of the bed covers and Nadine's pretty face. Keeping her tongue up Sarah groans as Nadine lowers her pussy right down on top of her tongue. Easily her tongue slides into the wet walls of Nadine's pussy and the sweet smell makes Sarah groan as her hands hold Nadine's curvy hips.

    "OOOHHH feels so good Sarah, ready babe," Nadine asks when she feels Sarah's tongue probing around inside her soaking wet pussy.

    Sarah is like a cat lapping up milk as her tongue explores every area of Nadine's cunt making sure to stop and take in every delicious taste. Nadine feels her weight on Sarah's face so she slowly moves herself up a bit letting Sarah's tongue slide down her pussy. Groaning from the movement Nadine lowers herself back down feeling Sarah's face in between her tight ass and the young singer's tongue stuffed up her snatch. Now picking up the pace a bit Nadine uses Sarah's tongue like a dick as she bounces up and down letting Sarah's small but powerful tongue fuck her tight pussy. Sarah loves this for the first time in her life she is licking out another woman and not just any woman but Nadine Coyle. She moans softly each time Nadine brings her cute ass down on her face Sarah loved Nadine's ass she had always found her self admiring it from afar and down it was bouncing right into her face. Pre cum just rolled down her tongue like a waterfall as Nadine's pussy is so wet and well lubed with her own juices. Nadine's moans get louder as well as she bounces up and down on Sarah's tongue like it's a cock and she is so happy at Sarah for showing her this new way of getting pleasure. Her pussy is flowing with pre cum and as Nadine bounces she rubs her own boobs knowing that her climax is not far away.

    "Fuck me Sarah fuck my wet pussy with your sexy tongue don't stop Sarah keep fucking me," Nadine cries as she bounces higher and higher onto Sarah's tongue.

    Holding onto the blonde's hips for dear life Sarah forces her tongue deeper and deeper into Nadine's cunt before hitting her throbbing clit. Nadine's screams fills the plush hotel room as Sarah's tongue bashes again her clit sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her entire body. Her orgasm, her first in a long times hits Nadine and she bounce on Sarah's tongue as her groans get louder and cum splashes down onto Sarah's tongue and face. Sarah groans as Nadine cums down her tongue and she drinks it up like a long distance runner drinks water. The moans get louder as the pace slowly down while Sarah keeps rubbing her tongue against Nadine's pussy making sure to get every last drop of sweet tasting juice from the blonde's pussy Nadine groans as she cums down Sarah's throats as she slowly down her speed on bouncing. Sarah carefully helps Nadine off her face and lays her to rest on the bed as she goes and gets cleaned up. Walking back and climbing into bed with Nadine the perky Irish girl kisses her softly on the lips.

    "Thank you Sarah that felt so amazing," Nadine purrs at Sarah licking her lips.

    "No way Nad thank you for being my first real girl on girl fuck and I kinda hope we can do this again," Sarah says with a cheeky smirk.

    "Of cause we can babe when we feel alone or hurt we and curl up with each other and help make the other one feel better," Nadine says curling up against Sarah's hot, naked body.

    Sarah wraps her arms around Nadine, "I love you Nadine," She says kissing the blonde on the top of her head."

    "I love you too Sarah," Nadine says before drifting off to sleep in Sarah's arms and the blonde smiles down at her lover before joining Nadine in some deep sleep.

    The next night there is a concert in Newcastle and as The Saturday's finish up their warm up act Sarah is waiting just off the stage. Unusually she is dressed and ready to go on stage first as she just can't get last night out of her head. She loved men and would still enjoy fucking men but something about Nadine's soft tongue and perfect tongue made her think of being with Nadine. But that was just stupid and as much as Nadine hated her long distance relationship she would never break it up with her big study football player leaving Sarah as the odd one out. Her light blonde Hair has been slicked up with Hair gel and her tiny outfit of pink trainers with pink ankle socks along with a pair of tight pink booty shorts and a pink vest top covering her top half. She knew how good she looked as she fixes her bra making sure is doesn't pop out from under her top her mind still a bundle. Nadine is in the same style of outfit but a dark green color as she walks up behind Sarah who is still looking in the mirror. She stares at Sarah's perfectly round asscheeks clad in those tiny shorts and she can't resist in grabbing Sarah's ass cheeks. The blonde groans then turns around to see Nadine smiling at her and Sarah can't hide the confusion in her face.

    "What's wrong baby," Nadine says with a smile as her fingers dig into the soft flesh of Sarah's ass cheeks.

    "Well it's just the fact that you have a boyfriend and I think I kinda like being with you and your not going to leave him for me," Sarah says letting her emotions out to a woman who last night she was comforting.

    "Of course I'm not going to leave him for you," Nadine says and watching Sarah's face fall, "But we are in a band and I do love you so maybe when we get you a man we can share each other."

    Sarah looks at Nadine and smiles as she thinks of the joy of spending time with Nadine and still use the chance to pick up a man. Nadine is right she thinks for bands it would be good to spend time away from each other and Sarah loved having Nadine as a friend and wouldn't risk anything to break that friendship.

    "Your totally right Nad we should only fuck each other's brains out when we are feeling down and lonely," Sarah says with a smile as she hugs Nadine.

    Nadine is still groping Sarah's tight ass, "MMMM I hoped you would see it like that and last night was incredible but I'm kinda scared and lonely right now," She says with a sexy wink.

    Sarah grins at her blonde band mate and then she grabs they tiny shoulder straps of Nadine's vest top. Pulling it down Sarah grabs one of Nadine's boobs and slowly starts to massage it making her groan. Leaning her head down Sarah takes one of Nadine's nipples into her mouth and slowly starts to suck on it. Nadine's hands are now inside Sarah's short feeling up her ass when suddenly The Saturday's finish up on stage and Nadine hears the other 3 band members walking up the corridor. Quickly Sarah and Nadine get re dressed and try to act like nothing has happened to the other girls as they all get into a massive hug before walking out on stage ready for their show.

    After the long and tiring show Nadine is sat in her private dressing room removing her jewelry. Her golden tiny outfit is already off and up on a hanger as Nadine rubs her sore feet. She slides off the flesh colored stockings leaving her sat at her make up table completely naked. Nadine smiles art the mirror happy not only from the great show but from the fact her and Sarah are fucking. Her mind wanders to her other band members then she remembers she has a hunky boyfriend in America to play with as well. Affording herself a small grin as she thinks of the number of people she could sleep with as she makes her way over to the showers. The warm water hits her nude form washing away all the sweat and Nadine groans softly as the water hits her tired body. Soaping herself up Nadine jumps when she feels a hand on her back but when she spins around she sees Sarah behind her. Sarah is also naked and holding a big bar of soap and starts massaging it into Nadine's back. With her blonde hair soaked Nadine starts to moan then looking down her eyes go wide as in Sarah's other hand is a large black dildo. The plastic cock seems to be staring at her as Nadine turns to Sarah her sexy band mate throws away the soap and kisses Nadine. Their tongues clash and writhe inside each other's mouths as Sarah's hands cup Nadine's soapy tits.

    Breaking the kiss Nadine looks at Sarah and her big black dildo, "Are you going to use that on me Sarah?"

    "Yes baby I'm going to take this big fake cock and I'm going to shove it right up your teasing ass," Sarah says with a look of pure lust in her eyes.

    Nadine looks scared and worried, "But Sarah I've never had anything up my bum."

    Sarah pats Nadine on the arm calming her down, "Don't worry Nad I know what I'm doing trust me you will love it."

    Nadine breathes in, "I do trust you Sarah so where do you want me," She asks cheekily.

    "Bend over you little cock tease, shaking your ass all night teasing all those men in the crowd," Sarah says in a dominating tone.

    Nadine grins at the blonde, "Not just to tease the men but to tease you as well Sarah."

    Sarah looks up and stares at Nadine with a smile on her face, "You were doing all that for me?"

    Nadine nods her head and Sarah looks at the dripping wet blonde in a new light, "I never knew you were such a slutty little tease Nad."

    "AWWWW did little Nadine's bum make Sarah's panties all wet," Nadine teases as she washes the soapsuds off her toned body.

    "You know it babe I was so wet and horny that I've sneaked naked into your dressing room with a bag full of toys to play wit now stop teasing and bend over," Sarah says pushing Nadine's lower back bending her over.

    Nadine places her palms on the wet tiled wall holding her up as she bends over sticking her pert, tight ass out at Sarah. Grabbing the bottle of shampoo Sarah squirts the liquid all over Nadine's ass and starts rubbing the sticky stuff into her asshole lubing her up. Nadine moans as she feels Sarah's fingers moving around inside her ass as she lubes the blonde up. Once her ass is nice and lubed up Sarah pushes the head of her 7-inch strap on into the entrance of Nadine's asshole. Nadine moans as the head of the plastic cock pops into her ass and Sarah slowly pushes the thick shaft up further into her asshole. Moaning and groaning Nadine can't believe how odd yet good it feels to have something pushing inside her ass. The pain and pleasure mix inside her as Sarah pushes the whole dildo into her tight ass and Nadine bites her lip to stop her from screaming. Sarah now starts to work the strap on in and out of Nadine's tight ass. Moaning the blonde dig her nails into the tiles as Sarah's big strap on invades her ass. She is getting wetter and wetter as Sarah slowly butts fucks her while water from the showerhead hits her naked, sweaty body. Pre cum trails down her long legs as Sarah places her left hand on her lower back holding Nadine still as she pushes the dildo inside her ass. The tight fit makes the plastic rub against the side of her asshole and even though it hurts the rough contact feels so good to Nadine.

    "Fuck me Sarah fuck your so good please don't stop fucking me," Nadine moans holding onto the wet shower wall as her virgin asshole is broken open by Sarah.

    Sarah is getting wet as well taking her friend from behind with a dildo is a fantasy she has had for a long time and now she is living it. Nadine has never felt so wet and feels her own juices flowing down her thighs as Sarah slams into her asshole. She is so horny and feeling Sarah's hand on her back keeping her bent over and Nadine can not believe how good getting her ass fucking as well. Moaning and groaning Nadine looks behind her though the steam of the warm water and sees the joy filled look on Sarah's face.

    "I'm going to cum Sarah oh god this is the best don't stop fucking me Sarah please don't stop fucking me," Nadine screams as a big orgasm builds up inside of her.

    Sarah holds her friend close as she thrusts her dildo harder and harder into Nadine's tight hole. The young blonde screams and cums hard down her legs and onto the wet tiled floor. She cries and moans into Sarah's arms as her nails dig into the wall as her legs go weak and is only held up by Sarah.

    "God you are so sexy Nadine I love your moans," Sarah whispers under Nadine's wet hair into her ear.

    Nadine doesn't have any strength left to moan so just nods her head at Sarah who kisses her on her cheek. Sarah rubs her hand over the mound of Nadine's pussy feeling her juices dripping from her pussy lips. Pulling her dildo out of Nadine's asscheeks she admires her puckered asshole for a second before lifting the blonde up and carries her out of the showers. Sarah dries herself and Nadine down before going back to turn off the showers and when she walks back into the main dressing room she sees Nadine lying on a long wooden bench hand on her chin looking sexy at the naked blonde.

    "I love this Sarah you have given me so much pleasure and I want to give you some back," Nadine says flickering her eyelashes cutely at Sarah.

    Sarah grins and strides over to Nadine and rests her hand on her soft cheek, "What kind of pleasure did you have in mind babe."

    Nadine winks at her sexy blonde band mate before getting to her feet, "I'm going to take one of your dildo's and I'm going to fuck your ass till you are screaming and begging for me."

    Shuddering slightly at Nadine's powerful dirty talking tone Sarah gives Nadine a slight kiss before she climbs up on all four's on the bench in the middle of the room. Going though Sarah's bag Nadine pulls out a 6-inch bright pink dildo with a large head and smiles. She walks behind a bent over Sarah slowly trailing the dildo alone her firm asscheeks then down her asscrack making Sarah moan. Nadine now stands behind Sarah who is bracing herself ready for Nadine when she feels the blonde pulling apart her legs. Staring at Sarah's dripping wet pussy Nadine licks her lips and without any warning to her lover she thrusts the dildo into her wet pussy.

    "OH MY FUCKING GOD," Sarah screams her hands only just keeping her up as 6 inches of fake cock are shoved inside her pussy, "You said you were going to fuck my ass Nad."

    Hearing the slight disappointment in Sarah's voice Nadine works the dildo in and out of her pussy before she leans down and presses her pretty face into Sarah's ass cheeks. Chills run down Sarah's spine as she feels Nadine's face resting against her butt cheeks as the now soaking wet dildo slides in her pussy. She moans as Nadine rubs her face in between her round cheeks when suddenly Nadine's tongue flicks out and rubs itself against her asscrack. Sarah shudders with pleasure as Nadine's perfect tongue slides up and down her asscrack before pushing inside her ass. Melting with delight Sarah moans loudly as Nadine's tongue enters her asshole and slowly starts to lick her. It's now a two-pronged attack on Sarah's body as Nadine fucks her pussy with a big dildo while her tongue rims out the blonde. Pleasure runs though Sarah's body like a train and her moans are getting louder and louder. Nadine's tongue licks out Sarah's asshole and Nadine had to admit that she loved bringing Sarah this amount of joy and pleasure. Rocking back and forth Sarah's knees and hands grow weak as she takes a firm fucking in both holes and finds herself crying out Nadine's name. The dildo is drenched in Sarah's pre cum as Nadine works the plastic toy in and out of her sensitive pussy lips. Sarah is working up a bigger sweat than on stage as Nadine's pleasures her body in ways she never knew she could get pleasure from. Having another woman's tongue deep in her asshole would have grossed Sarah out a few days ago but now it was the most wonderful feeling. This two-way attack is too much for Sarah to take Nadine's wet tongue licking her asshole along with the large dildo pushed against her clit is too much.

    "I'M CUMMING NAD KEEP GOING I'M CUMMING," Sarah screams as her orgasm hits her and cum covers the pink dildo completely.

    Nadine holds onto Sarah's body tight as she cums all down her arm leaving a puddle on top of the bench. Removing her face from her friend's ass Nadine smiles at the joy filled look on Sarah's face as she falls into bliss filled joy. Slowly Nadine helps Sarah lay down on the bench removing the creamed dildo and then in Sarah's eyesight Nadine licks it clean like a giant ice-lolly. Nadine sits beside Sarah and stokes her hair as she lets out her last post orgasmic moan and stares at Nadine lovingly. The door burst open and Kimberly falls though into the dressing room her face bright red as Cheryl and Nicola.

    "For fuck's sake Kim you were meant to hear if they finished or not I never said go in and check," Cheryl says with a cheeky smile on her face as Kim picks herself up and all 3 turn to look at their two naked band mates.

    Nadine can't help but cover up embarrassed as Sarah is still a little tired from her orgasm props herself up on her elbows, "What are you three doing here?"

    "Well we kinda wanted to see," Kimberly says shuffling on the balls of her feet looking embarrassed at her two friends nude and sweating in front of her.

    "Wanted to see?" Nadine says confused but steps forward arms by her side her body exposed, "You mean you three have known about our agreement."

    Cheryl, Nicola and Kim look at each other when Nicole speaks up, "I heard both of you both last night and I couldn't help but tell the others you sounded really good."

    Sarah and Nadine both look at each other and smile slightly.

    "And after I told Cheryl and Kim well we heard you talking in the corridor and we all liked the idea of using each other to get rid of any sexual frustrations," Nicola says a slight fade of red in her pale cheeks.

    "Yeah I mean we have all thought of each other in a more intimate way and as we are all dead good mates we thought it was a cool idea," Cheryl says with no hint of embarrassment or being uneasy.

    Kim spins around, "What do you mean thought of each other in a sexual way I've never thought of anyone here like that," She says in her proud northern accent.

    Cheryl raises her pencil line eyebrows in surprise, "So that time you sat and watched me getting changed after a show were you just being a friend then?"

    Kimberly looks shocked at Cheryl bringing that up from a few years ago but as she looked round at her other four sexy band mates and sighs, "Ok fine I've checked you all out but are you sure we can all sleep together and not like fall in love?"

    Nadine and Sarah both laugh before Sarah speaks up, "No way I love all of you but you haven't got a chance of thinking I will fall in love with any of you weirdo's," She says with a sexy wide smile making everyone in the room relax.

    "Yeah Sarah's right," Nadine says sitting down on the bench stroking Sarah's short blonde hair, "Some of the sexy things I do to her pretty body doesn't mean I'm going to leave my boyfriend for her."

    The other three seem more relaxed than before having agreed to all be their for each other when Sarah sits up, "So did you guys just burst in here to tell us this or did you come here looking for an orgy?"

    "No no sorry guys but we are kinda still a bit freaked out by you two doing it," Cheryl says her natural confidence being replaced by a regular girl's fear of the unknown.

    "But we would like to watch you two," Nicola says without a trace of embarrassment.

    Nadine and Sarah look at each other for a second before they grab each other in a passionate embrace. Their lips meet and Nadine quickly pushes herself on top of Sarah on the sweat and cum stained bench. The other three are shocked but oddly turned on at there two naked friends making out on top of a bench. One by one Cheryl, Kimberly and Nicola sit down on a bench attacked to the far wall so they can watch Sarah and Nadine. Acting like there is no crowd watching them Sarah and Nadine as their tongues explore each other's mouths. With Nadine on top her impressive boobs are crushing Sarah's tits and their rock hard nipples rub again each other shooting pleasure though both of their bodies. Sarah opens her legs allowing Nadine to press her damp pussy lips against hers and both moan out loud to the delight of their stunned audience. Cheryl, Kim and Nicola have never seen anything so erotic and without really registering it all 3 of them strip of their tracksuits and underwear till all 3 are sat there completely naked. Their eyes never leave Sarah and Nadine who dry humps each other's pussy's as they kiss and rub each other's firm breasts. Cheryl, Kim and Nicola are sat there naked and watching this display of total eroticism and they can't help but start to touch themselves as they get more turned on my Sarah and Nadine. Breaking the kiss Nadine nibbles softly on Sarah's soft neck biting down her pearl white teeth gently on her soft pink skin.

    "Oh god Nadine that feels so good so good," Sarah moans before looking up and seeing her 3 other band mates sat there naked and touching themselves, "MMMMMM Nadine keep going our little show has our guests all hot and naked.

    Nadine opens one eye to see what Sarah is talking about and she can't help but giggle at Cheryl, Nicola and Kimberley all sat there naked and groping their nude bodies. Nicola's fingers move down her pale white body and slide over her bald pussy lips and she slowly works her fingers inside her pussy. Kim and Cheryl are also stroking their pussies Kimberley with a little landing strip of blonde pubic hair while Cheryl touches herself though her fresh Brazilian wax of hair she had done earlier that day. All 3 girls are leaking juices out onto their own fingers but none of them have stopped looking at Sarah and Nadine. Grinding their bodies into each other Sarah and Nadine groan and moan as their pussies rub together. Their tits crush together and both are moaning and groaning as their hot bodies intimately touch. Kim is rubbing her wet pussy with her hand and is groaning as she watches Sarah and Nadine make out. With Nicola and Cheryl sat to the side of her Kim's moans don't go unnoticed and the other two girls watch as Kim fingers herself. They can't resist leaning forward Cheryl and Nicola reach out and grope Kimberley's firm tits. Groaning in surprise Kim watches her two band mates feeling up her big tits and this extreme touching makes her push her fingers deeper inside her pussy. Cheryl and Nicola's fingers dance over her soft boobs flicking her hard nipples as Kim watches Sarah and Nadine grinding their bodies together.

    "Oh shit god fuck no more feels so good," Kimberley cries out right before she climaxes.

    Cheryl and Nicola watch their friend shake as she cums all over her own fingers and they help hold her still. Kim moans and shows her cum soaked fingers to Cheryl and Nicola who grin and then lick her cum off her fingers. Giggling Kimberley watches her own cum soaked fingers being cleaned up by Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts. Once her fingers are all clean Kim gets up and walks over to Sarah and Nadine. Her mind is clearer with a lesbian relationship as feeling Cheryl and Nicola touching her tits was an amazing feeling. Watching Sarah and Nadine grinding together is the most erotic thing Kimberley has ever seen and now she has climaxed she moves over and slides her hand down Nadine's sweaty back. Sarah looks up to see a naked Kimberley standing over them lust clearly showing in her eyes. As Nadine kisses her neck Sarah takes the advantage and flips Nadine over onto her back so Sarah is now on top. Now on top Sarah kisses and sucks on Nadine's neck as the two women rub their pussies together mixing their juices together. Kim still can't believe she finger fucked herself to orgasm just by watching two girls having sex but as she stands over Sarah and Nadine she can see how good it must feel and how sexy they both look.

    As Kim rubs Sarah's back the blonde swings her head around to look at her, "Kim get my bag please,"

    Kimberley looks behind her to see Sarah's travel bag that has a freshly used pink dildo lying on top of it. Picking the bag up the naked brunette passes it to Sarah who reaches inside and pulls out a large black two-headed dildo. The two cocks must be 7 inches big and a couple of inches wide and look daunting in glazed black. Nadine can't take her eyes off the bulbous heads on top of the plastic dicks. She looks scared but the second she sees Sarah and Kimberley's kind smiling faces the young Irish girl relaxes and nods her head. Sarah has a massive grin on her face as she aims one part of the two-headed dildo at Nadine's tight, wet pussy. The head pushes against her sensitive pussy lips, making her groan but soon Sarah slip the fake cock inside her cunt and Nadine's moans soon become pleasurable. Kimberley watches on in amazement as Sarah thrusts inch after inch of dildo into Nadine's cunt as the blonde cries out in joy. Cheryl and Nicola are still fingering themselves watch on with a stunned silence as the massive toy disappears between Nadine's legs. Both woman are getting hotter and wetter as their soft fingers rub themselves getting them dripping wet with pussy juices. The smell of sex fills the large dressing room as Cheryl and Nicola finger their damp pussies as Sarah pushes one half on a large two-headed dildo into Nadine. With most of the monster dildo inside her Nadine moans loudly as every time she moves the dildo touches another area of her sensitive pussy.

    "MMMMMM Sarah you have the best toys babe it's so big and hard," Nadine groans making Sarah droll with delight as Nadine's cute little groans leave her pussy soaked with her own pre cum.

    Quickly grabbing the other end of the two header Sarah aims then pushes the big plastic cock between her own drenched pussy lips. Kimberley can't believe what she is seeing as Sarah slowly inserts the dildo into her own cunt. She watches the black plastic disappear between her wet pussy lips then moving on top of Nadine. Every time either of them move the dildo moves inside both of them making their bodies jolt and a sexy moan escapes from their lips. Moving up and down Sarah is fucking Nadine and herself as she gently grinds her crotch on Nadine watching the blonde's face fill with pleasure. Kimberley rubs Sarah's back before grabbing her tiny hips from behind and slowly lifts the skinny blonde up and down. This new movement has both women crying out like auditioning porn stars as their dildo's are bounced and pushed into their clits. Juices cover the black dildo as Kimberley is careful to lift Sarah up and down but just from the sounds of the groans she knows she is doing the right thing. Cheryl's moans are getting louder and louder vas the sexy scene in front of her unfolds and hearing those cries Nicola takes her own fingers out of her pussy and adds them to Cheryl's. Feeling Nicola's fingers inside her cunt is the final straw for Cheryl as she groans loudly letting a big orgasm hit her petite frame. Wave after wave of cum spills out of Cheryl's pussy soaking Nicola's fingers and the bench they are both sitting on.

    "OH OH GOD SO GOOD FEELS SO GOOD NIC DON'T STOP PLEASE," Cheryl cries out as Nicola's fingers finish up on her dripping wet pussy lips.

    Cheryl finishes her orgasm and slumps back against the wall catching her breath as Nicola removes he cum stained fingers and settles back to watching the mini porn movie in front of her. Sarah is now bouncing up and down of her own free will, impaling herself on the giant dildo but also pushing it into Nadine. Both and crying and moaning as they fuck each other with the giant two headed dildo. Both are hot and sweaty and leaking pussy juices out all over the bench as Kimberley watches in shock and awe. She reaches out on instinct and grabs a firm handful of Sarah's breasts making the blonde cry out from Kim's soft touch. The brunette now plays with Sarah's boobs weighing them in her palms before softly stroking her fingers across her rock hard nipples. With Kimberley now playing with her nipples, as Nadine thrusting her hips into hers Sarah is a wash with pleasure and can already feel another orgasm building up. It has only been a few minutes since her last one but right now fucking Nadine while her other 3 friends watch has turned Sarah on more than anything else in her life. She growls and grinds her pussy onto the large dildo feeling the thick plastic inside her tight cunt fucking her clit hard.

    "ARRRR FUCK ME FUCK ME I'M CUMMING OGH FUCK I'M FUCKING CUMMING," Sarah's screams as loud as her lungs will allow before she drops forward and cums all over the dildo.

    The black plastic is coated in a thick layer of cream of Sarah's hot pussy as the blonde rests in Kimberley's arms. The brunette holds her sweaty cum soaked friend before slowly lifting her up off the two-headed dildo and curling her up on the bench.

    Groggy and still leaking pussy juices out onto her legs Sarah looks up to see Kim standing over her and she whispers, "I can't wait to do that to you Kim,"

    Kimberley blushes and strokes Sarah's sweat soaked hair out of her face before looking over at Nadine. The singer groans in frustration as the dildo has stopped moving and Sarah is no longer fucking her. Like lighting Cheryl gets up and grabs hold of the cum soaked dildo and starts thrusting it in and out of Nadine's pussy. The blonde cries out as Cheryl pumps the dildo inside her and her G spot is fucked harder than she ever thought possible. Cheryl is like a mad woman fucking her band mate with the massive double-ended dildo stretching her pussy lips out. This rough, hard fucking is the total opposite to Sarah but Nadine finds she really wants Cheryl to fucking break her pussy And she wants more than anything else to cum for Cheryl. The sound of dildo smacking skin is broken when Nicola gives a loud howl in the corner of the room. The sexy red head is rubbing her clit at real pace as her other hand rubs her breast. Her eyes are tight shut and her hair is flying from side to side to side as Nicola's whole body moves around. Filled with sexual ecstasy Nicola lets out a few little Scouse grunts before letting out one large moan making her cum all over her own fingers. The other 4 watch on as the youngest member of the band masturbates herself off to a hug orgasm and watch on in amazement as her own juices flood out from between her legs. Slumping over next to the wall Nicola lets out a cheeky grin at the other 4 before closing her eyes so she can calm down and controls her breathing. After that few seconds of rest bite Cheryl restarts her hard fucking of Nadine's pussy.

    "Cum for me you little Irish slut," Cheryl orders Nadine, her Geordie tones nearly perfect for talking dirty.

    Nadine groans as Cheryl Cole and her large cum covered strap pound her pussy hard and fast. Kimberley and Sarah get up and walk over and stand to one side of a moaning and groaning Nadine. Nicola wipes her own cum off her fingers before she gets up and stands peering over a writhing Nadine. Looking up Nadine sees all 4 of her band mates naked, sweating and all with their own cum trailing down their legs. Nadine thinks she must be in heaven as Cheryl goes all out pounding her pussy with the big thick dildo. Nicola feeds Nadine her cum covered fingers allowing Nadine to take a good taste of her juices. More moans and groans from Nadine as she gets her first but hopefully not her last taste of Nicola's cum. Sarah and Kimberley lean over Nadine's sweating body and grab her firm boobs. This only adds to the moans and sexual cries of Nadine as Kimberley and Sarah feel up her breasts. Hands work over ever inch of tit flesh and flick and play with her large pink nipples making her cry out until Nicola leans down and plants her sexy lips against Nadine's. Cheryl uses both hands to spear the dildo into Nadine's pussy and works it faster than Nadine ever thought possible.

    ‘OH GOD GUYS FUCK YOUR AMAZING YOU ARE ALL SO FUCKING AMAZING I LOVE YOU ALL FUCK," Nadine cries out tears leaking from her eyes as the young singer has the biggest orgasm of her entire life.

    Her whole body shakes but all 4-band members hold her like a newborn baby as cum squirts out of her pussy soaking the dildo and the bench she is lying on. Cheryl, Nicola, Sarah and Kimberley hold their shaking band member as she groans and moans her way though a massive earth shattering orgasm. After a few minutes Nadine clams down and wiping the tears of joy from her eyes she joins the rest of Girls Aloud in a big group hug. Hand in hand all 5 girls walk into the showers all amazed at how much they enjoyed their first lesbian orgy. As the showers switch on and the warm water cleanses their hot, sweaty bodies they all look at each other in a new light.

    "Well I tell you what girls," Sarah quips rubbing soap down Cheryl's back, " This is going to make touring even better from now on."

    They all laugh and cuddle under the shower nozzle all together and all in love with each other.


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