Triple Presents
With Jennie Kim, Rose Park and Lisa Monoban (girls of BLACKPINK)
By Alpha17
Codes: MF, MFF, oral, mast
Disclaimer: This story is 100% FICTIONAL and did NOT happen. This is for entertainment use only.
A/N: This is my first story so please be kind

It's my third year of college and I've gotten Jennie and I had been dating for weeks even though for us dating meant I was constantly railing into her tight pussy all day and night. It's been about six months since we started dating and I currently had Jennie straddling my lap while she fucked herself on my 9 inch cock.

"God I love riding this fat cock!" she moaned as I thrusted up into her.

"Fuck my tight pussy with this cock until I cum!"

I didn't need to be told twice and flipped us over so that she was on her back while I increased the speed of my thrusts. Just as I was about to cum she pushes my off and drops down to her knees. She always does this before I cum just to tease me. She licks up and down my length without breaking eye contact until she ducks down to take one of my balls into her mouth. I can't take it anymore and grab her and push her back onto the bed and impale her pussy again. I take my hands off her hips and reach up to pinch her pink nipples while my other hand plays touches her shaved mound and plays with her clit.

"Oh FUCK! Don't stop! Don't you dare stop fucking me!" she screams.

"I'm cumming!"

While she's still enjoying her orgasm my thrusts get faster and faster until I'm about to climax.

"I'm gunna cum!" I shout.

"It's okay I'm on the pill. Cum inside."

I shoot rope after rope of hot cum inside her pussy while continuing to thrust into her, trying to make this orgasm last as long as possible. I keep fucking her as much as I can before she pushes me off again and in one move takes my length down her narrow throat. She's grabs what's left of my shaft that's not in her mouth and strokes it and uses her free hand to insert two fingers into herself. I grab the back of her head and push her down onto my dick and start to fuck her pretty little face until I'm ready to cum again and shoot all over her perky tits and flat stomach, coating it with several ropes of jizz.

"AHHHHHHHH" she shouts as she brings herself to orgasm and finally lays back on the bed exhausted. With one last dirty look she scoops up the cum from her torso and bring it to her mouth and swallows my cum with a loud gulp.

As we both lay there panting from screaming she looks over and smiles before giving my semi a light squeeze.

"That was just the first part of your birthday gift babe." She says while licking her own juices off her fingers.

"There's more? I don't know what could be even better than that" I laughed.

"Don't worry the rest is a surprise but I know you'll love it."

"Get dressed" she says while bending over to grab her black dress from the floor, giving me a perfect view of her perfectly pink slit and pussy lips.

"Shouldn't I shower first before we go out?" I ask.

"Nah, don't bother since before this night is over you're going to be even dirtier" she winks as she puts on her shoes. I grab my club clothes and which consists of a pair of dark jeans and a black button down and walk with Jennie to the common room as she calls for a taxi. As the taxi pulls up one of Jennie's friends Rose walks up wearing a short green dress and a pink sash for a belt. I couldn't help but notice just how sexy she looked with her black over the knee socks and shy attitude.

When the taxi pulled up it turned out that Jennie had called for a small limo instead because she was plotting this entire time. As soon as we got into the limo I couldn't help but notice that Rose was sitting very close to me and was very flirty. I was now sitting between two sexy Asian girls. Jennie has her sexy New Zealand accent and Rose with her Australian accent. Just sitting between the two of them was already making hard.

As the limo ride continued Rose and I continued to talk get to know each other. We were practically in our own little world hanging out even though Jennie was sitting right there staring out the window. Suddenly Jennie wanted to stick her head out the sunroof and when she did Rose started quietly laughing and pointing up Jennie's skirt. A few minutes passed and we pulled into a gas station to fill up with our driver apologizing for not filling up first.

Jennie decided that she wanted to sit up front with the driver so when we pulled out it was just me and Rose sitting in the back. Before I knew it we were making out like love struck high schoolers. The entire thing was turning me on knowing that Jennie was sitting just five feet away with the only thing blocking her vision was a window that could roll down at any minute. This didn't go unnoticed by Rose who gave the bulge in my pants a quick squeeze.

"Damn. Jennie said you had a big dick but she never mentioned it got that hard."

With that Rose started to undo my pants and fish out my cock.

"I wanna see if I can fit this whole thing in my mouth"

Next thing I knew Rose took me into her hot mouth and began to bop her head up and down. With her right hand she was fondling me balls while she used her tongue to swirl around the tip. I couldn't believe it. She gives even better head than Jennie and apparently doesn't have a gag reflex.

"Rose that feels amazing" I say between breaths while trying not to alert our driver or my girlfriend.

"I think the only thing better than my mouth is my pussy" she said as she pulled her black g string down her smooth legs.

"I know it's your birthday and Jennie is my best friend but I haven't had sex such a long time that I can't wait any longer" she said as she took me down her throat one last time.

I couldn't find it in myself to turn her down so I did the only thing I could think of to do. I spread her legs and dove head first into her pussy.

"Oh my God!" she moaned while I darted my tongue into her slit.

I shoved two fingers into her pussy just to make sure she was ready. I could already tell just from using my tongue and my fingers that she was going to be the tightest pussy I've ever experienced.

I rolled us one more time so that she could slowly fill herself up and get the pace. She slowly lowered herself down onto me but didn't move so she could adjust to the size.

"Holy Shit! I've fucked virgins that are looser than you are."

"God damn I've never been so filled up in my life."

"You need to hurry up and cum in my pussy cause I think we're almost there" she said as she began to rapidly ride my length.

A moment later she got her wish as I was firing shot after shot into her womb. A minute later we felt the limo start to slow down which meant that we were arriving at the Inn that we rented for the party. Rose slipped her g string back on as I pulled my pants back up just in time as Jennie lowered the window. She gave me this smirk before asking how things were going back here. After a few hours of partying and drinking I notice out of the corner of my Jennie's roommate Lisa looking hot as usual. She was wearing a short blue dress with stars all over and the same black over the knee socks that Rose was wearing.

I've always wanted to fuck Lisa ever since the first day I met her. The closest to that I've ever been was that one night where Jennie had to study and I ran into Lisa on my way back to my dorm and we got to talking.
Talking lead to making out which lead to her going down on me before I got a phone call that Jennie urgently needed to borrow my laptop. Jennie and Rose were off playing beer pong when I decided to catch up with Lisa.

I snuck up behind Lisa and pulled her into a kiss which she initially fought until she realized it was me.

"Fuck! I thought you were just some random guy" she laughed.

"Nope just a guy who you know VERY well," I teased.

"I don't know you very well but I know your dick pretty well," she whispered into my ear while giving my cock a quick squeeze through my pants.

"Jennie's a lucky girl to get fucked by that on a regular basis. I wish I could find a cock that big to fuck me."

"Trust me he's worth the fuck!" a voice said from behind.

I turned to see Rose standing behind me winking and nodding towards my crouch. Rose walked up to Lisa and whispered something into her ear. Whatever she said to her was clearing turning her on because she began to bite her lip and stare at my dick. Lisa suddenly grabbed me by the hand and started to pull me to the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors closed Lisa smashed her lips into mine. Lisa was all tongue at this point while my hands trailed all over her body and under her dress to grab her tight little ass.

The doors opened up to the fifth floor and Lisa pulled me towards the door while trying to stay liplocked. Lisa was in full control at this point and I wasn't going to tell her otherwise. I was about to fuck my third Asian pussy of the night so as far as I was concerned it's been a productive birthday. Lisa pushed me onto the bed and immediately started undoing my pants to pull out my hardening dick. She took me into her hot mouth in one swoop and started bobbing her head up and down. She pushed my dick so far down her throat she started to gag but that only made her blowjob even wetter.

"You fucked Rose not too long ago didn't you? I can taste her sweet juices on your cock" she said in between licks.

I smirked and pushed my cock back into her skilled mouth. I was as hard as a diamond at this point; something that didn't go unnoticed by Lisa who turned her head to the side and stretched out her cheek using my dick. I pulled Lisa to her feet and turned her around so that I could rip her black boy shorts down her long legs and quickly impaled her cookie. She wasn't as tight as Rose but was so wet I slid in without any resistance.

"Oh FUCK! FINALLY!" she moaned while I railed into her from behind.

I pushed her harder onto the bed so that her face was against the sheet and thrusted as deep into her as I could reach. Just as I was about to cum inside her pussy I was suddenly pulled out of her by Rose and Jennie.

"You were supposed to wait for us to tag team him" said Rose.

"Wait what? I'm so confused right now."

"This is your birthday gift babe. I know you've always wanted to fuck these two so I decided for tonight you can fuck them all you want as long as I get to watch."

As Jennie was explaining all of this Rose and Lisa were stripping each other and getting each other off.

"It looks like they've started without you. You should get in there before they forget you're even here."

I walked up to the bed to find Rose and Lisa passionately making out while they each had two fingers buried inside the others pussy knuckle deep. Lisa noticed me first and waved for me to come closer.

"You're going to continue fucking me the way you were while I eat this slut's pussy," Lisa said as if I was nothing more than a sex toy to her.

Lisa started to finger and lick Rose's clit when I grabbed onto her hips and slammed my cock into her.

"Oh fuck yes!" she moaned into Rose's pussy.

"Oh my god. Oh my god! Yes Lisa right there!" Rose moaned while using one hand to play with her own tits and using the other pushing Lisa's head further into her.

I picked up my pace when I noticed Jennie was sitting on the couch nearby naked with her legs spread open and rubbing her clit. I told Lisa to move upwards towards Rose's face so that I could alternate fucking their cunts while they made out.

"Oh fuck I'm gunna cum!" Lisa shouted.

I turned the two girls over so that Lisa was laying on her back, with Rose laying on top of her, and began to fuck her even faster. A moment later Lisa squirted her juices which Rose dove down to drink up. Jennie too
wanted a taste and hurried over from the couch to taste the liquid. I fucked her through her orgasm until I felt my own climax coming.

"I'm going to cum!" I shouted.

The three girls dropped to their knees with their mouths open as I shot sticky ropes of cum all over their faces and into their mouths. They each proceeded to lick the remaining cum from each other's face when the three of them in unison smiled and shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!