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Thread: "Lucky Bastard 13" with Hailee Steinfeld & Victoria Justice

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    fanfiction "Lucky Bastard 13" with Hailee Steinfeld & Victoria Justice

    Lucky Bastard 13: Payback Never Felt so Good
    Starring Hailee Steinfeld & Victoria Justice
    Codes: MFF, MF, FF, Oral, Cheat
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy

    It was late in the morning on Sunday in LA, and I was relaxing on my sofa watching the early NFL playoff game. The first quarter was coming to an end when I heard the doorbell ring. I had not been expecting anyone so I had no clue what was waiting for me when I opened the door. I especially was not expecting to find Victoria Justice there in a white tank top and a mid thigh length black skirt.

    "Victoria? What are you…"

    "Drop the shorts, we're gonna fuck." She said bluntly as she pushed her way passed me and into my place.

    "What? Wait, how did you even know where I live?" I asked as I closed the door and followed her.

    "Ryan told me." I'd forgotten that despite choosing another actress over her on our first film, Victoria and Ryan had actually become fast friends.

    "Okay, that answers one question. Now, not that I mind, but why did you come over her demanding sex?" I asked as I finally caught up with her in my kitchen.

    "Why? This is why!" She pulled out her phone and after tapping the screen a few times and handed it over to me. On the screen was some women I didn't recognize with a averaged sized hard cock in her mouth. It also a message with the picture saying 'Told you that stripper was into me. You better pay up this time'.

    "Ummm… okay, I am going to need a bit more context."

    "That's a text from Reeve. That's his dick. And that's not my mouth it is in. Asshole meant to text his friend Victor last night and he texted me instead."

    "Ohhhhhh. So, does he know he sent it to you?"

    "Don't know, don't care. I saw the picture when I woke up this morning and then I came here."

    "What the hell is going on out here?" Hailee Steinfeld walked into the kitchen from the living room wearing her oversized, personalized Seahawks jersey. We'd been hanging out all weekend. We'd gone out the last two nights and she was cool with just chilling in front of the TV, watching the games with me today.

    "Oh," Victoria was truly surprised to see Hailee. "I didn't think you'd have anyone with you. Is there anyone else here?"

    "Nope, just me" Hailee said with a smile "So what's going on?"

    "Victoria's boyfriend cheated on her," I told her while showing her the picture on the phone.

    "So, what? She came over here to screw you and get revenge on her boyfriend again?"

    "More or less."

    'Wait, how do you know… did you told her about Toronto?" Victoria asked me.

    "Yeah," I said matter of factly.

    "We like to compare stories" said Hailee as she continued to look at the picture on the phone.

    Victoria looked back and forth between me and Hailee. "Sooo, are you two, like, a couple or something?"

    "No, not really" I said, a little unsure of my answer.

    "Yeah, no, we're just ummm…" Hailee looked at me to help her out with an answer.

    "We're somewhere on the relationship spectrum between friends with benefits and a open relationship."

    "Yeah, yeah that's about right" Hailee agreed.

    "Okay" Victoria said sarcastically. An awkward silence filled the kitchen, no one really knowing what to do next.

    "So do you tell your boyfriend that you go hooking up with someone else when you get mad at him for cheating?" Hailee asked while looking at the photo and zooming in on Reeve's cock.
    "No" Victoria responded.

    "So it's not really payback then. You're just cheating as well."

    "I...I guess. What's your point?"

    "Well he sent you a pic of some stripper sucking his cock, wouldn't it be getting even if you sent him a pic of you sucking some other guys cock?"

    "She's got a point" I told Victoria.

    "I mean you were going to do it anyways. Plus this skank isn't half as pretty as you, and Ed's quite a bit bigger than your bo'. When he sees you've upgraded it's going to make him lose his mind" Hailee explained.

    "I guess that's true," Victoria said as she deliberated the younger brunette's idea. "But I'm not taking nude or sexy photos on my phone. I've already been hacked once and had my boobs posted online, I don't need photos of me with a giant dick in my mouth going viral as well."

    "Oh yeah, I forgot about that," said Hailee "By the way, your boobs are fantastic, I wish mine looked just like yours."

    "Thanks." That comment put a smile on Victoria's face for the first time that morning.

    "You know you could use my phone" I interjected. "No one knows who I am so it's not going to be hacked, and I can get rid of the pictures later." And by later I meant after I downloaded them and saved them on the flash drive I had with other private nude photos I've received or taken of women I'd been with throughout the years.

    "Awesome, I'll go get it." Hailee didn't even wait for Tori's response before she ran off to go get my phone.

    "So, she is something else" Victoria commented.

    "Yup. Hey, remember how after we first met you kind of hated me a little?"

    "Yup. I'm actual still more of a fan of the head on your dick to the one on your shoulders," Victoria once again showing off some sarcastic wit. "By the way, is there somewhere else we can go? I rather not kneel on hard title."

    "Yeah sure" I told her and lead her into my living room, stopping Hailee and turning her around while on the way. Once in the living room I put the football game on pause, then took a cushion from a chair and tossed it onto the rug. Victoria got down on her knees and I stepped up in front of her with Hailee right next to me. I went to lower my shorts but Victoria stopped me.

    "Don't. I got this," she said as she undid the tie on my basketball shorts then pulled them down. My underwear soon followed, exposing my swinging half hard cock. I could see Victoria's eyes light up and widen as she exposed me. "I swear, it never ceases to amaze me," she said before lightly kissing the head and then slowly working her tongue up and down the sides.
    "God, that's so hot," Hailee whispered in my ear as she watched Justice take my cock into her mouth. Hailee gave a few light kisses on my cheek and along my jawline before using her hand to turn my head towards her so she could kiss my lips. It wouldn't have taken me long to get fully hard if I just had Victoria sucking on me, but with Hailee kissing me at the same time it is amazing I didn't light headed from all the blood rushing to my cock.

    "Okay, this thing is ready. Let's do this." Victoria said while toying with my cock and balls in her hands.

    "Hmmm? What? Oh, oh yeah" Hailee was enjoying herself making out with me she almost forgot while she was there. Haiz fumbled with the phone she before handing it to me to unlock. As soon as I had it done she took it back and opened the camera app. "Alright, all set."

    "So, do I just suck it? Or is there a pose I should do?" Victoria asked.

    "Ahh, I don't know. Just do different poses and I'll take a bunch of photos and we'll figure out what to send later. Why don't you play with the tip first and we'll take it from there," Hailee instructed her new friend.

    "Also, always keep your eyes focused on the lense," I told her.

    "Okay," was all Victoria said before starting. She started off my flicking her tongue back and forth under the tip, then stopped to pose with the tip resting on top of her tongue. Between her experience doing a ton of photoshoots, and just knowing her way around a mans penis, Victoria was a natural at this. Hailee snapped photos of Victoria licking my head, kissing the tip, her lips wrapped around the head with and without her cheeks sucked in. She then had one with me as far down her throat as she could fit it. She did one with her head right next to the shaft to show off the length, and another with it going right up the center of her face and her eyes cross-eyed as she looked at it. Hailee occasionally blurted out ideas for new shots.

    "Awesome. Now just suck it and I'll get some action shots" Hailee told Victoria. Tori immediately stopped posing for the camera and just attacked my cock with her mouth. Hailee snapped photos with my phone as Victoria worshiped my dick with her mouth. Getting my dick wet with spit by jamming as much of it as she could down her throat, then pulling back to use her mouth & tongue to toy with the head as her hand stroked the shaft. My cock was almost fully stretching out the Victorious star's mouth as it slide up and down my shaft. I could tell the show she was putting on was really getting Hailee hot as started leaning and grinding up along my side.

    "She really know what she's doing, doesn't she" Hailee asked while be transfixed by what she was watching.

    "MmmHmmm" was the only response I could muster as Victoria had one of my balls in her mouth. She used her hand up and down my shaft as her mouth went back and forth sucking on each of my nuts. She then stuck out her tongue and slowly licked up the underside of my cock before coming to the tip and putting it back into her mouth.

    "Hey, you know what would really drive your boyfriend nuts?" Hailee asked.

    "Gawahh… what's that?" said Victoria after pulling my cock from her mouth.

    "If he saw a picture of me and you sharing that big, fat dick." Hailee then handed me my phone. "Keep taking pictures" she told me as she dropped down to her knees alongside Victoria. Now both girls were down on their knees with my dick sticking out between them, the two girls started posing for pictures once again. I was someone thankful of this because this helped delay the inevitable, but not by much. The two looked sexy as hell with both of them looking up at me as they kissed my cock head. The two posed with each taking a side of my shaft, and then one with my cock in Victoria's mouth while Hailee licked my balls.

    Soon though the posed pictures just devolved into just a straight up dual blowjob by the two starlets. The two ladies swapped my cock back and forth between them, with the off one either working the base of the shaft or my balls. At one point I could hear and feel Victoria really start to moan while she blew me. While I could not see for sure what was happening, I could tell from the direction of her arm that Hailee was reaching up under Victoria's skirt and was probably fingering her while she blew me. The two then switched things up with each taking a side of my shaft between their lips and together they simultaneously ran their mouths up and down my dick. I tried to snap a few more pictures but I was was having a hard time concentrating, especially when the two worked up my cock and came together around the head before moving back down. Both of the girls were world class cock-suckers, and together they were almost too much to bear. What finally put me over the edge was when the two girls lips sid the head of my cock, Hailee reached out and kissed Victoria. The two women began to make out with my cock head stuck between then. I could feel their tongues dancing across my tip as they slipped into each others mouths.

    "Oh shit girls, I can't hold back any longer" I told them. They straightened up and went cheek to cheek in front of my dick. I snapped off one before pic as Hailee stroked me off. I leaned back and let out a loud moan/grunt as I shot my load across the two actress/singers faces. Hailee moved my cock side it side to make sure I covered them both of their pretty faces. When it was over I looked back down at the two gorgeous woman with shots of my jizz spread across their faces.

    "Hurry up and take the picture" Hailee said snapping me out of my trance. I aimed the phone at the two cum covered beauties and clicked off several photos.
    "Alright, I think we're good" I said lowering the phone.

    "Good" Victoria said as she wiped some cum off of her eyebrow, and then sucking her finger clean.

    "Here, let me help" Hailee said to Victoria. Hailee then gave a nice long lick to the side of Victoria's face.
    "Oh my god. Really?" Victoria laughed in reaction to Hailee's lick.
    "Come on" Hailee said while standing back up, "Let's go wash up and then we'll figure what to text your boyfriend."

    "Good idea," Victoria agreed. Hailee took the phone from me and the two girls began headed towards the bathroom.

    "So you ever do anything like that before?" I heard Hailee ask as they left the room.

    "Of course. I worked with Liz and Ariana for four years. No way you can work with one of them, never mind both, for that long and not get roped into some kind of threesome or group action."

    With the two girls out of the room I redressed, grabbed a water, and sat back on couch. I unpaused the game and watched it for a while. Ten minutes or so later the girls walked laughingly back into the room with their freshly washed faces.

    "What are you two laughing about?"

    "Ummm…" Victoria said when her laughing finally died down "We forgot that, if we sent the pics from your phone, Reeve wouldn't know that they were from me. So, now he just thinks some random guy sent him pics of his girlfriend giving a blowjob. He says he wants to fight you."

    Hailee handed me back over my phone. "We were going to write something back, but your phone locked up" she said. I unlocked the phone and checked my text. I saw the pictures that they sent, which was only of Victoria. Below it was a message from Reeve about how he was going to beat me up and how fucked I was when he found out who I was. I thought for a moment and started to type something.

    "What are you typing?" Victoria asked as she moved over and sat next to me on the couch.

    "I wrote 'Your girlfriend asked me to send you those as payback for the pic you sent her. And the only one of us who is going to be fucked it Victoria in about 5 minutes when I bend her over the couch.'"

    "Oh my God, yes. That is going to drive him nuts!" Victoria said and gave me a big hug. "Thanks you guys for helping me get payback, and this was so much fun." Victoria looked at me and then looked over at Hailee would took a seat on my recliner. "I should probably get going and leave you two to get back to whatever." Victoria got up off the couch and started walking back to the kitchen and presumably the front door.

    "Wait, you're leaving?" Hailee asked as she lounged on a chair.

    "I mean, I guess. I don't want to keep bothering you guys."

    "I thought you came here because wanted Ed here to give you a good hard fucking" Hailee stood up from the chair.

    "I did. But I thought he was going to be alone, and I don't want to intervene with whatever you guys have."

    "I don't mind if you have sex with him," Hailee then pulled off her Seahawks jersey revealing that she had nothing on underneath, "As long as I get to have a little fun too."

    "Really?" Victoria asked and bit her lip as her eyes looked up and down Hailee's naked body.

    "I did also just promise your boyfriend that I would bend you over the sofa and fuck you," I said from the couch.

    "Well, I would hate to make a liar out of you." Walking back into the room Tori pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra, letting both fall to the floor.

    "Wow, I really would kill for your boobs. They look even better in person." Hailee said, reaching out and giving Victoria's breasts a feel and a squeeze.

    "Really? Well, I would love to have your ass and legs," Victoria said in response and reached around Hailee and gave her ass a squeeze. As the two girls felt each other up, I was busy stripping out of my clothes. I was watching them the whole time. They disappeared from my view as I pulled my shirt over my head, and when they reappeared the two were giving each other some light kisses. Once I had stripped down I made my way over two the girls, moving up behind Victoria. I took hold of the zipper on her skirt and unzipped it. Her skirt floated to the floor, leaving her in nothing but her wedges.

    "Have you not been wearing any underwear this whole time?"

    Victoria broke off her kiss with Hailee, and looked over her shoulder at me. "I told you, I came for one reason, to have sex. They would have just gotten in the way."

    "Touche. I do believe I told your boyfriend I was going to bend you over the arm of the couch." The three of us groped and squeezed each other as we headed back over to the couch. Getting into place on the along the side of it, Victoria kicked off her wedges and kept her legs straight as she bent down. With Victoria bent over the arm of the sofa I moved in right behind her.

    "Wait!" Yelled Hailee. She ducked down and squatted between us. She took my cock between her mouth and bobbed up and down a few time before withdrawing it from her mouth. She then spat in her hand and began giving me a handjob. She then turned her head and began licking Victoria's pussy.

    "Ummm yes, Hailee. Lick my pussy" Victoria called out as she was eaten out. Hailee took turns between blowing me and eating out Victoria. "YES YES YES! I'M CLOSE… wait wait what are you doing? DON"T STOP." Victoria voiced her frustrations as Hailee pulled away, but her frustrations were soon forgotten. As was she voicing her frustrations, Hailee had me step up closer and now was aiming me right at the former Nickelodeon star's love tunnel. Victoria then yelled out scream as I pushed forward and stretched out her pussy. Hailee sat back and watched on as I started fucking her new friend.

    "Oh god yes! Oh god yes!" Victoria chanted as she was right back to being on the brink of cumming. The room filled with sounds of skin slapping as repeatedly slammed into her. I could feel one of Tori's hands rubbing her clit as repeatedly buried my cock inside her sweet pussy.

    "Come on Victoria, cum for me. Cum all over my dick"

    "Yes, I'm going to, I'm going to… I'M CUMMING!" she squealed as I kept hammering away at her pussy while she was cumming.

    "Me too!" yelled Hailee. I'd almost forgotten about her, but she was sitting on the floor, leaning back and masterbating feverously as she watched me and Victoria fuck.

    After fucking Victoria passed her orgasm and a few aftershocks, I decided to switch things up. While not the biggest, Victoria did have one of the prettiest set of boobs I'd ever seen and I loved playing with them and watching them as we had sex. Unfortunately that was almost impossible from our current position. Rather than tell her to spin around, or tell her to get in a different position I just acted. Pulling out of her, which was met with a disappointed groan by her, I grabbed her by the legs and lifted her up. Tori flipped up over the arm of the couch and landed comfortably on her back.

    "Here," I said as I dropped my cock onto her face "I want to taste yourself before I go back to destroying that pussy of yours again." She looked at me upside down and happily took me into her mouth. She made sure to suck and lick all of cum juices off my cock before I went around to the other end of the couch and reentered. With her legs now wrapped above my shoulders, I was once again able to enjoy the sight of her boobs jiggling with each time I slammed into her. Hailee got up off the floor to moved over to us and got on her knees next to the couch. I put my arm behind Victoria's back and lifted up, making her arch her back and have my mouth access to her breasts.

    "Good I love these titties" I said as I bit down on her nipple. Hailee moved in began licking her other breast.

    "Fuck, I love it when you play with my breast," Victoria moaned.

    "How's that cock feel?" Hailee asked Victoria.

    "SO GOOD." Victoria replied

    "Yeah, is he stretching that pussy of yours?"


    "Is he bigger than your boyfriend?"

    "Are you kidding, he's so much bigger."

    "Is he a better fuck that your boyfriend?"

    "FUCK YES! Oh god. I wouldn't even care if Reeve cheated if he could fuck me like this."

    I didn't know where Hailee was going with this line of questioning, but it was giving me a hell of an ego boost. In between each question she asked, Hailee would bend down as take Victoria's dark burnt red colored nipple into her mouth. While everything was going great, I wanted to get Hailee more involved. I dropped Victoria back down on the couch.
    "Hailee get up on the couch, now." Haiz quickly scurried to her feet and climbed up onto the couch. I moved Victoria's legs off my shoulders but she immediately wrapped the around my waist. Hailee then took a position on all fours right above Victoria. Thankfully I had some wide cushions on my couch so that we could all fit. With the two girls looking at each other face to face, Hailee lowered herself and they began making out. I continued to fuck Victoria and with her wiggling her backside in my face, I leaned in and ate Hailee's pussy. After afew minutes of jamming my tongue up her twat, I had Hailee lower her hips so that then I could pull out of Victoria and stick my dick into Haiz's pussy. Making sure Tori didn't feel left out I fingered her and flicked her clit while I fucked Hailee.

    "Oh god that feels amazing" Hailee groaned as I buried my entire length into her.

    "Does it ever not?" Victoria joked

    "Nah-uh. Every time he sticks it in my ass or pussy it's always great."

    "You've had that thing in your ass?"

    "Fuck Yeah, I fucking love it." I gave Hailee's ass a hard spank as I fucked her. "You should try it. You'll love it" suggest Hailee.

    "Maybe next time" Victoria said before going back to making out with Hailee and playing with the younger girl's hanging breasts.

    The room filled with the sounds of grunts, moans and slapping wet skin. We had all built up a sweat as I alternated fucking and fingering the two smoking hot brunettes. At one point I thought about how much I wish I had a security camera in the room so that I could have a recording of this whole encounter. I had been able to get Hailee to cum once and Victoria was on her third of the day when I could feel the my own climax getting close.

    "Shit girls I'm getting close" I said as I slowed down my the rhythm I was fucking Hailee with. Hailee then pulled away and spun around. Without even asking she dropped her pussy right on top of Victoria's face.

    "Cum inside her. Cum in her pussy, so I can eat it out of her," Hailee demanded me to act. Victoria said something in response, but the sound was totally muffled by Hailee's wet pussy, and I honestly didn't care what she had to saw. I jammed the full length of my cock into Vic and jackhammer my cock as hard and as fast as I could. Soon the build up inside of my balls was becoming too much.

    "You really want me to cum in her." I asked Hailee who was enjoying the work Victoria's tongue was doing to her.

    "Fuck yes! Do it! I want you to do it! And holy shit is she good at this." Hailee said referring to the way Victoria was eating her out. With only a couple more pumps, I let go and released the dam. I came inside of Victoria Justice's pussy, and I did not pull out until I had finished totally emptying my balls inside of her. When I was done, I slowly pulled out and found Hailee's eager mouth waiting for me. Just like Tori did earlier, Hailee happily licked and sucked my dick and balls clean of any of Victoria's pussy juice. When she was done I stepped away from between Victoria's legs and Hailee quickly moved to take my spot. Once there, like a truffle pig, she dove face first in between Victoria's legs in search of what she wanted. Victoria's legs wrapped around Hailee's head and kept her face buried in her pussy as she ate her out.

    "Yeah that's it. Clean that pussy. Eat all that cum out of me" Tori encouraged Hailee. Victoria soon had another powerful orgasm as Hailee ate my cum out of her, and Hailee also had a smaller one as she fingered herself. In the meantime, I just sat in a nearby chair and watched the two girls go at it.

    Once it was all over, we were all exhausted and it took awhile for anyone to move. Victoria was the first to do anything as she collected her clothes and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. Me and Hailee were both surprised to see her comeback in fully dressed and ready to head out. She said Reeve had been blowing up her phone with text and missed calls and that she should really go hash things out with him. I told her she is more than welcome to hang out here longer if she wanted, but she insisted she should get going. We said our goodbyes and Hailee told her if she ever wanted to do anything like this again she'd be more than happy to make it happen. Victoria just gave a bashful smile and then left.

    After Victoria was gone, Hailee and I dressed and sat back on the couch. I unpaused the football game once again and Hailee snuggled up next to me.
    "God, that is going to be one nasty fight between Tori and Reeve." I said watched the game.

    "You don't know the half of it."

    "What does that mean?" I asked.

    Hailee bent down and picked up my phone off the floor, it had been laying next to the couch. "While you too were going at it, I called Reeve. So he was either listening in or has a voicemail message of you two screwing."

    "Does Victoria know?"


    "Oh. Wait, shouldn't my phone have locked by then? Did you steal my phone's security pin?" Hailee gave me and expressionless face and shrugged, but her smile soon broke through. "You're going to pay for that, you know that right?"

    She gave me a quick peck of a kiss and then rested her head on my shoulder. "I look forward to that."

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    Oops, title says 11 when this is #13. Oh well.
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    grrr what a pair. All those Legs

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    What a good story :clapping:

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