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Thread: "Dark Places" with Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Dark Places" with Chloe Grace Moretz

    Dark Places
    With Chloe Grace Moretz
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, public, blowjob, dirty talk, ass-play
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: had this idea for a Chloe story the last few days, and since she posted some sexy pix today, figured I'd put two and two together and well, hope you like it.

    Being a production assistant on a movie set can be a pretty mundane job, but that all changed the day I was assigned to the dark comedy, "I Love You Daddy," where I was not only introduced to Chloe Grace Moretz, but quickly formed a close friendship with her.

    In fact we'd only known each other for a few days, but the chemistry between us was pretty intense, despite the fact that I was almost twice her age. In any event, Chloe seemed to enjoy spending a lot of time with me, and cleared liked pushing my buttons by actively flirted with every guy on the set right in front of me.

    "You're not the jealous type are you?" she asked one night while I drove her back to her hotel.

    I assured her I wasn't, particularly since I was a "happily" married man, but this revelation only seemed to intrigue her more and the flirting and sexual innuendos increased over the next few days.

    We were just a week into production when news of Louis C.K's inappropriate behavior emerged online, but to my surprise not only was Chloe unfazed by this, she almost seemed bemused.

    "You don't seem surprised by the news?" I commented while driving her home after another day on set.

    "I honestly don't know what people are getting all worked up about, its not like any of the stuff he did was non-consensual."

    Judging from the shit-eating grin on her face I could tell there had been an "incident" between them, and not only was she willing to talk about it, but she almost seemed to brag.

    "Let's just say its not the first time I've had guys beat off in front of me,"

    Naturally I was shocked, which only seemed to amuse her more.

    "It really isn't a big deal," she claimed. "It's just part of the business. I'm used to it. In fact I find it kind of flattering,"

    "If you say so,"

    "Honestly," she added. "You could whip out your dick right now and I wouldn't even blink."

    "I wouldn't do that to you,"

    "Why not," she suddenly snapped. "You don't find me attractive?"

    To my astonishment, we then spent the next twenty-minutes of the trip arguing about if I thought she was pretty, and if I'd be willing to prove it to her by taking out my cock!

    "This is insane," I laughed. "You're actually getting mad cause I won't show you my dick?"

    "What are you afraid of, you might like it?" Chloe teased. "—that you might get off on exposing yourself to someone?"

    Fed up with her antics, I finally conceded the point but told her that if she really wanted to see my dick that bad, she'd have to reach over and take it out herself.

    Unfortunately for me, she called my bluff.

    "You really think I won't do it?"

    That said, Chloe reached over and unzipped my pants and took out my prick, clutching my bare penis in her hand. I don't mind admitting that the entire incident made me hard, which clearly delighted her.

    "See, I knew I made you rock hard. Admit it." she giggled. "You think I'm hot!!"

    We spent the next few miles just driving down the highway with her hand on my cock, casually stroking and massaging me until we were forced to stop at a red light. To say it was awkward would be an understatement, particularly as I tried to keep a straight face as other vehicles pulled up alongside us - all the while as she continued to jack me off.

    "You know, if I didn't have boyfriend right now I'd be all over this thing," she alleged.

    I grinned evilly, knowing her boyfriend was the last thing stopping her from messing around - knowing her the way that I did.

    "Well apparently you're the experienced one here," I teased, referring to her earlier comments. "I'm sure you can think of other ways to mess around without actually cheating."

    Chloe smiled, before taking her hand and spitting on her fingers, then wrapped them back around my cock. At this point I was so riled up that I simply reached over to fondle her breasts - surprising her - before plunging my hand down between her legs to massage her cunt though her panties.

    After all, in my mind I figured she really didn't have any business being dressed in the way she was - sexily clad in a skimpy little black dress and matching knee-high leather boots, despite the fact I was merely taking her home. In fact it almost seemed like she had specifically worn the outfit just to fuck with my head.

    "Experienced my ass," I grinned. "You're fucking wet Chloe, I can feel it."

    The expression on her face was priceless, a combination of shame and excitement as I now spread her knees wide with my forearm and directed her to sit there with her legs wide apart. I can't even put into words just how soft and velvet smooth her long creamy thighs felt.

    "Don't even think about it," she said, alluding to my wandering fingers. "If you do that, I won't be responsible for what happens next."

    Despite her warnings, I dipped two fingers under the waistband of her underwear and made direct contact with her young cunt! For a moment there we almost forgot where we were, and both jumped with fright at the sound of a honking horn telling us to proceed through the green light.

    We barely made it to the other side of the intersection before I pulled the car over and attempted to kiss her on the lips, only to have her rebuff my advances. Her reaction stopped me dead in my tracks, but before I had time to ask why, Chloe unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over to dribble out a long drool of spit right above my cock.

    The gesture alone was enough to make me twitch with anticipation, before she suddenly and abruptly engulfed my prick with her hot mouth. I moaned out loud as she dragged her tongue lower towards my nuts, and took each ball into her mouth, gently suckling them both.

    "You're just lucky I love sucking cock," she purred as I wrapped my hands in her long blonde hair.

    My grip on my head became tighter as she varied her pace, taking my cock into my mouth slowly, then all at once, then slowly again. I just about thought I was going to lose my mind when she proceeded to make lewd gagging noises with her throat, almost encouraging me to fuck her sweet little mouth.

    Her reputation was well earned as she was a phenomenal cock sucker. In fact, as good as her lips looked, they FELT absolutely sublime and she knew how to use them. I rolled the window down - as the windows proceeded to fog up - and used both hands on the back of her head, guiding her pretty mouth over my rod before pivoting her face so she could look up at me with those eyes.

    "Is that what you like baby, a nice hard cock in your mouth?" I growled. "Look at me, while you have my cock in your mouth."

    "Mm-yea, I love it." she whimpered back. "I could do this all day."

    "Spit on it, Chloe." I insisted, and she took direction well, lathering my prick in her slimy wet saliva.

    I started to push her back down on my sword, urging her to gag on me again and again. A few more pushes later, and I was surprised to see her release her gag-reflex and take my entire length into her throat, while bumping her nose against my pelvis.

    "Unngh, you sexy little cunt!" I hissed. "You're really good at that aren't you. How'd you learn to be so good,"

    "Practice," she winked, while wiping the drool from her chin.

    She continued to bob her head up and down in my lap and grew more vocal as time went on.

    "I wish some of the other guys were here right now," she remarked, referring to the other unit boys on set.

    "Why, so they can watch you suck a mean dick?"

    "No, so they can fuck me while I gag on this thing,"

    I stopped and pulled her up to me, kissing her hotly on the mouth for the first time. She responded almost immediately, and hungrily spiraled her own tongue around mine.

    "Is that what you want sweetie, to get spit-roasted?"

    "The more, the better-" she teased before shoving her tongue into my mouth. "Would that make you jealous, huh?"

    God she was tease, and genuinely seemed to get off on torturing me.

    I plunged her head back down onto my cock [if only to shut her up] while I reached over to fondle her sweet little ass. I suddenly found myself at a crossroads as I desperately wanted to fuck her, but she obviously wanted to suck my dick and I wasn't going to deny her that.

    I played with her ass and decided to take things to the next level. Wetting my digits in her pussy, I proceeded to smear her wetness all around her backdoor and finally managed to inch my middle finger all the way inside, and she didn't protest. In fact she suddenly bucked and thrashed about wildly for a minute - as I probed her tiny shit-pipe - while her head never stopped bobbing for cock.

    "Good, good girl-" I praised. "Keep it up sweetie, keep sucking that fat cock."

    When she finally relaxed, I immediately returned my fingers to her ass and effortlessly plunged two fingers into her molten core, while letting my thumb penetrate her starfish. This allowed me to hold her like a bowling ball, and permitted me to diddle her clit as she moaned and slobber ALL over my sword.

    For girl as tiny as her, she sure could produce a ton-fuck of spit.

    Fortunately for me, my efforts didn't go unnoticed and only seemed to make her hotter and wetter, until she finally stopped long enough to sit up and peel her panties down her legs, then moved to straddle me in the driver's seat where she carefully lowered herself down onto my rod.

    She held my staff firmly in her hand and aimed it at her hairless sex, allowing it to effortlessly glide into her tight 19-year-old cookie. The actress rocked back and forth on top of me as I held on to her pale white hips, and stroked her porcelain skin. I couldn't remember the last time I felt a pussy as tight or sweet as hers. Not only was she particularly tight, but she seemed extremely shallow too.

    "uh-fuck, that feels so good." she panted above me, as I took this opportunity to expose and suck one of her pert breasts.

    Her nipple were the size of pencil erasers as I let my fingers dip down to her pussy and scooped up some of her juices, then teased her backdoor and played with her asshole while she rode me progressively. To her credit Chloe didn't miss a beat and just kept moaning and riding me, even as I wormed an entire finger KNUCKLE deep inside her rectum.

    "Grr, bet you'd love to take two cocks inside you right now," I groaned while filling both her holes at the same time.

    The mewling starlet went wild, slamming herself down on my cock with renewed effort as I felt my own release building in my balls. I sensed her pending orgasm too, as she buried her face in my shoulder to stifle her screams just as I capitulated.

    I held her head in place and looked deep into her eyes as we both came together - with me filling her womb with jet after jet of hot syrupy spunk, my legs jerking as I cream-pied her teen pussy like never before.

    Chloe sobbed and trembled before kissing me on the mouth, as I pulled my finger from her ass and fed my dirty digits into her waiting mouth, smearing her lips and chin in her own nasty essence.

    "Now do you believe me," she boasted, despite not proving anything.

    "All I know is, you better not wear those boots or that outfit around me again."

    "Or what,"

    "Or I won't be held responsible," I answered, using the same phrase she had used on me earlier.

    Chloe giggled.

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    Sweet Christmas.

    That was incredibly hot as fuck, TPG.
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    I don't need to see the other exhibits.

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    Uh Oh.... Did that just happen...? Gosh.. felt soo real! What a way to have Chloe back after a long time...

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    Would love to see a sequel of this where her gangbang fantasy comes true

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