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Thread: "Lucky Bastard 14" with Selena Gomez

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    fanfiction "Lucky Bastard 14" with Selena Gomez

    Lucky Bastard 14: Late Night
    Starring Selena Gomez

    Codes: MF, Oral
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy

    I found myself looking at my watch as the taxi I’m in weaves in and out of Manhattan traffic. I had just flown in, and already I’m running late. I was in New York because Ryan was asked to be a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Our 1st movie, while slow at first, had really found an audience on Netflix and it was getting a lot of publicity on social media. Plus the hype for our next movie, with Anna & Emma, was already really starting to build. I was going just as some moral support for Ryan as he was really nervous to be on TV for the first time. He had flown in a few days ago, but I didn’t fly out until today because I was buying a movie script to what will be my first solo producing project. It was already after 3pm and we had to be at the studio at around 4pm, so I was barley going to have time to drop off my bags before we needed to leave.

    I texted Ryan, he said that he had already checked into my room so when I was dropped off, I skipped registration and took the elevator straight up to his room. I knocked on his door and he had a nervous look on his face when he opened the door.

    “Cutting it a little close, don’t ya think?” Ryan said.

    “Yeah, I know. My flight got delayed. Just give me ten minutes to shower and change, and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

    “Fine, just be quick” Ryan said as he handed me my room key. I went down to my room and took a quick shower (just rubbing myself down with some soap), brushed my teeth, put on some fresh clothes, and then I was out the door. I met Ryan in the lobby, he was dressed in the suit for his interview, and we left for the studio.

    We walked up to the back entrance for Late Night a couple of minutes after 4pm. There was a large crowd waiting there and many of the fans were screaming about something. Once the studio security opened a path for us to get by we saw that the fans were going nuts for Selena Gomez. She was to be the musical act tonight, with Jane Levy being the first guest and Ryan the second. Selena was taking photos with fans and signing autographs. She was wearing white stilettos with designer jeans, a black shirt and a tight white jacket.

    As we approached Ryan introduced himself to Selena and told her what a fan of her music he was, and she told him that she had just watched our movie last night and that she really enjoyed it. I stuck out my hand and introduced myself, when she turned to me I had to really focus to keep eye contact with her. With the setting sun was behind me, when she turned to me her black shirt became somewhat see through and it did not take much effort to make out her braless breast through the shirt. From the quick look I got, her tits did look as nice as what I’d seen online.

    After I introduced myself we all walked into the studio where a intern and one of the producers greeted us. She introduced herself to Ryan and I, while she obviously already knew Selena from her previous visits. The producer has us all follow her down the hallway to the dressing rooms. Ryan walked next to the producer and chatted while I slowly walked in the back of the group, occasionally checking out Selena’s ass as we walked. Ryan’s room was first and we both stepped in, and I closed the door behind me.

    “So did you see?”

    “Are you kidding? How could I not have noticed her shirt” Ryan interrupted me. “Can’t say I blame her though. I might be gay, but those things are fantastic. If I were her I’d be walking around topless all the time.”

    “That’d be nice” I joked as I laid down on the couch. I thought the couch would be a cheap and uncomfortable, but it was actually fairly plush and soft. As Ryan paced around nervously and got his makeup done, I just relaxed on the couch and made small talk to try to keep his mind off things. At one point we asked an intern to bring us some food and drinks from the green room.

    “Alright” Ryan said as he gave himself one last look in the mirror. “I’m supposed to meet with Seth quickly to just go over what we’re going to talk about, and then I’m gonna head to the green room”

    “Sounds good. But, umm, would you mind if I just hung out in here? Between work the last couple of days, waking up early today, and jet lag, I am tired as hell.”

    “Are you sure? I thought you really wanted to meet Jane Levy? You’ve been going on all week about how she’d be perfect for your new project. Not to mention that you had a crush on her when she was on Suburgatory.”

    “Yeah, yeah, I know, I know., I just… this couch is so comfy. I can always try to set something up when with her when we’re back in LA.”

    Ryan rolled his eyes and walked towards the door. “Okay. Just do me a favor and try not to sleep through my segment.”

    “I’ll try.”

    Ryan headed out, and I just relaxed on the couch and channel surfed on the TV but ended up just watching the in house feed of the studio. It was about 10 minutes later when I heard a knock on the door.

    “Yeah come in” I announced expecting it to be a PA or and intern knocking. I was not expecting it to be Selena dressed in a white terrycloth robe, with what looked like a pair of tall black boots underneath. I sat up.

    “Oh, uh, hi Selena” I said obviously surprised. “Ryan is out in the green room if that’s who you’re looking for.”

    “Actually, I was looking for you. I was wondering if you might be able to help me with something in my dressing room.”

    “Yeah, I guess so” I said as a slowly stood up and followed the latina songstress down the hall to her room. I had been expecting to find it full of her people but instead it was empty. She closed the door behind us, leaving the two of us alone in her room.

    “So, what can I help you with?”

    “Well, I always get extremely nervous before I have to perform in front of a live audience. I used to do weed, or coke, or pills to try and help calm my nerves but also get my energy up..” Selena said all this while crossing the room. She now stood facing me while leaning up against the makeup desk in the room.

    I was not too sure where Selena was going with this. “Okay. I’m not sure how I can help. All I have on me is some excedrin for headaches.”

    “Oh no, that’s fine. I’m trying hard to cut back on that habit, but now I have a different one that helps me.” She the began undoing the tie to her robe. “Sex.” She then dropped the robe and she stood in front of me totally nude with the exception of her thigh high boots. “I need you to fuck me and make me cum before I go perform. And if you do a good job, maybe we can meet up again some time.”

    Gazing at the naked former Disney Channel star I my jet lag quickly vanished. “Okay. What about if I do a really good job?” I asked.

    “If that’s the case we will definitely meet up again, and when we do, you can use me any way you want in whatever hole you want.” Selena said seductively struted towards me. She added a little extra sway to her hips as she came towards me and I watched as her perky handful sized breasts shook with watch step.

    “Okay” I said as I watched her.

    “Good” she said as she stepped up right in front of me. “Now let’s see what we are working with.” Selena crouched down and reached for the fly of my jeans. Undoing the button and fly she grabbed the waistband of my boxers and jeans pulled them down passed my knees. “Whoa” she said with a big smile on her face as she saw the size of my manhood dangling between my legs. “And to think, if I hadn’t met you while we were walking in, I would’ve just fucked the intern.”

    “I can still go find him if you want. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind sharing” I teased.

    “Tempting. But we don’t have a whole lot of time, so for now I’ll just have to make due with you and your gorgeous cock.” Selena lifted my cock up and slid it into her mouth and got right to work. Once I was more than semi hard Selena took her hands off my cock and put them behind her back. From then on she only used her mouth, deepthroating me all the way down to the base. I could feel her tongue sliding around the bottom of my shaft as the throat muscles tightened around my head. I could feel her throat vibrate as she hummed while sucking on me.

    She methodically worked up and down my poll before I finally put my hand behind her head and began fucking her face. Saliva began to run down her chin as I thrusted in and out of her mouth. I really wanted to keep going but remembering what Selena said, if I fucked her well then there would be another chance to fuck her mouth until I came. Begrudgingly withdrawing from her mouth I helped Selena up to her feet.

    “Alright, let’s get that pussy of your nice and fucked.”

    “Umm, yes please” Selena said almost skipping to the makeup table in the room. She swiped stuff to the side and bent over the table. Selena shook her ass at me while looking at me in the mirror as I approached. Stepping up behind her I slapped my cock up against the Wizards of Waverly Place star’s clit, then rubbed the head along her wet lips. Once or twice rubbing so far up I poked her butthole with the head of my dick. “Jesus, please stop with the teasing. We don’t have to for this foreplay crap. Just stick it in me!”

    At her request I shoved myself right in. Burying my full length up to the hilt on first try. She was nowhere near as tight as some of the other actresses I’d recently been with. It seems some of the rumors of how she’d gotten around in Hollywood were probably true, that said, her pussy still felt great and was it practically dripping it was so wet.

    “Oh fuck, that things fells as good as it looked” Selena said as I slammed into her again. As I built up temp, I wasn’t watching her ass jiggle as I slammed into her with each thrust. No, I was looking at her look at me through the mirror. I saw the pure desire in her eyes as she watched me fuck her in the mirror, and I watched as her mouth contorted with each animalistic sound of pleasure that came out of her. The only thing that I could not see was her famous breast move as we fucked. I rectified that by hooking one arm up under her arm and forcing to arch her back until I she was leaning all the way back so I could watch her perky tits bounce and shake. I slid my free hand around began feeling up her chest.

    “Fuck me fuck me fuck me” Selena said as I banged her from behind. “Oh god, I’m going to have you come on tour with me. I want your dick inside before every show, after every show, and every second I’m on that bus fucky riding from city to city.”

    I was really starting to hammer Selena from behind when one of my legs started to cramp up. I tried to keep going, but I couldn’t, I need to change the positions.

    “Shit, Selena I’m sorry” I said as I pulled out

    “What? What’s wrong?” she asked desperate for us to continue.

    “My leg is cramping up. I think I’m still dehydrated from my fight” I explained.

    “Fuck. It’s alright. Sit on the couch, let me ride that monster.”

    “Sorry about this,” I said as I limped over to the couch.

    “Are you kidding?” She asked as I took a seat on the couch and Selena dropped down onto her knees between my legs. “I only wish the other producers I’d had to sleep with could fill my pussy the way your dick does.” Selena stuffed my cock into her mouth as soon as she finished speaking. Selena cleaned her pussy juices off me as she once again was masterfully deepthroating me. She looked right into my eyes as she took my entire length into her mouth. I simply moaned and felt my whole body relax as the Disney star worked my cock.

    Suddenly there was a knock at the door and it started to open. “Hey Selena would you mind signing an autograph for my OH MY GOD!” Jane Levy yelled out. With the couch right next to the door, she had barley opened it when she caught an eyeful of a naked Selena Gomez with her mouth wrapped around my cock. We were both frozen and staring at the redhead in the doorway. “I’m sorry, you have your mouth full, I MEAN hands full, I MEAN... YOU’RE busy” Jane tried to look up to the ceiling but every now and then her eyes would drop down to us on the couch for a second before looking back up. Meanwhile Selena was sitting back up, letting my cock slip from her throat and showing off more and more of my dick to Jane until it was finally out in the open. “I’ll just, come back later” she said before giving my dick one last glance and closing the door.

    Me and Selena looked back at each other. “Maybe we should hurry up.” I suggested.

    “Good idea.” Getting up off the floor she straddled my waist on the couch. “Get ready for a rid of a lifetime” she said before dropping her hips down on top of my crotch. Selena was like a woman possessed. She bounce on my cock harder and faster than any other women I knew. She also seemed to know, extremely well, how to move her pussy around so the my cock hit her in the exact spot she wanted at the exact time she wanted. It did not take her long before she was yelling the she was cumming. The singer did so, so loudly that i had no doubt whoever was in the hallway or in the room next door could hear her.

    While she used my cock as her personal large dilldo, I got to fullfill and dream of mine and play with her breast. Like so may others, I’d seen all the photos online of her in see-through tops, braless dresses with hard nipples, and her plentiful cleavage with the mole just on top of one her breast. So to now have those tits fully exposed and just inches from my face was amazing. I couldn’t help myself from diving in and motorboating those things as she bounced my my lap.

    I groped and squeezed her breast. Pulled and pinched on her nipples. I memorized every detail of the feel of her breasts in my hands and on my tongue. All the while she continued to make loud noises and spout how good it felt and how she loved my cock, while she rode me.

    I knew we were getting short on time, but I wanted to make her cum one last time. I slid my hands down from her breast and cupped her ass cheeks. I gave each a hard slap before using one hand to side her cheeks open and I stuck a middle finger into her asshole. Her reaction was immediate. She bit down on my shoulder to muffle her scream as her pussy clamped down on my cock. Selena came for a third time while riding my dick and then jumped off my cock.

    “I need you to finish so I can get ready. Cum on my tits” Selena said as she took hold of my cock and began jerking me off. “Come on, cover my tits!” Taking the head of my cock into her mouth she began sucking on it. Using her tongue to play with the tip as she jerked me off. When I warned her I was about to burst she took me out of her mouth and aimed me at her beautiful tits. She continued to tug at my dick until I finally painted her chest with my load. Spurt after spurt of jizz hitting against her until her boobs look like they had been glazed.

    She took me back into her mouth for one final long suck before getting up and walking over to pick up one of her bags off floor. She put it on the makeup table and took something out. I could not see what she was doing both because of the angle we were at and also because my eyes were locked onto her ass & swollen cunt as she was bent over. I could feel myself getting hard again. When she turned around again, she had a piece of paper in her hand.

    “Here” she said handing me the slip of paper. “It’s my personal number. Give me a call later tonight.”

    “So I passed your test?”

    “With flying colors. And as your reward, tonight I am going to properly worship that wonderful cock of yours all night long” She gave me a big smile as she eyed my cock once again.

    “Sounds good.”

    “Alright, not get out” like a flip of a light switch her whole demeanor changed. “I need get dressed and get ready to go on.” I got dressed and took one last look at Selena as she sat topless in front of the mirror redoing her makeup. I walked out of Selena’s dressing room and almost right into Jane Levy. She had just gotten off the stage after doing her interview with Seth.

    “Oh sorry.” I said.

    “No, it’s okay. Did you two just now finish up in there.” She asked while taking a peek down at the watch on her wrist.

    “Something like that. Look this is kind of awkward...”

    “I think awkward went out the door when I walked in on you getting a blow job from Selena.”

    “Fair, but umm, do you mind if I give something to look at.”

    Jane bit her lip and gave me a dirty look. “Sure. I think I can handle whatever you want to give me.” I n felt bad that I had to explain that it was a script that I wanted her to look at and how I thought she was perfect for the lead. We went in to Ryan’s dressing room and I saw him up on the in house TV monitor sitting down with Seth. I handed Jane the script and wrote my number on the cover. She said she’d give me a call after she finished it, and suggesting that we meet for lunch or drinks when we get back to LA to discuss it. I agreed and she went back to her room. I settled onto the couch and watched Seth’s interview Ryan.

    “So I heard that the film was actually financed by a friend of yours who won the lottery. Is that true?” Seth Meyers asked.

    “Yeah that’s true. And let me tell you, winning the lottery is just the tip of the iceberg. He is by far the luckiest person you’ll ever meet in your life. Without question.”

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    I've been looking forward, to this chapter, for awhile now, Miami. Despite my claims, that I'm over Selena, it's always nice, to see her get a new story.
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