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Thread: "Perfect Strangers" with Sarah Ellen

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    fanfiction "Perfect Strangers" with Sarah Ellen

    Perfect Strangers
    With Sarah Ellen
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, drunk, feet, oral, dirty talk, cream-pie
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Got a little inspired between some pix Sarah posted recently, and some Halsey music I've been getting into the last few days. Figured I'd combine my love of the two, and see what happens. Hope you like it.

    The moment I pulled up to the curb I almost didn't recognize her, as she was dressed to the nines and looked way more mature than she usually appeared. But as it was, I'd known Sarah Ellen for quite a while, particularly since she attended the same high school as my eldest daughter Alyssa.

    You see, I sometimes moonlighted as a Uber driver around our local neighborhood, and had given Sarah and the girls a ride into school on several previous occasions, so this wasn't anything new. However, this particular night she appeared to be alone and in a crabby mood after experiencing a bad date.

    According to her, Sarah had hooked up with some random guy she had met online, and after flirting with each other for several weeks, they had finally arranged to hook up, only for him to get a little too drink during the date and ultimately fall asleep while the two were starting to mess around on his bed.

    In fact Sarah didn't seem shy about sharing every sordid detail about their night together, and even claimed that he had apparently lured her over to his place with promises of oral sex, but instead only managed to leave her even more frustrated.

    I was somewhat taken aback by her admission, but doubly shocked when she then went on to claim that she'd never had anybody go down on her before! I actually laughed at the comment and thought she was kidding, but when I realized Sarah was dead serious I genuinely felt sorry for her.

    "I mean I'm starting to feel self-conscious about it," she pouted. "And its not like I sleep around or anything. I barely have sex as it is, and always make sure to be clean and smooth down there all the time."

    But as it turned out all the guys she dated either refused to do it, or where just inept in the bedroom.

    "I suppose the upside is, I'm like a total blowjob queen," she giggled. "but just once, it'd be nice to have someone return the favor."

    I actually felt bad for her and suggested that she might consider dating someone a little older, to which she simply flashed me a sly grin and assumed I was speaking for myself, but I quickly assured her that I was a happily married man.

    "I bet you keep your wife happy though," she remarked. "And go down on her at least once or twice a week, am I right?"

    We both laughed as I confirmed it was true.

    "—too bad your married," she smiled while looking at her phone. "Otherwise tonight would have been your lucky night,"

    "Huh? How so,"

    "The mood I'm in right now, I'd probably let you take a shot at it strings attached,"

    I couldn't help but gulp at the mere suggestion, before she then went on to explain how she couldn't wait to get home as all this talk about sex and cunnilingus was driving her crazy.

    "Right now, all I wanna do is take long-hot relaxing shower, then spend some quality time with my trusty vibe!" she sighed.

    Fortunately for us we soon arrived home, where I was surprised to hear her ask me to walk her to the front door. Considering the late hour, I happily obliged, but once there I then asked if I could quickly come in and use the bathroom to which she agreed.

    When I ultimately wandered back into the living room, I fully intended to leave her place and wish her a goodnight, only to find her seated on the sofa polishing off a bottle of red.

    There, she sat alone in front of the TV and couldn't have looked any more adorable. Noting how glum she looked, I decide to keep her company for a few extra minutes and help her drown her sorrows with wine.

    "You don't have to stay if you don't want to," she said. "I don't need your sympathy, like I'm some kind of pity-fuck."

    I assured her she wasn't, before we made ourselves more comfortable on the sofa and I watched her take off her heels and rub her feet.

    Noting her discomfort, I finally took her foot in my hand and treated her to an impromptu foot massage. The actress moaned and literally melted in my hands, as the topic of conversation soon turned back towards sex.

    "You know I wasn't kidding earlier, I'm totally going to use my vibe tonight." she slurred. "Gonna pound that thing until I pass out!"

    Even though we both knew she was simply saying this to be provocative and to get a rise out of me, it was working.

    In fact, as I proceeded to massage her feet I couldn't help but notice the way her legs fell open, offering me a sneak peek inside her dress and reveal the fact that she was totally commando underneath her dress.

    The revelation sent a chill up my spine, and not just for the fact that she was totally shaved clean either, but the mere fact that she was staring right back at me with a sly grin on her face, while I literally glared directly at her naked sex.

    "No panties tonight, I see?"

    "We figured they'd only slow us down during the date," Sarah shrugged. "but in the end I guess it didn't really matter."

    I continued to rub her foot and tried to act blase about it all, but the growing tent in my pants didn't go unnoticed.

    "Can I ask you a question?" she posed. "Were you telling the truth earlier when you said you really enjoy eating pussy?"

    I simply responded to this by kissing the very tip of her toe, causing her to blush.

    In retrospect, I don't really know why I did it. I guess I was simply trying to illustrate how I was willing to kiss or lick any part of her perfect teen body.

    "Just so you know," she pointed out. "No one can ever know about this, especially Alyssa."

    I wholeheartedly agreed, knowing I had a lot more to lose than she did.

    "Whatever happens here tonight, stays between us." I stated. "And this doesn't mean we're lovers. Tonight, we're just strangers."

    That said, Sarah slowly opened her legs to give me a full and uninterrupted view of her entire pussy. Her breathtaking mound looked as if it had been shaven recently, but still fashioned a short strip of stubble just above her clit.

    It was just about the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

    With her permission, I moved to position myself on the floor in front of the couch and spread her legs by her ankles, before gently leaning in to kiss her bare sex. I then speared out my tongue and licked along her tender slit, taking her breath away.

    Sarah moaned as I licked and flicked at her lips, savoring the taste of her cunt, and slowly worked two fingers into her opening. As I pushed in she pushed back. In fact she was pushing herself down on me so hard that I could hardly move my fingers around.

    To my amusement it didn't take very long to get her off, as she rocked back and forth and suddenly gushed all over my fingers. My tongue immediately lapped up her zesty juices, before I slowed down my pace to allow her orgasm to subside.

    I barely gave her time to catch her breath before I kissed her hard on the mouth, forcing her to taste herself, while my hands fumbled with my pants and I took out my cock.

    To her credit, Sarah seemed more than "up for it" and immediately raised her knees to permit me to rub my bell-end against her slot, and effortlessly dip inside her tight confines with a single thrust.

    The actress arched her back and put both hands on my chest, begging me to go slow. I took this into consideration and pushed in as deep as I dare, then remained still as I felt her squirm and fidget against me.

    She was as tight as drum, but so incredibly wet at the same time.

    We took this opportunity to make out some more, while I pulled back slowly - until just the tip was nestled inside - then RAMMED all the way back in! Sarah gasped to the action before spreading her knees farther apart, allowing greater access to her teen cunt.

    I pounded the little slut within an inch of her life until I sensed my own body tensing up and raised her legs up over my shoulders, and drilled her mercilessly from a side-angle to strike her g-spot.

    "ugh-shit," she grunted out loud as I fucked her sideways over the edge of the couch. "oh-god! oh god, you're so deep—"

    I wanted to get as deep as humanly possible, as she moaned and squirmed and thrashed about beneath me. We fucked like this for several minutes, swapping angles and random tempos every so often to keep it interesting.

    At this point I was literally BALLS deep!

    In fact I ultimately had to lay down and take a break, and invited her to climb up on top of me and work her magic. It was in this cowgirl position that Sarah really seemed to shine, and moaned audibly as she rode my cock like a god damn sexbot.

    "Good, good girl—" I praised, while spanking and squeezing her derriere. "Ride that hard cock, sweetie."

    At one point I pulled her down to keep our lips locked together, while she whipped her hips back and forth and utterly creamed herself all over my sword.

    This ultimately resulted in her cumming hard on my cock, and unlike her previous orgasm she shook wildly when she came, which immediately set me off and caused me to erupt deep inside of her, filling her young cunt with hot ropes of jism.

    Sarah ultimately collapsed on top of me in a hot, sweaty heap, her damp brown hair covering my face.

    "Anytime you need another ride across town, don't be afraid to call me directly." I told her.

    "Absolutely," she panted blissfully. "We definitely need to do this again!"

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    It's been awhile, since we've had a Sarah story... and this one didn't disappoint.

    Good job, TPG.
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    GRRRR shit yeah about time sarah got another story and this one did not disappoint. Great work

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