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Thread: "Glory Days" with Olivia Deeble

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    fanfiction "Glory Days" with Olivia Deeble

    Glory Days
    With Olivia Deeble
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, gloryhole
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Look at the face and mouth on this girl, how do you expect me NOT to write a story like this? #SorryNotSorry

    She was just about the sassiest blonde I'd ever met, and as it turned out I'd been tasked with driving her to and from the set of her hit TV show "Home And Away." Considering how bubbly she was, it didn't take very long for Olivia Deeble and I to become close friends, which from my point of view was frustrating as hell as I was twice her age, and a happily married man.

    In any event, Deeble and I became good friends and frequently flirted and talked about sex on a daily basis. In fact, sex and boys seemed to be the teenagers favorite topic, with her constantly telling me about her weekly adventures and asking for my advice.

    It was just a month into this new found friendship that I noticed something peculiar. It seemed she always wanted to stop at a local gas station which we frequently passed on the way home.

    At first I thought nothing of it, as I usually tended to stop there to fill up petrol and buy some supplies, but after a while I started to notice just how anxious she was to stop there, where most of the time she'd disappear into the restroom for several minutes at a time while I busied myself with the vehicle.

    I honestly didn't give it much thought, until a few days later when I was driving two of her fellow castmates back to the studio and happen to hear them mention the same gas station in conversation, and how much of a bad reputation it had.

    "I heard the restrooms there are really dirty, and double as gloryholes," one of the actresses claimed. "that's just gross!"

    Suddenly I put two and two together and the revelation hit me like a ton of bricks. Of course, I couldn't actually prove that Olivia was doing anything as seedy as that, but just the notion alone gave me instant wood.

    That being said, a week later Olivia and I were set to spend the entire day together and I put my plan into effect.

    As per usual, the stunning blonde seemed all worked up and eager to stop there on our way home, and right on cue disappeared into the restroom. However, instead of spending this time to fill up gas and check the car, I waited an extra minute before following her inside and was shocked to learn that all my wildest dreams were realized.

    Inside I found a dark, dingy room which featured three bathroom stalls, two of which appeared to be occupied. I almost gasped out loud when I heard the tell-tale sounds of someone slurping on a dick in one of the booths, and quickly slipped into the empty stall and locked the door.

    I was nervous as hell but really curious too, and didn't think twice about taking out my own cock to jerk off at the mere thought of what young Olivia Deeble was doing on the other side of the partition. It actually took me some time to build up the courage to ultimately slide my dick through the hole in the wall to see what would happen.

    I only had to wait a few seconds though, before I felt a familiar hand grip my tool, while Liv continued working the other dick in her mouth. At one point I almost considered backing out, but now that the actress had me by the balls, so to speak, this was no longer an option.

    I was both excited and terrified about what we were doing, and wondered what the repercussions would be if anybody found out. In fact the longer I stood there the more I seemed to talk myself out of it, and almost considered rushing for the exit, ...that was until Olivia replaced her hand with her mouth!

    I just about lost my fucking mind, the moment I felt those luscious teen lips make direct contact with the head of my prick. At that point all rhyme and reason went right out the window. I was in heaven, and she was incredible.

    I literally gasped out loud as Olivia's mouth felt warm and soft, her tongue dancing around my member as she moved her lips up and down my sword. Slowly but surely she worked her mouth further down my shaft, taking at least half of my length before bobbing her head faster, her hand stroking the base.

    "Mmm..." she moaned lustfully with a mouthful of cock, as I pressed my hands up against the wall and pushed my hips forward, begging for more.

    With a smooth motion the teen harlot deep-throated me suddenly, before pulling back to gasp audibly and resumed licking and slurping the first half of my rod. My brain turned to mush as her lips moved rapidly, keeping it wet with spit as she sucked me harder and deeper.

    "fuck," I grunted, as she gripped my shaft firmly and pumped me fast into her mouth.

    Just the thought of cumming in her perfect mouth started to send me over the edge.

    "Yeah, good girl..." I hissed through gritted teeth.

    All I could do was picture her angelic face up against the wall, as she concentrated on making me pop. I heard her gag a few times, and felt her spit drool down over my balls. She seemed determined to give my prick the spit-bath, suck of its life.

    "Yes, yes..."

    "Yeah?" she moaned back. "You like that?"

    After a few moments of this amazing blowjob, she stopped.

    I was a little confused at first, but then realized she still had the other cock to contend with, and now took turns servicing us both. The mere sound of her wet mouth was exhilarating, particularly as she moaned and groaned with wanton lust. The little slut really seemed to get off on blowing us both.

    "Mm... you're so big." I heard her pant between sucks.

    At this point, I had to use all of my strength not to pop right then and there. I mean there I was driving Olivia home, and tasked with her safety and well-being, and yet now I was in some dark, dirty restroom stall, sharing her sweet mouth with a complete stranger.

    I almost jumped when I heard the other occupant clear his throat and finally leave the restroom, leaving Deeble and I all alone.

    My nuts actually tightened as she seemed to focus all of her energy on me, and I decided this would be the time to finally unload a gusher down her teenage throat, still unsure if she could handle it, or how she'd react.

    I'm almost certain she could taste all the pre-cum oozing out of my cock, and yet she kept slamming her head down on the wall, stuffing my entire dick into her throat, right up to my balls.

    "Mm-yeah.. gimme that hot load!" she panted breathlessly, while jacking me off in her mouth. "I want that spunk!"

    "Open you mouth wide and stick out your tongue," I growled back.

    "Give it to me... please!"

    Just hearing this tone - from the normally sweet teenager - was all it took, before my nuts stirred and stream after stream of hot searing spunk gushed up and spurted into the back of her young throat. To her credit, Olivia kept me buried that way as my cock continued to throb and pulse, spurting my seed into her belly.

    As I slowed down on my convulsions, she slipped her mouth back to the tip of my dick, and used her slick tongue to lick up the remaining load. I almost lost the strength in my legs and crumbled to the floor. In all my years I'd never had such an intense orgasm and figured I'd probably ejaculated a pint of semen into her tummy.

    Thinking quickly, I tucked myself back into my pants and rushed out the door without a moments notice. Once outside I marched into the main store and pretended to buy some supplies, before casually making my way back out to the car where my young passenger waited.

    To my amusement Olivia seemed completely oblivious to the fact that we had just had sex, and that not only had she sucked my dick, but had swallowed my load. I started the vehicle and we set off as though nothing had happened.

    "Want to grab a bite to eat on the way?" I asked, as per usual.

    "Nah, I'm full thanks," she replied while licking her lips and putting her headphones on. "I just want to go home and sleep right now."

    Considering the amount of work she had put in back in the restroom, I didn't blame her.

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    FUUUUUCK. Short and so so sweet. Just like that peach. She approves. lol

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    Yep, I'm definitely getting on board with her.

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