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Thread: 4 Disney Princesses and Me - Part 1 (Foreplay)

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    fanfiction 4 Disney Princesses and Me - Part 1 (Foreplay)

    4 Disney Princesses and Me
    Part 1 (Foreplay)

    Starring Demi Lovato, Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez & Ariane Grande
    Written: Dailey Warner
    Codes: MF, Oral, Rimming
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy

    So basically, I'm divorced and have no desire to ever get back into a relationship. I'm 32 years old and just happy doing my own thing. So, when I won the lottery I decided not to use it a traditional or sensible way, I decided to use it to realize my greatest fantasies and create memories that would live with me forever.

    When I say I won the lottery I mean I WON the lottery, it was a triple roll over on the Euro Millions lottery and I was the only winner, netting an amazing 180 million.

    My ultimate fantasy involves 4 Disney princesses, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ariane Grande and Bella Thorne

    Now none of these girls are short of money, but I thought if I made them an offer they couldn't refuse it may all be possible. After hiring an agent to do the networking and 5 long months it was all set up. I was scheduled to fly to from the UK to Las Vegas, where I would meet and spend an evening with the 4 girls of my ultimate fantasies.

    I had hired the biggest suite at the Bellagio and was all set to meet the girls. I won't tell you how much each was paid, but let's say I didn't have much of my 180m left! However, it would prove money well spent. The instructions to the girls were as follows: They were to get up that morning and shower and then spend the day doing whatever they wished. They were told that they were not allowed to shower again that day prior to meeting me. If they did, the agreement was null and void. They were all asked to meet at my suite at 17:00.
    Bella arrived first. When I opened the door I just froze. I had never seen such a perfect, beautiful woman in all my life. Her beautiful Red hair was simply stunning. The other 3 girls all arrived shortly after and none of them disappointed, they were all amazing!

    I didn't see any point in delaying things, so I got the 4 girls to strip naked from the waist down. But to leave their top halves on. I then asked then to kneel on the bed adjacent to each other. I asked them all to lower their chins to the bed, so that their backs were really arched, and their asses were pointing right up at me.

    My whole fantasy was around taking the most perfect looking girls, that seemed flawless to everybody and seeing them at their most vulnerable. The 4 amazing asses were all there just teasing me. I wanted to smell their asses and see how perfect or not they really were, without all the glitz, glamor, smoke and mirrors. This is why I had been so adamant that they should not shower. I wanted to know how they really smell and taste after their asses and pussies had been trapped in their knickers all day, getting hot, sweaty and sticky.

    I didn't know where to start, but I decided to choose Demi. I spread her cheeks wide and just stared at her asshole. Her ass skin was really brown. You know a lot of girls bleach their asses these days, well she hadn't, it was a deep brown and tuned me on immensely. I lowered my head to stare at her pussy between her legs. It was an unbelievably sexy position that she was in, I couldn't quite believe it. I stood directly behind her, spread her cheeks again and just lowered my nose straight onto her neat little asshole.

    "I don't mind you doing that" She said, but I've been wandering round the strip all day in the heat, would you mind if I just freshened up first, I feel pretty self-conscious."

    "Don't worry, you smell amazing!" I said

    "Besides this is exactly how I wanted you, I wanted the real you"

    "Well if you are sure it's OK down there, then I suppose it's fine. It's up to you at the end of the day" She replied

    I sniffed deeply on her asshole, her natural smell, could get cock hard. She smelt amazing. A mix of natural muskiness and sweat – the perfect smell for a girl. I rubbed my fingers up and down her inner ass cheeks and sniffed by fingers, I could smell her ass on my hands, I could've just cum there and then.

    Next, I moved across to Bella. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them open. As I did her little ass hole immediately popped open just a small amount, the size of a small ring, but it let me know straight away that she was a dirty little bitch and had been taking things up her ass. Her pussy lips were big and hung down quite a lot for such a young woman. I put my nose to her ass and breathed in her musky ass smell. It was not as strong as Demi's, but still had the unmistakeable musky sex smell.

    Ariane's ass was like baby's skin. No brown pigment, just a pure white ass hole, with a tiny little bud, that you could hardly see. She had no smell at all. Her ass was so clean, I could not pick up any scent. I lowered myself and smelt her pussy and it was the same, no smell at all. I must admit I was kind of disappointed, I hoped this perfect little pop princess was going have a stinky little pussy and ass hole.

    Last was Selina. Secretly she is the one I had been most excited about. I had wanked over her so many times, Cumming on close-up shots of her face. There was something about her chubby face and her husky voice that drove me wild.

    I pulled her cheeks open and noticed that lots of black cotton had come off of her knickers and was lining both of her inner ass cheeks. It looked her she had a hairy ass, but of course she didn't, none of them did! I pulled her ass cheeks open and went to lower my head, but I didn't have to go very far, I was hit wit a really-strong blast of muskiness from her pussy and ass. Much stronger than the other 3. It took me by surprise. I had to get in deeper and I rested my nose right on her ass hole and sniffed that dirty little ass of hers. I then lowered myself and sniffed her pussy. It smelt strong and sweaty, but I absolutely loved it.

    "Baby you've got a stinky little ass" I said

    "Ha-ha, you sound like Justin she said" He can't stop sniffing my ass. Sometimes I wake up with his nose between my cheeks and him wanking. You're a strange lot, you guys ha-ha."

    I spent some more time going up and down the line of delicious asses, sniffing them, flicking my tongue over them and enjoying every moment. Next was going to explore their pussies and see how far I could take this thing.

    To be continued.......................

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    Thanks... Look forward for more... A bit of a builtup would have been great but fantastic start still!

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    Very good, hopefully find stories with other princesses of Disney or Nickeledeon.

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