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Thread: "A Life of Secrets" with Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman

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    fanfiction "A Life of Secrets" with Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman

    Life of Secrets Part 1
    Featuring: Karen Gillan, Jenna Coleman
    Codes: Mast, FF
    A/N: This is a work of fiction and will never happen. This is mentioned for entertainment and pleasure only.

    The heavy door slowly creaked closed. The slender shadow standing at it paused for a moment before latching the lock. She floated her way up the stairs, her features obscured in a floor length black dress and a veiled hat. She shut and latched the bedroom door. She approached her polished oak vanity and placed the elaborate hat in the waiting black box. She pulled the pins from her fire red hair before looking in the mirror. A veritable floral shop filled the room, all in memorial of her late husband. She blinked a final few tears away, for the first time seeing her make up smeared face.

    She pulled her gloves and shoes off at the vanity, before quietly striding to his wardrobe. Her trembling hand gently traced their monogram on the doors of the wardrobe. "RSK", hand carved into untreated oak doors, crowned in a wreath of thistles. She slowly pulled the doors open and closed her eyes as the scent of oak and whiskey intoxicated her. This was the first time in over a week she took in her husband's scent.

    "La mia bambola di porcellana. My china doll" She thought she heard whispered. He was her grizzly bear, and she was his China doll. She ran her hands down his double breasted deputy commissioner jacket, and closed the two small boxes on the shelf below it, one containing his Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire medal, the other containing his medal of the Most Ancient and Most Nobel Order of the Thistle. She closed the doors, being careful of the knightly robes, fighting back another wave of tears.

    She turned and made her way to the bathroom, dropping her dress just outside the door. Her pale skin made her black bra and thong stand out even more. She turned on the shower, allowing steam to fill the room. She bent down and pulled off her stockings. She closed her eyes remembering how his kisses and stubble of a beard felt on the inside of her thighs. She unhooked her bra, gently ruling and tugging her breasts, remembering the hours of pleasure he brought her simply from kissing and sucking on them. She then dropped her thong, gently caressing the curve of her ass and the small dark red patch of hair on her pussy that drove her husband mad.

    She stepped in the shower, the warm water a momentary substitute for the warmth of her husband's body. Her fingers traced the waters flow down her stomach and thru her smoothing bush. Her fingers opened her slit, massaging her growing clit. She closed her eyes and released an audible gasp as her hand massaged her breast, and she fell back to the wall behind her. She massaged her clit more furiously than she could ever remember. She reached up and grabbed the shower head and turned it to massage before angling it at her slit and fingers. She hadn't had to do this in the three years she was married, but was satisfying her nearly as well as her husband could. Her moans and cries echoed off the walls, as pleasure grew and warmed her body. She released a pleasure filled scream as she fell to her knees and clenched her eyes shut as pulse after pulse of warm cum shot from her body to the floor. She braced herself as the pulses subsided. Soon she pulled herself to her feet and cleaned herself before turning off the water and wrapped herself in a wine red towel.

    She stepped into the bedroom, tears of morning replaced with a soft smile of pleasure. She pulled her top drawer open and found a small note. 'Wear this' scrawled in her husband's hand. She pulled a teal strapless bra and thong from her drawer. She slipped them on then for the first time in hours looked at her phone. She had a single message waiting for her from her friend Jenna Coleman.

    JLC:hey babe! How you holding up?

    KG: Ok enough, just kind of quiet here that's all

    JLC: meet me for drinks in 30?

    KG:God yes! I could use to get pissed right now! You know the place.

    She hoped up, her mood being much lifted. She made her way to her closet, and found a second note on the black mini dress she wore the last time she and her husband were out together. She slipped it on, straightened the sides and adjusted what cleavage she had. She slid on a comfortable pair of flats before grabbing her leather jacket and purse. At 5'10", she made her 5'2" friend look short enough as it was.

    Within a few moments walk she stood outside a seemingly rundown tavern. Her husband liked taking her there for drinks because everyone who went there was usually indifferent towards other patrons. She stepped inside and saw her friend at the bar. Her long dark hair was wonderfully offset by her off the shoulder red dress, made her fellow Doctor Who alum appear overly sexy to both genders. They greeted each other with a tight hug, her long red hair just brushing the top of her friends head. The pair sat at the half empty bar. The barkeeper stood before them before either could begin talking.

    "What brings a pair of lookers like you to a dive like this?" He asked placing bar napkins.

    "I just buried my husband today." Karen began rather matter-of-factly for the situation. "I'm looking to get pissed till I forget that I even had a husband for just one night."

    "I'm so sorry to hear that. First drinks on me, what will It be?" He responded as impathetically as he could.

    "I was wanting something fruity." Jenna began, but stopped when Karen gently touched her arm, cutting her off.
    "I may have promised him that if this ever happened I'd find someone to share a bottle of Jameson with." Karen told her companion.

    "Okay then," Jenna started, knowing straight whiskey was far from her drink of choice. "Three Jameson's on the rocks, leave the bottle" Jenna told the barkeeper. He nodded and placed three ice filled high ball glasses on the counter before filling each about half way.

    The two women taped their glasses together and sipped the amber liquid. The both began to cough and gag at the strength of the drink.

    "How the hell did he drink this every day and not die sooner?" Karen asked shaking her head a few more times.

    "Maybe it's an acquired taste" Jenna answered, encouraging her friend to drink more.
    After a couple hours of drinking, all that remained was the empty green bottle, two empty glasses, and one with ice melted and condensation streaking the sides of the glass.

    "youareagreatfriendjenna" Karen blurted out, her Scottish accent making it even harder to discern what she was saying.

    "Let's get you home" Jenna said, deliberately enunciating her words.

    "I'm gunna fuck your little body when we get home." Karen attempted to whisper to her friend as her hands drifted up her thighs. Jenna brushed her hands off, placing a pair of 20 notes on the counter. She helped her friend out of the bar and down the road towards her house.

    The cold air and the walk helped Karen sober up a little. She unlocked the door and grabbed Jenna by the arm pulling her in the house, locking the door behind them. Karen nibbled at Jenna's neck and cupped her firm breasts. Jenna considered fighting it, but gave into the pleasure, unzipping both hers and her friends dress, letting both of them fall to the floor.

    Karen pulled her friend in close, her hands tracing the outline of her naked body. Her lips moved down Karen's long porcelain neck, as Karen cupped her bare ass. Jenna wrapped her legs around her friend as she carried her to the bedroom.

    Karen laid Jenna on the bed and kissed down her neck, working her way out of her bra. Karen's pale skin and Jenna's tanned skin appeared the same tone in the moonlight. Karen's mouth kissed Jenna's small nipples, suckling on them with a needed passion of personal contact. She kissed her way down her friends stomach, stopping just above her bald pussy mound.

    Jenna bent her knees, giving Karen access to her pleasure slit. Karen had never eaten pussy before, but she tried to do what her husband would do to her pussy. Her tongue traced the slit, ending with a quick flick against the growing clit. A few more times and Karen was picking up on the distinct taste of pussy juice. She had only ever tasted it off her husband's dick, never knowing how much sweeter it was straight from the source.

    Karen began licking and sucking the small clit, causing her friend to release sharp and ever louder moans, as her back arched and her hands tore rigidly into the sheets. Karen stopped, much as her husband loved to do with her, just shy of Jenna reaching her release. She kissed her way back up her small frame, massaging the outside pussy lips just to keep her friend going. After a lingering, impassioned kiss, Karen laid back and slid her thong down her long legs.

    "I want some fun too." She whispered, running one hand thru Jenna's long dark hair, while gently massaging her own pussy with the other. Jenna smiled and assumed the position Karen was just in with her. Her lips traced every contour of Karen's body, from her breasts, to her stomach. Karen moaned as her friend nibbled from her hips into the gap between her legs. Her eyes closed as heat and pleasure grew and radiated through her body.

    Her legs instinctively raised as Jenna pressed two fingers into her pussy. The raw excitement of having her clit sacked and he g-spot rubbed forced Karen into an orgasmic pleasure palace. She grabbed a pillow and attempted to mute her screams, but found the attempt futile. Jenna kissed her way back up with a mouth full of Karen's cum. Karen eagerly sacked it from her mouth before sliding out from under her.

    Karen kept Jenna on all fours. She knelt behind her small body, giving her ass a smack and opening her cheeks before letting her mouth full of spit and pussy cream fall to her ass hole. She pushed three fingers into Jenna's tight pussy, causing her to accelerate towards her own pleasure. Karen leaned down and pressed her tongue into her lovers ass. She jumped at the initial touch, but soon found herself pushing back at Karen wanting more.

    Karen Rose back up, pounding Jenna's ever moistening pussy with her fingers, while rubbing her own pussy, just as hard and furiously. The sounds of her lovers moans, the sight of her glistening ass, the smell of their combined pussies soon became to much. Karen pressed their pussies as close as she could together, just seconds before both women began screaming in mighty gushing orgasms. The last thing Karen saw before her eyes rolled in the back of her head in intense pleasure, was Jenna's body twitching in post orgasmic bliss.

    After about an hour of holding her new found lover, she found herself with a growing, throbbing pain as the hangover set In. Karen closed the bathroom door and turned the light on, trying not to wake her new found lover. She sipped a small glass of water before taking some tylenol. She didn't feel as complete as she had before her husband's accident, but at least she no longer felt alone. She looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, then noticed a closet door move on its own. Her hand instinctively moved towards the drawer her husband kept a six-shooter in. Her hand felt the drawer, but only found six shells, no gun.

    The gun slid across the floor to her feet, as she began to make out a silhouette. She stepped cautiously towards the intruder.

    "who are you? What do you want?" She asked nervously.

    "La mia bambola di porcellana." The ghost whispered, "My china doll."

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    My two favorite Doctor Who companions in one story... can't go wrong with that.
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