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Thread: "On Thin Ice" with Kailani Craine

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    fanfiction "On Thin Ice" with Kailani Craine

    With Kailani Craine
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, mutual mast, fingering, blowjob, anal, public
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I knew I was screwed the moment I saw her.

    Now I'll be the first to admit, that I'm a degenerate gambler - the type of person that only gets a rush from taking stupendous risks. That being said, I never imagined I'd willingly gamble with my families happiness the night our son brought home his new girlfriend, Kailani Craine.

    I could tell from the moment she arrived that she was into me. In fact, I grew a little concerned by just how obvious she was about it, which thankfully went unnoticed during the party.

    As it turned out, the gorgeous teen had just returned from an international figure skating convention overseas, where she had represented Australia. And despite doing my best to mingle with other guests, the bubbly 19-year-old and I soon found ourselves alone, where she boasted about her medal collection and various adventures in Asia and Europe.

    "So I hear you used to be pretty wild back in the day," she smiled, no doubt referring to my rock band days.

    I tried to change the subject, as I felt a little awkward discussing it with her, but Kailani appeared determined to talk about my wilder years, particularly interested in the hog I used to own. At first I tried to amuse her, but when she proceeded to actively lick her lips and touch my forearm in a flirtatious manner, I called her out on it.

    "You know, one of these days that mouth of yours is going to get the rest of your body in a whole lot of trouble."

    "How so," she teased back.

    "I've known girls like you my entire life," I said, taking a sip from my whiskey.

    "No, no you haven't." she answered while smiling seductively. "Trust me, you've never met a girl like me before."

    Suddenly, I had to wonder. Maybe it was true.

    Fortunately for us our conversation was cut short with the announcement of dinner, where the striking little minx sat directly across from me at the table and spent the next few hours eye-fucking me while sat beside my son.

    Afterwards, we adjourned to the outdoor area where Kailani did several cartwheels and vertical leg extensions on our lawn, and actually raised a bit of a sweat. Then, when it came time to say goodnight, Luke confessed to being a little too intoxicated to drive her home and asked if I could do it.

    The drive back to her place was just a few suburbs away, so I switched on the radio and made some light conversation which led to her admitting how she wasn't ready to go home and wanted to party.

    At first she suggested that she and I head into the city and hit up a bar, before changing her mind and saying that the two of us should head to a local beach for a little late night dip.

    "-but we don't have any clothes to change into," I pointed out.

    "We could always skinny-dip, if you're up to it!"

    We both laughed at the suggestion before she went on to admit how drunk she was, and how she rarely had any free time due to her strict training regime, and how she just wanted to let loose and have some fun.

    "When was the last time you went out to a club and did something spontaneous," she asked while reaching over to lay her hand on my forearm.

    I tried my best to ignore her gestures, and suggested that she could always dance in the comfort of her own bedroom when she got home.

    "Meh. Knowing my luck I'll probably just end up taking a shower and watching porn until I pass out, like always." she confessed.

    Now there's an image, I thought.

    When we finally arrived to her place, I switched off the engine and left the radio running as I assumed we wouldn't be very long. However, Kailani didn't seem that interested in leaving so we just sat there parked in my vehicle for several minutes, chatting and flirting some more.

    "You know if I was single and Luke's age, I'd be on you like a heartbeat," I quipped.

    "Well, who's stopping you?" she replied playfully. "I won't tell if you don't."

    The look on my face must have been telling, cause she couldn't stop giggling.

    "Err, I don't think that'd be fair on Luke, do you." I said, reminding her that she was DATING my son.

    "No, don't get me wrong. I really like him.. but," she shrugged. "I think I've always been attracted to much older guys. They just seem to know what they're doing, you know what I mean?"

    I felt my heart skip a beat as she ran her nails along my skin, and knew it was time to leave, before she or I did something we might regret.

    "Yes well, I think it might be time for you to head on upstairs," I insisted. "And pass out in front of that laptop, if you know what I mean."

    "Trust me," she giggled. "The way I'm feeling tonight I don't think I'd even make it upstairs, before I rush to the bathroom and rub one out."

    Her comment floored me, but also turned me on like nothing else.

    It was then she leaned forward to kiss me goodnight, and placed her right arm around my neck while pressing her soft lips against the crook of my neck. My mind reeled, when I realized that her free hand appeared to slip under her skirt, before she raised her hand under my nose and grinned evilly.

    "See, told you I'm wet. Now do you believe me?"

    I just sat there stunned. I couldn't remember the last time I'd met anyone as daring as her as she rubbed her slick digits under my nose.

    "That doesn't prove a thing," I replied. "You'll have to do a lot better than that, to impress me."

    Without missing a beat, Kailana plunged her hand back under her skirt and proceeded to stroke her cookie right there in the passenger seat of my Mercedes Benz. Her gorgeous blue eyes were glazed, seemingly wanton. Slowly, she hiked up her skirt to reveal her thong panties, which she effortlessly pulled to the side to flash her pussy.

    I actually heard myself gasp at the sight of her tight, teen, shaved mound.

    When she finally stopped to lick her fingers, I thought I was going to pass out. I swallowed hard and looked around to make sure we were still alone, as she casually rubbed her clit and then curled her fingers and thrust them up inside herself.

    "Does this prove it," she purred erotically, while essentially probing her cunt beside me.

    "You're really getting off on this aren't you," I murmured. "Provoking me like this,"

    "I like having an audience," she confessed. "It turns me on."

    I didn't doubt it, and was actually surprised by just how aroused she was, as it didn't take very long for her to climax silently, but mightily. She threw her head back into the leather seat, showing her flawless neck, while her teeth were clenched and she spasmed for what seemed like an eternity.

    A minute later I made a poor attempt at humor, only for her to claim that she was ready to go another "round" almost immediately.

    "This time I want you to join me," she cooed. "Take out your cock, I want to see it!"

    I took one last look around before unzipping my fly and did as she asked, as Kailani took my breath away by bringing her slick fingers up to my face and slipping them into my mouth, which I immediately devoured. The mere scent of her fingers caused precum to leak from my cock, while the taste of her juices were absolutely divine.

    I'd never tasted a pussy so sweet.

    Without wasting another minute, Kailani grabbed my cock and immediately took as much of me as she could into her mouth. She moaned as I brushed the back of her throat briefly, and pulled completely off me in an erotic gasp.

    It was while doing this that I pulled up her top to reveal her braless tits, and I almost lost it right then and there. My hands instinctively cupped and groped her perkish young breasts, as her mouth once again closed around my rod, this time with some pressure.

    I knew we were short on time, as she now rubbed her clit with purpose, while taking me deep into her throat again. I reached over to caress her bare legs and hips before twisting and pinching her hard nipples.

    "Good, good girl." I praised. "Show me how you suck that fat cock."

    I welcomed her pelvic thrusts as again and again she humped against my hand, which was now pressed against her bare mount. Her moaning increased and I felt her throat tighten, as a tingling sensation coursed up my spine and I knew I was about to pop!

    Suddenly, Kailani mewled as she was forced to swallow two thick blasts of spunk, then pulled off only to receive the rest of my load across the side of her face and neck, and those gorgeous tits. The poor girl was absolutely soiled in cum, but she appeared to get a kick out of it.

    "Mm, I knew it'd be good.. I just knew it," she exclaimed breathlessly.

    "Well.. I should probably get going," I blushed while trying to zip up. "The others will probably be wondering where I am."

    Without missing a beat, Kailani sat up and adjusted her appearance in the mirror, "What, aren't you coming up for a few minutes?"

    Even though I knew it was a bad idea. Even though I knew it was the last thing I should do, I actually sat there contemplating it.

    "Trust me," she smiled seductively. "I'll make it worth your while."

    "What about your folks,"

    "It's not a big deal, my bedroom is on the top floor and they always sleep on the couch downstairs. They won't hear a thing."

    A minute later, and against my better judgment, I found myself being dragged into the house by my hand. When we slipped through the backdoor kitchen and realized that her parents were still awake, I almost panicked and made a run for it.

    But to her credit, Kailani reached down to give my already hard cock a good squeeze and placed a finger over her lips to indicate that we don't say a word as she snuck me upstairs and into her bedroom.

    Just what in the hell was I thinking, I thought. I was grown ass man, not some pimple-faced teenager! Not only was I sneaking around with a girl HALF my age, but this was my sons girlfriend for god sake, and potential daughter-in-law if Luke played his cards right.

    Once inside her bedroom, Kailani threw her heels across the floor and seemed to make a bee-line for her desk and laptop, where I watched her produce a hefty blunt. When I refused to take a toke, she simply shrugged and turned her attention to the computer, while I stood there looking around her room trying to determined the quickest way out in case of an emergency.

    I only turned my attention away for a few seconds, when I looked back to see she was already naked and what a sight to behold. She was just about perfect.

    "Err, this is a bad idea." I said, as if finally coming to my senses. "You're naked, and I'm old enough to be your father. I shouldn't be up here right now."

    Kaliani simply stared at her computer screen while taking another toke.

    "It's not like anyone forced you up here," she muttered. "We both know you're dying to fuck me."

    I was both shocked and maddened at the comment, angered that a nineteen year old had lured me into such a dangerous position.

    "Maybe I should leave," I said, to which she simply shrugged while staring at her laptop screen.

    Standing there behind her, admiring her finely-sculpted back, I noticed that she was accessing a porn site. She scanned a series of videos before selecting a Bree Olson gloryhole scene.

    I was both disgusted and aroused beyond belief, and almost considered storming out of her room when something suddenly came over me and I marched over and grabbed her roughly by the hips. I pawed at her tits, her hips, and ass before my fingers finally plunged into her cunt.

    Kailani moaned to the action and panted in my ear, urging me to stay and "play" with her, and to do whatever I wanted.

    I kissed her hard on the lips as my fingers plunged knuckle deep. She oozed a thick, continuous stream of nectar as I sawed my fingers in and out of her teen cunt, and nibbled generously at each nipple, alternately sucking as much of each tit into my mouth as I could.

    When I suddenly dropped to my knees and kissed my way down towards her sex she let out a deep, primal, groan. My tongue lashed at her insides, doing spiral movements to massage as much of her inner walls as possible.

    She lay back on the desk and hunched her mound against my chin as I flicked at her bean, and spread both legs completely open so I could tongue her more deeply. What had begun as moaning increased to feral grunts as I launched a full assault on her clit, and proceeded to jam two of my fingers inside her.

    Kailani moaned even louder when I finally perched myself between her legs, allowing her to look down and admire my pulsing member.

    "Is this what you want,"

    "Fuck-yea!" she hissed, while wrapping her arms around me and drawing me into a kiss.

    My cock brushed against her naked sex, sending a shiver up our spines. I slowly rubbed the head against her greasy crevice, and pushed in without much resistance.

    "ugh, shit!" she gasped, as I pulled back slowly only to SLAM myself back into her again, filling her completely with my manly girth.

    Kailani opened her legs completely and pulled them back so that her knees were almost level with her ears. For several minutes there it almost seemed like she didn't blink, as she kept constant eye contact with me as I proceeded to probe and drill her pussy right there on her school desk.

    "Are you gonna come for me?...Huh?...Yeah?" she sighed. "come on, fuck my tight little teen cunt!"

    Just hearing these words from her drove me metal. I couldn't hold back and longed for release, as I gripped her luscious hips and watched my cock plunder her bald cookie again and again. When I ultimately reached under and rubbed the tip of my finger against her tiny backdoor, she willfully began to grunt with each thrust.

    "ugh yeah, I like that!" she grimaced. "Play with my ass, I fucking love that shit!"

    In fact her mood turned savage and I was forced to capture her mouth to shut her up, reaming it with my tongue.

    "ah fuck baby, hold STILL!" she suddenly shouted, and began grunting as SHE took charge and pummeled herself against my shaft and finger, causing them both to plunge even further inside her tight holes.

    I knew then I was in a world of trouble and tried to pace myself, but it was futile. Inevitably I was forced to pull out, only to hear her gasp with disappointment.

    "No, please.. fuck! Don't stop now!"

    I responded by pulling her up from the table, flipped her over and pinned her down, and prepared to take her from behind. This only seemed to delight her even more, as she eagerly tried to back onto my shaft like a bitch in heat. I plunged my sword all the way in and struck her cervix, taking her breath away.

    Kailani was mine now, as I grabbed hold of her hair and angled for a straight shot at her g-spot and pummeled it until she came in deep, gasping sobs. I then took this opportunity to smear some of her juices across her backdoor, and ending a stroke, pulled out of her pussy and pressed the head of my cock against her sphincter.

    To her credit she didn't resist, and simply bit down on her lip as I slowly entered her shit-pipe.

    The teenage Olympian threw her head back, her hair whipping across her back, and began screaming nonsense, drool dripping from her mouth. Switching it up, I then withdrew from her butt and returned to her cunt, and spent the next few minutes switching between fucking her ass and pounding her pussy.

    I banged her for a while, grabbing her tender breasts to hang on, as she started a succession of climaxes. At this point we were both sweating profusely, as the room resounded with the soft, soaked, slapping sounds of our bodies, before I returned to her ass yet again, wanting to finish myself there.

    "Fuck me.. fuck me.. yes," she chanted again and again. "I want you to cum!!"

    As expected it didn't take very long, as I speared myself as far as I could into her bowels, growling as I finally reached a spectacular peak. Two shots were fired deep into her rectum, before I pulled out and sprayed the rest of my hot load all over her back and spine.

    Kailani however quickly turned to drop to her knees and seemed intent on cleaning me off with her mouth. She smacked her lips obscenely, and proclaimed it was the best fuck she'd ever had. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck as we cleaned ourselves up and waited for the right opportunity for me to leave her bedroom.

    "Can I see you again," she asked. "I mean, can we do this again?"

    "Maybe," I hesitated. "but let's think about some ground rules first,"

    "Absolutely," she beamed before kissing me. "but just so you know, every time we're alone I'm going to be all over this."

    I caught my breath in my throat as she grabbed at my cock.

    "You're going to get me in so much trouble,"

    "I know, but I'm worth it." she winked. "besides, I bet your wife doesn't suck your dick the way I do."

    She had a point.

    "Just as long as you know, I expect you to give me that ass whenever and wherever I want it."

    "Consider it yours," she smiled. "My ass belongs to you now. "

    "Good. Good girl,"

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    :chloe: This maybe your hottest introduction story to date and youve done a shit ton but imo this one takes the cake ad hottest. Well done mate.

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    Hot as fuck.

    I'll definitely be coming back to this story, time and again.
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