My Cuckold Experience 3
With Hailee Steinfeld & Sophie Turner (Guest Starring)
Written by TheLW
Codes: MFF, Blowjob, Cuckold, Glory Hole, Interracial, Voy
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.


It had been a couple of days, since I watched my best friend take my girlfriend Hailee's anal cherry, and only just now was she able to sit down comfortably. Admittedly though Haiz said she actually liked it, before saying she would happily give her ass up to him again, anytime Shane wanted a piece of it.

Having said that, Hailee and I were sitting in my car, as I drove the both of us to Los Angeles international airport, to pick up one of her closest friends, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, who was flying out to LA, for a few days. All in all, we were there for almost an hour, before the three of us left LAX, with the intention of going back to Hailee's place.

It's while the two of them were in the backseat, conversing with one another, that I overheard Hailee telling her red-headed friend, about our new life style and how she had me locked away in a cage, as Sophie couldn't help but let out a laugh at my expense.

"Are you serious, you have him wearing a cock cage," she says to Hailee "...and you're sleeping with his friend?"

"Yep," Hailee answers back with a smile on her face "...believe me when I say he's incredible in bed."

"So better than Kyle?" Sophie asks, as she mentions my name.

"Honestly, yeah."

Admittedly hearing Haiz say that hurt a little, but I knew what I was getting into when I asked her to make me her cuckold.

Anyways, shortly afterwards I turned off the intersection, as we got closer to our destination, when their conversation got even more interesting, as Sophie brought up a sex shop in West Hollywood, that her and Joe (Jonas) went to, the last time she was in Los Angeles. With that both women had made up their minds, so I made a right turn, heading to the address, the English actress gave me... a short time later, I pulled up to the store, as we got out of the car, and made our way inside.

"You know what you should get him," Sophie says, as we walked through the store, looking at various sex toys " should get him a collar, that way it'll be more obvious that he is owned."

"Oh I like that idea," Haiz claims.

We looked over several collar's, including a couple of studded ones, but most of them looked rather feminine, either in color (pink/purple) or had O shaped designs to attach a leash to it, if that is what one wanted to do so, ultimately we settled on a rather plain looking black one. Besides that, we grabbed a few other items intended for sex play including a pair of handcuffs, a black suede flogger, as well as a riding crop, before we made our way to the counter, where Hailee had me pay for everything.

I grabbed the bag that was handed to me, and was about to leave the shop, when I noticed both Hailee and Sophie heading into the opposite direction, as the two ladies made their way to the back rooms. By the time, I figured out which booth they went into, both girls were down on their knees, working on a black cock sticking out of a glory hole.

I took a seat on the small bench on the other side of the booth, as I watched my girlfriend Hailee drool on the African American cock that was in front of her, before parting her lips open, and taking his dark chocolate prick into her cock hungry mouth. As this was happening, Sophie massaged the guy's balls with her hand, while at the same time licking the base of his shaft, with the way they were sharing the strangers cock, I had to wonder if they had done this before.

"Ugh fuck!" the man on the other side of the wall groaned.

Sophie continued to slide her tongue up and down, the underside of the big black cock, that was in front of them, just as Hailee bobbed her head over the top half of his man meat. As the two beautiful young actresses worked over his pole shaft, Sophie started making her way up to where Haiz was, before the Pitch Perfect star removed her mouth from around the males schlong, the two women then shared a brief kiss with each other. Afterwards, Sophie wrapped her mouth around his rock hard dick, and expertly sucked him off, as he thrust into her oral hole, meanwhile the dark haired starlet pumped her hand over his cock.

"So good!"

The two actresses would continue to double team the black stranger for several more minutes, until Hailee told her friend, that she needed to feel the man's prick inside of her. With that, the Game of Thrones star got off of her knees, and joined me on the bench, as my girlfriend stroked the black cock, a few seconds longer, before getting up off the ground as well.

With that, the "Most Girls" singer lowers the skirt she is wearing, before reaching around, and grabbing a grip of the mystery man's schlong, as she lines it up with her pussy lips, before pushing herself backwards, impaling herself on the black cock. "Fuck me," Hailee says loud enough for the man on the other side of the glory hole to hear, which he all too happily complies, as he pulls out a bit, before slamming back Into her snatch, repeating the process over and over again.

"I want to see it," Sophie Turner says, as Hailee continues to get fucked, " me your cage."


"Cause I want to," Sophie states "...besides, I've never actually seen a guy wear one before."

"Fine," I reluctantly agree, as I stand up and lower my pants, showing her my cock cage.

"Fuck you are pathetic," Sophie tells me, " wonder why Hailee needs to get fucked by that black cock... and your best friend."

As we continued to talk, Hailee Steinfeld bucked her hips back and forth, riding the pole shaft embedded in her cunt. The black man more than delivered on his part, as he attacked her pussy, persistently jamming his black anaconda into the songstress, feeding her inch after inch of his monster cock.

"You know, considering Haiz practically owns you," the Game of Thrones star starts to say " should just start calling her Mistress Hailee."

"Mistress Hailee?" I answer back " know, it does a have a nice ring to it."

Hailee Steinfeld continued to get fucked by the African American, for another couple of minutes, until the man grunted, before his cock pulsated and he exploded inside of her well fucked pussy.

After everything that happened, the three of us got our shit together, and made our way out of the store, and back to my car, where I proceeded to drive the girls back to Hailee's place. Once we got there, Hailee gave me a kiss on the cheek, before telling me, that her and Sophie were gonna spend the rest of the day, catching up with each other, but to stop by early the next morning.

I told her I would, and that I would see them tomorrow morning.

The End