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Thread: "Bedroom Eyes" with Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "Bedroom Eyes" with Olivia Holt

    With Olivia Holt
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, voyeur, porn, fingering, blowjob, creampie
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story is written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Got inspired by one of her recent clips #sorryNOTsorry

    I hadn't seen or spoken to Olivia in quite some time, who in recent years had become quite the little celebrity in her own right. Still, despite her burgeoning career, I was happy to see she hadn't changed one bit and was just as flirty and cocky as ever.

    The family gathering itself was your usual boring affair, with the parentals drinking heavily and carrying on in the house while the rest of us busied ourselves out in the yard, and around the pool.

    I'd been so busy with friends and work commitments I didn't even have time to clean my room, so when Liv and her folks arrived that day I waited for the right opportunity to disappear upstairs and tidy up a little, only to hear her clear her throat behind me.

    "I was wondering where you ran off too," she grinned while looking around my pig-sty of a room.

    I was embarrassed to say the least, but Liv didn't seem to mind and claimed that her brother's room was just as messy.

    "I hope you're not cleaning up for my sake," she said before coming in to sit on the edge of my bed.

    I apologized for the mess and continued to clean my room, only for Olivia to snoop around and open my laptop and discover what I'd been watching earlier that day.

    "Whoa, what have we here," she gasped, as she was immediately treated to some x-rated smut. "Jackpot."

    I almost tripped over my own feet trying to reach for the laptop, only for her to pull it away from me.

    "Wait, don't shut it!" she whined. "I was watching that. That looked interesting."

    "Liv," I blushed. "I'm embarrassed as it is, don't make it worse."

    My cousin laughed, "I see you like watching porn just as much as Cade does."

    At first I didn't take much notice of her comment, but then stopped when I realized the implication.

    "Wait, how do YOU know how much porn he watches?"

    "We watch it all the time," she admitted, before trying to backtrack. "—I mean, we've seen the same kind of stuff."

    "You watch porn with your brother?"

    "Well, kinda. Maybe, once or twice. I dunno. Forget it."

    For whatever reason I found this revelation kind of hot, particularly considering how clean cut her image was. Looking at Olivia you'd never believe someone as sweet as her watched porn, much less with her own perverted brother.

    "What do you guys like to watch?"

    "oh, you know, the usual stuff."

    "No. I don't." I played coy. "Like what,"

    "Well, let me show you." she said before snatching the laptop from my hand and browsing over to some specific tube sites.

    I was surprised to see Olivia open up on an interracial scene with two blondes and a very endowed black man.


    Olivia giggled.

    "Are you legitimately into this stuff?"

    "Not always, but it's kinda of hot don't you think,"

    "Yeah, sure. Your mom would kill you!"

    Olivia laughed, "I know right, but that's what makes it so hot. The risk of getting caught."

    "And Cade likes this stuff too?"

    "He's the one who got me into it!" she claimed. "He's the one who's constantly trying to push me into interracial stuff, and says how hot it'd be if I got it on with one or two black guys at once."

    I was so shocked by this comment you could have pushed me over with a feather. Noting this reaction, Liv seemed to panic a little and tried to make excuses.

    "Um well, you know what I mean right. What I meant to say is.."

    "Relax," I assured her. "I won't say anything. We're family, after all. You can trust me."

    "Yeah well, you're the last person to judge," she snapped back. "You're obviously hard right now."

    Paranoid by her tone, I rushed over to shut the bedroom door, leaving Liv and I alone in my room with the porno still playing on my computer.

    "Err, do you mind if I borrow this for a few minutes," she asked, insinuating that she wanted to take my laptop into the bathroom with her.

    "Hell yes I mind," I answered while picking up some dirty laundry. "If you're going to watch that stuff and get off to it, you have to do it here, in my bedroom."

    My cousin looked at me as though I had challenged her to something.

    "Fine. You think I wouldn't?" she shrugged. "I would, you know. I bet, you wouldn't though."

    I stopped to look at her.

    "Wouldn't what, get off with someone in the same room? Ha. Trust me, I totally could. I'm not shy like some."


    "Try me." I dared.

    Olivia scoffed as I then took off my shirt and stood in my bedroom in nothing but my boxer shorts, before turning the tables on her. To her credit, Olivia proceeded to look for a new clip for us to watch, then reached down to unbutton the top two buttons of her jeans.

    Truth be told, just watching her sit there with her pants undone was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen.

    "You better not tell anyone about this," she added as she reached inside to rub her panties.

    As if acting on impulse, I quickly joined her and squeezed my boxers, my eyes locked on my sexy cousin as she watched the hardcore video play out, this time featuring a very cute brunette in a public gloryhole.

    Olivia paused every so often to look back and ask if I was enjoying the show (video) to which I nodded, and continued to watch HER move her hand inside her pants. Noting this, she grinned and almost seemed to get off on the attention.

    "You know, if you weren't here right now I could totally get off to this." she claimed.

    "Just pretend I'm not here," I said, causing her to flash me a cynical look.


    "Are you even wet right now," I challenged.

    Olivia nodded as she focused her attention back on the screen - watching as the cute starlet took another huge load across her teenage face.

    "Prove it," I dared.

    At first she didn't respond, but then took her fingers out of her pants to indeed reveal just how wet her digits were.

    "How do they taste?" I heard myself ask.

    Liv shrugged and proceeded to play with herself as I fished out my cock and whacked it right there behind her. It was only when she glanced back to see my exposed dick that her attitude changed, and she now had trouble keeping her attention on the screen.

    "Err, wow.." she blushed while sneaking a few additional glances at my prick. "That's pretty big."

    I took this cue to step forward and stand beside her by the bed, both of us facing the laptop. At first she tried to act all casual about it, but I could tell she was having trouble concentrating on the video with my dick just inches from her shoulder.

    "Can I see your fingers again," I asked boldly.

    She didn't hesitate and displayed them for me, proving to me that not only was she still wet but even more so than before.

    "Do you ever taste yourself?"

    Olivia simply responded by dipping those same fingers into her mouth and swirled her tongue around, licking them clean. I groaned in response and jacked off even harder which only made her giggle.

    Kidding around, I then tapped the head of my bare cock against her shoulder which both amused and surprised her, as her hand continued to work its magic inside her pants.

    "Lick them again, Liv" I growled, as I spat on my own hand and jerked off beside her.

    My sexy cousin did as requested, and even put on a bit of a show as she licked her fingers clean two more times.

    "Mm.. I taste really good right now."

    "Is that what you and Cade get up to when you're alone," I snickered.

    Olivia grinned, knowing how much the mere notion turned me on.

    "Maybe," she teased. "Maybe sometimes I let him sneak into the bathroom while I'm in the shower, and he jerks off with my panties."

    "oh god," I groaned, as I stroked even harder. "That's so perverted and fucked up."

    "oh, that's nothing." she boasted. "Sometimes I'll even watch him blow a load into my underwear, and I'll put them on and wear them around the house all day long."

    "Fuck. Take them off right now!" I snapped. "Fuck it, do it. I fucking dare you!"

    Olivia laughed at my frustration before standing up to peel her jeans and panties down her legs. With her standing there now pants-less, she sat back on the edge of my bed and spread her legs wide – in the process exposing her fully shaved mound.

    I literally snatched the garments from her hand and brought them up to my face to inhale her musky scent, while beating my dick like it owed me money. At this point, we both ignored the laptop entirely and instead just watched each other as we fapped away in front of one another.

    "That looks so fucking hot right now," she purred. "I love watching guys beat off."

    "I wish I could fuck you Liv," I hissed while licking her warm panties. "Just once, if only we weren't related."

    "Yeah, what would you do to me?"

    "I'd fucking WRECK you!"

    "Mm, I bet you would." she teased back. "You don't know how much I've love to just suck your dick right now. I'm really good at it too."

    "Is that right?"

    "I could make you POP within minutes,"

    Caught up in the moment, I suddenly pushed Liv back onto the bed and spread her legs wide, while shuffling forward to position myself right between her thighs.

    She yelped in panic and almost slapped me in fright, thinking I was going to take advantage of her and fuck her right then and there, but I quickly calmed her down and assured her I wasn't going to go "all the way."

    Instead I now jacked off just inches above her mound, as her fingers soon returned to play and tease her clit and lips.

    "Just keep playing Liv, please." I told her. "I won't put it in, I swear. Just let me pretend. Let's just pretend, yeah?"

    It took a little convincing but Liv finally relaxed enough to enjoy her own fingers, as I jerked off directly above her mound, close enough for my nuts to brush against her clit and send jolts of electricity up her spine.

    "You can touch it if you want," she offered a minute later. "—but NO penetration, agreed?"

    I wholeheartedly agreed, and with her permission I pulled back slightly and proceeded to tap the tip of my bell-end against her clit, driving us both mental. I heard myself groan even louder when I watched her apply a heavy dose of spit to the inside of her hand and smear it all around her cunt, causing my cock to make a loud smacking sound with each tap.

    "ugh-fuck," she moaned, her head falling back. "God I wish we could fuck right now. I need it, bad."

    "Yeah, how bad?"

    "Ah, I'd make you scream." she moaned erotically while still rubbing her clit. "You'd fucking love how tight my pussy is."

    I took this opportunity to stop and spit on my cock, but to our delight I instead spat a healthy dose of saliva all over her bare pussy. Olivia immediately groaned before smearing it all around with her fingers, then to my surprise, grabbed hold of my rod and stroked it briefly before berating herself for going too far.

    "Shit, sorry. I'm sorry."

    "For what? Don't stop now!" I told her, taking her hand and insisting she continue with what she was doing.

    The Cloak & Dagger star hesitated briefly before wrapping her hand firmly around my cock and jerked me off like a god damn professional. Not wanting to disappoint, I reached under and caressed her sex directly, causing her to jump initially, before moaning her approval.

    "Just outside, yeah?" she panted. "only touching and rubbing.. touching and rubbing,"

    She said it in a way that made me laugh, as though trying to convince herself more than me. I simply nodded as I now played with her wet lips while she jacked me off between her legs, stopping ever so often to spit on her hand.

    Pre-cum now leaked from the tip, and before I had time to feel ashamed, I felt her direct the head of my cock against her slimy slit, brushing it up and down the entire length of her sex – causing us both to moan in unison.

    I looked at her in disbelief.

    "Sorry," she shrugged innocently. "I just had to try it."

    Noting this, I immediately pinned her legs back hard against the bed – almost leaving her knees flat against the mattress – and took hold of my rod and rubbed the head along her greasy crevice. Once, twice, three times. Each time we both moaned audibly to the action.

    "ugh-fuck, that feels so good.." she let out as I stopped to admire her magnificent cunt, before spitting on it again.

    "Just keep rubbing that pretty little clit for me," I growled, rubbing and tapping my cock against her pussy.

    Liv not only did as I asked, but then proceeded to open her pussy lips for me – almost tempting me to massage every inch of her sex and slide further inside.

    "—is this what you and Cade do when you've got the house to yourselves?" I chuckled.

    "Mm, I wish." Liv answered. "He'd never let us get this far, cause he knows we probably couldn't control ourselves."

    It was at this point that I finally snapped.

    "Fuck it," I hissed, before I suddenly dove in head first between her legs and slammed my tongue into her pussy.

    Olivia gasped before thrashing about wildly on the mattress, then reached down to push my face away, but then changed her mind and pulled me even harder against her, spurring me on. I couldn't help but grin at her mixed messages as her mind said one thing, but her body screamed another.

    I absolutely devoured her cunt whole, licking, sucking and slurping loudly on her cunt-lips before dipping down to stab my tongue across her gaping little asshole.

    "Ah god, what are you—fuck!!"

    With her legs pinned back on the bed, the Disney songstress made quite the vision laying there mewling like an injured animal, as I had my way with her flawless body and probed and rimmed both holes in succession.

    When I finally straightened up and rubbed the head of my cock against her puckered backdoor, she just about went nuts and pulled me up into a deep kiss - smashing our lips together!

    I wanted to say something but my voice was trembling.

    Things were suddenly spiraling out of control as her tongue plunged into my mouth. I did the same to her, while at the same time my hips bucked and I found myself grinding my bare cock against her sex.

    In an instant, Olivia managed to roll us over onto my back, and before I knew it, she slid down the bed and took my cock into her mouth! ...a mouth that was almost as warm and slippery as her pussy.

    She moved up and down my rod like a piston moving in a cylinder. Truth be told I was still trying to wrap my head around what we were doing, as my hands found the back of her head and I urged her to take more of my meat into her throat.

    "ah-ugh-GAAAHH!" she gagged loudly, before throating me again and again.

    To my surprise, Liv then crawled back up my body to kiss me on the lips again, and before I could utter a single word, she reached down between us to carefully impale herself on my rod.

    I simply lay there with a bemused look on my face, as my gorgeous cousin now proceeded to ride me like her own personal pummel horse, all the while as our family partied loudly downstairs.

    "Liv, fuck.. Liv," I mumbled incoherently, urging her to hurry up and get her rocks off. "This is so wrong,"

    "YES, YES, YES," she grunted in my ear while slamming her hips down on me repeatedly.

    I grabbed her by both cheeks and smashed her down harder against me, as our lips found each other and we almost drowned on our combined spit. We just couldn't stop kissing each other as we fucked wildly on my bed.

    "Liv. I can't last much longer," I admitted as she took all of my length like a pro.

    "I'm close, so close.." she chanted as she picked up the pace - causing the headboard to bang loudly against the wall.

    I could feel my nuts begin to boil, and started to thrust up into her. In my mind I figured I was going to cum anyways, so the least I could do was give her everything I had and go BALLS deep.

    I began to slap her ass in time with our thrusts, and pivoted my hips from side to side so as to strike different regions of her cunt.

    "shit, I'm gunna cum.." she hissed erotically. "You're gunna make me cum all over your cock!"

    When I finally came, instead of pulling out or squirming away I pushed in DEEP and felt her squat down heavily over my nuts, grunting out loud with each and every ejaculation.

    Having treated her to one monumental cream-pie, she ultimately rolled off and collapsed beside me on the bed, and was just about to say something when we were both interrupted by a knock at the door - no thanks to one of the younger kids snooping around upstairs.

    The look on Olivia's face was priceless as we both jumped with fright and rushed to get dressed in record time, all the while as my hot gooey load now oozed out of her pristine cunt.

    "Err, Jacob?! What are you doing up here?" Olivia huffed while trying to keep her composure.

    I gulped hard at the realization that not only had we just had sex on my bed, but we'd almost gotten caught. Having fixed her appearance as best as possible, Olivia opened the door to greet her nephew and directed him back towards the stairs.

    "So are you coming downstairs or what," she asked me over her shoulder.

    "Sure, I'll be down in a minute."

    Liv smirked, "You better not keep me waiting."

    "If I do, you know where to find me."

    "Yeah, I do."

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    Grr, nothing like some classic Olivia Holt wincest, great as always TPG

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    Once again, you've written up an incredible Olivia Holt story, TPG.

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    Great story. Also, I've watched the Olivia gif of her going down the stairs a bunch of times before, but just now did I notice her shoes were lit up. I guess I was too distracted by something else to notice.
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    Holy shit was that awesome. Not to mention that YouTube video of hers is HOF material

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    Great story as always TPG. I was torn between reading it all the way or exiting off because this hit a little too close to home with my cousin looking like Olivia Holt and having a cousin Jacob

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