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Thread: "Adult Emporium" with Michelle Keegan, Georgia May Foote, and Frankie Sandford

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    fanfiction "Adult Emporium" with Michelle Keegan, Georgia May Foote, and Frankie Sandford

    Adult Emporium
    With Michelle Keegan, Georgia May Foote, and Frankie Sandford
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFFF, blowjob, gloryhole, sybian, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.
    A/N: Got inspired by the chat (as usual) and decided to punch it up while still fresh in my head. Hope you like it.

    I heard them coming from a mile away, and it didn't take a genius to figure out they were already drunk. What did surprise me however, was when I recognized the ladies as being Michelle Keegan, Georgia May Foote, and Frankie Sandford.

    Working in a London adult store was an uneventful affair for the most part, so you can imagine my surprise when three of England's hottest exports wandered into the establishment at 2am, and seemed up for some fun.

    Naturally, I gave them a few minutes to look around before I introduced myself, and spent the next half hour showing them some of the latest and greatest toys and marital aids on the market.

    "oh-wow," Georgia remarked while studying the toys. "That's pretty clever."

    As I went on to explain their features, Michelle seemed uninterested and wanted to leave.

    "We're actually having a sale this week," I lied. "Buy one today, and get another of equal value absolutely free."

    Amusingly enough it was Frankie, MILF of the group who seemed intrigued by the offer and couldn't pass up the deal.

    Unfortunately for us, Michelle simply shrugged and claimed she had better toys at home, which gave me an opportunity to jump in and quiz her about her sexual history. Surprisingly enough, the busty actress seemed to know her stuff and indeed owned some pretty impressive hardware.

    "What about a Sybian," I suggested. "Have you guys ever seen one in action?"

    They all looked confused, before I stepped around the counter and asked them to follow me to the back of the store where we had one on display. While Michelle still seemed unimpressed, her friends were absolutely amazed by it.

    "Can we switch it on!" Frankie asked, while I explained how it worked.

    "Sweet jesus," GMF commented. "That's brilliant."

    There was a long moment of silence as I switched it on, and the ladies just stared at the very loud, powerful apparatus.

    "Can we try it?" Frankie volunteered.

    I looked at her friends who also seemed keen to see it in action.

    "You're more than welcome to try,"

    "Err, I dunno if I should..." The Saturdays singer hesitated. "What if someone walks in and sees me on it?"

    Thinking quickly, I offered to lock the front door to stop any would-be paps from walking in and watching them have fun.

    "So, what do you think?" Frankie smiled at her friends.

    "I'm game if you are," Georgia giggled. "If you try it, I will too."

    My cock twitched at the mere notion, knowing that whichever one of them was game enough to ride it, would undoubtedly climax in front of her friends.

    Frankie looked down and grabbed the dildo portion of the device, "Guessing this is where I sit?"

    I gulped hard as I watched the short-haired singer lift up her skirt - showing off those flawless pins - and straddled the device in her heels, making sure to grind her sex up against the "dongle" like fixture, before I turned up the power.

    "okay-okay, easy." she gasped out of breath. "Do it slow, it's been a while for me."

    Her friends laughed and filmed her with their phone cameras as I eased her into it, and slowly turned up the heat.

    "Holy... fuck!" she let out, while clutching the saddle and shutting her eyes. "shit, I think I'm gonna cum!"

    The look on her friends faces was priceless, as we stood there and watched Frankie Sandford actually climax (loudly) on the machine. When I finally switched it off, we literally had to peel her off the device she was so exhausted... exhausted and euphoric.

    "How was it?" asked Georgia.

    "Seriously, that's the best fucking thing I've ever done." Frankie cussed. "You have to try it!"

    Amusingly enough Georgia was so keen to ride it she almost pushed us out of the way, before unzipping her pants.

    "What the hell are you doing?" Keegan asked.

    As it turned out, Georgia claimed she wanted to get a "genuine" experience, so she took off her pants and seemed intent on riding the device in nothing but her panties. Once again I turned up the knob and watched as its guest quickly squealed and moaned to its power.

    "Holy shit, I want one!" GMF shouted over the loud buzz. "I'm not leaving this place, you can lock the store up for the night and I'm still gonna be here riding this thing!"

    To her credit, Georgia seemed to have a much higher tolerance than her counterpart, and held out for an extra minute or two before she finally relented.

    When she finally came, we had to help her as she seemed to lose all feelings in her legs, before we stopped and looked at Michelle who, suddenly seemed anxious about the whole thing and wandered off.

    I remember feeling a little disappointed by this - as I genuinely looked forward to watching Keegan ride the machine - but was quickly distracted by Frankie who took the opportunity to chime in again.

    "Screw her, I want another turn!" she said, before moving to straddle the device again.

    While Frankie and I busied ourselves with her next go, Georgia went chasing after her friend.

    "You think I should try it without any panties on?" Frankie whispered, to which I wholeheartedly agreed.

    The mother of two then peeled her panties down her legs, and casually handed them to me while she made herself comfortable on the saddle. My cock literally throbbed when I took her underwear in my hand and could feel how warm they were to the touch.

    "This time you can go a little harder," she winked. "Now that I know what to expect."

    "You know, you could probably sit on that dongle this time around," I encouraged. "to get the full power of the machine."

    "Are you sure its safe?"

    "Trust me, you won't regret it."

    "Err-okay, but just don't tell the others I did it." she said as she reached down and carefully impaled herself on the short-stubbed dildo.

    I gave her a minute to get settled in, before I revved up the motor to about 70% which immediately took her breath away.

    "ugh... fuck!"

    Judging from the way she squirmed against the machine I knew she wouldn't last very long, as the dildo inside her began to move in slow circles, causing her to flick her head back and moan out loud while moving her hips up and down.

    I took this opportunity to glance up and see what the other girls were doing, and was surprised to see them head into one of the private video booths. Just the notion that Michelle and Georgia were about to embark on some kind of x-rated movie adventure thrilled me to no end, and encouraged me to hurry things along with Frankie.

    That said, I brought Frankie's panties up to my face to inhale her scent, only to feel her reach up and grab at my waist to steady herself as she rode the Sybian harder and faster. Just watching her like this - her eyes locked to mine as I openly sniffed her panties - was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen.

    "fuck, I think I'm gonna cum—" she cussed hotly while thrashing about.

    "Come for me Francesca," I told her, which only seemed to turn her on more. "I want to see you c-r-e-a-m all over that seat,"


    <iframe class="restrain" title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" id="yui-gen43"></iframe>

    <iframe class="restrain" title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" id="yui-gen44"></iframe>

    <iframe class="restrain" title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" id="yui-gen45"></iframe>

    "Let out the poison baby," I insisted, before taking her panties and shoving them into her open mouth, if only to stop her from screaming out loud during her climax.

    Frankie seemed startled for a minute, before reaching over to grab at the obvious tent in my pants, and squeezed my cock as she came like a freight train. For a moment there I almost considered taking out my prick and jamming it down her throat, but she came so hard I didn't want to ruin her moment.

    When she finally calmed down the striking brunette blushed like never before, apparently ashamed by her lewd actions.

    "I expect you won't tell the others about what just happened," she said, referring to her orgasm and her impromptu cock grab.

    Having had her fun, I helped her up onto shaky legs before she went off to chase after her friends and joined them in the video booth. I took this opportunity to check on the front desk, before rushing back to where the ladies were, and sudden had an evil thought.

    In my mind I was either going to scare them off and risk a lawsuit, or experience one of the most incredible nights of my life.

    With nothing to lose (aside from my job) I slipped into the adjoining booth and, taking a deep breath, I took out my cock and carefully slipped it through one of the gloryholes into their room next door.

    Their reaction was almost immediate, with Georgia pointing it out while the others all gasped and laughed. At this point there was literally no doubt as to who the penis belonged too (me) and yet they didn't object or leave. Instead they just seemed to squabble between themselves while looking at it.

    "Go on then, touch it."

    "I'm not touching it, you touch it!"

    To my delight, it was Michelle Keegan who finally had the nerve to make the first move and gently wrapped those acrylic nails around my skin-flute.

    "I don't know what you're both so nervous about, it's just a cock." she said.

    "You have to admit though, it's pretty impressive." I heard one of them say.

    I suddenly heard myself let out an audible moan, when I felt two of the softest lips suddenly wrap around my bell-end.

    The fact that I didn't know who they belonged to only made the blowjob all that more exciting. That was until I heard Keegan complain about Georgia hogging all the fun ( was Georgia's mouth all along?) and then felt Michelle's own breath on my shaft.

    My cock twitched and oozed pre-cum as I shut my eyes and tried to visualize what exactly was going on in that room, and how Georgia and Michelle now took turns sucking my dick.

    "Can I have a go," I heard Frankie comment, before the other lips disappeared and I was suddenly engulfed by a third, warmer mouth.

    As it turned out, Georgia seemed to have the least amount of discipline and now appeared to focus her attention on the movie playing in their video booth. This quickly diverted Michelle's attention too, and while the others giggled and commented on the x-rated film, Frankie decided she wasn't going to disappoint.

    She placed her hands against the wall on either side of the gloryhole and eagerly impaled her own head on my fleshy stake. She forced her face down onto it until her nose and chin rubbed against the wall.

    "You're just lucky there's a wall between us right now," she hissed hotly between sucks. "Otherwise I'd give you a real show."

    I was half tempted to leave the gloryhole and run into the next booth, but I just couldn't make my feet work or will myself away from that hole.

    In a matter of seconds, two more mouths joined the first and my mind turned to mush as all three starlets now licked, sucked, and kissed different regions of my manhood from my nuts to the tip of its cock.

    "Come on girls," one of them boasted. "Let's make him pop."

    "Mm-yeah," Georgia purred. "It's been a while since I had a hot thick load ooze down the back of my throat,"

    Just hearing this running commentary was enough to make me nut right then and there, until all three mouths disappeared and were suddenly replaced with someone very wet and tight.

    "Jesus," I thought, when I realized what it was - pussy!

    "Fuck-yeah, Frankie." the ladies jeered. "Take his cock all the inside you."

    At this point I had to use all of my strength not to full her snatch with spunk, and just stood there pinned against the wall while Frankie Sandford now actively pounded herself back against my rod.

    "ugh-fuck, oh-shit, that feels so good!" she chanted erotically. "Nothing beats the real thing, nothing."

    I could hear smooching going on in the distance, which only drove me mental as I wondered who was kissing who while I was now balls deep inside the MILF songstress.

    "Why don't you hop off so I can clean you off," I heard Georgia say, before Frankie took her advice and my penis was immediately engulfed in Georgia's mouth.

    I was literally on the verge of ejaculating into the back of her throat, until someone suddenly gripped my tool as hard as they could and whispered sexily into the wall.

    "You better not come yet, you hear me." growled Michelle. "Not until we get our rocks off first, understand?"

    All I could do was grunt out loud as Georgia finished polishing my knob, and for the second time in as many minutes I entered another hot, wet pussy.

    "Fuck-yeah mish, that looks so hot—" her friends sneered, as Keegan now proceeded to bounce her ass off the wall, taking all of my length deep inside her.

    It was almost torture knowing that I was currently embedded in such a gorgeous woman, and yet denied seeing her naked body or touching her at all. Michelle continued riding me for a minute or two before she was promptly replaced by her friends, who now seemed to take turns using my cock like their own personal play thing.

    I couldn't even distinguish between any of the girls, despite the fact they clearly had different types of vaginas – not that I could choose a favorite of course. Each one of them had their own distinct way about them, and the pace they liked to fuck.

    It was only when I heard a few gasps from the other room and felt some mild pain that I realized, not only was one of the ladies attempting to slip me into her backdoor, but by all accounts the ass I was about to fuck belonged to Michelle Keegan herself!

    "Come on sweetie, just stick it in my ass for a minute." she purred while guiding me with her hand.

    As you can imagine, I just about lost my fucking mind and barely made it inside her ass before I came like a god damn volcano, shooting my load in and all over her puckered asshole, before the girls had the good sense to drop to their knees and direct my spewing cock all over their faces.

    "yeah-yeah, good boy." they cheered while absolutely covered in spunk.

    I came so hard I almost blacked out, as the ladies collected themselves and stumbled out the door.

    When I finally cleaned myself up and wandered back to the front desk, I was delighted to see a phone number scribbled on my note pad, and a message that read:

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    Super fucking hot. But u know who I think feels slighted that she wasnt the milf.

    But overall. Great story. Bout time Georgia got more love on here and we can never have enough keegs stories imo.

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    Farkin hell mate... glad I made the suggestion in chat! Fucking well done!

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    Georgia May Foote and Michelle Keegan in the same story?

    I don't even know, how to describe, just how amazing this was... I'll definitely be reading it time and again.
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