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Thread: "The Morning After" with Zooey Deschanel

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    fanfiction "The Morning After" with Zooey Deschanel

    With Zooey Deschanel
    Written by TPG (inspired by a dream)
    CODES: MF, blowjob, doggy-style, ass-play, dirty talk
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: So I had this dream this morning and decided to write it down while it was fresh in my mind. Figured I'd post it for the Zooey fans out there.

    The hangover was pretty intense, as I got up and went to the bathroom to take a leak. It was only 7am but the sun was shining bright, enough to almost blind me.

    As I wandered through the house the nights events suddenly came flooding back, and I began to panic as I passed my parents bedroom and realized they had arrived home sometime during the night, and were still asleep.

    I wondered if they had seen any evidence of the party I had had, or my special guest who was still asleep in my bed. On second thought, I was sure if they had I would have heard about it by now, particularly since my "date" happened to be Zooey, one of my moms closest friends.

    You see, Zooey Deschanel lived across the street from us and the actress was close with my folks. I should mention, Zooey was also TWICE my age (eighteen to her thirty-eight) so there'd be hell to pay if my folks woke up and realized that she had spent the night with me.

    Of course, nothing sexual had actual happened during the night – as much as I wished it had – but the mere possibility was enough to get us both in trouble. Fact was, I'd always had a huge crush on her, and I'm almost certain the feelings were mutual, but we'd never acted on it. If anything, Zooey treated me like a kid brother.

    In fact over the years she had made a point to mention our differences in age on several occasions, claiming she was much too old for me and that if she was just a few years younger she'd totally date me. However, as it was we remained good "friends."

    As I stood there relieving my bladder, the foggy memories of the night came flooding back and I recalled the amount of alcohol we'd had and the way we'd smashed several cones together, before we ultimately passed out on my bed.

    I was both thrilled and yet disappointed by the nights events, as I'd finally convinced her to come over and keep me company while my folks were out to dinner, but unfortunately for me nothing had happened. Truth be told I always enjoyed her company, particularly as she seemed to like smoking weed as much as I did.

    As I groggily wandered through the house, I did a quick check on my folks to make sure they were still asleep before I made my way back to my room, only to hear some activity in the living room and found Zooey half awake, and evidently stumbling around.

    I noticed her hair was disheveled and she was clutching a plastic bag, which to my chagrin was making way too much of a racket for that time of the morning.

    "What are you doing," I hissed. "Where are you going?"

    "I need to go to the bathroom," she slurred.

    "You can't! You'll wake up the rest of the house."

    Zooey shrugged indifferently before she attempted to walk down the hallway regardless, before I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her back into my bedroom. There I forced her to take a seat on a fold out chair by the door. Amusingly enough she was so out of it she didn't even put up any kind of a fight.

    That said, I'm not even sure what possessed me to do it: anger, frustration, a combination of the nights events or my morning wood, but noting how docile she was - I suddenly pulled out my cock, and before she could say anything I slipped it into her mouth.

    To my delight, the actress didn't object and happily sucked my dick!

    I guess in my mind I figured I really had nothing to lose. That and the fact I was almost positive she was just as drunk and hung over as I was, so I could probably get away with acting out and just blame it on the alcohol.

    In any event, Zooey seemed just as indifferent to it all as I was and went along and happily sucked my dick, as I now humped her pretty face for the next few minutes, feeding her my teenage rod.

    "You like that," I asked while brushing the long hair out of her eyes. "Tell me you like it,"

    She didn't respond verbally, but the look in her eyes told me she did.

    Having had my fill, I then pulled back and aggressively shoved her sweat pants down her legs, leaving her naked from the waist down, and swiftly placed her ankles over my shoulders and SLAMMED my cock into her mound.

    The starlet huffed as I pushed all the way home, and proceeded to fuck her in that very seat, which now tapped loudly against the bedroom door. Zooey – who was still very much intoxicated – simply sat there silently as I had my way with her, and fucked her for the very first time.

    All those years of pent up frustration were finally released as I pounded her harder and faster, and was delighted to discover that not only was she incredibly wet, but impressively tight too. In fact the actress wasn't just tight, but she appeared to have a very small, and shallow pussy.

    My sexy neighbor now glared up at me with those brilliant blue eyes – half drunk and half astonished at the sudden turn of events – as I pistoned my young cock in and out of her cunny.

    "Fuck me," she finally whimpered.

    "You feel that?" I growled, while filling her completely. "—you're so fucking wet!"

    My nuts now slapped against her backdoor, increasing the stimulation.

    The actual position we held was incredibly uncomfortable, and we were on the verge of falling over but I didn't care and dare not stop pounding that pussy. When our lips finally made contact, it was like an electric current. I had to use all of my strength not to blow a load deep inside her as I felt her tongue massage my own.

    This added contact also seemed to set her off, and without warning Zooey pushed me off her and pulled us over to the bed, where she threw me down and moved to straddle me. I simply lay there with a huge grin on my face, as one of my mom's best friends guided my sword into her sex and proceeded to ride me enthusiastically.

    Unfortunately for us, the pleasure was so great she couldn't help but moan out loud. This of course was problematic and forced me to reach up and place my hand around her mouth to keep her quiet, which only seemed to turn her on more and cause her to go wild, humping her hips back and forth.

    Suddenly I couldn't keep quiet, and found myself grunting out loud as she fucked me wildly.

    When Zooey finally and unexpectedly climaxed above me, she trembled so hard I thought she was having a seizure, before she collapsed on top. In an instant our lips met once again and we swirled our tongues around and devoured each other, as I reached down and grabbed hold of her thick buttocks with both hands and continued to feed her my young cock.

    When I suddenly pulled her off me and re-positioned myself on the bed, the look on her face was priceless. She didn't have a glue what was going on, and clearly didn't have the strength to do anything about it anyways. I grinned evilly as I grabbed hold of her legs and directed her to lay face down, ass up while I moved to mount her from behind.

    Zooey was still coming down from her orgasmic high and groaned in protest. At that point I think all she wanted to do now was roll over and sleep it off. However, I had other ideas and despite her reluctance, I carefully fed my hard cock into her from behind and gave her two hard thrusts for good measure.

    "UGH! ...fuck," she grunted, before I pulled her hair and forced her into a deep kiss as I proceeded to fuck her doggy-style.

    "God damn.. you're gunna make me cum!" I hissed as I drilled her into the mattress and slapped her thick ass.

    "Please, hurry.. just cum!"

    My nuts now slapped loudly against her cunt, causing her to moan and climax yet again while I licked my thumb and pressed the tip of my digit into her backdoor, intent on filling both her holes at once.

    The look on her face was amusing to say the least as I suspect no had ever even entertained the idea of taking her ass, much less had the audacity to stick a finger IN her butt.

    "Tell me you like it," I growled at her.

    The actress hesitated, but knowing how much it turned me on, she moaned back and granted my wish.

    "—I fucking love it!" she mewled, "I love it in my ass!"

    Just hearing this tone from her was enough to set me off, and I pulled out and plastered her entire butt and back in thick ropes of jism.

    ...(I then woke up)

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    As Wilder said, that was one hell of a dream.
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