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Thread: "London Calling" with Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "London Calling" with Paris Berelc

    With Paris Berelc
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MMF, blowjob, drunk, rimming, ass play, voyeur
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: As usual, got inspired by something she posted today, figured I'd just post it

    <iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="533" height="400" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

    I guess its true what they say, everything happens for a reason. Case in point, I'd only been busking in the London Underground for a few short weeks, and not only was I finding it to be financially rewarding, but it was a good way to meet chicks.

    Up until that point I thought I'd done pretty good for myself, that was until one Sunday afternoon when a spunky young asian chick and her male companion dropped me a few dollars and end up chatting with me for several minutes.

    As it turned out, Paris Berelc had flown in from Los Angeles and was in town to do a little sightseeing. Naturally, being the gentleman that I am I offered to show her around, and to my surprise she agreed.

    At first I wondered if my two new friends were an item, particularly since James appeared to have a local accent and lived nearby, but this was quickly dismissed as she went on to claim how she had a boyfriend back in the States.

    To make matters worse, James then went on to admit how he'd only met Paris a few days earlier, after "friending" her via social media and chatting to her online for the last few weeks.

    While this no doubt sounded far-fetched, I soon got to know them both over the next few hours and discovered first hand just how friendly and free-spirited Paris was, particularly as we proceeded to bar hop throughout London.

    "No way, are you sure?" she gasped, the first time she'd been offered a beer. "I can do that legally here?"

    It took a bit of convincing, but Paris ultimately relaxed enough to enjoy a few more drinks, and to our amusement it didn't take long to get her drunk. Funnily enough it was during one of these pub crawls that the guys and I realized that just how small the world really was, as we were both staying at the same hotel.

    "Maybe it was meant to be," Paris slurred. "Maybe we were meant to cross paths together or something,"

    You know, when I think about it now it didn't even occur to me that I was imposing. I mean, despite being new to the city, it'd only dawned on my later - while taking a leak - that this was precisely what James was there to do, to be her personal tour guide. And yet, here she was perfectly fine with not only flirting with me but having me tag along.

    In fact not only was she easy going, but she also seemed to have a wicked sense of humor, ever after I went out of my way to make a few racist asian jokes at her expense.

    "You know I'm only kidding right?" I laughed. "About you guys being unable to drive."

    "You're just lucky I'm not wearing my heels," she joked back. "Otherwise I'd Kung-Fu your ass into next week!"

    So all in all it was a fun night, and as expected the three of us got so hammered that I had to physically carry the TV star into a waiting taxi and escort them both back to our hotel, where Paris appeared to be quiet playful and rowdy.

    "I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, you know." she'd boast drunkenly. "I'm also a champion gymnast."

    "You're asian, of course you are." I'd laughed back, only to have her punch me in the arm.

    Funnily enough James didn't really have much to say for himself, aside from laughing quietly, as I'm sure he was still feeling sorry for himself now that I had tagged along and apparently spoiled his plans to seduce and spend some quality time with her.

    Of course, I'm almost certain that this wasn't lost on Paris either, who to her credit didn't try to lead him on but instead just kept things rolling in a fun, good natured kind of way. In fact one could argue that the reason she had invited me along was so as to be a kind of buffer, and not have to spend all that "alone" time with her new UK friend, at least that's what I kept telling myself.

    It was while seated in the back of the cab that she and I got pretty cozy in the backseat, while James sat directly opposite us, and seemingly passed out. Paris took this opportunity to try to tease and wake him, and in the process placed her hand on the inside of leg where she no doubt felt the girth of my rigid cock.

    At first I ignored this inappropriate touch, but when she eventually stopped to flash me a seductive grin, I could tell she was impressed. When we arrived to the hotel I was amused to see that not only where we staying at the same hotel, but my room appeared to be on the same floor, right down the hall.

    That said, I initially attempted to lure Paris into my room but James was still sober enough to realize what was going on and he pointed out their room at the end of the hall.

    Despite this, I helped carry Paris to their room where I eased her down onto the bed while James finally passed out beside her.

    While a part of me really wanted to stay and mess around, I knew I'd only be taking advantage of her in her current state, and I didn't want her regretting it in the morning or have her hate me, so I forced myself to leave.

    "Aw, don't go!" she slurred. "We were just starting to have some fun together. What, don't you like asian girls or something?"

    I laughed and thanked her for a great night, then offered to kiss her on the cheek only to have her peck me on the lips.

    "Yep, you've definitely had a lot to drink tonight," I pointed out.

    "Are you seriously going to leave me in here with him," she pouted. "He's already passed out!"

    "I think I better leave before I do something I might regret," I told her. "Err, there's something you don't know about me... I'm married."

    The actress simply shrugged.

    "Whatever," she huffed. "You think you're the first married guy I've messed around with? You're only punishing yourself."

    I didn't doubt it, but I wished her a good night nonetheless and walked myself out kicking myself for not having the guts to take advantage of the situation. Well as you can imagine, I couldn't get to sleep. In a fact it'd only been an hour or so and I was tossing and turning and couldn't get comfortable, knowing a hot piece of ass like her was laying up the hall willing and able.

    Fed up, I finally threw on a shirt and marched back over to their hotel door where to my surprise Paris answered it dressed in nothing more than a bath towel.

    "Hey, what's up." she slurred, no doubt still drunk. "I just got out of the shower,"

    Not knowing what to say, I asked if I could borrow a towel and Paris happily concurred. Once inside, I could see the bed was a mess and while still passed out, James was partially disrobed.

    If I didn't know better, the two had clearly had sex while I was gone, and I suddenly had a sinking feeling that I had missed out on of the best one night stands of my life.

    Meanwhile as I followed the ravaging beauty into the bathroom, I couldn't help but wonder just how naked she was under her towel, and suddenly got the answer when she got on all fours and bent over enough to flash me her teen sex!

    "God damn it Paris," I growled audibly. "Why are you such a tease."

    "What are you talking about?" she replied over her shoulder, her entire pussy on display.

    "That body, your ass." I said. "really?"

    "I told you, I just got out of the shower," she reasoned (with a sly grin on her face)

    The girl sure knew how to act coy (after all she was a trained actress) but my god was she a Grade-A tease.

    "This is the last thing I need to see right now," I pointed out. "After all I'm sleeping alone tonight, and that ass is making it hard."

    Paris giggled, while still wiggling her derriere at me. That bare, naked derriere.

    "That's too bad," she smiled while getting up. "So do you want these towels or not, ...or maybe I should make you work for it?"

    "Hmm, can I see your ass again?"

    "Maybe, depends."

    "On what, exactly?"

    "You show me yours, and I'll show you mine."

    I didn't have to be asked twice, and took out my cock as she slipped her hands under her towel to reveal and play with her fully shaved mound.

    "Is this what you wanted to see," she purred erotically. "My pretty little cookie?"

    We stood there casually stroking ourselves before I finally couldn't help but reach over and replace her hand with my own.

    "I told you, you were a fucking tease," I said, as I brushed my fingers along her hairless slit.

    The actress simply stood there moaning against the sink as I now openly fingered her.

    "And to think, I actually thought you needed a towel," she chuckled.

    "I did, I just wish I knocked on the door a few moments earlier."

    "If you did, you would have interrupted us,"

    "-doing what exactly?"

    "I couldn't help it, I was really horny." she claimed, while moaning and grinding her pelvis against my fingers. "I sucked his dick! I figured it was the least I could do since he's been such a great friend."

    "I would've enjoyed watching that," I told her. "And I definitely would have enjoyed watching you in the shower."

    "I bet you would. I was playing with myself too," she admitted. "I don't know what's gotten into me but, lately I'm so horny."

    That said, Paris suddenly pulled me into a deep kiss before dropping to her knees to admire my cock up close.

    "I really did make you hard, didn't I."

    I didn't respond, and simply moaned as she slipped my cock into her warm mouth and proceeded to blow me.

    The encounter had turned out even better than I had hoped, but then... I almost jumped ten feet when I heard her phone buzz to life, and while I half expected her to ignore it, she instead reached up to answer the call, while still sucking my dick.


    I just stood there dumbfounded, as I could clearly see the person who had called her was her boyfriend Jack, from LA.

    "Mm-huh, um. Cool. I'm gonna have to call you back," she said, and with that she hung up on him and turned her full and undivided attention back to my penis.

    "Jesus, you're something else." I hissed, before pulling her up and kissing her hard on the lips again. "Was that your boyfriend?"

    Paris shrugged, as I twirled her around and bent her over the sink, where I initially plunged two fingers into her hot cunny from behind then dropping to my knees to eat her ass!

    "Ah, fuck yea.." she moaned out loud. "Tongue it deep.. yea."

    While normally I would have been paranoid about making such a racket - what with her male companion in the next room - now that I'd seen this cunning side to her personality and the way she'd treated her boyfriend, all bets were off. Any illusions I had of her being a "good" girl went right out the window.

    This girl was a straight up hustler. An absolute Grade-A slut, and she wasn't afraid to show it.

    That said, I treated her as such and I ATE her ass accordingly for the next few minutes before SHE finally took my hand and pulled me over to the bed. There, we stopped briefly by the side of the mattress so she could blow me again, all in arms length of her male "friend" of course.

    Paris moaned like the whore that she is, as she sucked my dick like a woman possessed, her head bobbing back and forth as though she was born to do it. The starlet paused long enough to take me out of her mouth to look up at me while jacking me off.

    "I want you to fuck me on the bed, right beside him." she said. "Think you can handle that?"

    She immediately returned to sucking my dick, and now made additional moaning sounds like it was the best piece of candy she'd ever tasted.

    "Mm, I could suck this dick all night long..." she purred. "I'd make you cum again and again and again."

    "Why don't you get your ass up onto that bed so I can take another look at that ass,"

    Paris happily obliged, and climbed up onto the bed making sure to show off that butt. There, I directed to her to lay face-down ass-up, and had her play with her pussy while I began to eat her fucking little asshole again.

    "I'm not going to get hungry again after fifteen minutes am I," I joked, making a racist comment about her ethnicity.

    "Mm, ah... asshole!" she moaned back. "Just keep eating my fucking ass."

    I did as she asked and rimmed her thoroughly, making sure to dip down and slurp at her teenage sex. It was only when I noticed some movement on the bed, that I realized she was now sucking James' dick as well!

    "You little two timer slut," I hissed, as I lined up my cock and attempted to fuck her.

    However, being the tease that she is Paris refused to give me access and repeatedly backed up her ass, only to pull away just as I'd attempt to enter her. Ultimately, I was forced to be a lot more aggressive and I finally grabbed her by the hips and slammed myself home, taking her breath away.

    "Ugh-shit! Fuck me," she grunted over her shoulder, before taking his cock back into her mouth.

    I held onto her ass and proceeded to fuck her hard and fast, giving her butt a few sharp slaps for good measure. I quickly noted how positively she responded to the rough play, which only spurred me on and gave me an excuse to tease and play with her bunghole.

    Funnily enough, whether it be due to the alcohol or the sheer stimulation of it all, James suddenly popped in her mouth causing her to moan out loud while attempting to swallow his seed. However most of it ended up all over her chin and neck.

    That said, the slutty little asian glanced back at me her face soiled with spunk and begged me to fuck her even harder, which I was only too happy to do.

    "Don't you cum too soon," she commanded. "Give it to me. Fuck me like you mean it!"

    I pounded that tight cunt like a man possessed, drilling her mercilessly until I felt her suddenly tense up and climax on my rod. She actually squealed so loud I was surprised hotel security wasn't called.

    It was only after I felt her spasming orgasm that I finally relented and pulled out to shoot my load all over her ass and back, absolutely coating her in spunk. In fact I made a special note to aim directly at her gaping asshole, striking it twice before spraying her down.

    "Jesus," I gasped out of breath while wiping my brow. "I think we're going to need more towels,"

    "Screw that, how about you and I hop into the shower instead," she suggested. "I could totally go again you know."

    "Lead the way sweetheart. Lead the way,"

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    When it comes to Paris Berelc, you always deliver, TPG.
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    Ok. Now that was hotter than a benihanna grill in the summer time. :sure:

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