Holt Up, Now!
With Olivia Holt
Written By Harbinger
CODES: Finger, MF, oral,
DISCLAIMER: This story is FICTITIOUS and is only for entertainment purposes.

God, had work ever sucked tonight. The restaurant was packed and every time a table cleared, it seemed like a bigger one replaced it. But such is the life of a Friday night line cook for the best place in town.

I'm looking forward to my brisk walk home at the dark time of 10:30 pm. I could have a car, but that money is going towards my college tuition to beat out student loans. The roads are oddly dead, I notice on my walk. I get that I live in a small town, but this is ghostly. The thick, blinding fog doesn't help much, either. It seems like the usual dead night to me until I come upon a nearly deserted parking lot of a gas station. There's two cars. A really nice black Jeep and a not so great red Ford P.o.S. The Ford has to be the gas station attendant.

I keep walking, having just noticed the set up in my travels. Something catches my eye though, and I'm drawn back to the black Jeep, the one that looks like it cost more than $2,000. Sure as hell, I see it again. That was a boot kicking the back windshield. Without even thinking, I bolt across the street, shedding my backpack on the other side. This situation could be Forrest Gump, could be full on assault. Apologizing is a lot better than hearing about rape on the news.

I can hear her yelling for someone to stop and leave her alone. Without knocking, I throw the door open and pull the guy off of the poor girl. It's none other than the gas station attendant. He must have followed her out to her car and attacked her. I don't even think to check on the girl trying to make herself decent again. I'm focused on wrecking this little son of a bitch in front of me. I don't talk. I don't need to. I just straddle his chest and you know, hit him a few times till he stops moving.

I wipe my bloodied hand on his shirt before I leave him without a word.

"Are you alright, miss?" I ask as I get back to the back seat. She's laying there, fully spread eagle. She's decent, she's just in shock. I can't make out the face. I can just tell that she's a fit young blonde. "Miss?" I ask again.

A single hand slowly raises and runs through her hair. She slowly sits up and I have to actively hide my surprise. "Thank you so much," Olivia Holt says quietly.

"Are you okay?" I ask nervously. How okay can she be after almost being raped?

"Yeah, I'm okay, thanks to you." Her face is red and she's still trying to calm her nerves.

"He won't bother you again." I take my eyes from her long enough to make sure the douche bag is still down. Yup, he is.

Olivia nods and doesn't speak.

"You have a good night now," I say as I turn to recollect my backpack.

"Wait, where are you going?" she asks, sounding rushed like there's more danger.

"To get my stuff and go home?" I ask as if there's somewhere else I should be going.

"You just rescued me from that jerk. You could at least let me give you a ride," she offers earnestly, like she wants too.

"I don't want to put you out of your way, Olivia. I'm sure you're a busy girl. Have a good night." I turn to leave again. She doesn't need to waste her time on me.

"Can I at least get a name?"

"Nate," I answer with a bit of a chuckle, trying to figure out why she cares.

"Thank you again, Nate. Thank you so much." She smiles brightly. I want to walk away again, to keep playing the cold, indifferent hard ass. Those eyes and that smile make it SO hard to do.

She gets out of the Jeep and walks toward me, hand outstretched.

I take her hand and shake it with a small smirk. "I'll be seeing you on the media," I tell her, knowing I won't see her again.

My eyes slowly trail down her body, taking in her tasteful and not slutty clothing. Hmm. Olivia Holt is actually a good girl. Her black leather jacket and form fitting jeans say she's not a saint, but she doesn't seem like a whole lot of trouble.

"So how about that ride home now, Nate?" Olivia smiles again and I can't say no. What can it hurt?

"Alright, fine." I shrug and give in. I run back for my backpack and then I hop in the passenger seat and she in the driver's. I see she has an iPod plugged in through an aux cord. I had to see what she had cued up.

Much to my surprise, there was a lot of classic soul. "This is unexpected," I say as I play the first song on the list. Gotta love Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul!

"Hey!" Olivia takes her iPod back and sets it down. "You can't just go through a girl's iPod," she says through laughter.

"Come on Olivia, you have good stuff on there. I was expecting a bunch of teen pop crap," I tell her honestly.

"I listen to soul because I think it's good influence. I don't want to sound like every other girl out there. I have the voice, so I want to use it the way I want to." Olivia shrugs as she fires up the Jeep.

"Well I like your music because it's different, because it has that touch of soul."

"Aww, thank you." She smiles before she stops at the road. "So uh, where am I bringing you?"

I totally forgot why I was in the car of this breathtaking angel of a girl. "Two blocks left, one up, one right," I tell her with eyes closed in concentration. I open my eyes again to see her looking at me with an adorable smile. "What?" I ask through a chuckle.

"Nothing," Liv replies with a giggle and a shake of her head.

The drive is just a few short blocks with a pleasant silence between us. There isn't enough time to strike up a new conversation.

We get to my place and she turns the car off. Why did she turn it off? "Well, this is me, I guess," I say with my hand on the door handle. We're looking at each other, and I can't seem to find the strength to move my own hand. Those dark brown eyes are tractor beams.

"Looks like it," she agrees. "Nate," her voice stops me, the door open with one foot out. "You rescued me tonight, and you're a really nice guy..." She pauses and I wait. "Can I, can I at least buy you coffee or something?"

Olivia Holt is nervous about asking me to coffee?

"Tell you what. We'll get coffee, but I'm buying. I don't do well with handouts, even celebrity handouts."

"Alright, fine," Liv gives in to my stubbornness. "Tomorrow?"

"I'll see you tomorrow," I agree with a small smile.

I hear a gentle knocking on my door, causing me to get up. "Who the FUCK would knock on my door before 10:30?" I shout to myself before pulling on a pair of jeans from my floor and storming down stairs."Ya," I say, throwing the door open, none too happy to be up before noon.

"Hey," Liv's smile falters. Oh shit. She thinks I'm pissed.

"Oh, sorry about the rude hello." I run a hand through my thick brown hair.

"Just wake up?" she asks with a smile and a raised eyebrow. "You're not wearing a shirt and your pants are open." She can't hide her giggle and a blush.

"Crap!" I turn around and close up. "Sorry about that. I did just wake up," I admit.

"Did I wake you?"

"Yeah, but it's fine." I shrug it off. "So what's up?" I scratch my unshaved chin. Three or four days of scruff always feels a little itchy first thing in the morning.

"We never exchanged numbers last night, and I wasn't sure if you worked tonight or not. I thought I'd come by to see what time we wanted to meet..." she finished awkwardly, realizing we were meeting. Right now.

"If you want to hangout in the living room for a minute, I'll go make myself presentable," I offer as I step away from the door so she can come in.

I jog upstairs and quickly brush my teeth and deodorize. I'm back downstairs in record time.

"Forget something?" Liv giggles and smiles.

"I forgot a shirt, didn't I?" I look down. "Yup. I'll be right back. Again." I sigh and run upstairs again to grab a t-shirt. I find one that's not too big, I don't want to look tiny. I don't want one that makes it look like I'm trying to look huge. She's already seen me without a shirt, no reason to try to impress now.

"Okay, NOW I'm ready," I say with an easy chuckle.

"I think I liked you better before," Liv quips with a smirk. God is she a great tease. I'm trying to keep friendly thoughts about this perfect girl. I know that this is a very limited thing between us. It's not worth getting my mind and heart wrapped around.

"Let's go." I shake off her flirt and head outside, leaving the door unlocked. I don't know if my two housemates are home or not.

We get to the little coffee shop downtown to find that it's only us and a couple that look to be in their fifties. We shouldn't be bothered then.

"Hey, George," I say happily to the man behind the counter.

"Hey Nate! Always good to see you!" George said happily. "What can I do for you and your girlfriend?"

"She's just a friend, George," I chuckle. I don't get that lucky. "Anyway, can I have a medium mocha, please?" It's my go to fall drink.

"I think I'll do the same," Liv smiles politely.

It doesn't take long for George to get our drinks. I pay the man for both, causing Liv to scowl.

"You weren't supposed to get mine, too," she tells me, playfully hitting my arm.

"You never said that," I defend myself as we pick out a table in the back corner. "I told you last night I was buying." I thought she was going to sit across from me, but she pulls out the chair next to me instead.

"I think you know a lot more about me than I know about you, so spill," Liv demands with a smile. "What's your story? Where are you from, what do you do, are you single, are you in college?" she barrages me with questions.

"I'm from this little town, can't say I've gotten out of it much, unfortunately. I'm a line cook at a local restaurant. I am single, in fact. And yes, I am a college student. There's a little university here, so I lucked out," I answer her questions as quickly as she asked them. "What about you? What brings you to the backwaters? And don't say you're just passing through. People don't even stop here."

Liv giggles and I have to look down, because I think I feel her hand on my knee. Yup, that's Olivia Holt's hand on my knee. "I need a break from reality, so I opened a road map to a random page, closed my eyes and dropped a finger. I landed here. It's in the middle of nowhere, so it seemed like a good escape. Except for the almost getting raped part." She frowns, but that's understandable.

"I'm just happy I didn't get there any later than I did."

"Me too," she smiles at me. "Not only did you rescue me, but I also got to meet you. I'm glad for that. I have a friend who can show me around and keep me company while I'm here." I ignore her hand on my knee. She's probably just happy to find an average guy that's not trying to cop a feel or take advantage of her fame.

"You know, I really didn't expect to run into you. It's kind of nice now that you're not in trouble or anything." Last night isn't how I wanted to meet Liv. I never knew I actually wanted to meet her till now. She's always just been a celebrity crush.

Liv smiles and I can tell she's actually happy to be here. I don't think this is an obligatory thing to her. I forgot that she's still a twenty year old girl. "Now that nobody's in trouble, what is there to do around here?" Liv asks, her hand on my mid thigh and her gorgeous eyes trained on me.

"Liv, can I call you that or are we still on full first names?" I ask and swallow the ball that formed in my throat.

"Liv is fine," the blonde goddess answers. Her hand stops progressing up my leg and she starts rubbing gentle circles instead. She knows I'm nervous about what I think she's doing.

"I don't want to read this wrong, at all," I tell her earnestly, my green eyes locked on her mahogany ones.

"You're not reading this wrong, Nate," Olivia promises with a low, dick hardening sultry voice. "I want to thank you for saving me last night, and being so nice to me today," the starlet explains.

"Liv, you don't have to do anything for me, or to me, for that matter. You don't owe me anything."

"I don't owe you, but I'd like to. And besides, it's a two way street," Liv smiles and winks. Her hand is now on the fly of my pants, rubbing me gently. She smiles a little brighter as she feels me harden under her little palm.

"I'm okay with this, but not here," I whisper into the little vixen's ear. She doesn't speak, but takes my hand and walks me towards the bathroom. She pushes me in the men's room. She comes in a second later.

She locks the door and turns back to me. "Nobody saw us, but let's not take too long," Liv suggests and closes the small distance between us. I didn't think her 5'2" frame had the kind of power she uses to push me against the back wall.

She presses her lips to mine. They're the softest, fullest lips I've ever felt and her kiss tastes like cherry. Before I know it, she's pushing my button-down shirt off of my shoulders and it falls to the floor. Her hands rove over my chest and she smiles into our makeout, her tongue still in my mouth. She pulls away long enough to say, "you work out," with a smile.

"Yeah, a little. Martial arts," I say in choppy sentences, both of us short of breath.

"Nice," Liv gets out before I attack her mouth with mine. I glide my hands around her slim waist and drop them to her firm, round ass. "You like my ass, Nate? You like it in these tight jeans?" Liv asks with a smirk.

"I'd like it better if these pants were off," I tell her as I undo the button of her jeans. She pulls my t-shirt over my head and I pull her skinny jeans down her ass and flawless thighs. Olivia stands with her back to the sink before she kicks out of her shoes, then turns away from me and bends straight over to take her pants off the rest of the way.

The most perfect ass the world has never seen is looking straight at me with just red panties stopping me from seeing all of her. What's a guy to do? I drop to both knees and kneed her glutes with both hands and listen while she quietly moans. I lean forward and press a wet, opened mouth kiss to one porcelain smooth cheek, then to the other. Without asking, knowing what she wants but still being nervous, I peel her panties to the side and move close with great discretion.

I can tell she's wet. I can see the slickness on her lips and smell her arousal. She wants this so bad. I want it, too. I want her. I want her tight little body. I take the plunge and test the water, lapping at her puffy, outer lips, acclimating myself to her unique taste, and it's Devine. I slowly swirl my tongue closer until I'm at her slick, inner folds. Olivia bucks backwards into my face and grips the sink.

"Yeah, just like that," Liv coos and gently rocks her hips to meet my probing pink muscle inside her. "Do what you have to do, Nate. I'll just enjoy," she urges. I smile into her velvet pussy and delve deeper, as deep as I can get. "Oh, fuck!" Liv grunts through gritted teeth, knowing a public place is just on the other side of the door.

I keep assaulting her sweet pussy and occasionally nibbling her clit, watching her shake and shiver while I free myself from my pants and boxer-briefs. I replace my tongue with a finger as I rise to my feet. The first thing I see are fierce, brown eyes burning for what's about to happen. I add a second finger into her scorching hot pit. Liv silently cries out as I begin to piston my arm back and forth, getting her ready. The last thing I want is to ruin this dream by hurting her.

"Please, Nate, give it to me," Olivia breaths, her eyes still trained on me. I can't delay anymore, not after the single hottest thing I've ever heard.

I slip my fingers out of her and my fingers can immediately feel the difference in temperature. I take myself in hand and nestle the head of my dick against her slit opening and coat myself in her hot juice.

"Remember, you can't be loud," I whisper into her ear and she nods as I slowly enter her, feeling every little muscle flex around me as I do.

"Christ, Nate!" Olivia gasps as I fill her at a painstakingly slow pace. I really don't want to hurt her, or have her get too loud. I don't know what kind of control she has, but she seems to be okay.

She starts sliding herself back, moving things along. I take the hint and cover her cute little mouth and slam into her. She shoots ramrod straight against me and whimpers into my hand.

"Are you okay? Can I take my hand away?" I ask and Olivia nods.

I remove my hand and Olivia melts against my chest. "You fucking monster!" she moans and grabs the sink again, inviting me to grab her hips. I take the invitation and slowly pull most of the way out before sliding back in again, her doll face making the beautiful 'o' for me in the mirror.

"That's a good girl, Liv," I praise as I get a smooth rhythm going. "You're so fucking hot and tight. Holy fuck," I tell her as I pick up pace and she begins to white knuckle, bracing herself.

"Oh my God, Nate. Don't stop!" Liv begs as she lowers her head and locks her arms. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck!" she tries to bite back as I pound her snatch faster and faster. "Oh fuck me hard!" she pushes through, my hips slapping hard against her toned ass. "Oh shit!" she does her best not to cry out as I relentlessly drill her now.

"I'm going to split you in half if you don't come soon," I say through my own gritted teeth. I'm starting to bust a sweat, but Olivia starts convulsing and her walls are shuttering, pulsing, around my cock.

"Just don't stop!" Olivia begs. Her wish is my command as I pull her off the sink and press her against the tile wall. She presses her hands against the wall as I pull her sweaty hips back into mine. "Just a little more! Fuck!" She finally does break and cry out as she crumbles to bits around my shaft that's about to explode. A couple more strokes in her fluttering cave and I'm just as lost as she is, flooding her wet halls with everything in me.

"Oh my God," I sigh and rub a sweaty hand through my damp hair. "That was just…" I don't have words.

"It was, wasn't it?" Liv smiles at me as she tries to compose herself enough for put her panties, jeans, and shoes back on.

"So is that it for us? What now?" I have to ask.

"First, let's try getting out of here and not kicked out," she suggests, then… karaoke tonight?"