Featuring Dove Cameron
Written by bigdadyryno13
CODES: MF, oral
DISCLAIMER: This story is written solely for pleasure, events of this story have not nor ever will take place
A/N: Trying a new exciting technique, let me know what you think

I've spent years studying different relaxation techniques, and have had clients all over Hollywood. I arrived at my latest job on the Disney studio lot. After a security check in I get directed to the set of descendants 3 where I'm greeted by producers and led to meet my client. The tiny 22 year old blonde was in the middle of a dance rehearsal when I arrived. The director called the rehearsal to an end, letting her know her therapist was here. She smiled at me and quietly introduced herself. Dove walked up and sat on the back of a golf cart taking a drink, before signaling me to sit next to her. I tossed my bag next to the driver as he took off to her trailer.

Her 'trailer' was more akin to a small house. We stepped in and she immediately apologized for clothes being all over the place. I smiled and pretended there was no mess. She showed me her bedroom and bathroom so I could begin setting up. She plopped on her couch looking over notes for both descendants 3 and Marvel's agents of shield. I entered her room and laid out a white silk robe and some hair ties for her, then drew up a bubble filled bath, mixed some face mask and massage oils with various scents pulled out a couple warm, gently scented towels, cued some soft music and lit some gently fragrant candles before requesting she come in.

She entered wrapped in the robe with her hair up. Her pale skin shimmered just slightly darker than the robe. She smiled at me as I motioned for her to enter the tub. I pulled the modesty screen as I gathered her mask. As soon as she let me know she was ready, so I returned. The bubbles obscured her body from about an inch below her collar bone down.

"Close your eyes." I whispered as I dipped my fingertips into the massage oil. She closed her large eyes as I began massaging her temples, moved down her jaw line then to just below her eyes before moving on to her swan like neck. Her gentle moans let me know I was hitting tight spots, as well as excited me. I applied her face mask, then set a 30 minute timer and left the room.

While she relaxed in quiet, I went to work straightening up her room. I put away clothes that were obviously clean, piled up daily sheets for recycle, and tossed dirty clothes in her hamper. I came across a thin black silk thong, with clear signs of self induced cumming in them. I gave them a quick sniff before tossing them in my bag for me.

I set up my massage table as the timer began beeping. I entered the room quietly, and heard some panting and moaning, which was soon interrupted by a high pitch squeal. I smiled to myself and walked in before she could fully relax out. I removed her mask before she could return to normal breathing. I returned to the bed room before she could notice the hardening in my pants. She followed wrapped in the towels. She smiled coyly at me. I turned my back as she laid face down on the massage table. I turned back around to find her completely nude, except for the towel covering her ass.

We made some small talk as I massaged her back. After I finished her calves and feet I asked her to roll over holding a towel to cover her tits.

"Fuck that," She said tossing the towel on the floor before massaging her nipples getting them hard. "My boyfriend hasn't wanted sex in weeks, and I'm woman with needs." She reached out and touched the growing bulge in my pants. I push her hand away as she slides off the table to her knees, giving me large puppy dog eyes. "it would really help me relax. You are here to help me relax right?" She asked as she pulled my semi erect member out.

"holy shit!" She exclaimed as she began stroking it. "you're going to ruin me, my guys not even half this size."

She wrapped her lush red lips around the bell shaped tip, circling her tongue around it, using both hands to stroke the shaft. Slowly she tried taking more in her mouth, but was gagging before she had even half of it in her mouth. She pulled back as a trail of spit connected my tip to her chin. I clutched two handfuls of her hair and forced my dick back in her mouth. She opened her mouth wide letting me fuck her throat as she played with her tits. She reached out ant pulled a slobber string off my balls and rubbed it into her tight bald pussy.

"fuck me like a good little slut daddy," She said pulling away from my dick and bending over her bed. "My little pussy needs your monster cock." She added reaching back with both hands trying to open her pussy lips.

I dropped to my knees and ran my tongue along her pink slit. My tongue fucked her tight sweet smelling clit, until dove clenched for the pillows ready to cum on my face. I switched quick and traced her virgin ass hole triggering her to cum in my mouth.

I Rose up behind her, placing the tip of my cock between her soaking lips. She let out a long, pleasure filled moan as I slowly stretched her pussy for my pleasure. Soon I was balls deep and she was cumming again. She reached back and massaged my balls as I plowed deeper into her. I reached up and had her suck my thumb before I sliped it into her cherry ass.

"next time" I say before lifting her up and flipping her over. She gazed into my eyes with pleasure and desperation in her eyes. I cupped her ass cheeks in my hands as I entered as deep as I could. My lips met hers leading me to kiss down her neck to her tiny perky nipples. As my tongue flicked her nipples, her body tensed up, forcing me out of her pussy as her cum shot out of her and spayed all over the floor.

Dove fell to her knees, taking my soaked member in her mouth, sucking on it with a hunger and desire like she needed my cum to survive. Her eyes met mine as my balls trembled and pumped her mouth full of creamy man juice.

She swallowed my load and smiled at me as she cleaned the remnant off the corners of her mouth.

"I've never been so relaxed." She said getting up and falling onto her bed.

"Same time next week?" I ask packing my stuff up.

"I don't know, I might be tensed up again in 2 or 3 days." She said massaging her tits for me as I walked out the door, making sure I'd be back for her.